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- Started work on Girder 2.0 from scratch.

- First release (Private)

- Better startup when there are no settings in the registry.
- Start on Windows start option.
- AutoSave when windows shutsdown option.
- check if autoloadfile exists when setting autoload.
- Fixed an error in the sample.gir.
- Added the filetype register and unregister
- Fixed stupid bug, you couldn't select an other com port.

- Totally rewritten the Sendkey part, windows cannot send
control/shift/alt codes to another thread in the back
ground, so we hacked that. (The window becomes the
foreground window for a very short time.)
- Added the Target submatch part, for those windows that
constantly change their caption (eg. Winamp)
This means breaking file compatibility with
- Added Minimize Girder
- Released privately.

- Reorganized some code
- Started work on a WM_COMMAND and WM_SYSCOMMAND event
Capturing facility.

- Integrate the message capturing facility code and dll !
- Added the message (WM_COMMAND WM_SYSCOMMAND) send facility.
- Complete Rewritten the file load, much more flexible file loading
This solves the problem of datafile layout changes breaking compatibility.
- Save doesn't save all the fields anymore, only the ones with info
This is possible since the rewritten load_file.
- Resizing of the main form is now possible
- Save this width and height of the main form.
- Added WinExec options.
- Added Copy paste options
- Corrected a shutdown bug.
- Released version

- Changed the behavior of the message capturing
- changed the paste and copy shortcut
- My first BUGREPORTs !
- Ruud Nabben : when i enable the UIR on the wrong comport
and then switch to the right one, Girder doesn't work !
** FIXED **
- Ruud Nabben : when i don't fill in a autoload filename
and autoload file is not checked girder still complains
about a none existent file.
** FIXED **
- Ruud Nabben : sended is not really English, try Sent.
** FIXED ** ;)
- Ruud Nabben : (feature request) Gray out apply button when there
is nothing to apply.
- Somehow file registering broke, fixed.
- Figured out how to write a help file.
- Written the helpfile.
- Renamed version.txt to history.txt
- Makedist, makeclean batch files.
- Removed all long filenames.
- Update all images to work in 256 colors.
- Release onto the internet.
- Added settings.uirenabled.
- Added the multi command
- Added the wait command
- Centralized add_to_tree
- Centralized set_icons
- Centralized new_data
- Added the state settings and window
- Programmed the TLedDisplay Component.
- Added the TLedDisplay Component.
- Figured out how to get the filename of an application/window
- Started the work on the renewed Target window
- Started Split the getwindow**** function into winhandl
- FindProcessEx
- Finished the Target window
- Rewritten message handling and sending
- Fixed bugs in the send routine.
- Redid the System capturing window.
- Redesigned the splash screen
- bumped version to 2.1.
- Centralized the Child matching
- Added the child windowclass/name matching matching
- Find the parent window in the capture system
- Added the smartFill option to the Capture window
- Upgraded the smartfill
- Fixed minor bug in load_file
- Finally found how to tell the shell that the filetype icon changed.
- Technische Matriaalkunde
- Analyse 5

- Update the help file.
- Release version 2.1.0
- Finished all my exams
- Fixed cannot shutdown bug under win95/98
- Fixed a resize bug with the statusbar.
- Added the DVDstation 1.81 profile.
- Released 2.1.1

- Added the Anti-Repeat Wait time settings
- Speeded up the IR rec. thread.
- Updated the Help file.
- Released 2.1.2
- Implemented a generic dll class (finally)
- Implemented a internationalization library.
- Started on implementing the libint on Girder
- Finished the implementation of the i18n_translate into girder.
- Translated Girder into dutch
- Created a very simple, basic and preliminairy translation tool.
- Released 2.1.3
- Major bugs creeped into 2.1.2 with the antirepeat option, Fixed
them all i hope.
- Bugfix release 2.1.4 !!!
- Fixed the setlanguage bug, if Girder's working dir wasn't the
path to the executable, the loading would fail. Stupid.
- Added the Croatian translation. (Radovan Kanizaj)
- Bugfix Release 2.1.5 (the last one this week I hope)
- Well oke, another little bug squashed. Error in while loading
a file that only has as the first element in the first group
a multicommand.
- Another translation error fixed, the last i hope :)
- Updated the Dutch translation.
- Radovan Kanizaj updated the Croatian language.
- Bugfix release 2.1.6 (the definitly last one this week)
- Fixed the language setting routine during startup.
- Fixed the not translation of settings in the help menu.
- Added the Czech Language done by David Pribyl.
- Tomas Najbert also sent the Czech language file but i can't
determine which one is better so David's translation wins because
he sent it first. But THANKS anyway Tomas !!!
- Added the Slovak Language by Miroslav Hlina
- Released 2.1.7 (The Language Update)

- Added support for Large font settings in windows
- Strip zeros added
- fixed the findprocessex
- fixed the substring matching (whoops i18n error again...)
- substring matching for childwindows.
- Grey out controls in target window when send to foreground
window is selected.
- Added the SetFocus, but Win2000 (win98??) is messed up and
doesn't bring these windows to the front. :(
- File has changed option to cancel the closing of Girder.
- Added the mouse motions, clicks and double clicks.
- Started work on the volume control stuff.
- Implemented the volume control stuff into Girder.
- Added the set_trayicon code
- Updated the internat application BIG update.
- 1000 Visitors to the Girder page !
- Updated the helpfile somewhat.
- Check the Bigfont thing, it's better but not
quite good yet. Oh well leave that for version 3.0
- Bumped version to 2.1.8
- The big font changes really messed up the interface,
So i removed these pieces again
- Added skip UIR init check, for partially defective UIR's
- Updated the languages: Slovak and Hrvatski, dutch
- Made some minor interface changes (buttons larger...)
- Fixed a BACK key error.
- added a doubleclick to window option. (by special request)
- Released version 2.1.9 (sorry for that)
- Finetuning the interface.
- Fixed the forgotten matchhidden bug.
- Put in a new harddisk :)

* GIRDER 3.0 Started

- Started Work on Girder 3.0
- Worked out the new interface
- Worked out the hardware dll plugin interface (without the VCL)
- Finished (i think) the hardware dll plugin interface.
- Added all functionality to the treeview
* DragCopy command, groups, multigroups, multicommands incl. child
* Add, Delete
* Rename
* Drag
* Nice Cursor
* Add****toTreeView()
* CopyCommand
* DeleteCommand
* AllocCommand
- Split the Command record manipulating Routings into Command.PAS
- Implemented the SaveFile Routine in IOMISC.PAS
- LoadFile
- SaveFile
- Registry Routines
- Configuration dialog
- Trayicon
- Hardware support.
- Added version_dll and compare_ir to plugin dll
- Keyboard action
- OS Action added
- Volume and volume window
- Target Window
- System actions
- Trayicon configurable
- Mouse actions
- State window
- splashscreen
- execute program
- bugs
- about window
- General settings
- LOADS o'stuff
- Main UI scaling finished!
- Statusbar nice bitmap led.
- Resizable statusbar
- Software plugin created
- Started on the keyboard plugin but somehow it didn't work
- Got Keyplug to work (almost), when a dll gets called from outside
the local variables aren't correct anymore so we need to use the
memory mapped files.:( That took me about 4 hours stupid M$)

- Finished the keyplugin
- Added icons to the hardwareplugins
- changed the path in the REgistry that the plugins save to.
- Stdcalls for compatibility with other languages
- fixed topmost bug. (i hope)
- switching between hardware dlls
- Temp Fixed switching between dlls, we need a mutex because the thread
called read_ir after close_dll was called !@#
- Copy and Paste Implemented
- Gray out stuff
- i18n
- batch mode compile
- make clean
- make dist
- updated internat.exe
- dutch translation
- converting

20-4-2000 - 23-4-2000
- Oh boy, Borland (Delphi) really messed up the DLL stuff,
I had to use M$ Visual C++ to make the Hardware DLLs work. This took me
2 days to figure out Borland messed up and 2 days of work :(

- Added the icons to the UIR DLL
- Cleaned up UIR Dll
- Finished the Implementation of the DLLs
- Lotsa bugfixing and hunting

- Started on the helpfile
- Working on the helpfile
- Added commandline support for Girder
- Semi finished the helpfile
- Added help file support for Girder
- prepared a distribution: Girder 3.0pre2
- Whoops, forgot to update the English.lng
- 3 days on the net and nobody found any bugs ???
- Another pre-release 3.0pre3
- Got Slovak translation from Miroslav HLINA <>

- A few bugs repaired
- By popular demand : Multiple Hardware plugins can be active !!!!
- Written "Plugin API.rtf"
- Got German Translation from Uwe Heidrich
- Prerelease-4 with the last big change in 3.0
- I think I passed Chemical Physics :-) Yep 9 of 10 !! YAHOOO!
- Fixed the mouse left-right mixup
- Written the READ.txt
- Passed Material Science ( i think YEP ! 6 of 10 !!!!!)....
- Last change to the plugin mechanism, it works !!!!
- Updates the Plugins to support any background color
- Changed some labels
- Dumped the WinExec and used the real CreateProcess to set the exepath.
- Made 3 distros. Usage/Internationalization/Develop
- Fixed a small bug that cause the UIR plugin to hang if
the init didn't work out.
- Release 3.0 !!!!!
- Change the copyiright license to a non-open-source one (sorry).
- Added the updated czech language.
- Fixed a small bug in the plugin list window
- Added the setforegroundwindow stuff for the windows.
- Girder now saves the device number with the command, this serves 2
1. (Small) Speedup in match routine
2. (IR) Codes don't need to be unique thoughout the plugins.
- Added the saveas filename
- Release 3.0.1
- Figuring out how TCP/IP works in the win32 sdk.
- I've got a nice server ready.
- Fixed the drag/drop bug.
- Fixed UIR problem. After a failed initialization, the plugin would never
again init. You would have to restart Girder.

- Created the TCP/IP server plugin
- Started work on the TCP/IP action plugin
- Finshed the work on the TCP/IP server and action plugin
- changed the actionplugin format a bit.
- Added the Polish translation
- Release 3.0.2

- Updated slovak & czech
- Fixed a small translation prob.
- Hopefully fixed the TCPIP stack problem linked against wsock2.lib instead
of ws32_2.lib
- Release 3.0.3
- Speaking Clock
- Rename in the menu
- Added the Greek Translation
- Added the French Translation
- Added a OSD
- Received the talking clock wavs from John Paton
- Released 3.0.4
- Made a better looking mute icon
- Added a identifier to each record
- Changed the group enable/disable to use the identifier
- Added the Question Girder type
- Made the right click on the treeview also select the node.
- Added the learndevice call to plugins, so they know when girder
wants to learn a IR command.
- Created a Treeviewpicker for the groups
- Implemented the treeview picker into the settings dialog
- Implemented the treeview picker into the OS tab
- Rewritten the unique number creator
- Redone the group selection part.
- Removed all windows from the autocreate list, and
create the windows only when needed. -> 15 - 30% memory usage reduction !
- Upgraded the Action plugin interface to support the treepicker and
the OSD !
- Created a Timer plugin !
- Updated the other plugins
- Written a Actionplugin API doc
- Updated the Languages
- These where the last large changes to Girder 3.0, from now on only bug
and new plugins.
- Released 3.0.5
- Updated the German translation.
- Changed Createprocess to ShellExecute, now users can start any document !
- Change the labels of the tabsheet into icons, all that needs to be done
is to make some nice labels.
- Undo the label change until i come up with some nice icons to go there.
- included the TCPclient.exe in the girder distro.
- Released 3.0.6
- Really undid the tab changes WHOOPS
- Fixed the Shell Execute to support parameters
- Added the minimize window action
- Added the maximize window action
- Added all mouse directions
- Added all mouse clicks
- Added a goto action
- Updated German and Czech translation
- Released 3.0.7
- Fixed a access violation bug in the settings window.
- Made the browse button on the settings dialog translatable.
- Updated the polish translation.
- Added change group target.
- Minor Fixes.
- Released 3.0.8
- Added the export functions and pre-released 3.0.9
- Added 3 link fields to the main record so they can be
updated when a file gets imported and the numbers aren't unique
anymore. This means breaking comp. with pre 3.0.9 versions
- I Really should continu studying not extending Girder :(
- Created a algorithm that detects repeats in the IrDA stream and a
scoring mechanism.
- Implemented that into a plugin.
- Released 3.0.9
- Added Danish Translation
- Updated Polish Translation
- Changed the link to Teemu's site.
- Re-released 3.0.9
- Fixed the broken copy & paste stuff, stupid double linked list move that
i oversaw.
- Fixed some memory leaks
- Added the icons to the action tabs
- Added the check if girder is allready running.
- Added a gettings started section to the helpfile
- Finally figured out how to do the showcutkeys right.
- Drag and drop with the filemanager.
- Worked on a new DotMatrix display that supports loading a
other fonts. Needed for foreign languages.
- Started work on the new keyboard send routine.
- Got the new keyboard send routine to work, IT IS A BEAUTY !
- Optimized the TDotMatrix.
- Fixed a small error in the target window
- Released version 3.0.10
- Got hit by a car, this guy pushed us off the road on purpose !!! Can
you believe that ? I got away with a few scratches,... luckily. His
Car was damaged more than our bikes. He thought we where taking up to
much space. Damn were is the world going to.
- On the bright side, the holiday to Germany, Poland and Czech is on !
Expo here we come !
- Anyways, removed the stupid DEL error.
- Released 3.0.11
- Added a time parameter to the mouse click, some programs need
some time before they recognise the mouseclick
- Added support for extended (media) keyboard keys to the keyboard plugin

- Fixed some problems with the new keysend routine.
- Created a asynchrone methode for sending events to girder,
this improves performance of the keyboard driver.
- Fixed volume dialog bug.
- Yes at last my summer vacation has started,
- Added a translation
- Made the target selector case-insensitive
- I'll be on my vacation from 10-7-2000 until 22-7-2000 so
don't mail me during that peroid, i won't respond. I'm laying
on my back in the beautifull country's of Czech Republic and Poland !
- Removed a testing dialog from the sendkey routine whoops...
- Hacked a small bug (not good lookinto this KeyCom.PAS)
- Added Swedish translation
- Added Brazillian translation
- Released version 3.0.13
- Finally fixed the state bug
- Added a check so that girder warns a user when he hasn't got any input
devices selected.
- fixed the APM bug
- Added the AST/NEC/IBM/Logitech Mouse driver.
- Released 3.0.14
- Fixed a little bug that caused the click action to forget the coordinates.
- Added slovinian translation
- Updated french translation
- Added Silitek driver
- Added SFH-56 driver
- Updated Polish translation
- Released 3.0.15
- Created a TaskSwitch detector plugin
- Added the option for a command to be executed when the irstrings don't
- Finally found why the TCPIP plugin was messing up. The WM_COPYDATA really
- Added a new and FAST mechanism to send an event to girder.
- Converted all plugins to use this one.
- Fixed minor bugs in Girder
- Reworded the Taskdet plugin
- Added the eventblock plugin
- fixed resource leaks
- Release 3.0.17
- Added a drag target option
- Added the click capture
- Rewrote the capture module
- Redid some graphics
- Added set mouse absolute
- Removed the pathname form the matching routines, this should eleviate the
problems encoutered when switching
from Win9x to win2k
- Added the WinLirc driver by Alexander Seitz
- Released 3.0.18 Sneak preview to the mailinglist for testing
- Added first support for HID keyboards, this by allowing girder to
just display the mute and volume, instead of changing them, because windows
allready does this.
- Added move window and size window. With these you can rescale a window,
for example a DVD player window.
- small fix to the targetting routine.
- internal naming option
- added a 'hidden' comandline option to totally hide girder from sight.
- release 3.0.18
- Made the TaskDet plugin return only the filename not the complete path, for
compatibility with win2k
- Task Create / Close detector
- Enable / Disable device
- Task switcher
- Added resolution change
- Added cdrom open and close for win2k/nt
- Added cdrom open on win9x
- Eventblocker now does not use the pathname anymore!!!!
- Added center and resize easier for DVD windows
- Release 3.0.19