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He fled to the island of Crete

Daedalus met King minos

He began to work at the court of king minos and queen Pasiphae

Daedalus conceive masts and sails for ships for the navy of Minos

Daedalus constructed a wooden of cow for the queen

He build The labyrinth of the minotaur at Knossos on the island of crete

The Athenian hero Theseus came to crete to attempt to slay the Minotaur

Thseus asked daedalus to help him

Daedalus flaxen thread for theseus to tie to the door of the labyrinth as he entered.

Minos,enraged at the loss of his daughter ,not to mention the killing of his pet Minotaur and imprisoned
Daedalus and his son Icarus into the labyrinth