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How to link the file with an installed software?

If you want to associate a file with a new program (e.g. my-file.JIT) you have two ways to do it. The
first and the easiest one is to right-click on the selected JIT file. From the drop-down menu select
"Choose default program", then click "Browse" and find the desired program. The whole operation
must be confirmed by clicking OK.

Is there a universal way to open unknown files?

Many files contain data in the form of text or numbers. It is possible that while opening unknown
files (e.g. JIT) a popular Windows simple text editor, which is Notebook will allow us to see some of
the data encoded in the file. This method allows you to preview the contents of many files, but
probably not in such a structure as a program dedicated to support them.


The inability to open and operate the JIT file does not necessarily mean that you do not have an
appropriate software installed on your computer. There may be other problems that also block
our ability to operate the Aika Online Texture file. Below is a list of possible problems.

Corruption of a JIT file which is being opened

Incorrect links to the JIT file in registry entries.

Accidental deletion of the description of the JIT from the Windows registry

Incomplete installation of an application that supports the JIT format

The JIT file which is being opened is infected with an undesirable malware.

The computer does not have enough hardware resources to cope with the opening of the JIT file.

Drivers of equipment used by the computer to open a JIT file are out of date.

If you are sure that all of these reasons do not exist in your case (or have already been eliminated),
the JIT file should operate with your programs without any problem. If the problem with the JIT
file has not been solved, it may be due to the fact that in this case there is also another rare
problem with the JIT file. In this case, the only you can do is to ask for assistance of a professional