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for Z & U Sheet Piles

Extremely sophisticated modular model applicable to Z & U Sheet Piles 2 New Control System
The new control system manages the position of the press-in machine and controls load
generation from press-in work during operation, maximising the durability of each part.
Also, control of the machine is remarkably improved by the Press-in Force Control
System and the Phaseless Linear Auger Torque Control System.
Silent Piler F401
Operation Mode corresponding to
Flexible and Functional Formula the Casing Chuck is automatically detected

The F401 features a new modular design developed by optimising all the parts
■ Secondary Piling ■ Corner Piling ■ Raised Chuck
and drastically modifying the structure, shape, and material. Position of the Press-in Machine is
Not only are the main component parts more versatile, automatically detected
it is also equipped with a cutting-edge control system,
and realising high functionality and longer operation life.
Up/Down Stroke Force is optimised

Maximum Up/Down
Stroke Force is regulated

1 Optimising Work Efficiency with Modular Design

Load applied to Silent Piler
Silent Piler F401 is applicable to Standard, Water Jetting, and Super Crush press-in works by changing the chuck and chuck
can be reduced.
frame, and equipping attachments. The machine can be utilised more efficiently because it is adjustable to various soil conditions
and working conditions.

3 Multi-position clamps
The clamp pitch is adjustable to multiple positions by using hydraulic
system for over 40 types of sheet pile without disassembly. Maximum width of Z sheet pile (708mm)

Clamp Positions 708 mm

Piling Direction

Casing Chuck
Piler Jet Reel Pile Auger
Hose Reel
Pile Auger
575 mm
Piler Jet Reel
Hose Reel Multi-position clamps Minimum width of Z sheet pile (575mm)

Silent Piler Main Body

4 For Wider Z & U Sheet Piles
Casing Chuck
The F401 has been designed to press-in 2 piles simultaneously up to a total width of 1416mm.

Z Sheet Piles 575 mm 1150mm ~1416mm 575 mm U Sheet Piles* 600mm 1200mm, 1400mm 600mm
- 708 mm - 708 mm 700mm 700mm

Standard Mode Water Jetting Mode Super Crush Mode

25 50 SPT N Values
* F401 is designed to Press-in a pair of 600mm and 700mm U sheet piles in pairs
1 by using WU chuck attachment. 2
5 Pile Installation into Hard Ground 6 New Generation Power Unit EU300K4
The "Pilot Coring Theory", GIKEN's original theory, makes the Hard Ground
Low Emission Engine Ultra Low Noise Level Standard Application of
Press-in Method able to install sheet piles into difficult ground conditions such as
gravelly soil and cobble or boulder mixed soil without losing the advantages of The Power Unit of the F401 is a new It clears allowable construction noise Biodegradable Oil
the Press-in Method. The augering area can be reduced to assist pile installation, generation model and has environmen- levels in many industrialised countries. The F401 uses bio-degradable Piler Eco
minimising volume of spoil and disturbance to the soil strata. Hence, high bearing tally-friendly specifications. It is Oil and Piler Eco Grease. Hence, if
capacity is available from sheet piles which are installed by the Hard Ground designed with strict concepts for clean hydraulic oil or grease is spilled into soil
Press-in Method. emissions with high combustion effi- or water, there will be no environmental
ciency and GIKEN's original hydraulic damage to the surrounding ecosystem.
control technologies. e.g. Noise Limit
1 2 Pile Auger 70 In addition, the machines are painted
in Urban Area (BS5228)
with TX-Free non-leaded paint *.

-7.0 dB(A)
Busy Office 65
* Environmentally-friendly paint which does not contain

-9.1 dB(A)
Auger Motor
toluene, xylene and lead based pigment.

-10.5 dB(A)
Conversation Speech 55-65
Slide Cover
Power Mode 63.0

Eco Mode 60.9

Super Eco Mode 59.5 dB(A)

dB(A):A-weighted Decibels

Auger Screw

Extracting the Pile Auger Casing

Press-in with the Pile Auger after completion of
sheet pile installation 7 Scientific Execution of Press-in Work & Advanced IT Functions
Crushing cobbles / boulders by wedge effect GIKEN IT System Press-in Monitoring and Data Logging System
Auger Head GIKEN's engineers can monitor individual Silent Pilers, such Press-in monitoring data can be used for quality control and
as operating condition, maintenance records and location. information modelling of the foundation. Operators are able to
Quick advice for any technical troubles is available promptly keep working while checking data such as press-in force,
and appropriate information can also be provided to prevent auger torque, and working hours of press-in work, on a tablet
troubles. or PC (both optional extras).
* The system is not available in the countries where authorisation for
usage cannot be acquired.

Locking Function Total Support Center

Lock functions in the leader mast, chuck and

clamps secure Silent Piler against drilling torque GPS Satellite Mechanical Support
and increase drilling efficiency and accuracy of
Chuck Lock Job Site Technical Support
pile installation.

Leader Mast Lock

Accumulated Location Information
Mast Positioning Information Dedicated Operating Information
Cylinder Server Maintenance Information
Parts Replacement History

Tablet PC Pre
in Monitoring
Press-in M g data
data Support
Press-in Monitoring Data Designated Factory User Office
Chuck Lock Machine Information
Rotation Operating Manual Press-in
Parts List Monitoring data
Borehole Data

Clamp Lock
3 4
Dimensions & Specifications Accessories Accessaries are different of types.

Super Crush Mode F401-C1400 SILENT PILER F401 Basic Accessories

Z Sheet Piles 575~708 mm
Applicable sheet piles U Sheet Piles 600, 700 mm
with WU Chuck Attachment
Hose Roller

1200 kN (Super Crush Mode)
Max. Press-in Force
1500 kN (Standard / WJ Mode)
Max. Extraction Force 1600 kN
1550 Stroke 1000 mm
Press-in Speed 1.3 ~ 27.0 m/min (Standard Mode)
Extraction Speed 1.0 ~ 20.2 m/min (Standard Mode)
Auger Motor
Control System

Radio Control Cable Hanger
Hose Reel Bracket
Movement Self-Moving
Casing Auger Super Crush Mode
30670 kg Hose Roller Pile Laser Module Box Tablet PC (encased)

33000 (For sheet pile length 24m)

(Main Body, Hose Reel, Casing Chuck)
Hose Reel
Water Jetting Mode
Mass 26850 kg
(Main Body, Piler Jet Reel) Optional Optional Optional
Casing Chuck
Standard Mode
(Main Body)
25600 kg
Hose Reel HR17E

Mass (Standard) 2770 kg

(including Hose Reel Bracket)

Pile Auger PA20


Applicable pile length

Max 24 m*


Auger Motor 2540 kg

Casing Auger 18260 kg
Chuck Stage WU Chuck Attachment Piler Jet Reel (JR29) Piler Stage
5820 Total Mass 20800 kg
*Up to 30m with modificatioin.

Standard / Water Jetting Mode F401-1400 Piler Jet Reel JR29

Piler Jet Reel is an optional item

Applicable pile length Standard 16.0 m (Max. 27.0 m) Super Crush Mode Accessories
Mass 1250 kg
Power Unit EU300K4

Power Source Diesel Engine

Power Mode 265 kW (360 ps) / 1800 min -1
Rated Output Eco Mode 236 kW (321 ps) / 1600 min -1
Piler Jet Reel φ600 Twin Blades φ950 Twin Blades
JR29 At Extraction Super Eco Mode 206 kW (280 ps) / 1400 min -1
Fuel Tank Capacity 600 L
Hydraulic Reservoir Piler ECO Oil 630 L
Urea Additive Tank Capacity 38 L
MAX 4800

φ950 Twin Blades

Moving Speed 1.4 km/h (Retractable)

Mass 7250 kg (with 20m Hose)


Auger Head Auger Head Replacement Piler Stage with Chuck Stage
Reaction Stand (with Leveling Jack)
Mass 3950 kg

The above specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice.



5820 Reaction Stand

At Transportation

Leveling Jack

Power Unit



1800 2110 At Transportation 7035

1960 4310 10180
5 6
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