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Chemrite Tile Grout YC 802

Chemrite Tile Grout YC 802

Product Description Chemrite Tile Grout YC 802 is a three component epoxy based tile joint grout . It consists of component A (epoxy resin), component B(hardener) and component C (selected quartz fine aggregates) powder.


As epoxy adhesive for


Concrete and Mortar


Stones, Brick masonry


Ceramic and Mosaic Tiles

Steel, Aluminium and Glass Repair work like



Holes and void filling


Vertical and overhead use


Joints and crack areas


Corners and edges

Applicable environment: Suitable for joints indoor, outdoor, wall, swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, laboratories, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


This product has excellent adhesion, flexibility and impermeability. It is waterproof, crack-resistant and resistant to freezing and thawing, hot and cold shock. It can bond brick, ceramic, marble, mosaic, concrete, glass etc.

Technical Data


Concrete pale white


~ 2.0 Kg/Lit. (Approx)

Compressive Strength (25°C, 28 days)

48.0 N/mm 2

Flexural Strength (25°C, 28 days)

24.0 N/mm 2

Adhesive Strength (25°C, 28 days)

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

12 N/mm 2

Chemrite Tile Grout YC 802

On exposure to 25 cycles from -15°C to 20° C, Expansion Stable.

Shelf life

12 months in original unopened packaging. Store dry at 5°C to 30°C. Condition product to 10 to 30°C before using.


Component A


Component B


Component C


Pre-dosed package for ready use: 20Kg (Comp A+B+C)

Heat Resistant

100°C water immersion for 5 hours Stable

Chemical Resistance

Calcium Hydroxide, 10% Conc.


(One Year Immersion)

Sulphuric Acid, 50% Conc.


Hydrochloric Acid, 50% Conc.


Sag Flow

On vertical surfaces it is non-sag for 9 to 10mm thickness.

Substrate Preparation (i) Clean substrate, remove laitance, curing compounds, previous coating, oil, grease, rust, waxes and other bond- inhibiting substance. All surfaces must be sound, cleaned by mechanical abrasion methods such as sandblasting. Concrete may be dry or in a moist condition.

(ii) Apply Tile Grout YC 802 in joints using a trowel or rake it out to fill joints.

Mixing Stir components before proportioning; measure out 3 parts component A and 1 part component B into pail immediately prior to use. Use small drum mixer or slow speed (400~600rpm) electric drill equipped with a mixing paddle for 3-4 minutes, until blend is uniform. Don’t dilute mix. Add component C to blended epoxy and continue to mix until uniformly blended.

Safety Instructions

Chemrite Tile Grout YC 802

Safety Precautions

Wear protective clothing (gloves, glasses).In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water and seek medical attention.


Do not dispose of into water or soil in the liquid form.