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Lifestyle Zena Sultana Babao: An Unfathomable Destiny — p. 8
Arts & Culture Virginia Ferrer: Natatandaan Mo Pa Ba? (Do you still remember?) — p. 11
Advocacy Rudy Liporada: How the West was Un-Won — p. 13
June 15-21, 2018

Carpio: Philippines' sovereignty more important than becoming chief justice by: Kristine Joy Patag, |
Cardinal Tagle hits 'fake freedom' MANILA, 6/14/2018 — For

San Diegoʼs “Rock ʻnʼ Roll” Marathon:

Senior Associate Justice Antonio
on Independence Day 2018 Carpio, the Philippines’ sover-
eignty is far more important than
Paterno Esmaquel II, Rappler. said in a statement. becoming the next chief justice.
com INDEPENDENCE DAY. (Freedom is fake if we're toying Carpio is currently the acting
Manila, 6/12/2018 --MANILA, around with justice. We repeat: chief justice pending the finality
Philippines – Manila Archbishop It is against the will of God to of the ruling on the quo war-
Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle destroy life. Killing is not a ranto petition that ousted Maria
criticized "fake freedom" brought solution to personal and societal Lourdes Sereno as head of the
about by killings and other injus- problems.) Judiciary. As the justice who has
tices, as the Philippines marked Tagle cited the killings of many served the high court the longest,
its 120th Independence Day on Filipinos, including slain Nueva Carpio is poised to be the stron-
Tuesday, June 12. Ecija priest Father Richmond gest candidate for the position.
"Huwad ang kalayaan kapag Nilo and overseas Filipino worker The senior justice has been
pinaglalaruan ang katarungan. (OFW) Henry Acorda, who was advocating a stance on the West
Inuulit po natin: Taliwas sa killed in Slovakia. Philippine Sea issue that goes
kalooban ng Diyos ang pagyurak "Ang pinakahuling biktima ay si against the administration of the
sa buhay. Hindi solusyon ang Fr Richmond Nilo ng Cabanatuan President Rodrigo Duterte—who

Cow bells ringing, runners

pagpatay sa mga problemang at sana'y hindi na masundan. Tu- appoints members of the Judicia-
personal at panlipunan," Tagle ( Continued on page 12 ) ry—on asserting the Philippines’
rights over the contested waters.
Robredo says Duterte admin panting, and a shooter hiding Asked on how his stand can
affect his chances to become the
'too soft' vs Chinese presence next chief justice, Carpio replied:

in West PH Sea
“That’s beside the point.”
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. “What is more important for
Publisher & Editor the nation is that we preserve
'Iyong atin, atin iyon. Kapag militarization of the West Philip-
The San Diego Asian Journal our sovereignty and sovereign
mayroong violation galing sa pine Sea.
The Original & First Asian Journal in America rights. Because if we lose these,
iba – kung China man iyan The Vice President was asked

we lose that forever,” Carpio said
o ibang lugar – kailangan on Wednesday, June 13, to assess
the actions of the Department of
o, it is not a marathon of Rock & Roll music. It is an annual running event in an interview with CNN’s The
tayong mag-protesta,' says held in San Diego, where many locals, out-of-towners and even professional Source on Thursday.
Vice President Leni Robredo Foreign Affairs (DFA) as China Carpio is part of the country’s
on China's militarization of the continues to increase its military runners participate. In line with its name, different bands and solo artists play
music on a stage every few miles. legal team who argued and won
West Philippine Sea presence in the West Philippine the Philippines' case against
Sea, a part of the South China Sea During our family Thanksgiving reunion at my sister-in-law’s place in Northern California, my
Mara Cepeda, | daughter Heather broached the idea of us participating in the upcoming San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll China on the West Philippine Sea
that belongs to the Philippines. before the Hague tribunal.
MANILA, 6/12/2018 – Vice "Palagay ko masyado tayong Marathon on June 1 to 2, 2018.
President Leni Robredo described “And why not?” she argued. “Mike runs the marathon and we are all fit to participate.” The senior justice reiterated
malambot. Masyado tayong that the Philippines’ sovereignty
as "too soft" the approach of malambot sa pag-deal ng mga “Except for your dad,” my wife corrected her.
President Rodrigo Duterte's gov- is “far more important that any
ernment in dealing with China's ( Continued on page 4 )
( Continued on page 6 ) position” and the “presidency.”
“The president can come and
go, but our sovereignty stays with
The many ways Anthony Bourdain sends Award-winning Davao chocolate featured us,” Caprio added.

his love for Filipinos and Filipino cuisine

In the same interview, Carpio
in celebrity chef’s AirAsia inflight meal said that while China is refusing
to acknowledge the landmark
GNP Team | MANILA, GNP Team | MANILA, 6/9/2018
-- ruling that stated Philippines’
6/11/2018 -- Anthony Bourdain, ownership of Scarborough or
celebrity chef, world traveler, Malagos Chocolate from Davao
is being featured in chocolate- Panatag Shoal, the country should
bestselling author, and television assert its position.
host of various food and lifestyle infused meals created by celebrity
Chef JP Anglo for AirAsia’s in- Carpio also urged the Philippine
programs, has repeatedly declared government to demand dam-
his adoration for the Philippines flight menu.
The new offering of Roasted ages for the reported destruction
– the unique Filipino food, the of Chinese fishermen of coral
Pinoy’s caring ways, and even the Dalandan Chicken with pimiento
sauce is flavoured using Malagos reefs in Panatag Shoal. But the
resilience of Filipino OFWs. Malacañang said that it would
In this special tribute to Anthony chocolates which recently bagged
five awards at the Academy of rather “discuss” the matter with
Bourdain who passed away on China than file a new case.
June 8, Chocolate Awards in London.
AirAsia guests will have a brand "Filing a new case against China
recalls the many times the food will reverse our diplomatic gains,
new meal to enjoy this summer.
( Continued on page 15 ) ( Continued on page 15 ) ( Continued on page 11 )
Anthony Bourdain, "Parts Unknown" PH

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Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

Roilo Golez: Defender of the West Philippine Sea

The former national secu- pine naval captain. excesses.
rity adviser had consistently This is perhaps why the former national
argued that the law is on the
He was part of class 1970 of the security adviser consistently argued that Save the Date:

July 13, 2018, Friday

United States Naval Academy where he the law is on the Philippines’ side in the
Philippines' side in the mari- majored in mathematics and operational maritime dispute. In a blog posted in
time dispute analysis. Back in the country, Golez May 2018, Golez called on the govern-
earned a Master in Business Administra- ment to invoke “lawfare.” (READ: Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm with the
tion (MBA) degree from the University TIMELINE: The Philippines-China Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm with the Divine
of the Philippines. maritime dispute)
He was a former navy officer, serving “This should have been done right at Mercy Chaplet and the Way of the Cross
as deputy administrator of the Maritime the very moment the Arbitral Tribunal
Industry Authority from 1978 to 1981, announced its decision on July 12, 2016
before becoming postmaster general favoring the Philippines,” he wrote.
under the Marcos administration from “Our legal and diplomatic teams should
1981 to 1986. have launched a global offensive to an-
Afterwards, Golez was elected repre- nounce to the world China's illegal claim
sentative of Parañaque City – back when and illegal occupation of our exclusive
it had only one legislative district – for economic zone…”
6 terms from 1992 to 2001. In 2004, he He had also warned about the increas-
FOR WPS. Former congressman and was elected representative of the city’s ing militarization by China of the West

Jesus I Trust In You!

national security adviser Roilo Golez second district. Philippine Sea.
speaks while pointing to a map showing During his legislative years, Golez was Aside from being a regular lecturer on
Philippine-claimed territory in the West part of House committees on national the sea dispute at the National Defense
Philippine Sea during a rally in front of defense and on public order and security. College of the Philippines, Golez was
the building housing the Chinese con- He was the head of the House contingent also one of the 3 convenors of the West
sular office in 2013. File photo by Ted to the Commission on Appointments Philippine Sea Coalition.
Aljibe/AFP during his last term as congressman. He also established the Movement and Download the Asian Journal
In between his stint at the House of Alliance to Resist China’s Aggression digital edition via Facebook @asianjournal
Jodesz Gavilan, Representatives, Golez served as the na- and has joined rallies calling out China's
tional security adviser under the Arroyo "bullying". –
MANILA, 6/11/2018 – A naval administration from 2001 to 2004.
officer through and through,
former national adviser Roilo For the West Philippine Sea
Golez was supposed to give an
interview on maritime disputes
Golez was a strong and vocal defender
of the West Philippine Sea (WPS).
The largest
when he passed away on Monday,

June 11. According to a Newsbreak profile in
2002, Golez’s concept of security is an-
He was 71. chored on fundamentals: good relations
with neighbors, minimizing irritants
in San Diego!
Born on January 9, 1947 in Looc, with them, engaging China, and express-
Romblon, Golez was the son of a Philip- ing views when there are perceived Lobster Available for Thursday
& Friday Dinner only


• Banquet/Private
Party Room (up to 100)
• Catering Available
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with the purchase of 3 adults
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San Diego 92108 Wednesday Dinner Buffet
Not valid with anyother discount or offer. 1 coupon per person. Coupon must be presented with order to receive discount. (At I-8 & 805 freeways) Expires June
Expires 30, 2018
June 15-21, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3

A Glimpse of Ninoy Aquino’s Worth dying for

he had a son named Roque Aplasca Lo-
pez. When the Don became a widower,

he remarried for the second and later for

Ilonggo History
the third time in Negros.
Meanwhile, Roque A. Lopez who by Jose Ma. Montelibano

by Dinggol Araneta
remained in Iloilo, later joined the
"Comite de Conspiradores" of Molo and speech nobody This China issue re-

ever heard ally bugs me, even after 6

expended his inheritance to finance the
Divinagracia revolution and to support families of
poor Ilonggo revolutionary forces.
years when Scarborough
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
". . .The "Comite de Conspiradores"
Shoal was land-grabbed
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist by
initiated by Don Francisco Felipe Vil- and “fenced off” like real
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism. estate. It hurt me as a Fili-
lanueva and headed by Don Raymundo Almost 31 years ago, Sena-
Angulo Melliza was formed in Parian, pino, and hurt me more
tor Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.
now Molo in Iloilo on March 18, 1898. knowing that there was no
The initial members were "Parianons" planned a homecoming despite
that included; Pablo Araneta, Fernando threats in his life. way to dislodge Chinese
IN ILOILO CITY Salas, Francisco Soriano, Jovito Yusay
and from Jaro; Roque A. Lopez and Si- He was allowed to go to the US to un-
guards except by commit-
ting suicide. I understood
mon Ledesma. This became the nucleus dergo a surgery for his blocked arteries. then that the Philippine
By: DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - Nation . . that started the highly disciplined and But after learning that the situation back
June 4, 2018 ". . . On December 18, 1856, Graciano well organized covert revolutionary in the Philippines was getting worse, he Navy and Air Force did
Lopez-Jaena was born in Jaro, Iloilo movement in the Island of Panay. Five decided to come home. not have the capability to
Prologue: City. History recognized him as the months later, together with the revolu- defeat the Chinese naval
first reformist and the acknowledged tionary leaders outside the City led by On August 21, 1983, Aquino finally forces that cordoned Scarborough its point, the point being it can do as it
In the Philippines today, whenever "Trailblazer" of the First Propaganda Martin Teofilo Delgado y Bermejo of arrived in the Philippines. After stepping pleases unless forced otherwise, China
people speak of "Familia Lopez", what Movement. At age 18, he wrote “Fray Sta. Barbara, they formed a revolution- off the plane, he was immediately ar-
Shoal. However, it still ate me up took over more islands being claimed
first comes to mind is the affluent Butod” that exposed the abuses and ary government and thus, the "Estado rested. And while waiting for his prison inside. by the Philippines and, in fact, has built
Lopez family of Panay and Negros that unholy alliance between Spanish Federal de Bisayas" was concieved. escort, Ninoy Aquino, the man who military facilities on some of them. That
has become a semblance of enormous authorities, abusive encomienderos and Thereafter, Gen. Roque Aplasca Lopez declared “Filipinos are worth dying for”, Even at that time, there were many is where we are now, still swallowing a
wealth and political power, of vested the immoral friars under the pseudonym was elected President of the Assembly. was assassinated in broad daylight. criticisms directed at former President pill that is getting more bitter by the day.
interest and corporate greed, and of the “Jose Butete.” . ." Noynoy Aquino for not taking a more
oligarchy. He went to Spain in 1880 where It is regrettable indeed that there is no The rest, as they say, is history. forceful stance against the takeover. The Duterte administration continues
together with Dr. Jose P. Rizal who ar- street named nor a historical marker I know that he realized then what to point out the same painful reality
However, it would be fair to add, rived in 1882 and, later, Marcelo H. del installed to honor Gen. Roque A. Lopez, But unknown to many, Aquino was President Duterte realizes now – that the of our military helplessness against an
that many prominent Lopez family are Pilar, they constituted the triumvirate the Ilonggo patriot and first President armed with a heartwarming speech Philippines has no military capacity to invader with superior arms, soldiers and
sincerely dedicated and truly commit- that became the core of propagandists of the "Estado Federal de Visayas" and when he came home. Of course, it would deny China’s grabbing of our territory. political will. Within the context of that
ted with philanthropic activities for and pamphleteers advocating reforms in many more Ilonggo leaders who won the remain undelivered due to his untimely Anyway, though it seemed like only helplessness, the Philippines has simply
love of God; while others, were directly the Philippine Archipelago. In Febru- revolution against Spanish colonization, death, and would only resurface years like consuelo de bobo, PNoy did go to surrendered. Oh, there are many state-
involved in the fight for freedom and ary 1889, Lopez Jaena founded the "La thereby achieved the status as a truly later to commemorate Aquino’s heroism. the United Nations and lodged a formal ments here and there, but they are mere
democracy for love of country. Solidaridad" that became the mouth- independent and legitimate sovereign Fast forward to today, Ninoy’s legacy complaint. The Philippines presented its statements that no one believes – not us,
piece of the propaganda movement that nation before the "Faux pas" of U.S. remains steadfast. And as a tribute to one case for arbitration, proved the fairness not the Chinese, and maybe not even the
Unknown to many, the clan began in advocated reforms and with the novels invasion in 1899 of the Ilonggo Nation. of Philippine history’s greatest figure, and correctness of its claim, and, indeed, ones making the statements. The reality
Salog, now Jaro in Iloilo with two Lopez of Rizal, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Whereas, our City's main thorough- let’s examine once again the thoughts received a most favorable judgment in of China’s superiority in all ways is now
progenitors that were not blood related, Filibusterisimo” and the execution of the fares were named to honor our forebears and sentiments Ninoy had moments our favor. an accepted fact. It seems have nothing
thus: three Filipino priests, Gomez, Burgos adversaries and the revolutionary leaders before he met his tragic death. But a legal and moral judgment by any left but a growing resignation.
and Zamora became the spark plugs from Luzon, who never won the war international body or court has no power How can I blame then President Aquino
Early History * Genealogy that ignited the Philippine Revolution against Spain. (Brgy. & Gen. Hughes St. Here’s the official transcript of Ninoy’s unless it brings with it the kind of force and now President Duterte if they do not
of 1896 led by KKK Supremo Andres , Gen. Luna St. , Bonifacio, J.M.Basa undelivered speech made available by or pressure that can approximate military want to lead the AFP and the Filipino
The Maximo Lopez Clan Bonifacio of Tondo, Manila. . . . " Street, etc., etc...). Likewise, Ilonggo Il- The Official Gazette: power. There are some armed conflicts people to a war where Filipinos, like
At the turn of the 19th century during On the other hand, Maximo and Juana lustrados who collaborated with the early that are condemned by the United Na- sheep, will be led to be slaughtered?
the Spanish era or "Tiempo Espa- Hilaria-Lopez' eldest son Fermin who American regime. I have returned on my free will to join tions but still manage to go on because I cannot. That would be such a heavy
ñol", Maximo Lopez who became the married Fernanda Hechanova were the the ranks of those struggling to restore the protagonists, or at least one of them, decision to make involving millions of
patriarch of the original Lopez clan of parents of Eustaquio Hechanova Lopez The Basilio Lopez Clan our rights and freedoms through nonvio- simply will not stop. Unless, therefore, lives. At least, it looks that way. In their
Salog (now Jaro) in Iloilo married Juana who later acquired large tracts of land lence. the United Nations or enough countries shoes, I most probably will do the same
Hilaria. They had two sons; Fermin and settled in Silay, Negros Occiden- During the early 1800's, a childless within the organization, will provide – which is to avoid armed conflict for the
and Placido. Fermin married Fernanda tal. The Barangay E. Lopez in Silay wealthy Spaniard from Batangas with I seek no confrontation. I only pray and the military equivalent that can force sake of saving Filipino lives. I am fully
Hechanova and had 12 children while City used to be one of his Haciendas in surname Lopez, decided to settle in Il- will strive for a genuine national recon- protagonists to toe the line, both conflict cognizant of this set of circumstances.
Placido who married Maria Jacobe Jaena Negros. Don Eustaquio financed his first oilo because of the peace and order situ- ciliation founded on justice. and killing will continue. Yet, why is there a sickening feeling in
had 6 children. Placido doing odd jobs cousin Graciano's trip to Spain in 1880 ation and economic potentials. With him China dismissed the ruling of the my gut?
as general repairman and Maria a simple that would change the course of Philip- was his young aide, a local Sino-Indio I am prepared for the worst, and have United Nations, specifically on the treaty The superiority of the enemy has a
seamstress had a son named Graciano pine history. or "Mestizo de Sangley" that he raised decided against the advice of my mother, known as UNCLOS or United Nations direct bearing, less on the number of
Lopez-Jaena, who eventually would Don Eustaquio Hechanova Lopez, first ( Continued on page 6 ) Convention on the Law of the Sea, say-
( Continued on page 8 ) ing it will not abide by it. And to prove
became the national hero of the Ilonggo married Justina Aplasca in Jaro by whom ( Continued on page 8 )

Complicated Affairs

Thanksgiving Reunion

Chapter 21 of "Complicated Af- have two big brothers to protect her and AFTER DINNER, everybody gathered
fairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. two elder sisters to give her tips on life. in the living room to look at the old fam-
In addition, she had a little sister in Carol ily photos Marlene brought.
and a newly-found father with whom she “That’s your grandpa,” she told her
already had a warm and loving relation- niece Blanca. The sepia colored photo
Despite Danny’s wife’s Mindy’s ship after just a few weeks of knowing showed a handsome young man dressed
protests, he invited his Mexican each other. in sharkskin suit, wearing black and
daughter Blanca and her mother It was a happy family reunion. Blanca’s white combination shoes, his left foot
to his son’s JR’s house for a cousins clustered around her, inquiring atop a small stool. The photo must have
about her background. It was difficult taken during the 1950s.
Thanksgiving dinner. He made to communicate with her, though, since “Here he was as an old man before he
sure his sisters and some of their she only spoke Spanish; however, their passed away,” Marlene pointed to Blanca
children were there too to meet bloodlines were enough to bind them a colored photograph of a man sitting on
their new-found relative. altogether. a sofa in his daughter’s living room in
“Come, try our Filipino dishes,” Mar- San Diego.
Everybody was pleased when the two lene led the Mexican mother and daugh- “And this is your grandmother, su
arrived, except for Mindy, who was wary ter to the dinner table. Although there abuela,” Marlene said, not sure whether
Danny’s attention and affection might was the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, she used the right Spanish term for
be diverted from her and her daughter the spread also included some roasted grandmother. “Here she was as a young
Carol, to the two Mexicans who had pig (lechon), adobo, lumpiang shanghai woman, and here, as an older one.”

Follow Your Dream s

returned into her husband’s life. (eggrolls), pancit (noodles) and others. “Do you know who this young boy
Danny’s children from his first wife “Taste the chocolate meat,” JR told his was?”

FALL 2018
were happy. Although they did not sister. Blanca looked at the photo of a five-
approve of their father’s philandering “Pero no esta chocolate (But this is not year-old dressed in shorts and a white
ways, they knew Blanca was conceived chocolate),” Blanca said after tasting the long sleeved shirt.
after their parents’ divorce. They were dish. “Mi papa (My dad)?” she asked.
pleased with their Mexican sister, with Everybody laughed, including Mer- Everybody laughed.
her white, flawless skin, long eyelashes cedes. She once tried it before when she “Of course,” Marlene agreed.
and sharp nose. She stood in contrast had attended one of the family reunions Blanca was pleased, The blanks in her
while she was still Danny’s girlfriend. background were gradually being filled

against her Filipina sister, Carol, who,
although beautiful in her own right, was “Its pork blood,” JR told her. “Do you out. Her aunts told her more about her
considered ordinary in the Philippines. like it?” father’s family, how their medical doctor
Over there, the likes of a mestisa (mixed Although surprised, Blanca admitted it father provided them with an affluent
blood) like Blanca would be a shoo-in to was good. lifestyle in the Philippines, complete
She particularly liked the lumpia and with a car, a family driver and maids.

become a beauty queen, if not a movie

star. This did not escape Mindy’s atten- the pancit, noticing the Filipinos leche All of them finished college, except for
tion, who was worried for her daughter. flan dessert was similar to the Mexican’s Danny, the apple of their mother’s eye,
“Baka ma-insecure iyang anak mo flan, both of which came from their who was spoiled. When her sister Linda
(Your daughter might feel insecure),” Spanish colonizers. married her childhood boyfriend who
she cautioned Danny. Mercedes enjoyed the moment, had joined the United States Navy, the
But Danny brushed her worries aside, although she noticed the cold treat- rest of the family members migrated to
savoring the moment when all of his ment from Mindy, Danny’s wife. She the U.S. one after another.
children - the four from his fourth wife,
one from his Mexican girlfriend, and
understood the behavior. If she were in
Mindy’s shoes, she would have also felt THE FOLLOWING MONDAY, Danny Apply Now For Priority Registration!

Fall Classes
another one from his second Filipina threatened and jealous. Danny’s Filipino met with a few friends and inquired
wife - were all together. Danny’s sisters, relatives reminded her why she enjoyed about petitioning his newly-found Mexi-
Marlene and Linda, were also excited. his company so much, in addition to can daughter to become a U.S. resident.
“Naku, ang ganda ng pamangkin ko his good looks and charming ways. She “You better consult a lawyer,” Bobby
felt comfortable with the Filipinos and advised him. “This is a delicate matter.”

Start August 20
(My niece is beautiful),” Marlene blurted
out. She kissed Mercedes upon seeing would have been pleased to be their “You don’t have too,” Monte inter-
her, reminding her they had first met in-laws. Unfortunately, her own father vened. “You will just be wasting your
when Blanca was baptized. In fact, she stood on the way, driving a wedge be- money. Just walk into the Post Office
stood as the girl’s baptismal sponsor. tween her and Danny. Danny’s uncaring and file for an application for a U.S.
“Of course,” Mercedes remembered. attitude did not help, especially when he passport. You are an American citizen,
In that moment, she put aside her anger went missing in her life for years. She and she is your daughter; therefore, she
at Danny for abandoning her, so she too wondered what would have been had too is an American citizen.”
could savor the moment. they gotten married. At the very least, “Are you sure?”
200+ DEGREES 46 Financial Aid
The warm welcome she received from she would have experienced being a “Yes, that’s what a friend of mine did.” $
her Filipino relatives overwhelmed Bi- wife, since she remained single after the
two parted ways.
Danny agreed with him, for it was
anca. Growing up as an only child by her ( Continued on page 6 )
single parent mother, she was happy to
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

Health & Wellness

Summer Food Tuberculosis case reported at Do you know the warning signs of suicide?
Program feeds Olympian High School By José A. Álvarez, County of San
or socioeconomic status. It’s important
to know the warning signs and how to
health crisis and can help callers with
a specific issue. The number is (888)

kids for free By Tom Christensen, County of San

to-person through indoor air during
prolonged contact with an infectious in-
If a friend or loved one were
contemplating suicide, would you
assist a suicidal person in need of help.”
Warning signs of suicide may include:
1. Talking of hurting or killing
So what should you do when a person
comes to you for help? If the person is in
dividual. Most people who are exposed
SAN DIEGO— With summer do not become infected.
know it? If you knew it, would oneself immediate danger, call 9-1-1.
The San Diego County Health you know what to do? 2. Hopelessness or helplessness You should also:
right around the corner, it’s time and Human Services Agency is 3. Divorce, separation, stress on 1. Take it seriously
Symptoms of active TB include per-
to think about keeping children working with Sweetwater Union sistent cough, fever, night sweats and The great majority of people who die family 2. Listen; suicidal behavior is a call
healthy while school is out. The High School District officials to unexplained weight loss. For individu- by suicide show warning signs. Know- 4. Loss of health (real or imaginary) for help
Salvation Army Kroc Center notify people who were possibly als with symptoms of TB, or those who ing how to spot them and what you can 5. Loss of job, home, personal 3. Ask: Are you having thoughts of
provides free meals to children are immune-compromised and may not do may help save a life. security suicide?
exposed to tuberculosis at Olym- On average, suicide claims the life of 6. Increased alcohol or drug use 4. Don’t leave person alone
during the summer. show symptoms, it is important that the
pian High School. The period of person sees their medical provider to more than one San Diegan every day. 7. Isolation from family and friends 5. Urge professional help
exposure is from February 15 to rule out TB. Tuberculosis can be treated Mental health experts believe that for 8. Daring or risk-taking behavior 6. Get help right away
This summer, meals will be May 15. and cured with antibiotics. every suicide, six other people who In addition to spreading the word “When a friend or a loved one comes
served at The Salvation Army were close to the victim suffer lasting about the warning signs of suicide, the to you for help, take it seriously. Ask if
Kroc Center Education Garden, Free testing for students who may The number of annual TB cases in San emotional trauma. County’s “It’s Up to Us” campaign is he or she is having thoughts of suicide or
have been exposed will take place on Diego County has decreased since the “Suicide can be prevented,” said offering residents a course called Ques- ending it all,” Aguirre said. “That simple
June 18 to August 24, Monday Alfredo Aguirre, director of Behavioral tion, Persuade, and Refer. conversation can help save a life.”
Wednesday, June 13 from 9:00 a.m. to early 1990s and has stabilized in recent
through Friday, from 11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. at Olympian High School, years. There were 258 cases reported in Health Services for the County Health The County also sponsors the Access For more information about suicide,
to 1:30 p.m. There are no income 1925 Magdalena Ave., Chula Vista. 2016 and 237 in 2017. To date, 75 cases and Human Services Agency. “Depres- and Crisis Line where trained counselors risk factors, warning signs and how to
requirements or registration. Any have been reported in 2018. sion knows no race, ethnic background offer advice on how to handle a mental get help, visit It’s Up to Us.

ConnectMed International hosts San Diego County’s

child under age 18 may come to “Testing is recommended for all those
exposed to assure they are not infected, Individuals who would like more
eat. Lunch for adults is available since they may not have symptoms,” information on this potential exposure
for purchase. For more informa-
tion, contact 619.269.1540 or visit
said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H.,
County public health officer. “For
should call:
first free Therapeutic & Recreational Day Camp for
children with craniofacial differences anyone infected, early diagnosis and County TB Control Program at (619)
prompt treatment can prevent disease.” 692-8621
scholarships.html. Olympian High School at (619) 656-
Each year, the U.S. Department of Tuberculosis is transmitted person- 2400 Local nonprofit invites com- who will lead self-esteem building and The Donegan Burns Foundation is a
munity members to Camp camaraderie-focused activities. The first title sponsor, and other partners/spon-
Agriculture partners with local organiza- half of the day will include open play sors include Rady Children’s Hospital
tions like, to provide free meals to chil- Cosmos to enjoy “out of this time with Camp Cahito’s giant in- San Diego Cleft Palate & Craniofacial

dren when school is out for the summer. (We're not out to make them our world” family activities flatables, archery course and more, plus Team, University of San Diego School
For more information about the national enemies, but we need to fight for what carnival traditions like face-painting and of Medicine, Department of Plastic
Summer Food Service Program, visit is ours. I always say this: What's ours is wacky hair stations. The latter half of the Surgery, Children’s Craniofacial As- SAN DIEGO — June 13, 2018
ours. If there are violations by others – day will feature break-out sessions with sociation, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and
( Continued from page 1 ) whether China or another country – we
— ConnectMed International, a structured small-group therapeutic activ- KIND.
About The Salvation Army Kroc
incursions sa ating... hindi lang must protest.) San Diego nonprofit dedicated ities for both children and their parents. For more information or to make a do-
Center In the same interview, Robredo said to bringing our region’s gold All family members, including children, nation, visit or contact
sa territory pero pati sa sover- China's statement that it allows Filipinos
The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc eignty," Robredo said in a chance standard of healthcare to under- siblings and parents, are invited to come Executive Director Rita Abbati Albert
to fish in Panatag Shoal "out of good- served parts of the world, will play, share, learn, make new friends and at or 858-201-
Corps Community Center is a 12.4-acre interview in Tanay, Rizal. will" should be considered a slap in the have a blast. The event is free-of-cost, 8965.
family support, education, recreation, face for the Philippines. host Camp Cosmos, the county’s and Spanish-speaking facilitators will be
and cultural arts center, made possible (I think we are being too soft. We are "Ako, ang pakiramdam ko, malaking first free therapeutic and recre- available. About ConnectMed International
by a generous gift by the late philan- being too soft in dealing with the incur- sampal iyon sa atin. Malaking insulto, ational day camp for children “Camp Cosmos was designed for
thropist Mrs. Joan Kroc. The facility sions not just in our territory but our kasi bakit ka kailangang manghingi ng families to come together and connect ConnectMed is a nonprofit organization
is open to members and the general sovereignty.)
with craniofacial differences and
permiso sa pangingisda sa pag-aari ng with their peers in a fun, safe environ- that improves access to surgical care for
public and provides opportunities that Just two days ago, Robredo described ating bayan?" said Robredo. their families on Sunday, July 22, ment where they can feel comfortable youth in underserved communities with
facilitate positive, life-changing experi- China's incursions in the West Philip- (I feel this is a slap in the face for us. 2018 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and confident in their own skin,” said congenital and acquired deformities, and
ences through: art, athletics, personal pine Sea as the "most serious external It's a big insult, because why do we have at Camp Cahito in Balboa Park. ConnectMed President Dr. Amanda supports sustainable healthcare through
development, spiritual discovery and threat to our country since the Second to ask permission to fish in a place that Gosman. “We invite San Diego families educational partnerships and interactive
community service. The Salvation Army World War." belongs to our nation?) Camp Cosmos aims to foster joy and affected with craniofacial differences to telemedicine networks. Collaboration
Kroc Center’s facilities, programs and The Vice President has previously A landmark ruling by a Hague tribunal self-confidence, and build relationships come together and share their support with local healthcare providers ensures
services bridge the gap between potential criticized the DFA's decision to silently in 2016 already nullified China's expan- among kids, families and local care with one another, and to interact with each patient receives care by a team
and opportunity for children and adults, deal with China, urging the department sive sea claims. The same ruling states providers in the Southern California their treatment teams outside the clinical of specialists trained to meet his or her
strengthen individuals and families, and to file a diplomatic protest. that the Philippines, China, and Taiwan craniofacial communities. The day camp setting.” needs, even after the ConnectMed team
enrich the lives of seniors. She also expressed concern after a all have traditional fishing rights in will be facilitated by child and family ConnectMed is currently seeking vol- is no longer physically present. For more
Mrs. Kroc’s vision was to provide GMA News documentary showed the Panatag Shoal. therapists, nurses and other specialists unteers and sponsors for Camp Cosmos. information visit
world-class programs to children, adults China Coast Guard taking the catch of But Duterte has so far refused to assert
and seniors in our service area, regard- Filipino fishermen in Panatag Shoal the ruling, choosing instead to strength-
less of their financial circumstance. (Scarborough Shoal), which is off the en ties with China.
While Mrs. Kroc’s generous endowment coast of Zambales. On June 12, Chinese Ambassador to
pays for 40% of the Kroc Center’s $9 "Hindi naman tayo nakikipag-away, the Philippines Zhao Jianhua attended
million annual budget. Her vision was pero kailangan nating ipaglaban kung the Independence Day rites with Duterte
that the community would help gener- ano iyong atin. Parati kong sinasabi ito: in Kawit, Cavite. Zhao promised that
ate the remaining $5 million needed to Iyong atin, atin iyon. Kapag mayroong Chinese coast guard personnel proven to
balance the budget each year through violation galing sa iba – kung China have taken the catch of Filipino fisher-
program service fees, membership dues, man iyan o ibang lugar – kailangan men will be "disciplined." – Rappler.
and donations to campaigns like this tayong mag-protesta," said Robredo. com


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Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

A tale of
The out-of-towners arrived two days their friends and relatives ended up and ing” Lopez who holds the reign in the
before. Our empty-nested house was enjoyed the festive fair set up for the political arena. Yes! even Malacañang
filled with fun and laughter as our family event. We walked towards the finish ( Continued from page 3 )
tiptoed and was cautious not to offend
got together to play board games, watch line a few blocks away on the corner the powerful Sugar Block of Panay and
Marvel movies on TV and enjoy their of Union and Ash Street in downtown as his own son. When the old man died, Negros Islands.
favorite home cooked meals – salmon San Diego. Already, the runners were his young protege named Basilio that he During the Martial Law years, the
sinigang, pork adobo and beef nilaga arriving as the people on both sides allowed to carry his surname "Lopez" Lopez family business interests; that
– prepared by my wife. On Saturday of the streets cheered. It took a while solely inherited his huge fortune. The included Meralco and ABS-CBN were
morning, the 5K Marathon participants before our favorites - Mike, Heather and young Basilio later married Sabina, the confiscated by the government. In 1986,
-- my wife Genny, daughters Michelle Ryan – arrived; it was worth the wait. daughter of a trusted laundry woman of thousands of Metro Manilan's staged
and Ashley – went to the event on the Their crossing of the finished line was the wealthy "Familia Jalandoni" of Jaro. a relatively peaceful People's Power
Sixth Avenue side of Balboa Park with quite emotional considering the pain She too was allowed to use the surname Revolution led by the elite, supported by
Mike. I went with Ryan and the kids. and hardships they had to endure as they "Jalandoni" and later inherited a sub- Uncle Sam and under the guidance of

San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon:

challenged themselves to finish the race. stantial portion of her adoptive parents the Catholic Church hierachy --they suc-
Festive occasion They could hardly talk when we met properties. ceeded. Thus, Oligarchy was restored.

Cow bells ringing, runners panting,

them due to sheer exhaustions; once re- Basilio and Sabina Jaranilla Jalandoni- Thereafter, Madam President Cora-
It was a festive occasion with people covered, they were happy to share their Lopez had 16 children. The eldest son zon Cojuangco Aquino returned to the
lined up on both sides of the street. The experiences. Eugenio Jalandoni Lopez, who rose as Lopezes their business empires under a
and a shooter hiding loud speaker was blaring with the music
of the band playing on a stage. When
“It was funny to see people in the
neighborhoods cheering for us,” recalled
a big-time industrialist and one of the
wealthiest man in Jaro, also became the
Gobernadorcillo of the Principalia de
sweetheart deal, while the Lady Presi-
dent's own “Kamag-anak. Inc.” enjoyed
( Continued from page 1 ) the marathon started, the crowd cheered Heather. the fruits of the EDSA-I revolt.
The centralized air-conditioning controls as the runners passed. The leaders, One sign held by a resident said: “You Jaro. With the advent of cable technology
“But he can walk. You and Dad can the temperature. It would not be too cold around twenty of them, and I would say, can poo in my bathroom, for real!” " . . . Earlier, Capitan Martin Del- and cyberspace communication, even
join the 5K event, which is 3 miles long. in the winter or hot in summers. In addi- the real marathon race, were running as Another wrote: “Smile, you paid for gado of Sta. Barbara together with Filipinos abroad could now easily view
He claims he walks that distance every tion, lively music is continuously played fast as they could, while the rest, thou- this!” Pedro Monteclaro of Miag-ao, Adriano and enjoy Pinoy Channels --dominated
day at the mall.” as I enjoy seeing a variety of mallgoers: sands, varied in their slower paces. It Still, one advised: “Run faster, some- Hernandez of Dingle, Quintin Salas of by the Lopez family from Iloilo . . ."
She was right. Ever since I realized I teenagers, senior citizens and families was touching to see people pushing the one said you look like a jogger!” Dumangas and others led the volunteer
should prioritize my health, with two with children. wheelchairs of their disabled relatives, Other signs included: “This is the battalion of Ilonggo contingents under Epilogue:
daily cocktails of medicine for high But in contrast to the marathon, the be it a child or a grown up, in whose worst parade ever,” “This is harder than the Spaniards who fought against Gen. Although this illustrious family of Jaro
blood pressure, high cholesterol, en- walk I take inside the mall is leisurely. I honor they joined the race. running for office!” and “You can stop Aguinaldos forces in Cavite and Pam- began centuries ago from two different
larged prostrate, irregular heartbeat, and take my time as I contemplate and think My grandkids rang their cow bells as running, there’s already a winner.” panga. These military expeditions were bloodlines with the same surname, in
diabetes, I make sure to exercise daily. about a lot of things, from the articles I their mother Michelle, aunt Ashley and Mike said there were “pacers” with mostly financed by Iloilo’s elite; more later years the offspring inter-married
I used to do it after dinner, so I could be will write, the business plans I will pur- grandma Genny passed by one after the time they could finish the marathon notably, Gobernadorcillo of Salog (Jaro) that nowadays, many consider them-
tired and take a shower before I go to sue, even happy memories of the past. another. We held signs provided by the placed at their back. This way, people Don Eugenio Jalandoni Lopez (married selves as one big happy "Lopez" family.
bed to ensure a good night sleep. But by Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and nearby World Wildlife Foundation: “Go could choose the pace they wanted to to Marcela Villanueva) and Don Felix
then, I already don’t have the energy; Saturdays, many people, mostly senior get ‘em Tiger!” with a picture of a tiger; pursue by following a pacer with their de la Rama (married to Concepcion Acknowledgement for invaluable
hence, I decided to walk in the morning citizens and Filipino Americans, would “You whale succeed,” illustrated with a goal time. They were flown in and Araneta) of Parian (Molo). testimonials of two (2) prominent mem-
instead. Never mind if it would limit my gather at the center of the mall and do photo of a whale; and “Hang in there” booked in a hotel for free. Later, however, Capitan Martin, with bers that belong to each of the Lopez
work time and productivity at the office. a half hour exercise. A physical trainer accompanied by a picture of a monkey It was too tiring that at one point, Ryan others, conspired for the Visayans clan, who prefer to remain anonymous.
What’s more important is my health. from a nearby hospital conducts the clinging on a tree. We lingered at the vowed not do it again. But once he instead of supporting the Spanish cause --dinggol.d~~~
It helps I have my own business as routine to the sound of exercise music. park long after the three had finished to finished, he signed up for next year right and organized an armed and open

well. I can do whatever I please during savor the moment and enjoy the mer- away. rebellion against the Spanish authori-
the day, even go to bed and sleep when Avid marathoner riment. We then feasted on a brunch at The participants had to pay an entry ties in Panay. Several Visayan Generals
I felt like it. So why not fulfill a healthy a nearby restaurant for the runners to fee of about $35 to $99, depending on including Gen. Raymundo Melliza and ( Continued from page 3 )
requirement since I would not be able to My son-in-law Mike, the husband of regain the weight they had lost from the the length of their race. Ryan’s office, Gen. Pablo Araneta chose Delgado as
do anything else if I were incapacitated, my daughter Ashley, is an avid mara- what he did in the case of his daughter
exercise. We spent the rest of the day as part of its wellness program, paid for "General en Jefe de los Tropas del Ejer-
or worse, dead? thoner. He runs at least three marathons Carol. Danny walked into the American
further bonding at our house and eating their employees who would join. De- cito Libertador de Visayas y Governador
in different cities during the year. embassy in Manila, showed Carol’s birth
boxes of pizza like there was no tomor- spite that, he did not know of any other Politico-Militar” based in Sta. Barbara,
Cotton tail rabbits Ashley, who travels with him, watches certificate indicating he, an American
row. It seemed running the marathon co-employee availing of the benefit. Iloilo. . ."
him start the race and then enjoys a cup citizen, was her father. He was told
was not to lose weight but to be able to Don Eugenio Jalandoni Lopez married
When our neighborhood opened in of coffee or goes window shopping. She to file an application. In a matter of
pig out on food. Added drama Marcela Felipe Villanueva, while his
1992, the canyon near our house was full eventually heads to the finish line to months, it was approved and Carol was
younger brother Marcelo Jalandoni Lo-
of cotton tail rabbits crossing our paths. cheer for him, and they later explore the granted an American passport. In fact,
Main event There was an added drama to our pez also married her sister Julieta. They
I enjoyed walking on the trail, savoring area while Mike heals his aching body. when he talked to a postal employee in
experience we did not bargain for. While were the sisters of Francisco Felipe Vil-
the fresh air, wide open space and the We joined them when Mike ran in Napa San Diego, this was precisely the advice
The next day, Sunday, was the main we were having brunch at the Extraordi- lanueva (married to Sofia Conlu), who
sounds of the humming of birds. At one Valley, giving us a chance to tour the he received.
event. Mike ran the full marathon, about nary Desserts, an eatery near the finish initiated the founding of the "Comite de
time, I encountered a coyote and saw area for three days. Doing so with his daughter, Blanca,
26 miles, which took him from down- line, we were quietly told by our waiter Conspiradores" of Molo and the children
a snake. The coyote seemed shy as it Mike didn’t want to run the San Diego was not as easy, however. He had to
town San Diego to as far as Mission Bay that “there was an active shooter in the of Don Eusebio Canto Villanueva of
walked away. The snake minded its own Marathon because it was too hilly. have her birth certificate translated
to the north and North Park to the south. area.” He calmly advised us not to leave Molo and Maria Felipe de Villanueva of
business and let me pass by. There was a There were many climbs compared to from Spanish to English. He also had to
Ryan and Heather ran the half-marathon, the restaurant until everything was clear Malinao, Aklan.
hill that would take me at least three rest the other places in the country. But it gather other relevant papers before he
about 13 miles, which stretched from outside. I understand that the activities at Don Eugenio and Dña Marcela
stops before I could scale it. I would sit was an opportunity for him and Ashley, started filing for an application.
downtown to the North Park area. Mike the finish line were stopped and people Villanueva-Lopez had 16 children who
on a bench beside a basketball court in as they work and live in Minneapolis, said that when they passed through the were asked to vacate. We monitored the were all relatively successful in their
a park for at least fifteen minutes once I to visit and bond with us. My youngest AFTER JUST A FEW WEEKS IN
steep hill portion of Freeway 163, every- on-going developments from our cell respective fields of endeavor. Their son
reached the top and walk along the road daughter, Heather, who works and lives AMERICA, Mindy began getting rest-
one was walking. I would say it was the phones. It turned out there was a woman Benito was assassinated while serving
on my way home. out of town, flew down to join the event, less. She was not comfortable staying
“heartbreak hill” of the marathon. with a gun in a parking structure nearby as Provincial Governor of Iloilo. He
But nothing beats walking inside at any while my eldest, Michelle, her husband with the family of Danny’s son JR; she
We were dropped off by Michelle at who had a confrontation with somebody was married to Presentacion Javelona
given time of the day at the Plaza Bonita Ryan, and their two children, live just knew they could not stay there forever.
the park besides the Country Adminis- ( Continued on page 7 ) Hofileña of Silay in Negros Occidental;
Mall, just ten minutes from our house. blocks away. However, with Danny’s limited income
tration Building where the marathoners, while his younger brother Vicente also
from his first wife’s pension, they
married the sister named Elena Javelona
could not afford an apartment. She also
Hofileña and they built the famous
on our world. The first effort of the new initiative will learned getting a job in the U.S. was
elegant mansion in Jaro known as "Nelly
be to hold a Learning Lab in Washing- difficult, especially since they arrived
U.S. Climate Alliance ton, D.C. on July 9-11, hosted by Ameri- during a major recession. Being only
When Gov. Benito V. Lopez was slain,
can Forests and staffed by more than 50 a high school graduate did not help as
his eldest son Eugenio "Eñing" was
Recently, “on the first anniversary leading experts in the field of land-based she did not qualify for the very few jobs
only 7-years old and brother Fernando
of the launching of the U.S. Climate carbon mitigation from government, available.
"Nanding" even younger. The Gover-
Alliance, The Nature Conservancy an- academia, nonprofits, landowners and “Why don’t you apply as a saleslady in
nor, likewise, fathered a son with Lucia
nounced its partnership with the Alliance industry, including The Nature Conser- a Filipino store?” Danny asked her.
Javelona, and they named him Manuel.
to highlight the role that nature can play vancy’s science and policy experts. “Ay naku, sayang lang ang pagod ko,
The young boy grew up with his adop-
in reducing greenhouse gas emissions The Learning Lab will assist in iden- ang liit-liit na suweldo (My efforts will
tive father Francisco Picar in Manila
and making communities more resilient. tifying key opportunities for carbon be useless as the pay is too low),” she
as Manuel Javelona Picar. He has two
The Nature Conservancy is excited to sequestration and emissions reductions replied.
children; Mabel and Boy.
collaborate with the Climate Alliance on in several different types of landscapes, “How about being a caregiver?” he
As destined by fate; Eñing and Nand-
two initiatives: The Natural and Work- including forests, croplands, rangelands, asked.
ing, with family financial backing, inher-
ing Lands Initiative and the Resilient grasslands, wetlands and urban greens- The job was too demanding for her
ent business acumen and political savvy
Communities, Infrastructure and Natural pace. The Conservancy also is pleased since she was used to being idle in the
would emerged as the most powerful
Nature-based solutions to local
Resources Initiative addressing climate to announce an additional partnership house all day. Finally, she decided to
brothers in the country.
change comprehensively with a suite of with the United States Climate Alli- stay with a cousin in Temecula who
" . . . The ABS-CBN Network was
managed a homecare facility. She real-
and global problems
nature-based solutions. ance to address the escalating impacts
initiated in the late 1920’s by the family
Participation includes the launch of the of climate change on communities and ized she had to take the job despite her
of Gov. Benito V. Lopez and Presen-
Natural and Working Lands Initiative the natural resources upon which they reservations, for the money Danny gave
tacion J. Hofileña who founded --The
of the United States Climate Alliance depend. Drawing on extensive work on to her, which was half of the $1,400
The Nature Conservancy an- without any agricultural background Times “El Tiempo” in Calle Ortiz, Iloilo
(N.W.L. Initiative) The N.W.L. Initiative flooding and sea level rise, “our continu- pension he got from the benefits of his
deny science. Now I understand being City. This became the most popular
nounces partnership with the will identify best practices for land con- ing engagement with communities at
newspaper in Western Visayas during
deceased first wife, was too little.
selfish. I understand greed and avarice. servation, management and restoration the local level in all fifty states, and our But her daughter Carol would not go
U.S. Climate Alliance to leverage I even understand wanting to put one’s the 1930‘s..
to allow states to better understand and scientific expertise in resilience-related with her.
the power of nature to combat head in the sand to avoid reality. harness these natural climate solutions issues, The Nature Conservancy will
This print media venture blossomed
“I want to stay here in San Diego,” she
climate change Unfortunately, history has shown us into national prominence when in the
as a means for reducing emissions and share its technical tools and best-prac- demanded. “I already have friends here
time after time, that denial does not year 1947 the Lopezes acquired the
increasing carbon sequestration to ad- tices experience in using nature-based and I like it here.”
People without any science background change reality. Climate change exists, Chronicle Group. Later when the mother
dress climate change. solutions to improve community and She was told by a friend about the hot
deny science. People without any medi- is here, is altering how we live and will company; Benpres Holdings, Inc. was
The Initiative will build in part from re- coastal resilience, including state and weather in Temecula.
cal background deny science. People continue to make ever-greater impacts established --they expanded into power
search The Nature Conservancy released local policy tools designed to incentivize With the new onslaught of his prob-
generation and distribution; road and
last year showing that these kinds of and incorporate consideration of nature- lems, Danny could not take it all in. He
water infrastructure, etc..
land management practices could gener- based solutions in resilience planning, felt his head bursting. He felt dizzy and
When the new phenomenon, "tele-vi-
ate up to 37 percent of the additional investments and actions. was sweating. He was worried he might
sion" came into the picture; the inherent
reductions needed to achieve the climate be having a stroke.
business acumen and foresight of Don
targets set in the Paris Climate Accord. Global conservation “Take me to the hospital,” he told
Eugenio “Eñing” Lopez, proved his
“Since the United States announced its Mindy.
worth and the family controlled Televi-
intent to pull out of the Paris Agreement With active climate and conservation “But I cannot drive.”
sion giant was born.
a year ago, the U.S. Climate Alliance programs in all 50 United States, The “Call JR,” Danny ordered. And he
That was the era when foreign dignitar-
has been a critical force to galvanize Nature Conservancy is uniquely posi- passed out.
ies and Head-of-States and even Middle
action by states and other subnational tioned to support the Alliance to advance
Eastern and European Royalties were
actors to address the very real threat cli- its goals. (To be continued)
amazed by the champagne "Fountain"
mate change poses to our communities “We’re excited to expand use of these
flowing and wealth flaunting parties
and our economy,” said Lynn Scarlett, nature-based solutions to address climate TO READ THE PREVIOUS CHAP-
hosted by extravagant modern day Sugar
co-chief of external affairs for The change impacts,” said Scarlett. “The TERS OF THIS STORY, GO TO the
Barons, led by “Don Eñing” who con-
Nature Conservancy. “We’re thrilled to planet itself, nature’s own solutions, San Diego Asian Journal website at
trols Philippine economy and his brother
be working with them and with other can be one of our best allies in fighting and click
Vice President Fernando “Toto Nand-
partners to act on what we’ve learned climate change.” "News and Features", pull down to and
from our research. That research shows The Nature Conservancy is a global click "Our Life and Times by Simeon
that natural climate solutions, the carbon conservation organization dedicated G. Silverio, Jr" and click "Complicated
sequestration capacity of nature itself, to conserving the lands and waters follow @nature_press on Twitter.” Earth Affairs".
has the potential to play a big role in on which all life depends. Guided by is everyone’s crib and it takes efforts
meeting the emissions reduction targets
necessary to confine average increases
in global temperatures to less than two
science, we create innovative, on-the-
ground solutions to our world's toughest
challenges so that nature and people
from multiple nations, organizations,
individuals, and more to create and put
in place the solutions that will benefit
An unfathomable
( Continued from page 8 )
degrees centigrade.” can thrive together. We are tackling all of us.
climate change, conserving lands, waters Get involved with the Nature Con- a testimony of what He has done. Each
Learning Lab and oceans at an unprecedented scale, servancy at: day holds opportunities to influence
providing food and water sustainably how-we-work/get-involved-with-tnc. people around us, knowing that our daily
Other organizations in the N.W.L. Ini- and helping make cities more sustain- xml?intc=nature.tnav.getinvolved actions and words are declaring Christ to
tiative include American Forests, World able. Working in 72 countries, we use Source: The Nature Conservancy the world.
Resources Institute, American Farmland a collaborative approach that engages An unfathomable destiny in God’s
Trust, the Coalition on Agricultural local communities, governments, the Kingdom is the gift He has in store for
Greenhouse Gases, and Trust for Public private sector, and other partners. To those who turn from the way of sin and
Land. learn more, visit or obey God from the heart.
June 15-21, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

5th Annual 'Enough,' women tell Duterte

( Continued from page 16 )
admission and we definitely encourage
attendees to arrive early using Lyft or
other ridesharing to and from the event
to maximize the fun."
From boba drinks to specialty skewers,
to ethnic goods and apparel, attendees
will discover over fifty vendors selling
Asian-inspired street food and merchan-
dise. Award-winning restaurants and
bars like Shanghai Saloon, Crab Hut,
Min Sok Chon, Soho Gastropub, Com-
mon Theory, and many more will also be
supporting the event with specials and
will be within easy walking distance!
Centralized within the event will be
a performance stage featuring cultural
and modern dances, bands, live DJs, and
unique entertainment you won’t want to 'What matters is that here and In its statement, Enough described the
miss! now, we take a stand against power imbalance between Kim and the
This year’s San Diego Night Market is presidential misogyny, act "It is Duterte’s power as President
proud to feature:
• Over 20 food vendors serving des- consistently against a govern- that made this encounter possible. It is
serts, drinks, and international street ment that condones abuse, and Duterte’s power as President that dic-
tated this woman’s reaction, which the
food favorites like yakitori, takoyaki, unite on the truth that we will President should have known to handle
jianbing and Asian-American fusion not, cannot stand for violence
creations like bulgogi fries with dignity and distance: this reaction
• Unique cultural and contemporary – not just against women, but is borne of the fact of his position. But
performances from local talents against all Filipinos,' says Duterte decided this moment was about
him, and that he would use his power
• Crowd favorite and open-to-the- Enough, a movement launched over this woman to ask for anything.
public “Make Your Groove Dance on Facebook
Competition” The mere fact that he asked for a kiss
• Interactive guest experiences from already reeks of malice," it said.
Toyota and McDonalds | MANILA, Malacañang had downplayed the kiss-
• Pop-up movies from nonprofit Pacific Philippines— "Today, we say: ing incident in South Korea as a "light
moment." Chief Presidential Counsel
Arts Movement Enough." Salvador Panelo said he shared his
For those avoiding driving and parking,
Lyft is giving new and existing users $5 wife's view that the kiss was something
Women made the declaration one would give to a "grandchild, daugh-
off with code: SDNIGHTMARKET18
Visit: on Thursday, June 7, as they ter, baby, son."
WHEN: Saturday, June 23, 2018 5PM- launched and supported a move- Enough also said that as President of
- Midnight ment that seeks to bring together the Philippines, Duterte should respect
WHERE: 4600 Block of Convoy and promote respect for women. It
all voices of dissent against "state cited Duterte's acts and statements that
Street, San Diego, CA 92111
violence" under the administra- objectified women which may normal-
tion of President Rodrigo Duterte. ize a culture of gender abuse and sexual
SD Rock 'n Roll The Enough movement was launched
violence in the country.
"So when the President abuses his
on Facebook a day after Duterte justi- power over women, demanding a kiss,
( Continued from page 6 )
fied his controversial kiss with a South negotiating for it; when we witness
and the police were surrounding the Korea-based married Filipina during the his constant objectification of women:
place. After about two hours, time we President's meeting with the Filipino speaking of women based on their body
spent enjoying each other’s company community in Seoul on June 3. parts; condoning soldiers raping women
as well as trying the eatery’s different "What matters is that here and now, we in a time of war; offering female artistas
“extraordinary” desserts, the coast was take a stand against Presidential misog- as gifts to soldiers; justifying polygamy
cleared and every one allowed to go out- yny, act consistently against a govern- and infidelity as normal for all men;
side. It seemed there were still runners ment that condones abuse, and unite on advising against condoms because 'hindi
coming in, so the activity at the finish the truth that we will not, cannot stand masarap (not pleasurable)' and saying
line resumed. Unfortunately, some were for violence – not just against women, women take sole responsibility for birth
not able to complete the race at the time but against all Filipinos," Enough said in control.
when the area was not yet safe. a statement. "When we hear the President defending
While none of my family members ex- It urged others to sign the statement on himself by saying this is what’s 'normal'
pected to win the marathon, the joy, the its page. As of posting, the statement has for him: what kind of culture are we
fun and the bonding it gave us all were generated over 2,000 reactions. creating for our women?" Enough asked.
well worth their tiresome efforts. - AJ Upon his arrival from his South Korea "The repercussions of Duterte’s ac-
trip on June 6, Duterte said critics of the tions, left unchecked and unchanged,
act were just "jealous" of Bea Kim, the will resonate for generations," it added.
woman he kissed. Enough also reminded Filipinos that it
"If there are enough women to – Well was not the first time for the Philippines
I think if all women here would sign a to have a "macho president," referring
petition for me to resign, I will resign," to former president now Manila Mayor
the President said then. Joseph Estrada who had his share of
In its Facebook page, Enough invited criticism from women's groups over his
women to join its fight. "Enough hopes sexist remarks.
to become a space for a diverse group Various groups and lawmakers have
of Filipino women to come together and also criticized Duterte's actions in South
take a stand against State violence in the Korea. – with reports from Samantha
time of Duterte." Bagayas/

You start dying slowly if ...

You start dying slowly You start dying slowly if you avoid to
if you do not travel, feel passion and its turbulent emotions,
if you do not read, those that make your eyes glisten and
if you do not listen to the sounds of your heart beat fast.
life, You start dying slowly if you do not
if you do not appreciate yourself. change your life when you are not satis-
fied with your for or with your love, or
You start dying slowly when you kill with your surroundings.
your self-esteem, If your do not risk what is safe for the
when you do not let others help you. uncertain,
You start dying slowly if you become a if you do not go after a dream,
slave to your habits, if you do not allow yourself,
walking everyday on the same paths .. at least once in your lifetime
if you do not change your routine, to run away from sensible advice.
if you do not wear different colors or
you do not speak to those you don’t — Pablo Neruda

“Bicolano English” translations

depress - ang nagkasal sa per- punctuation - pera pang enroll
manika - “pera ka”
persuading - unhang kasal
pillow - punuin ang mababa
debug - ang ipis
aspect - pandurog ng yelo
defrag - ang palaka
cattle - tilahan ng hali at leyna
devalue - ang letter pagkatapos
ng “v” devastation - paradahan ng bus /
sakayan ng bus
statue - “ikaw ba yan?”
contemplate - not enough pinggan

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Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

By Sifu Justin Cataldi Las Vegas, hosted the event. I began a angles, they showed us stick disarm- big smiles on their faces. Twenty-three
longstanding friendship with Master Nar ing techniques relating to each angle people attended: me and my wife Carey,
LAS Vegas, NV - I can’t believe and GM Zena, a friendship that I cherish for the first 6 of 12 angles. Everyone my mom Judith Filippini and her hubby
it’s been almost 5 years since the very highly. In my life, I have met very paired up and rehearsed the drills and Steve Filippini, Sifu Rich Lamoureaux,
few people as kind, generous and willing techniques with Master Nar and Guro Guro TJ Cuencam Jeffery Kaaihue,
first Babao Arnis seminar here to share with others as the Babao family. Kris walking around to help guide Jon Gentile, Gene Hill, Billy Koeter,
in Las Vegas instructed by GM Along with Master Jack Babao and Guro the students in doing each technique Jim Reynolds, Nick Erdmann, Casey
Narrie Babao in Sept 2013. It Kris Babao they have not only helped us properly and smoothly. Once that was DeChant, Sean Green, Maritoni Dumlao,
seems just like yesterday that I to understand the techniques as well as accomplished we went into the next Dave Howard, Bryan Hernandez, Cesar
the tradition, but also have allowed us to phase of training which brought us Murcia, Tim McFadden, Mike Ruzi, Joe
was looking on in awe as GM feel like part of the family. I will always to the knife disarming portion of the Ruiz, Gen Flimen, Zana Kanadjian and

An Unfathomable Destiny
Babao demonstrated some of his be grateful to all of them. seminar, using the first 6 angles of Jesse Eng.
amazing system to us here in Las This past May 2018, my school and the Babao Arnis numbering system I and my school would like to thank
Vegas. He was so smooth in his my wife Carey and I were so honored only using knives instead of sticks. everyone who attended and supported
and humbled to host the 10th Bi-Annual We were shown several variations of the seminar. Thank you to the Babao
By Zena Sultana Babao God gave mankind at creation, to rule movement and had a sense of Babao-Arnis Seminar here in Las Vegas. techniques for each of the 6 angles family for presenting the seminar and for
over all the earth. He realized that God humor that really kept the energy
has granted people the capacity to man- The venue was the spacious and luxurious allowing us to disarm the knife in dif- their continuing friendship that has been
Three thousand years ago, King of the group alive with laughter. City Athletic Club at 7980 W. Sahara here ferent ways. Lastly, Master Nar and a great blessing to us in more ways than
David considered the apparent age a significant part of His creation –
our planet and its wonders. But he knew I remember thinking to myself, in Vegas. The wood floors and mirrored Guro Kris taught us gun disarms that I could describe. The Babaos exem-
insignificance of human beings that much more was to come. “Wow, he’s like a real-life super- walls in the dance room were perfect for were valuable and useful especially in plify the values, morals and honor that
when compared to the vastness David’s words in Psalm 8 explain the Arnis training. The members of the staff encounters with assailants armed with a martial artist is all about. Master Nar
hero!” at the Club were all nice and very helpful. guns. is humble and his skill level is amazing.
of the night sky. As a shepherd, more that was to come. Indeed, as David
Master Narrison and Guro Kris warmed As always we all had a great time and Both Master Jack and Guro Kris are also
David had spent many nights out- gazed at the celestial grandeur overhead, Being an FMA practitioner of many
he may well have recalled God’s amaz- everyone up with a 14-count sinawali learned a lot of awesome material from highly-skilled and awesome. Auntie
doors gazing at the star-studded years, I was honored to be in the pres- drill, which enhanced coordination, speed the Babao-Arnis system. All attendees Zena is such a sweetheart that you can’t
ing proclamation given through Moses ence of a true to life Filipino Martial
expanse overhead. that “the sun, the moon, and the stars, all and timing while using two sticks. received a new Kali stick as a gift from help but fall in love with her. She makes
Arts Legend and Pioneer. At that semi- Afterwards using the Babao Arnis the Babaos and the recipients left with us feel like family.
the host of heaven … the Lord God has nar, it was also my great honor to meet
His thoughts are recorded in Psalm 8:3- given to all the people under the whole GM Narrie’s son, Master Jack Babo,
5: “When I consider Your heavens, the heaven as heritage. (Deuteronomy 4:19) who came to assist his father. Likewise
work of Your fingers, the moon and the This is astounding to contemplate! it was a great honor to meet GM Zena
stars, which You have set in place, what These verses reveal that man was created Babao, the lovely wife of GM Narrie,
is man that You are mindful of him, and to share dominion with God over the who over the years has blessed us with
the son of man that You care for him? entire created universe. Yet this is only her guidance and wisdom. She is the
You made him lower than the heavenly one aspect of an even greater reality. reason I started writing again after years
beings and crowned him with glory and In all of God’s physical creation, He of hiatus. She inspired me and urged
honor.” made only mankind in the image and me to write again.
David wondered why, considering the likeness of Himself. He gave only man- Unfortunately for me, that first seminar
magnificent and vast universe, God is kind dominion or rule over the creation. would be my first and last chance to
so concerned with human beings and Mankind is unique within the creation train with GM Narrie Babao because
their future. He realized that, within of God. And God has planned for us an several months he passed away. The
the larger scope of the vast heavens, we unfathomable destiny! world lost a beacon of light, life and
can appear to be insignificant. Yet he The apostle Paul said of God’s marvel- learning! After GM Narrie’s passing,
perceived that, in the plan of the great ous plan, “This message was kept secret Master Nar Babao decided to carry on
Creator God, no part of God’s physical for centuries and generations past, but teaching and holding seminars with
creations even begins to compare with not it has been revealed to his own holy the support and blessing of the Babao
His purpose for human beings. people.” (Colossians 1:26) family.
Understanding that only God can re- Throughout the ages the overwhelming In July 2014, the second Bi-Annual
veal His purpose for creating us, David majority of people have failed to grasp Babao Arnis Seminar was held. Master
continued his reflection on the destiny the amazing future God has in store for Nar was assisted by Master Mike
of man: “For you have made him a little those who develop a proper relationship Gomez, and some aspects of knife
lower than the angels, and you have with Him. As the apostle Paul put it: techniques were taught. My school,
crowned him with glory and honor. You “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and the Creative Warrior Academy of
have made him to have dominion over no mind has prepared for those who love
the works of your hands; you have put Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)
all things under his feet, all sheep and The Scriptures tell us that our destiny
oxen – even the beasts of the field, the can exceed everything we could imagine The Scripture reveals that our only
birds of the air, and the fish of the sea in our wildest dreams! hope for eternal life is being resur-
that pass through the paths of the seas.” A prophetic passage gives us our first rected from the dead in a transformed
(Psalm 8:5-8) clue to our fantastic future. Speaking body just as Jesus was. The Bible also
David was reflecting on the dominion of the resurrection of the dead, it tells makes it clear that being resurrected
us that a time is coming when “many to immortality comes only through the
of those who sleep in the dust of the gracious mercy of God: “For the wages

Worth dying for

earth shall awake, some to everlasting of sin is death, but the gift of God is
life, and some to shame and everlasting eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
contempt.” It adds: “Those who are wise (Romans 6:23)
( Continued from page 3 ) shall shine like the brightness of the sky, God has ordained everyone to share
soldiers or firepower they can pit against and those who lead many to righteous- Jesus to the world, not only in what
us, but more on the number of deaths ness, like the stars forever and ever.” we say but in what we do. When we
they can inflict. We are avoiding death. (Daniel 12:2-3) believe in Christ, we are changed from
This fear of death is what paralyzes us This is just a hint of the amazing future the inside out. Our entire life becomes
to submission. There are, then, questions God has planned for us – to live forever, ( Continued on page 6 )
that we Filipinos must ask ourselves – shining in glory like the stars!
how afraid are we of dying, and how
much are we willing to give up to avoid

Ninoy Aquino's
dying? We must ask and answer these political problems bedevil the Filipino. to destroy in order to build. kong tungkulin ko na siya ring tungku- noong ako’y palayain kaagad. Ako’y
questions because only then will the These problems may be surmounted if lin ng bawat Pilipino na siya ang maki- hinatulang mamatay sapagkat ako raw
leadership of our country will be able to we are united. But we can be united only 4. Subversion stems from economic, ramay sa kanyang mga kababayan lalo ay isang puno ng mga komunista. Hindi
weigh one reality against the other. ( Continued from page 3 ) if all the rights and freedoms enjoyed social and political causes and will not be na sa panahon ng krisis. ako isang Komunista, hindi ako kailan-
Our Presidents want to defend our before September 21, 1972 are fully solved by purely military solutions; it can man naging komunista at kailanman ay
my spiritual adviser, many of my tested
sovereignty, but they also want to save restored. be curbed not with ever increasing repres- Kusa akong nagbalik na ang tang- hindi ako magiging komunista.
friends and a few of my most valued
our lives. They are in a quandary but sion but with a more equitable distribu- ing sandata ay ang aking malinis na
political mentors.
they will always be unless we, the The Filipino asks for nothing more, but tion of wealth, more democracy and more konsensiya at nagkukuta sa pananalig Ikalawa, ang pamabansang
people, show them a way out of their will surely accept nothing less, than all freedom, and na sa dakong huli’y ang katarunga’y pagkakasundo’t pagkakaisa at makaka-
A death sentence awaits me. Two more
dilemma. China is a given, and so are its the rights and freedoms guaranteed by gigitaw nang buong tagumpay. mit ngunit sa tulong lamang ng katarun-
subversion charges, both calling for
more than a billion people, its land area, the 1935 Constitution—the most sacred 5. For the economy to get going once gan. Kasama na ang katarungan para sa
death penalties, have been filed since I
it economic and military resources, its legacies from the Founding Fathers. again, the workingman must be given Nang ako ay umalis upang ipailalim ating mga kapatid na Muslim at Ifugao.
left three years ago and are now pending
level of technology. Before, and China his just and rightful share of his labor, sa bypass operation sa puso, ako’y Walang pakikitungo sa isang diktador,
with the courts.
itself was proud of saying this before, Yes, the Filipino is patient, but there and to the owners and managers must be umasa at nanalanging sana’y ibalik walang pakikipagsundo sa diktadurya.
China did not invade other nations while is a limit to his patience. Must we wait restored the hope where there is so much ang mga kalayaan at karapatan ng
I could have opted to seek political
it itself was invaded several times. To- until that patience snaps? uncertainty if not despair. ating mga kababayan na ang pamu- Ikatlo, sa isang rebolusyon ay walang
asylum in America, but I feel it is my
day, the perspective of the leadership of muhay ay umunlad at ang pagdanak nagtatagumapay. Mayroon lamang mga
duty, as it is the duty of every Filipino, to
China is vastly different. Today it has a The nation-wide rebellion is escalating On one of the long corridors of Harvard ng dugo ay matigil. Ngunit sa halip biktima, hindi natin kailangan magwa-
suffer with his people especially in time
Nine Dash Line, its own idea of what in and threatens to explode into a bloody University are carved in granite the words na tayo’y sumulong tayo’y dumausdos sak upang makapatayo tayong muli.
of crisis.
the world belongs to it. And it is willing revolution. There is a growing cadre of of Archibald Macleish: nang paurong. Dumami ang pagpatay,
to flex its military muscle to get it. young Filipinos who have finally come ang ekonomiya ang lalong sumama Ikaapat, ang paglaban sa pamahalaan
I never sought nor have I been given
assurances or promise of leniency by the to realize that freedom is never granted, “How shall freedom be defended? By at lumubha ang karapatang pantao. o subversion ay nag-uugat sa mga da-
Maybe it is time to count if there are it is taken. Must we relive the agonies arms when it is attacked by arms; by truth Ang malalang kalagayan ng bansa hilang pang-ekonomiko, pangkabuhayan
regime. I return voluntarily armed only
Filipinos who are afraid of dying but and the blood-letting of the past that when it is attacked by lies; by democratic ay ating malulunasan kung tayo’y at pampolitika at hindi ito malulunasan
with a clear conscience and fortified
may still choose death over a shameful brought forth our Republic or can we faith when it is attacked by authoritarian nagkakaisa. Ngunit tayo’y magkakaisa ng mga hakbang militar. Ito’y masasag-
in the faith that in the end justice will
life. There may be only a few, that that sit down as brothers and sisters and dogma. Always, and in the final act, by lamang kung maibabalik ang lahat ng kaan hindi ng higit na paghihigpit kundi
emerge triumphant.
would make our President avoid a war discuss our differences with reason and determination and faith.” karapatan at kalayaang tinatamasa ng higit na patas na pamamahagi ng
at all costs. But there may be enough, a goodwill? natin bago ang ikadalawampu’t isa ng kabuhayan. Higit na demokrasya at higit
According to Gandhi, the willing sacri-
million or so, who would freely choose I return from exile and to an uncertain Setyembre, 1971. Tunay na matiisin na kalayaan.
fice of the innocent is the most powerful
the possibility of death rather than end- I have often wondered how many future with only determination and faith ang Pilipino ngunit may hangganan
answer to insolent tyranny that has yet
less submission to an invader whose disputes could have been settled easily to offer—faith in our people and faith in ang kanyang pagtitimpi. Hihintayin pa Ikalima, upang mapaunlad ang eko-
been conceived by God and man.
limits of aggression we still cannot had the disputants only dared to define God. ba nating maubos ang paigtitimping nomiya, ang mga manggagawa ay dapat
measure. their terms. ito? na pagkalooban ng kanilang makata-
Three years ago when I left for an
emergency heart bypass operation, I On the other hand, here is the official rungan at tamang bahagi ng kanilang
I had proposed to some friends of my So as to leave no room for misunder- Filipino translation made by Komisyon sa Ang laganap na paghihimagsik ay pinagpaguran sa pasilyo sa Harvard
hoped and prayed that the rights and
generation the idea that those 60 years standing, I shall define my terms: Wikang Filipino: lumalala at nagbabantang sumabog sa University ay nakaukit sa marmol ang
freedoms of our people would soon be
old and above can volunteer to be the isang madugong rebolusyon. Duma- mga salita ng makatang si Archibald
restored, that living conditions would im-
first to offer our lives. Then, a second 1. Six years ago, I was sentenced to Kusa akong nagbalik upang makisama rami ang mga kadre ng kabataang Macleish, ang sabi ni Macleish, “Paano
prove and that blood-letting would stop.
wave can be comprised of those who are die before a firing squad by a Military sa mga hanay ng mga nakikipagla- Pilipino na sa ngayo’y naniniwalang ipagtatanggol! ang kalayaan sa tulong
50 to 59 years old – and so on. If the fu- Tribunal whose jurisdiction I steadfastly ban para sa pagbabalik ng ating mga ang kalayaan ay hindi ibinibigay kundi ng sandata kapag ito’y sinasalakay
Rather than move forward, we have
ture is about our children and grandchil- refused to recognize. It is now time for karapatan at kalayaan sa imapayapang kailangan ito’y agawin. Kailangan pa ng sandata, sa tulong ng katotohanan
moved backward. The killings have
dren, then we of the older generations the regime to decide. Order my IM- pamamaraan. bang tayo’y magbuhos ng dugo tulad kapag ito ay nilalapastangan ng kasi-
increased, the economy has taken a turn
may choose to die for them. MEDIATE EXECUTION OR SET ME noong nakaraan na naging kabayaran nungaligan, ng tiwala sa demokrasya
for the worse and the human rights situ-
ation has deteriorated. FREE. Hindi ko hangad ang sagupaan. Idinad- ang ating Republika o maaari ba kung ito ay binabayo ng prinsipyong
When millions of people are slaugh- alangin ko’t aking sisikaping magkaroon tayong umupo at mag-usap bilang mapaniil, lagi at hanggang sa huli, sa
tered, the rest of the world will react. I was sentenced to die for allegedly be- ng tunay na pambansang pagkakasundo magkakapatid upang ayusin ang ating tulong ng matatag na paninindigan.”
During the martial law period, the Su-
History has repeatedly affirmed this. If ing the leading communist leader. I am batay sa katarungan. Handa ako sa ano hindi pagkakasunduan sa tulong ng
preme Court heard petitions for Habeas
we want the rest of the world, includ- not a communist, never was and never mang masamang maaaring mangyari. katwiran at magandang kalooban. Ako’y magbabalik mula sa pagkatapon
Corpus. It is most ironic, after martial
ing many among the Chinese people, will be. Nagpasya ako labag sa payo ng aking sa ibang bansa at sa walang katiyakang
law has allegedly been lifted, that the
to react against the aggression of the ina, ng aking tagpayong espirituwal, ng Madalas kong isipin, alin kayang mga bukas taglay lamang ang tanging tibay
Supreme Court last April ruled it can
Chinese leadership against Filipinos, 2. National reconciliation and unity aking mga kaibigan, at ng ilang tagapayo sigalot ang naisasaayos sana nang ng loob at pananalig sa Pilipino at
no longer entertain petitions for Habeas
we must give them basis to do so. The can be achieved but only with justice, sa politika. May naghihintay sa aking mahusay kung ang mga nagtutunggali pananalig sa lumikha.
Corpus for persons detained under a
power of the rest of the world, plus a including justice for our Muslim and hatol na kamatayan, dalawang kasong ay naglalahad lamang ng kanilang
Presidential Commitment Order, which
brave Filipino people, will be greater Ifugao brothers. There can be no deal subversion na ang pawang hiling ay ang malinaw na mga kagustuhan. Kaya
covers all so-called national security
than China’s. But first, we must conquer with a Dictator. No compromise with aking kamatayan na hanggang ngayon ay upang di mabigyang puwang ang di
cases and which under present circum- Download the
our fear of death. Dictatorship. nakabinbin pa rin sa mga korte. pagkakaunawaan, aking ilalahad ang
stances can cover almost anything.
aking mga hangad na mangyari. Asian Journal
Can we? Can there be enough of us? 3. In a revolution there can really be Maaari sanang ako’y humingi ng politi-
The country is far advanced in her
Can we stand and be counted? no victors, only victims. We do not have cal asylum sa Amerika ngunit nadarama Una, iniutos ang pagbitay sa akin
times of trouble. Economic, social and
June 15-21, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

California Communities
Chiu Bill to curb school bullying passes Senate City Council, Port Commission approve settlement
Education Committee to secure and needed to expand and modernize San
Legislation comes as studies show recent findings indicate that the divisive bullying or cyber-bullying. The bill
divisive rhetoric in national politics and xenophobic rhetoric plaguing our will help educators and parents stop Diego Convention Center
national politics has trickled down bullying before it happens, by equipping
has filtered down to schools to schools. Studies have shown that them with proper tools they need in the AGREEMENT OUTLINES NEW Landing’s Ray Carpenter, who along the litigation and eliminate further legal
the most common reason a student is classroom and at home. AB 2291 will LONG-TERM LEASE BETWEEN with partner Art Engel has controlled the liability, avoiding further costs to the
SACRAMENTO—Legislation bullied in the United States is related also build on a 2014 law, AB 1993, that CITY AND PORT, PROTECTS CITY leasehold for decades. “Now our fellow public related to this case.
OPERATING BUDGET, BOOSTS citizens have the opportunity to decide "I commend retired Judge Leo S.
by Assemblymember David Chiu to the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, instructed CDE to create online training
EXPANSION PROJECT TO GROW if the Convention Center expansion Papas for his patience and persistence
(D-San Francisco) to prevent bul- gender, or sexual orientation. It is esti- modules to recognize the dynamics of
mated that school districts in California bullying and cyberbullying. This bill ECONOMY AND ADD THOUSANDS should proceed; should they decide not in mediating the complex issues and
lying and harassment in California lose out on $267 million dollars annu- will ensure those modules are publicly OF JOBS to support the expansion, we will build competing interests that converge on this
schools passed the Senate Educa- ally due to bullying-related absences. available and distributed to school staff a landmark hotel project that will make valuable piece of land,” said City Attor-
San Diego – The San Diego City them proud.” ney Mara W. Elliott. “San Diegans have
tion Committee today. Assembly A survey by the Council of American- throughout the state.
The settlement agreement between waited a long time for an opportunity
Bill 2291 would require the Cali- Islamic Relations revealed that 55 The California Chapter of the Council Council and the Board of Port the City, Port of San Diego and Fifth to determine the future of our bayfront
percent of Muslim students have expe- of American-Islamic Relations, Asian Commissioners today each voted
fornia Department of Education rienced bullying and harassment related Americans Advancing Justice, Advance- Avenue Landing LLC (FAL), which has convention center, and this agreement
(CDE) to establish guidelines to to their religion. The analysis also ment Project, and Equality California
in support of a three-party settle- long held a lease on the property needed gives them a real and powerful voice in
prevent bullying and disseminate indicated that students are wary to re- are sponsoring AB 2291. ment agreement to secure long- for the next phase of Convention Center this important land-use decision."
port incidents of bullying due to a fear “It is more important now than ever to term control of the land needed expansion, calls for two alternatives “This settlement agreement was vigor-
online training modules to local to proceed. The scenarios are based ously negotiated and resulted in a resolu-
of retaliation and a belief that educators address bullying that focuses on long to expand and modernize the San
educators. do not have the necessary training to term impact,” said Yannina Casillas, on whether voters approve a citizens’ tion that makes sense for all parties,”
“Our children should not be afraid to go intervene and prevent bullying. Legislative and Government Rela-
Diego Convention Center using initiative to fund the expansion that is Judge Papas said. “Through this success-
to school,” said Assemblymember Chiu. AB 2291 will require the California tions Coordinator for the Council on voter-approved funding. planned for the November ballot. ful mediation the City avoided a costly
“When one student is bullied, the entire Department of Education to develop American-Islamic Relations, California If the citizens’ initiative passes: and contentious court battle that would
class suffers and misses out on valuable guidelines to protect students before (CAIR-CA). “In CAIR California's The agreement, which allows the City The Port will purchase the existing have cost the taxpayers. Each party gave
learning opportunities. We must do more bullying begins. While CDE provides statewide report on school bullying, to gain control of the site if a measure to leasehold from FAL for approximately and got what they needed to resolve the
to work with the Department of Educa- resources for students who have been we found that 55 percent of Muslim fund the Convention Center expansion is $33 million (Ahead of the fall election, dispute and I am honored to have helped
tion and local educators to prevent bully- bullied, but there is no requirement to approved by voters in November, sets up the Port will make an initial non- facilitate this resolution.”
ing before it starts.” provide proactive guidance to prevent ( Continued on page 12 ) San Diego to realize the long-standing refundable payment of approximately $5 All parties, the public and Port tenants
While bullying is an age-old problem, goal of growing the regional economy million toward that amount) stand to benefit from the significant
with a modern convention facility that The City will purchase a new leasehold revenues and economic activity spurred
City Council unanimously adopts attracts more tourism spending.
“This agreement removes the final
from the Port with an 18-year extension
through 2042 – with the ability to extend
by a Convention Center expansion and
modernization. The project will generate

Mayor Faulconer’s Budget Plan with largest hurdle to securing the land we need to for a full 66 years if Convention Center thousands of permanent jobs and good-
modernize and expand the economic expansion construction timelines are met paying construction positions. It will

infrastructure investment in city history

engine that is the San Diego Convention – for a price of $28 million, funded with also bring a positive fiscal impact to the
Center,” said Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer. revenue from the citizens’ initiative San Diego region, generating significant
“This project is absolutely essential These transactions will be made in direct spending at local businesses.
for growing our regional economy, three concurrent installments over the The economic activity spurred by the
FY2019 BUDGET PUTS NEIGHBOR- of 390 miles of street repair, the highest Creation of a new Sustainability De- course of 2019 expansion will substantially increase the
HOODS FIRST BY PRIORITIZING level of operating hours at libraries and partment to oversee implementation of adding local jobs and generating new
revenue that can be used to improve our If the citizens’ initiative does not pass: City’s tax revenues to support important
CORE SERVICES, PUBLIC SAFETY, recreation centers in a decade, and key the Climate Action Plan The City does not make the $28 million neighborhood services such as fire and
STREET REPAIR, HOMELESS PRO- initiatives such as the Climate Action $18 million for projects to support neighborhoods. I want to thank the City
Council and Port Commissioners for ap- payment to the Port, and the Port does police protection, beach and park main-
GRAMS & ‘CLEAN SD’ INITIATIVE Plan, Pure Water San Diego, Vision Vision Zero safety goals, including bike not purchase the leasehold from FAL tenance, libraries, and street repair.
Zero safety measures, Clean SD, and facilities, sidewalks, traffic signals, proving this settlement and recognizing
how important the expansion is to San The City reimburses the Port for its “The agreement approved today is a
San Diego – Today Mayor Kevin several homeless programs. crosswalks and traffic calming measures approximately $5 million down payment critical step toward the expansion of the
The annual budget for the Capital Im- Maintaining recreation center and Diego’s future.”
L. Faulconer won unanimous City provements Program, which funds most library hours at the highest level in a “The Convention Center Expansion is to FAL, paid with money set aside in the Convention Center, a project that will
Council approval for his Fiscal an essential project for regional prosper- City’s public liability fund for resolving generate millions of dollars for essential
infrastructure projects throughout the decade litigation City services such as police, fire and
Year 2019 Budget to fund the city, has also seen significant growth $1.5 million to staff two new libraries ity, and the Port of San Diego is proud
to support it. I am pleased that we were FAL can continue to seek Port approval other neighborhood services,” said Ro-
largest infrastructure investment since Mayor Faulconer took office. It (Mission Hills/Hillcrest and San Ysidro)
able to facilitate a deal with a long-time, of a hotel project at the site lando Charvel, the City’s Chief Financial
in City history while prioritizing has more than tripled since FY2014 and 10 new facilities/open space in the The Honorable Leo S. Papas, Federal Officer. “In contrast to the agreement
and now stands at $559 million. Parks and Recreation Department good-standing Port tenant and a greatly
funding for core neighborhood valued Port member city to make it pos- Magistrate Judge (Ret.), oversaw media- that was previously on the table, this
The budget follows responsible finan- Fee waivers of $300,000 for permits on tion between the parties, which began agreement protects our operating budget
services – including public safety, cial practices by ensuring that ongoing companion units, also known as granny sible to expand the Convention Center,"
said Board of Port Commissioners in August 2017 as a result of litigation by using new tourism revenue. Not a
the “Clean SD” initiative, home- expenses are funded with ongoing flats
Chairman Rafael Castellanos. "This is between the City and FAL. The Port single dollar from our day-to-day budget
lessness, street repair, recreation revenues and that one-time expenses Fully funding reserves to policy targets was not a party to the litigation. The will be used for this land acquisition,
are paid for with one-time revenues. and making $323 million annual pension a smart and sensible deal that ensures
centers and libraries. The plan includes: payment that our waterfront land will benefit the Port, as the trustee of the expansion site, limiting the City’s financial exposure
public as much as possible.” was later invited into the mediation to significantly.”
Most funding for the Capital Improve- Begins to replenish the Pension Stabi- facilitate an agreement between FAL The deal also brings clarity on how to
Mayor Faulconer plans to sign the ments Program in City history – $559 lization Reserve with a contribution of “We are pleased that all parties were
budget into law Wednesday at the City’s able to come to agreement to avoid and the City. The settlement between the
million $3.5 million City and FAL will completely resolve
( Continued on page 14 )
Chollas Operations Yard alongside $76 million in funding to fix the Maintaining arts and culture funding further litigation,” said Fifth Avenue
dozens of City employees responsible for equivalent of 390 miles of streets at FY2018 levels minus 2 percent con-
providing the neighborhood services that $154 million for projects and pro- sistent with citywide reductions – $14.5
San Diegans rely on. grams related to the Climate Action million
“We’re making another big down Plan
payment on San Diego’s future with a Includes $121 million to move The City Council also made a handful
balanced budget that puts neighborhoods forward with Pure Water recycling of changes to the FY2019 Budget before
first,” Mayor Faulconer said. “We’re program giving final approval. They include an
maintaining the key services we’ve $8 million for homeless services and additional $2.3 million for streetlights;
restored in recent years and making the programs, including three Bridge Shel- $882,000 more for tree trimming;
largest infrastructure investment in city ters, the year-round interim housing $555,000 more for brush management;
history. I want to thank the City Council program at Father Joe’s, Safe Parking $500,000 and $235,000, respectively for
for unanimously supporting a budget plan Program and the new Housing Naviga- repairs to the Chicano Park Community
that continues the progress we’ve made tion Center Center and the Mira Mesa Teen Center;
to fix more streets, help people into stable $28.3 million for largest recruitment $400,000 for five additional code com-
housing, put more officers on the street, and retention package in SDPD history pliance positions; $300,000 for more
and keep our libraries and rec centers Continues with four academies of graffiti abatement, among other changes.
open for families.” police recruits for $8.4 million That additional spending was offset
The structurally balanced budget Creating SDPD’s new Neighborhood by $1.8 million in excess equity in the
was made possible in large part by the Policing Division for $813,000 current budget and shifting $3 million in
prudent financial decisions, including An expanded firefighter academy for capital resources.
pre-funding reserves, in last year’s budget $242,000 The $3.8 billion budget recommends
and the Mayor’s directive this year for A lifeguard academy for $238,000 spending levels for City operations and
department directors to hold the line on $11 million for new animal services capital projects for Fiscal Year 2019,
spending. contract with the San Diego Humane which runs from July 1, 2018, through
Mayor Faulconer’s budget prioritizes Society June 30, 2019. For more information,
issues important to San Diegans. Those An additional $4.4 million to expand the initial proposed budget can be
include funding for the largest recruit- the “Clean SD” initiative to cleanup viewed online here along with additional
ment and retention package in San Diego neighborhoods and the San Diego changes made during the May revise.
Police Department history, the equivalent River



Clinic Hours (National City) : Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat - 9am to 6pm
(Poway): Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

Spiritual Life
Blessed Mother, rosary bring Dan Rose out of darkness
Although Rose found comfort reciting was the invitation God was waiting for. Our Lady’s intercession I wouldn’t
the words of the rosary, he did not make “It just takes one little opening of any be alive.”
the decision to become a Catholic for type — the Easter Vigil, my daughter’s Rose’s family set an example of faith
another 15 years. He and Rosie had two Communion — and after that Jesus burst for him in his spiritual journey, and he
children, Willow, now 10, and River, in,” he said. “It’s so hard to put into is ready to be a good example for his
now 8, but he still resisted what he now words. I learned more about the rosary children. Willow is an altar server, and
calls “Our Lady’s Lasso.” and other prayers.” River will make his first Communion
When Rosie, Willow and River joined He began watching EWTN and began in April. Rose, who says all four myster-
the Church several years ago, Dan Rose calling himself a Christian. He realized ies of the rosary each day, frequently
said he felt “moderately critical.” that Jesus had died for everyone, and for prays the rosary with his wife and
June 19, 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time He attended the Easter Vigil and his him personally, but his mother’s death children.
daughter’s first Communion a few years last year was pivotal in his decision to He says his lack of exposure to religion

Death Wish
later, but still described himself as a join RCIA and become a Catholic. as a child had one benefit. “When I was
“non-believer locked in my mindset.” “When my mother was dying, we in RCIA I never had any preconceptions
As he watched his family receiving the talked a lot about the Bible and she about the Catholic faith,
sacraments Rose began turning to what began to grow closer to God,” he said. as many people brought up in other
Joke of the week: Eddy was just a Itok, p. 36, Joey Velasco). he called the Old Atheist’s Prayer: “God, “After her death I was lost and upset. I faith traditions do. The more I learned
regular guy except for the fact that he I don’t believe, but if there is ran to Our Lady and she took me in her the more understanding I gained. I am so
was an only child and that his billionaire Martin Luther King, Jr. shared his something, help me now.” mantle and kept me safe while I was excited to be receiving all three
father was breathing his last. Since Eddy experience in his own words, “One night Although Rose attributes his conver- grieving. She brought me to her Son’s sacraments at the Easter Vigil.” -- Ar-
was a soon to be billionaire it only made toward the end of January, I settled into For 15 years, he prayed the sion to Mary’s intercession and the Church and helped me to accept all the
sense that he should have a woman to bed late, after a strenuous day. Coretta rosary as a meditation for power of the rosary, his atheist’s prayer teachings I didn’t accept at first. Without

So Many
share his riches with. Eddy approached had already fallen asleep and just as I
his childhood crush. “Hey Sandra, I may was about to doze off, the telephone
calm, comfort
Divine Mercy Shrine
look like a regular guy, but I’m soon rang. An angry voice said, ‘Listen, nig-
By Maryanne Meyerriecks
gonna be a billionaire! Do you wanna ger, we’ve taken all we want from you, in Encinitas, California
Fort Smith Correspondent, 4/2/2018 --
come home with me?” “Sure thing” San- before next week you’ll be sorry you
dra replied, “I would love to come home ever came to Montgomery.’ I hang up,
with you.” And that’s the story how but I couldn’t sleep. It seemed that all of FORT SMITH — When Dan Meditation:
Sandra became Eddie’s Stepmother. my fears had come down on me at once. Rose, 39, is baptized at Immacu-
Scriptures: First reading: Job 38:1,
I had reached a saturation point. I got
out of bed and began to walk the floor.
late Conception Church during So I turn to you, you — Be part of the story.
8-11. Today’s passage starts with God’s Finally I went to the kitchen and heated
the Easter Vigil, atheism will chosen souls, will you also
answer to Job’s gripes and to his friends’ a pot of coffee. I was ready to give up. have lost one of its most ardent fail to understand the love
question. Job and his friends were With my cup of coffee sitting untouched supporters. of My Heart? Here, too, DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET
focused on the meaning of individual before me, I tried to think of a way to “My parents were both hip- My Heart finds disappoint-
suffering. However, God wants them to move out of the picture without appear- pies,” Rose said, “and I was never
go beyond the limits of humanity and ing a coward. ment; I do not find complete
situate the suffering within the incom- exposed to religion growing up in surrender to My love. So How to Recite the Chaplet of
prehensible beauty of creation. Second In this state of exhaustion, when my the Philadelphia suburbs. I read many reservations, so much Divine Mercy
reading: 2 Cor. 5:14-17. Paul speaks courage had all but gone, I decided to a few Bible stories as a child but distrust, so much caution
about his dilemma: a bodily existence take my problem to God. With my head never went to church. I became The Chaplet of Mercy is recited
that is away from the Lord and a life in my hands, I bowed over the kitchen (Diary, 367).
away from the body and at home with table and prayed aloud. The words I an atheist almost 30 years ago, using ordinary rosary beads of
the Lord. Gospel: Mk 4:35-41. The spoke to God that midnight are still and I was full on and very force- My Prayer Response: five decades. At the National
passage from Job, the Psalm, and the vivid in my memory: ‘I am here taking a ful about it. The biggest regret in Shrine of Divine Mercy in
Gospel form a one message: “Chaos is stand for what I believe is right. But now my religious life is that I lived so Stockbridge, Massachusetts the
mine, saith the Lord!” Unlike the world I am afraid. The people are looking to O Lord Jesus, may I un-
of ancient myth (and the world as we me for leadership, and if I stand before long in such darkness.” derstand and experience the Chaplet is preceded by two
know it?), where the chaos waters rage them without strength and courage, they, love of Your Heart. May I not opening prayers from the
and threaten the order that makes life too, will falter. I am at the end of my As Rose reached adolescence, he suf- Diary of Saint Faustina and
fered from severe anxiety and depres- disappoint You but completely
possible -- threatening, therefore, even powers. I have nothing left. I’ve come to followed by a closing prayer.
the realm of the creation deities -- chaos, the point where I can’t face it alone.’ At sion and felt lonely and isolated in his surrender to Your love with
in our texts, has been or is being tamed that moment I experienced the presence struggles. great trust.
by a benign God who, in the end, means of the Divine as I had never experienced “I was medicated for a lot of years and Optional Opening Prayer
all God's creatures well. In the process, Him before.” was in and out of psychiatric hospitals,” — Note: Jesus words in bold letters.
capital-C Chaos becomes merely “cha- he said. “I lived in darkness, and the fur- Source: Divine Mercy in My Soul
ther I moved away from God or religion You expired, Jesus, but the source
os” -- a real power that retains a place in Habakkuk said to God, “How long, O (Diary of St Faustina) via "Mercy
God's world, but one now “fenced in,” Lord? I cry for help but you will do not the worse I felt.” Daily", St. Josephs Communication of life gushed forth for souls,
become part of God's ordered creation. listen! I cry out to you, ‘Violence!’ but When he was in his early 20s, Rose and the ocean of mercy opened
(Kathryn Schifferdecker, Out of the you do not intervene” (Hb 1:2).Trevor met his wife, Rosie, online. As their
up for the whole world. O Fount
Short & effica-
Whirlwind: Creation Theology in the Herriot remarks, “Only after we have friendship grew through conversations
and chats, he moved to Fort Smith and of Life, unfathomable Divine
Book of Job, Cambridge: Harvard Uni- let the desert do its full work in us will

cious reparation
versity Press, 2008). angels finally come and minister to us.” started attending Westark College. Mercy, envelop the whole world
“I was having horrible insomnia and and empty Yourself out upon us
was very anxious and depressed. I

prayer to the
Reflections: “Nagdarasal po ako sa Quotation of the week: I shall not be O Blood and Water, which gushed Jesus, I Trust in You!
gabi, sabi ko sana kunin na N’ya ako… afraid of a calamity. God is my defender. started praying the rosary as a calming
mechanism. I learned the words of the forth from the Heart of Jesus as a
sa hirap po ng buhay” (I pray at night Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom:
Eternal Father
that God may take me because life is so Great mind Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!.
difficult.) (They Have Jesus, Bruises of and reciting the words became a kind
of meditation for me. The rosary did its (22 July 1999) Begin with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed:
work in secret and in silence; Our Lady
was bringing me towards her Son’s “All who adore My Precious Blood
The Old Globe
Ted Geisel’s important message about Church without my knowing it.” Our Father
console My Father Who loves His
taking care of our planet and each other Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
Son the most. As you adore My
to the next generation of Seuss fans and Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
( Continued from page 11 ) Blood, the pains of My Sacred
Heart lessen. The Sorrowful Heart Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as
design by Tom Gibbons (Oliver Award, extraordinary theatrical productions.” of My Mother will also be consoled.
Best Sound Design, People, Places and “Having Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax at The we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into
Children, adore My Precious Blood
Things). Puppet direction is by Finn Old Globe is exciting in a slew of ways, Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax at the Globe temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.
always and offer it to My Father
Caldwell (Broadway’s War Horse and but two stand out,” said The Old Globe’s is supported in part through gifts from for mercy. Hear this prayer. Pray it
Angels in America), puppetry design by Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director Production Sponsors Peter Cooper, always in reparation for the sins of Hail Mary
Finn Caldwell and Nick Barnes (West Barry Edelstein. “First, the story itself Elaine and Dave Darwin, and Hal and the whole world. Pray it three times Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou
End’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins), and mu- is charming, fun, and timely, and this Pam Fuson, as well as Artist Sponsor each time you pray it. I assure you
sical supervision and arrangements by theatrical adaptation of it is just a thrill Jo Ann Kilty (for H. Adam Harris, The amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
that the Divine Mercy will multi-
Phil Bateman (original music director, to watch. It’s a sophisticated, grown- Lorax). Financial support is provided by Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at
ply. Pray it always and many times
West End Billy Elliot the Musical; vocal up telling of a masterful tale for young The City of San Diego. a day, since you are living in these the hour of our death, Amen.
arranger for the film Kinky Boots). The people, a charming and winning piece
ungodly days. Pray it so that you
Globe creative team includes associate of theatre that truly offers something for Following the highly popular special shall be safe from the purification
director James Vásquez (the Globe’s everyone. The second wonderful thing performances for Dr. Seuss’s How the The Apostle's Creed
fire. Children, make it known to the
American Mariachi and Dr. Seuss’s about The Lorax in our season is that Grinch Stole Christmas! the past five I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and
whole world.”
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!), it continues our relationship with San years, the Globe is delighted to offer *** earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was
music direction by Elan McMahon (the Diego’s own Dr. Seuss. This relationship a sensory-friendly performance of Dr.
Globe’s Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch spans two decades in which The Grinch Seuss’s The Lorax on Saturday, July 28 Eternal Father, I offer to conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered
Stole Christmas!), and production stage has brought his unique wit and heart to at 12 noon. The Lorax will be performed You all the wounds of Your under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and was buried.
manager Stacy McIntosh. our audiences. Now the Lorax joins him for children on the autism spectrum and dearly beloved Son, Jesus He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the
as a member of the Globe family. I can’t their families, as well as other families Christ; the pains and agony
“Dr. Seuss Enterprises is thrilled to see wait.” with special needs that may appreciate dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God,
this fantastic show, which premiered at the welcoming and supportive environ- of His Sacred Heart and the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the
The Old Vic in London, make its way “We are thrilled to bring our audiences ment this performance provides. Slight His Most Precious Blood, living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic
across the ocean to two theatres with the U.S. premiere of Dr. Seuss’s The adjustments will be made to the produc- which gushed out from all his Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
whom we have longstanding relation- Lorax, a powerful, witty, and important tion including fewer loud noises and wounds, for the reparation
ships―Children’s Theatre Company in story for all generations,” said Chil- flashing lights that may be challenging the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.
Minneapolis and The Old Globe in San dren’s Theatre Company Artistic Direc- for some audience members. Addi- of my sins and those of the
Diego,” said Susan Brandt, President tor Peter C. Brosius. “We welcomed tional features will also help make the whole world. Amen. Then, on the large bead before each decade:
of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. “With the London production’s creative team experience safer and more enjoyable for (repeat 3 times)
continued headlines focused on environ- to Minneapolis and are delighted that children with autism and other sensitiv-
mental concerns such as deforestation, our fabulous cast will travel to The Old ity issues, including an online Sensory Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood,
pollution, and melting ice caps, The Globe in San Diego. Our partnership Guide available to view and print at Soul and Divinity, of Your Dearly Beloved Son,
Lorax’s message is one that remains with The Old Globe and The Old Vic home that will outline the experience of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins
relevant and poignant almost 50 years further advances our mission of reaching a visit to the Globe; a quiet area in the and those of the whole world.
after it was written. It is gratifying to see multigenerational audiences both in lobby of the theatre; and on-site volun-
three of the world’s best theatres bring our state and across this country with teers to assist families as needed.
On the ten small beads of each decade, say:

Sweet Mother For the sake of His sorrowful Passion,

have mercy on us and on the whole world.
weet Mother, unite my soul to Jesus, be-
Conclude with (Say 3 Times):
cause it is only then that I will be able
to endure all trials and tribulations, and Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
only in union with Jesus will my little sacri- have mercy on us and on the whole world.
fices be pleasing to God. Sweetest Mother,
continue to teach me about the interior life. May Optional Closing Prayer
the sword of suffering never break me. O pure Vir-
gin, pour courage into my heart and guard it (Diary Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of
915). compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase
Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not
Source: Diary of St Faustina Kowlaska, Divine Mercy in My Soul despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence
Photo: Image from Grotto of Our Lady, Divine Mercy #shrine Encinitas
submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
June 15-21, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Arts & Culture

Asian Culture & Media Alliance The Old Globe And Children’s The-
(ACMA), Awarded California Arts atre Company, in partnership with
Council “Cultural Pathways” Grant The Old Vic, present the U.S. Pre-
State funds support arts pro- ment from the California Arts Council.
“California’s cultural diversity is its
miere of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax
grams rooted in communities greatest creative asset,” said Nashormeh Performances Run July 2 -- the summer. Silky soft Truffula trees
of color, recent immigrant and Lindo, California Arts Council Chair. August 12, 2018; Opening Fri- provide the perfect ingredient for a

Natatandaan Mo Pa Ba?
refugee communities, or tribal “We are proud to support the work of
day, July 6; Sensory-Friendly
nifty new garment. But when demand
groups Asian Culture and Media Alliance in skyrockets, who will speak for all the
celebration of that unique and cherished Performance on Saturday, July trees in the Truffula forest? Enter The
San Diego, CA – The California identity.” 28 at 12:00 noon Lorax. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax has been
Tanda mo pa ba ng ikaw ay una kong makilala To view a complete listing of all Cul- enchanting adults and children alike for
patpatin ang katawan mo at mukha ka nang tutumba Arts Council announced its plans tural Pathways grantees, visit http://arts. SAN DIEGO (June 12, 2018)― generations, and this summer his irresist-
mahaba ang ‘yong buhok, balbas ay nag-uumpisa na to award $14,000 to Asian Cul-
The Old Globe, together with
ible, big-hearted, mustachioed hero will
ture & Media Alliance (ACMA) Descriptions_CP.pdf. be brought to inventive life in what crit-
ni hindi ka nga makatingin sa akin ng deretsa. Children’s Theatre Company ics call a “mad, uproarious delight” (The
as part of its Cultural Pathways (CTC), and in partnership with Independent). Audiences of all ages will
program. The Old Vic, today updated be thrilled by the brilliant, eye-popping
Ang hindi mo lang alam ako naman ay nagangatog About Asian Culture & Media Alliance colors, infectious music, and beloved
para bang itong mundo ay wala ng tigil ang ikot The Cultural Pathways program is The mission of Asian Culture and
information for Dr. Seuss’s story that the Financial Times called
mga mata mo’y walang kurap sa ‘kin lang nakatutok rooted in the California Arts Council’s Media Alliance (ACMA) is to create a The Lorax in its U.S. premiere. “joyous and all-too-timely.”
commitment to serving the needs of an voice of unity, awareness and empower- The production, based on the H. Adam Harris, along with Meghan
anong tama ng kandila na malapit nang maupos. increasingly demographically complex Kreidler and Rick Miller puppeteer-
California, and the belief that a healthy
ment for the Asian Pacific American book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, is
(APA) communities through Media Arts, ing, will play The Lorax. Joining them
arts ecosystem reflects contributions adapted for the stage by David is Steven Epp as The Once-ler, as well
At ng iyong sabihin sa ’kin ang buo mong pangalan from all of California’s diverse popula-
specifically Television, Film and Online
Greig (Artistic Director of Royal
Media. ACMA’s core media programs as Ansa Akyea (Once-ler Dad, Mayor,
galaw ng iyong mga labi ang aking napagmasdan tions. The program provides two years include Asian Voices TV show, Asian Lyceum Theatre Company; recent Inspector), Christopher Becknell (Musi-
sa pagkakatayo para baga akong matutunaw of operating support and a host of Pacific Community Connection online work: Charlie and the Chocolate cian, Storyteller), Stephanie Bertumen
technical assistance and professional (Once-ler Family, McGee, Inspector),
ngayon lang nangyari sa ‘kin ang ganitong pakiramdam. development activities to small, new
directory and TAKE ONE Digital Factory, Cover My Tracks) with
Media Internship Program. Visit www. Brian Bose (Once-ler Family, Bear),
and emerging organizations rooted in to learn more. music and lyrics written by Char- Ryan Colbert (Small Ed, Storyteller),
Nakipagkilala ka sa akin kamay ay inabot communities of color, recent immigrant lie Fink (front man/songwriter for Lynnea Doublette (McGann, Story-
and refugee communities, and tribal or the hit musical group Noah and teller), Johannah “Joh” Easley (Child,
kasabay pa ng iyong mga titig na malalapot indigenous groups.
About California Arts Council
Once-ler Family), Rajané Katurah
napansin ko ang mga biloy sa pisngi mong malambot Asian Culture and Media Alliance or the Whale, 2007--C2015). (Granny Once-ler, Von Goo), Ryan Lear
The mission of the California Arts
ang mga tagpong ito tila ayaw ko nang matapos. ACMA was founded in 2013 by TV Council, a state agency, is to advance Globe performances will run July 2
(Musician, Storyteller), Ryan Dean
personality Cathlyn Choi to create California through the arts and creativ- Maltz (Storyteller), Emily Michaels
awareness for the Asian Pacific Ameri- -- August 12, part of the Globe’s 2018
ity. The Council is committed to build- King (Swan, Once-ler Family), and Au-
At pangalan mo pa lamang ang siyang aking narinig can (APA) communities through Media Summer Season, on the Donald and Dar-
ing public will and resources for the tumn Ness (Mommy Once-ler, Samelore
lene Shiley Stage in the Old Globe The-
walang halong biro sadyang ako’y tunay na kinilig Arts, specifically Television, Film and arts; fostering accessible arts initiatives atre, part of the Conrad Prebys Theatre
Online Media. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, originally
sa aking mga tainga ito’y walang kasingtamis “We are honored to receive this grant
that reflect contributions from all of Center. Opening night is Friday, July 6
California's diverse populations; serving produced at The Old Vic in London, is
marahil ito na ang sinasabi nilang pag-ibig from California Arts Council. I believe at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the general pub-
as a thought leader and champion for the directed by Max Webster (Associate
that by working alongside with the State lic are on sale now. Single tickets start at
arts; and providing effective and relevant Director, The Old Vic), with choreogra-
of California, we can achieve an even $40 for adults and $30 for children ages
Tinitigan mo ako at wala kang kakurap-kurap programs and services. phy by Drew McOnie (Olivier Award,
greater goal of providing a stronger three and above, and may be purchased
Members of the California Arts Coun- Best Theatre Choreographer, In the
sa aking palagay ang isipan mo ay naglalakbay voice and greater cultural representation online at, by
cil include: Chair Nashormeh Lindo, Heights), scenic and costume design by
phone at (619) 23-GLOBE, or by visit-
at sa sandaling yaon parang gusto ko nang mamatay in media for our Asian Pacific American Vice Chair Larry Baza, Phoebe Beasley, ing the Box Office at 1363 Old Globe
Rob Howell (Broadway’s Groundhog
community.” said Cathlyn Choi, Found- Day, Matilda the Musical, Ghost the
ikaw na nga siguro ang Adonis kong hinihintay. er and Executive Director of ACMA.
Christopher Coppola, Juan Devis, Way in Balboa Park. CTC performances
Kathleen Gallegos, Jaime Galli, Donn Musical, Private Lives), lighting design
Asian Culture and Media Alliance is ran April 17 -- June 10, 2018.
K. Harris, Louise McGuinness, Steven by Jon Clark (Associate Artist, Royal
one of 56 grantees chosen for the Cul- Direct from London’s West End comes
Oliver, and Rosalind Wyman. Learn Shakespeare Company), and sound

where they’ll learn about the more than tural Pathways program. The award was the critically acclaimed and Olivier
more at Award nominated musical event of ( Continued on page 10 )
400 agricultural commodities grown in featured as part of a larger announce-
( Continued from page 16 )
partnership has helped to create a “In San Diego we are lucky to have
variety of fun, healthy offerings at a great climate for raising fruits and FILIPINO AMERICAN EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION OF 
vegetables. Eating what is grown locally
this year’s Fair, including: – and in season – means we can eat the
sweetest fruits and vegetables, and get
Take your family out to the Farm and all of the nutrition that comes from get-
the CA Grown Exhibit to learn how to ting our five fruits and vegetables each
grow food in your own backyard from day,” said Dr. Sidelinger. “Plus, growing
experts offering free daily agriculture food at home can be fun, especially with
talks. children, and you'll have the pride of
Download our food map which being able to say, ‘I grew that!’”
highlights the many vendors who are
offering healthier food options at sdfair. ###
Grab a walking map and get your About the 2018 San Diego County Fair
10,000 steps in while enjoying the Fair Get ready for treats that will tempt all
at our information booths or online at of your senses! “How Sweet It Is” is the to maximize your theme for the 2018 San Diego County
walking and calorie burn throughout the Fair, presented by Albertsons|Vons. Visi-
fairgrounds. tors will discover, with kid-in-a-candy-
Look for vendors who source their in- store wonder, just how sweet the Fair
gredients locally — they’ll be featuring truly is. This magical candy land opens
“I Buy Local” ribbons in their stands. at 4 p.m. June 1 and runs through July 4
Treat yourself to a foodie’s adventure (the Fair will be closed on Mondays and
at our Farm to Table dinner at 4:30 p.m. Tuesdays in June). You’ll leave the ordi-
June 30 featuring courses prepared using nary world behind the minute you step
ingredients from local farms. into this magical sweet spot overflowing
Get your sweat on at the San Diego with opportunities to truly savor summer FREE
County Fair 5k at 7 a.m. June 16. with the excitement of a wide-eyed kid.
Sure, you may still want to try out the Whether it’s sampling rainbow-colored EVENT
bacon-wrapped baklava or cotton candy unicorn foods, soaking up the glittery
ice cream sandwich at the Fair, but the ocean views from atop the Ferris wheel,
key is moderation according to Dr. Dean discovering how nature’s sweet fruits
Sidelinger, Child Health Medical Officer grow and ripen, or enjoying the Fair’s
at the County of San Diego’s Health and golden-ticket entertainment, your tough-
Human Services Agency. est decision will be choosing what to
“Many of the treats at the Fair are deli-
indulge in first. The San Diego County
cious, but should be enjoyed as treats, Fair is the largest annual event in San
and not every day,” Dr. Sidelinger said. Diego County, and one of the top five
“The Fair doesn't have to be all about fairs in the United States and Canada,
indulgence. There are healthier options drawing approximately 1.6 million Mrs. Jaclyn Brom | Teacher
available to balance the treats. You can
even get your steps in for the day by
visitors annually. For more information, Mr. Herb Delute | K-12 Career Path & Filipino Advocacy
visiting different exhibits.” Mr. Felix Tuyay | Higher Education
Step it up Carpio Ms. Evelyn Leano | Beginning Teacher Support
( Continued from page 1 )
Check out this great Fair walking map.
not to mention the cost it entails.
It outlines three fun walking routes
around the Fairgrounds. If you complete We can therefore discuss the JULY SKYLINE HILLS 2:00PM
all three, you’ll have your 10,000 steps
issue of destroyed coral reefs in BRANCH LIBRARY TO
for the day under your belt! Created
through a partnership with Live Well @ Scarborough Shoal as this forms 7900 Paradise Valley Rd.,
Work, signage will direct you on your
routes throughout the Fair to get in a fun
part of the area of maritime
San Diego, CA 92114 4:00PM
environmental protection instead
walking workout.
of filing a new case," presidential
All about agriculture spokesperson Harry Roque said
The San Diego County Fair, which be- Teachers, Beginner Teachers, & Aspiring Teachers
gan in 1880 to bring San Diego County
farmers and the community together to
The Judicial and Bar Council Parents, Students & Community about the Education system
has yet to open nominations for
share ideas, compete for the best pies
and citrus fruits and challenge each other the chief justice post, as it said
Mentorship and Teacher Needs
to horse races, continues to celebrate that it will wait for the finality of Send in any questions at:
agriculture and community pride. the quo warranto ruling before  
You’ll learn about growing your own doing so. RSVP:
fruits and veggies at the Farm and CA
Grown Exhibit, learn how honey is Court insiders said that the
made from the San Diego Beekeeping Supreme Court en banc will rule
Society and sample delicious locally-
sourced gourmet food at the Farm to on Sereno’s motion for reconsid-
Table dinner. Kids ages 6-11 can enjoy eration on June 19. Should her
an educational shopping experience at appeal be thrown out, the ruling
Albertsons/Vons Kids Market Place will be deemed final.
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

Classified Ads
Cardinal Tagle
which covers the cities of Manila, worded message against Nilo's death. kot tanggapin na laganap pa rin ang Director of Governmental Relations for AB 2291 will now continue on to the
Makati, Pasay, San Juan, and Mandaluy- "They are killing our flock. They are pagkaalipin sa bisyo, droga, korupsyon, the Advancement Project California. Senate Committee on Appropriations.
( Continued from page 1 ) ong in the Philippines' National Capital killing us shepherds. They are killing kapangyarihan, pera, luho, at kara- “Unfortunately, the pervasiveness of bul-
Region. our faith. They are cursing our Church. hasan. Marami pa rin ang inaalipin ng lying is an epidemic that is eating away Assemblymember David Chiu (D–San
matangis tayo para sa kanila, sa "Bilang isang sambayanan, humingi They are killing God again as they did in kahirapan, pagkagutom, pagsasamanta- into that civil right. Our schools need the Francisco) is the Chair of the Housing
kanilang pamilya at sambayanan. tayo ng patawad sa Diyos sa mga Calvary," their statement read. la, takot, at pagpatay. Bukod sa pagkitil tools to do more to prevent bullying on & Community Development Committee
Humihingi tayo ng katarungan kasalanan laban sa buhay (As a nation, The Catholic Bishops' Conference of ng buhay ng Ilan nating kababayan sa school campuses and this bill provides of the California State Assembly. He
let us seek God's forgiveness for our sins the Philippines also denounced the "out- ibang bansa tulad ni Henry Acorda na such opportunities. We thank Asm. Chiu represents the 17th Assembly Dis-
para sa kanila," Tagle said. against life)," Tagle said in one of his rageously evil" murder of Nilo. pinaslang sa Slovakia, marami ring for his leadership on this issue and look trict, which encompasses eastern San
(The latest victim is Fr Rich- appeals. pinapaslang sa ating bansa – wala nang forward to working with our partners to Francisco. Learn more at: https://a17.
mond Nilo of Cabanatuan and He also said, "Tinatawagan natin ang Read the full text of Tagle's statement pinipili – sanggol, kabataan, magu- get this important piece of legislation to
I hope no one will be next. We mga mambabatas at tagapangalaga ng below: lang, lola, pulis, sundalo, at pari. Ang the finish line.”
kaayusan at katahimikan: Bakit po napa- Mga minamahal na kapatid at kaba- pinakahuling biktima ay si Fr Richmond
weep for them, their families, and karaming baril o sandata na nagkalat?" bayan sa Arkidiyosesis ng Manila, Nilo ng Cabanatuan at sana'y hindi na
our society. We seek justice for (We call on our lawmakers and guard- Nagpapasalamat tayo sa Diyos sa masundan. Tumatangis tayo para sa
them.) ians of order and peace: Why are there biyaya ng kalayaan. Ang tunay na kanila, sa kanilang pamilya at sambay-
so many guns or arms around us?) kalayaan ay bahagi ng ganap na buhay anan. Humihingi tayo ng katarungan
'Humingi tayo ng patawad sa Diyos' A day before Tagle issued this state-
ment, Archbishop Socrates Villegas
na dulot ni Hesus (Juan 10:10). Salamat
din sa pagpupunyagi ng mga dakilang
para sa kanila. Huwad ang kalayaan
kapag pinaglalaruan ang katarungan.
Call the Asian Journal at
Tagle then made 4 appeals to Filipino
Catholics in the Archdiocese of Manila,
and other leaders of the Archbishop of
Lingayen-Dagupan released a strongly
Pilipino at Pilipina na nagpamana sa
atin ng kalayaan. Subalit nakalulung-
Inuulit po natin: Taliwas sa kalooban
ng Dios ang pagyurak sa buhay. Hindi
619.474.0588 for your
solusyon ang pagpatay sa mga proble-
mang personal at panlipunan. advertising needs.
Sa diwa ng Salita ng Dios at turo ng
Simbahan nananawagan po ako sa inyo:
Bilang isang sambayanan, humingi
tayo ng patawad sa Diyos sa mga
kasalanan laban sa buhay. Sabayan
natin ng gawaing magbibigay-buhay
ang paghingi ng patawad: pagdamay sa APARTMENTS FOR RENT
naulila, pagbabahagi ng pagkain, paki-
kiisa sa Pondo ng Pinoy at Sanlakbay, Windsor Gardens Apartments will be accepting applications for one (1)
paglahok sa Caritas, diyalogo sa hindi bedroom apartments for seniors 62 years of age and older and/or disabled
Kristiyano o Katolikom at iba pang pag- individuals who qualify with low income.
kakawanggawa. "Ipanalangin din ang Starting Tuesday, July 10th applications can be submitted at the address
mga umuusig, huwag silang isusumpa,"
sabi ni San Pablo (Roma 12:14). Baka below on weekdays between the hours of 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm.
sa iyong pagsumpa sa kanila, matulad
ka sa kanila at maging alipin nila. Equal Housing Opportunity
Kapag ikaw ay itinutulak ng galit,
inggit, yabang at paghihiganti upang Windsor Gardens
manakit ng kapwa-tao, huwag kang 1600 W. 9th Ave., Office
susunod. Kapag ikaw ay inuutusan o Escondido, CA 92029
binabayaran na manakit o pumatay (760) 741-5606
ng kapwa-tao, huwag kang susunod.
Huwag kang magpapaalipin. Ang
Pilipinong tunay na malaya ay hindi
nagsasamantala, naninira at nambu-
busabos ng kapwa. Pinalaya na tayo ni
Hesukristo sa pamamagitan ng Espiritu
Santo, sabi ni San Pablo sa taga-Roma
8:2. Huwag na tayong magpaalipin
muli sa mga hangarin at silakbo na
umuuwi sa kamatayan, ayon kay Apostol
Santiago 1:15.
Tinatawagan natin ang mga mambaba-
tas at tagapangalaga ng kaayusan at ka-
tahimikan: bakit po napakaraming baril
o sandata na nagkalat? Baka kailangan
suriin ang mga batas at patakaran hing-
gil sa paggawa, pagbebenta, pagbili, at
pagmamayari ng baril. Huwag nawang
dumating ang araw na mas madali pang
bumili ng baril kaysa bigas.
Ituloy po natin ang pagtunog ng
kampana ng simbahan tuwing alas-8
ng gabi bilang pagalala at panalangin
para sa mga namatay. Panawagan din
ito sa mga pumatay na alalahanin ang
kanilang ginawa at magbagong-buhay.
Mag-alay po tayo ng misa ating mga
parokya sa loob ng 9 na araw mula June
13 para sa mga pinaslang, lalo na sa
mga pari dahil ngayon ay Year of the Work for the San Diego’s
Clergy and Consecrated Persons.
Pagpalain po kayong lahat at ingatan
ng Panginoon. Huwag tayong panghihi-
Top Home Care Agency!
naan ng loob. Kapiling natin si Maria,
Ina ng mga Pilipino, sa tuwa, dalamhati
at liwanag.
+Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle Now Hiring
Arsobispo ng Maynila
11 June 2018 Exerienced Caregivers
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
North County Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
( Continued from page 13 )
project on a former struggling failing
retail site and Andrew Watkins of SWA Requirements
Group who will discuss how density • 3 professional references
can be built in suburban settings in a
way very compatible with neighborhood • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
character and which transforms what we
think about in respect to single-family
housing and suburban communities. Call for an appointment
Don't delay. Our early bird pricing ends
this Friday. Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
If you are interested in purchasing
more than one seat or a table please call
San Diego North EDC at 760-510-5919
La Jolla Apply Online!
or email
Registration can be done at to our
Eventbrite page.

Chiu Bill
( Continued from page 9 )
students in California reported having
experienced one or more forms of bully-
ing. The toll that Islamophobia takes on
the mental health of American Muslims
is significant and even more substan-
tial for students, who are expected to
bear the burden of defending against
Islamophobic stereotypes while coping
with possible mental distress result-
ing from bullying. AB 2291, will be a
step forward in advocating for learning
environments that are free from hostility
and discrimination.”
“No student should have to experience
fear and intimidation in the classroom,”
said Andrew Medina, Policy Man-
ager with Asian Americans Advancing
Justice. “AB 2291 will provide school
employees with the tools and resources
needed to best serve our students when
faced with school bullying. The biparti-
san support from the Senate Education
Committee is a clear sign of the State’s
commitment to create supportive learn-
ing environments in our schools.”
“It is a right of every student to come
to a safe and welcoming school envi-
ronment,” said Khydeeja Alam Javid,
June 15-21, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

Rep. Juan Vargas and Rep. Keith Storage center

Moreover, China has invoked the

As the ‘nine-dash-line’ within the perimeters

of the South China Sea which Beijing
Rothfus introduce the Fight Illicit to help home-
claims to encircle about 90 percent of
the waters from its borders. The line
extends to as far as 2,000 kilometers
Networks and Detect (FIND) Traf- less individuals
by Rudy Liporada
from the Chinese mainland enveloping
within the peripheries of the Philippines,
Malaysia, and Vietnam. Disputed by ficking Act of 2018 and reduce pub-
lic clutter pre-
said countries, except, apparently by the
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada current Philippine government, Beijing
declares that it owns all lands within the Washington, D.C. (June 13, Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin,

paring to open
at Dash, Zcash, and Monero, can be
line due to China’s ‘historical maritime 2018)—Rep. Juan Vargas (CA-
used for legal purchases. However,
rights’. 51) and Rep. Keith Rothfus (PA- the anonymity associated with virtual
How the West Pack was Un-Won
As early as October 15, 2015, the 12) introduced the Fight Illicit currencies has led them to become a
New York Times reports, “The speed ‘STORAGE CONNECT CENTER’
and scale of China’s island-building Networks and Detect (FIND) preferred financial payment method for WILL PROVIDE A PLACE FOR
Trafficking Act of 2018 (H.R. illicit activities. Virtual currencies have HOMELESS PEOPLE TO SECURELY
spree have alarmed other countries with become a prominent method to pay
As the Bamboos Sway The question is: Why is North Korea interests in the region. China announced 6069). This bipartisan bill would STORE BELONGINGS, CLEARING
for goods and services associated with NEIGHBORHOODS OF SHOPPING
By Rudy D. Liporada abruptly placing its counter saber rheto- in June that the creation of islands — require the Comptroller General illegal sex and drug trafficking, which

ric in its scabbard? moving sediment from the seafloor to a CARTS AND OTHER ITEMS
of the United States to study how are two of the most detrimental and
f we think that President reef — would soon be completed. Since
virtual currencies and online mar- troubling illegal activities facilitated by
The Korean War of 1950, the China then, China has focused its efforts on San Diego – The City’s new
Donald Trump, for the defense strategy, and the nine-dash line construction. So far it has constructed ketplaces are used to facilitate sex online marketplaces and the dark web.
Storage Connect Center will open
According to the Drug Enforcement
United States, scored come to mind. port facilities, military buildings and or drug trafficking and propose Administration’s 2017 National Drug later this week as a place where
an airstrip on the islands, with recent
over Supreme Leader Kim In South Korea, the Korean War is imagery showing evidence of two more
regulatory and legislative actions Assessment, transnational criminal homeless individuals can safely
Jong-Un, for North Korea, to put an end to these illicit ac- organizations are increasingly using
called 625 or 6-2-5 in their language, airstrips under construction. The instal- virtual currencies for illicit activities, store their belongings while they
in their historic meeting recalling that the conflict started in June lations bolster China’s foothold in the tivities. Through the Comptroller including drug trafficking. It has also access supportive services, look
in Singapore last June 12,
25. In North Korea, it is referred to as Spratly Islands, a disputed scattering of General’s findings and proposals, been reported that virtual currencies are for housing, attend school, inter-
the Fatherland Liberation War. In China reefs and islands in the South China Sea Congress would craft legisla- being used to run illegal online market-
2018, maybe we should it is officially called the War to Resist more than 500 miles from the Chinese view for a job or go to work.
America and Aid Korea. In the US, mainland.” tive solutions to regulate the use places to sell drugs, including the opioid
think again. President Harry S. Truman referred to it More recently, no thanks to President of virtual currencies to prevent fentanyl, and contributing to the opioid The City will give a preview tour of
crisis in America. the Storage Connect Center at 10 a.m.
During George W. Bush’s administra- as a “police action,” goading the United Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who crimes such as sex trafficking and While evidence points to the growth of
Nations (UN) to send allied forces where is being accused by many of his Filipino Tuesday ahead of its official opening.
tion, in the heat of the Iraq invasion, illegal drug sales. virtual currencies as a payment method The 22,000 square-foot center, operated
he also rattled the saber against North 90 percent of the forces that fought were constituents as selling the Philippines for illicit sex and drug trafficking, the
US troops. to be a province of China, has not lifted by Mental Health Systems, will provide
Korea which he lumped with the Axis of “The anonymity behind virtual curren- true scope of the problem and potential up to 500 lockable storage bins.
Evil along with Iran, Syria, Libya, and How China calls it, War to Resist any finger to even diplomatically protest cies has made them a preferred payment solutions have not been fully estab-
America and Aid Korea, is significant the faster pace of China’s military build Part of Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer’s
Cuba. He said in his State of the Union method to carry out illegal activities,” lished. H.R. 6069 would study and ana- comprehensive “Connect, Support,
address on January 29, 2002 that "States in that when the North Koreans were up in the contested islands. This includes said Rep. Juan Vargas. “Congress must lyze how virtual currencies and online
already being defeated and besieged, the Scarborough Shoal, which, by prox- House” strategy to reduce homelessness
like these and their terrorist allies con- understand the full extent of how virtual marketplaces are used to facilitate sex in San Diego, the center helps elimi-
stitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten thousands of China’s People Liberation imity, is closest to the Philippines. currencies are being used to facilitate and drug trafficking to determine how to
Army fighters crossed into the penin- It could be assumed that China’s mili- nate a major barrier preventing some
the peace of the world." More recently, drug and sex trafficking and propose leg- fight these illicit and harmful activities. homeless individuals from accessing
before the Singapore meeting, President sula’s borders and engaged and swarmed tary facilities in these islands are ready islative solutions to fight these crimes.”
the UN troops. The failure of the US to enough to thwart any aggressive moves supportive services to help turn their
Donald Trump also called North Korea “Illicit markets where drug and hu- ### lives around.
a terrorist country and threatened to defeat the North Koreans and Chinese from any foreign countries. This would man trafficking take place are evolv-
forces resulted in the division of Korea of course be, primarily, from the United “Many homeless individuals have to
denuclearize the country, sending USS ing, especially in the dark web,” said Vargas represents California’s 51st choose between staying with their per-
nuclear ships close to the maritime into the 38th Parallel demarcation line. States, which, with cold war or no cold Congressman Rothfus. “Traffickers Congressional District which includes
Why did China join the fray? China did war, invokes ‘police powers’ in the re- sonal belongings and going to a doctor’s
borders of the peninsula that also shares exploit new technology like virtual the southern portion of San Diego Coun- appointment or job interview,” Mayor
borders with China. not want America to be by their border. gion apart from all regions in the world. currencies to facilitate their crimes. This ty, all of Imperial County and Califor-
Then, China considered America to be a Faulconer said. “This storage facility
legislation will help the government nia’s entire U.S.-Mexico border. Vargas will change that by giving folks the
Kim Jong-Un was not cowed, continu- threat to their way of life. What could then the West Pack (US expose new methods that criminals use was first elected to the U.S. House of
military forces in the region), the Sev- opportunity to focus on improving their
ing to fire test missiles that he claimed to move illicit funds, and also find ways Representatives in 2012 and is currently lives rather than worry about losing their
could incapacitate US forces and US ally It is true then. It is true now. enth Fleet, the bases do in the region? to stop them. I am proud to work with serving his third term in Congress. He
None. They would have been effectively possessions. Just as importantly this
countries in the vicinity should the US Congressman Vargas in the fight against serves on the House Financial Services will help clear our neighborhoods and
fire the first salvo of war. He maintained This could be the reason why Jong-Un neutralized in the Far East. If it happens, drug and human trafficking.” Committee.
appears to have mellowed down. If you the US cannot even afford a colossal war public spaces of shopping carts, tents

California Fire Safe Council

that the only reason that the US could and debris.”
not invade North Korea as it did Iraq have the guarantee of China’s protection, in the region anymore. The US did not
one would appear to be. even win in Vietnam. The US could not The storage center also will help re-
and sow turmoil in other countries such
announces re-opening of 2018
According to Wikipedia, “The Chinese even convincingly say that the war in duce clutter on streets and public areas,
as Libya and Syria is their having their aiding the City’s efforts to improve the
own arsenal of nuclear power. People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the Iraq or Afghanistan are truly done and
cleanliness of neighborhoods. In addi-
Fire Prevention Grant Program
To avert a colossal destructive situa- armed forces of the People's Republic has really won.
of China (PRC) and Communist Party tion to providing storage opportunities
tion, China stepped in, asserting that the for homeless individuals, the City and
escalating bellicose rhetoric between of China (CPC). The PLA consists of Jong-Un declaring that North Korea
five professional service branches: the would denuclearize and be weakened, operator Mental Health Systems will
Trump and Jong-Un should be settled Sacramento, Ca – June 13, Grant Program take several proactive steps to ensure the
diplomatically. Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket General Sun Tzu’s quote in his The Art
Force, and the Strategic Support Force. War also comes to mind: “When you 2018--Funding for fire protection • $4.15 million in funding available facility is a good neighbor, including:
In the events that followed, Jong-Un • Funds are available for all fire preven- · Limit storage capacity to 500
initiated an invitation to South Korea’s “The PLA is the world's largest military are strong, appear to be weak.” China planning, education and fuels
force, with a strength of approximately is North Korea’s bulwark strength. In tion activities including training, plan- bins.
President Moon Jae-in for the possible
2,285,000 personnel, 0.18% of the coun- appearing to be invisible at the meeting
reduction projects in California ning, hazardous fuel treatment, and fire · Clients by referral only for first 90
reunification of the Korean peninsula. California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) prevention education. days of operation.
He also travelled to China and met with try's population. It is the fastest modern- at Singapore, China is also guided by will be re-opening its $5.45 million
izing military power in the world, with Sun Tzu’s “By discovering the enemy’s • Projects must be located in California · Creating a Neighborhood Advi-
President Xi Jinping. Furthermore, he grant competition for 2018 Fire Preven- or the Tahoe region of Nevada. sory Committee to develop relationships
invited Trump for a dialogue in Singa- significant defense and increasing power dispositions and remaining invisible our- tion Grants Program for funding for
projection capabilities. Recently, it has selves, we can keep our forces concen- • The maximum amount that can be and partnerships throughout the commu-
pore which Trump initially accepted fire prevention education, planning and requested has been increased from nity to assist with addressing concerns
then rejected then, again, accepted. been rapidly developing and commis- trated, while the enemy’s divided.” hazardous fuels reduction projects.
sioning new arsenals, with numerous $200,000 to $250,000 or issues.
Intertwined in these events Jong-on The 30 day extension will encourage • The match requirement is 100% or · Conducting homeless outreach to
also declared that “As long as relevant technological advancements and break- Though the Singapore talks is on a dip- applicants to utilize CAL FIRE’s 2018
throughs. It boasts the second largest lomatic field, the Battle of the Teutoburg dollar-for-dollar. reduce homelessness in the surrounding
parties abolish their hostile policies CCI grants to meet the match require- Tree Mortality “TMG” Grant Program community.
and remove security threats against the defense budget in the world, although Forest where an alliance of Germanic ment.
many authorities – including SIPRI and tribes annihilated three Roman legions • $1.3 million in funding available · Preventing queuing around the
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Applications submitted during the first • Funds are available for all fire preven- facility.
(DPRK), there is no need for the DPRK the U.S. Department of Defense – argue also comes to mind. Described as round may be revised or left as-is.
that China does not report its real level “Rome’s greatest defeat,” it signaled tion activities including training, plan- · Proactively removing litter, debris
to be a nuclear state and denucleariza- Approximately $5.45 million are avail- ning, hazardous fuel treatment, and fire and graffiti on the premises.
tion can be realized.” of military spending, which is allegedly “a turning-point in world history” – the able in two grant programs:
much higher than the official budget” eventual fall of the Roman Empire. prevention education. · Prohibiting alcohol and drug use
State Fire Assistance “SFA and SMG” • Projects are restricted to the 10 ear on site.

Facebook deals with Chinese firm draw ire from U.S. lawmakers
marked “Tree Mortality Counties” · Reporting criminal activity to law
Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Fresno, enforcement.
Kern, Madera, Mariposa, Placer, Tulare · Providing an enhanced level of
ABS CBN | Agence France-Presse might as well have given it directly to partnerships chief Francisco Varela. dominate the service. The integration and Tuolumne. police presence to address nuisance
Facebook drew fresh criticism the government of #China." Facebook said it does not know of any partnership with Huawei will terminate • The maximum amount that can be behavior and criminal activity as neces-
from U.S. lawmakers follow- Representative Debbie Dingell called privacy abuse by cellphone makers who by the end of this week, according to the requested has been increased from sary.
the latest news on Huawei "outrageous" years ago were able to gain access to social network. $130,000 to $300,000. · Increasing frequency of commu-
ing revelations that it allowed and urged a new congressional probe. personal data on users and their friends. The news comes following U.S. sanc- • The match requirement is 25%. nity cleanups in the area by the Environ-
Chinese smartphone makers, "Why does Huawei, a company that It has argued the data-sharing with tions on another Chinese smartphone Acknowledgements mental Services Department.
including one deemed a national our intelligence community said is a smartphone makers was different from maker, ZTE -- which was not on the This grant program and publication are

North County
security threat, access to user national security threat, have access to the leak of data to Cambridge Ana- Facebook list -- for violating export funded in full by the U.S. Forest Service,
our personal information?" said Dingell, lytica, which obtained private user data restrictions to Iran. Pacific Southwest Region under the terms of
Housing Sum-
a Michigan Democrat, on Twitter. from a personality quiz designed by The ZTE sanctions limiting access to Grant numbers 17-DG-11052012-122, 17-
The world's largest social network "With over 184 million daily Facebook an academic researcher who violated U.S. components could bankrupt the DG-11052012-139, and 17-DG-11052012-
confirmed late Tuesday that China-based users in U.S. & Canada, the potential Facebook's rules. manufacturer, but Trump has said he is 147. The opinions expressed are those of the

mit: Threats to
Huawei -- which has been banned by impact on our privacy & national secu- Facebook is winding up the interface willing to help rescue the firm, despite authors and do not necessarily reflect the
the U.S. military and a lightning rod for rity is huge." arrangements with device makers as objections from US lawmakers. views of the U.S. Forest Service. CFSC is an

supply & our Re-

cyberespionage concerns -- was among the company's smartphone apps now equal opportunity provider.
device makers authorized to see user 'Approved experiences'
Facebook has claimed the agreements
with some 60 device makers dating from
Facebook, which has been blocked in
China since 2009, also had data-access gion's economic
a decade ago were designed to help the deals with Chinese companies Lenovo,
social media giant get more services into OPPO and TCL, according to the com-
the mobile ecosystem. pany, which had similar arrangements
Nonetheless, lawmakers expressed
outrage that Chinese firms were given
with dozens of other devices makers. JULY 19, 2018
Huawei, which has claimed national
access to user data at a time when of- security fears are unfounded, said in an
7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
ficials were trying to block their access emailed statement its access was the California Center for the Arts,
to the U.S. market over national security same as other device makers. Escondido
concerns. "Like all leading smartphone providers,
Senator Ed Markey‫ ‏‬said Facebook's Huawei worked with Facebook to make
chief executive has some more explain- Join North County leaders the
Facebook's service more convenient for
ing to do following these revelations. users. Huawei has never collected or
morning of July 19th for a set of
"Mark Zuckerberg needs to return to stored any Facebook user data." panels and presentations on the
Congress and testify why @facebook The revelations come weeks after critical issue of housing afford-
shared Americans' private information Zuckerberg was grilled in Congress
with questionable Chinese companies," ability and economic prosperity.
about the hijacking of personal data
the Massachusetts Democrat said on on some 87 million Facebook users by
Twitter. We want to be sure that attendees leave
Cambridge Analytica, a consultancy with an idea of what can be achieved
"Our privacy and national security can- working on Donald Trump's 2016 cam-
not be the cost of doing business." if we think smart and that adding new
paign. housing can be done in a way that en-
Other lawmakers zeroed in on the con- Facebook said its contracts with phone
cerns about Huawei's ties to the Chinese hances all that is great in North County.
makers placed tight limits on what could
government, even though the company be done with data, and "approved ex-
has denied the allegations. With that in mind we have confirmed
periences" were reviewed by engineers some great members of our "solutions
"This could be a very big problem," and managers before being deployed,
tweeted Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida panel," including Jim Schmid of Chelsea
according to the social network. Investment Corporation who recently
Republican. Any data obtained by Huawei "was
"If @Facebook granted Huawei special opened a great affordable development
stored on the device, not on Huawei's
access to social data of Americans this servers," according to Facebook mobile ( Continued on page 12 )
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

Pacific Arts Movement Awarded California Arts Prevention key to dealing with spike in suicide rate
Council “Local Impact Grant” Countries torn apart by Great Depression. 'Reached out for help'
conflict, such as Sri Lanka, are Experts say that suicide is often not
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Projects provide access to arts partici- world,” says Pac Arts Executive Direc-
among the most affected, while "The real question is why our society
pation and representation of and by the tor Kent Lee. “Through community has made so little progress in dealing preceded by warnings and is a shock to
June 12, 2018 – The California South Korea and Japan are on families and loved ones who didn't see
community identified in the application. partnerships, free screenings and youth with the public health crisis of suicide,"
Arts Council today announces Historically marginalized communities programs, this grant allows us to the top of the list of industrial- he wrote. "In fact, the suicide rate last it coming.
its plans to award $18,000—the include specific ethnic and tribal groups, connect audiences—who may not have ized countries dealing with year — 13.7 per 100,000 people — was
maximum an organization can re- LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, access to the arts—to impassioned inde- nearly the same as the rate a century Bourdain belonged to a "strong man
low-income and rural communities and pendent voices, provocative documenta- high suicide rates earlier." doesn't ask for help generation," the ac-
ceive from its Local Impact pro- tress Rose McGowan, who was friends
immigrant and refugee communities. ry subjects and cinematic masterpieces.”
gram—to Pacific Arts Movement With support from the California Arts Pac Arts is one of 133 grantees chosen | Agence France-Presse "We should declare war on suicide with the chef and his girlfriend Asia
(Pac Arts) for the 19th annual Council, Pac Arts will produce its 19th for the Local Impact program. The LOS ANGELES, USA – The — just as we've done with other public Argento, said in an open letter following
San Diego Asian Film Festival San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) award was featured as part of a larger recent deaths of fashion designer health threats like HIV and heart disease his death.
(SDAFF), held November 8-17, from November 8-17, 2018, one of the announcement from the California Arts Kate Spade and celebrity chef — and give it the research and clinical
leading showcases of Asian and Asian Council. funding needed to beat it," he added. "I know before Anthony died he
2018. Pac Arts is one of nine lo- American cinema in North America and “The Local Impact grant program Anthony Bourdain have cast a reached out for help, and yet he did not
cal nonprofits to receive this grant one of the biggest platforms of Asian strikes at the heart of the issue of access spotlight on a jarring spike in Developing countries most affected take the doctor's advice," she wrote.
and one of nine organizations to American media anywhere. The 10-day and equity in the arts,” says Nashormeh suicides worldwide and on the
receive the maximum award. festival showcases more than 140 films Lindo, California Arts Council. “Pacific importance of confronting the Countries torn apart by conflict, such as Experts note that medical monitoring
from over a dozen countries, bringing Arts Movement’s project is crucial to Sri Lanka, are among the most affected, and psychotherapy often help in such
in over 50 filmmakers from around the help arts and culture opportunities reach issue. while South Korea and Japan are on the cases.
The Local Impact program provides
support for community-driven arts world, while serving an audience of over California’s marginalized communi- top of the list of industrialized countries
project for small and mid-sized arts or- 15,000. ties and to promote the unique creative More than 800,000 commit dealing with high suicide rates. The proper training of medical and
ganizations. The program fosters equity, “Pac Arts is excited to receive funding expressions within that community.” suicide annually around the world emergency personnel is also essential,
access and opportunity for historically from the California Arts Council in sup- To view a complete listing of all Local and suicide is listed as the second Someone who has experienced war, they note, as people who survive a sui-
marginalized communities by cultivating port of SDAFF's efforts to highlight Impact grantees, visit a natural disaster, violence, or sexual cide attempt are at high risk to try again.
the diversity and breadth of stories by programs/files/FY1718_ProjectDescrip-
highest cause of death among abuse has a higher likelihood of commit-
community participation in art making,
learning, and exposure. and about Asian communities around the tions_LI.pdf . people between the ages of 15 ting suicide, according to the WHO. "I think my mom has been the most
and 29, according to the World consistent in coming to my rescue and
Health Organization (WHO). In France, the suicide rate has plunged helping me take steps to seek light," said

City Council
by 26% over the last 15 years to 10,000 Ben, a veteran who left the army 9 years
2018 ballot. Port of San Diego
a year, but remains one of the highest in ago and has since been dealing with
“The San Diego Convention Center In the United States, 45,000 Europe. suicidal thoughts.
Corporation appreciates the City of San Facilitates regional economic impact
( Continued from page 9 )
Diego and the Port of San Diego work- and increased port rent: Allows the people took their own lives in
proceed with developing the waterfront 2016, a worrisome increase of While the recent deaths of Spade "I have also had direct access to a
ing collaboratively on the Fifth Avenue Convention Center to expand thereby
property regardless of whether vot- and Bourdain have cast the spotlight social worker at the Veterans Affairs for
Landing project along San Diego's delivering a significant economic impact nearly 30% since 1999. the past 9 years and have exerted a lot
ers approve the citizens’ initiative, and waterfront,” said Convention Center to the region and potentially increasing on suicide in developed countries, the
allows the Port and FAL to continue WHO says that more than 3 quarters of effort exploring and reaching positive
Corporation Chairman Gil Cabrera. rents to the Port. Also, allows the Port "It is difficult to explain, but this
to honor their landlord-tenant commit- of suicides take place in developing outcomes with self-help and mindful-
“Expanding our facility will allow us to pursue another project on the Flag
ments to each other. to maintain a competitive edge, meet Lot with a water transportation center
may be due in part to the opioid countries. ness practices."
customer demand for hosting large incorporated adjacent the expanded epidemic and economic factors
The Port oversees the approximately that may have a stronger impact The majority of those who take their The WHO has underlined that access
conventions and stay competitive in the Convention Center
five-acre leasehold with long-time tenant own life suffer from a mental health to firearms has been associated with
marketplace.” Identifies alternatives for develop- in the US than other developed
FAL. For several years the San Diego issue such as depression or anxiety, US increased suicide rates.
ment: If the Convention Center does countries because we do not have health officials say, but other factors
Convention Center Corp. (SDCCC) had KEY BENEFITS FOR ALL PARTIES not expand, then allows either the FAL
access to the property under an agree- hotel project or some other development as comprehensive a protective include loneliness, the loss of a job or a Health officials in the United States say
ment with FAL for the purpose of ex- health and social safety net as loved one, and the breakup of a relation- that suicide rates are significantly higher
City of San Diego project to be considered on the site, also
panding the Convention Center. Officials ship. in areas where people own guns and

Asian Journal
planned to fund ongoing control of the
potentially increasing rent to the Port most European countries," said that 22,000 suicides a year are related to
Secures land for Convention Center and adding regional economic impact David Brent, a psychiatry profes-
property using special funds dedicated to expansion: Allows the City to acquire Honors our partnerships with the City All levels of society and age groups are firearms. –
the expansion project. long-term control of the site necessary to of San Diego and with FAL: Allows sor at the University of Pitts- affected, they add.
But following approval by the City burgh. In the Philippines, the Natasha Goul-
expand the Convention Center the Port to invest in the success of the First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New
Council in 2012, the court threw out the Young people, who can be influenced, bourn Foundation has a depression and
Funded with voter-approved revenue: Convention Center and the City of San 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • suicide
Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
Convention Center expansion financ- are more vulnerable to copycat suicides, prevention hotline to help those
ing plan and the project became mired
Paid by the citizens’ initiative, not the Diego and to continue to partner with its Richard Friedman, a professor of especially after a celebrity takes his or secretly suffering from depression. The
City’s operating budget which pays for tenant, FAL clinical psychiatry, said in an op- her own life.
in legal uncertainly stemming from an numbers to call are 8‎ 04-4673 and 0‎ 917-
public safety, parks, libraries and roads
environmental lawsuit. With the City’s A longer lease: The City’s long-term Fifth Avenue Landing, LLC ed piece in the New York Times 558-4673. Globe and TM subscribers
limited operating budget left as the only that "the prevalence of suicide has People in certain professions, includ- may call the toll-free number 2919.
lease would last to 2042, which is 18
remaining funding source to cover the ing the military and farming, are also More information is available on its
years longer than the existing FAL Retains right to proceed: Can still fluctuated over time, often rising website.
cost of retaining the land, in 2015 the leasehold, with the option to extend for pursue its current hotel development if more affected as are ethnic and racial
decision was made not to extend the ar- during periods of social strife" as minorities.
a full 66 years if expansion construction the citizens’ initiative fails
rangement with FAL. milestones are met was the case in 1932, during the
Circumstances have since changed. Reduces financial liability: Only An opportunity to build regardless:
The City in January 2017 prevailed in requires the City to pay the full cost of Preserves the option to propose a smaller
assuming property control to expand the hotel development if the convention
and a citizens’ initiative to finance the Convention Center if the citizens’ initia- center expansion moves forward
expansion and related property acquisi- tive passes Lead the development of regional forecasts. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit Open Until
tion using Transient Occupancy Tax Filled. EOE.
revenue is planned for the November



your c
it an d
us for y
ad is ten
to be pu

of the A
time. A
upon y

Fax #


June 15-21, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

Kapampangan model lands dream stint with Victoria’s Secret in NY
GNP Team | MANILA, May 18, 2018 Merritt eventually graduated University. els in New York and London.
with a degree in Communica- Her bio states Merritt is now Merritt is a Filipino-American member
Commercial model Kelsey Mer- tions from the Ateneo de Manila represented by Wilhelmina Mod- of the Professional Models Association
ritt has landed her dream job with of the Philippines (PMAP).
Victoria’s Secret sportswear in
New York.
The international model from the
YOUR Pasok po kayo! May
Philippines who is based in New FREE GIFT! LIBRENG regalo, palinis at
York posted on her Instagram that Just for coming in! inspeksyon ng alahas!
she landed her dream job with a
dream team.
The 21-year-old model who
grew up in Pampanga confirmed
her starting work with Victoria’s
Secret in another IG post.
Merritt’s tweet in 2017 boldly
claimed she will one day land SKU
a Victoria Secret stint as she 543-02807
juggled her modeling career with
her studies in the Philippines.
The many ways Ring Cleaning
and Inspection
( Continued from page 1 )

expert has declared admiration • Full Trade-In Value

for all things Filipino. on your Old
1. “Filipinos give, of themselves, of
their time, of their money, their love, Diamond Jewelry
to others. They do and continue to do
what needs to be done to survive.”
Bourdain says this in an interview talk- INSTANT CREDIT
ing about the time he visited the Philip- You Will Be Approved!
pines in 2015 during Christmas season Shot by Lena Melnik Apply online or instore.
to shoot for the Manila episode of the
7th Season of CNN’s Parts Unknown. Dexter Comendador said, “AirAsia is a
In his field notes for the Manila epi-
sode, Bourdain writes of his reason for
visiting – to investigate “Why they care ( Continued from page 1 )
sociable and innovative brand we take
pride of our collaborative nature. There FREE FINANCING!
is so much talent and unique products
so much—for each other, for strangers?”
In the Manila episode, the celebrity
The airline voted the world’s best in the Philippines especially in Davao
low cost carrier today introduced that deserve the world’s attention and it
chef enjoys his “Sisig,” “Adobo,” and brings us so much pride that we are with
“Halo-halo” served at Filipino restau- a special chocolate dish in col- Chef JP, Malagos chocolates and social
rants, family tables, and streets. laboration with celebrity Chef entrepreneurs who all value a strong,
The celebrated TV host shares his JP Anglo and other exciting new innovative service culture – which is Daniel’s Jewelers is not an authorized dealer nor
observation on the Filipino penchant for also the hallmark of AirAsia’s brand of affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Rolex
singing on all occasions, sharing food, products in its Santan in-flight Watch USA Inc. and none of the watches are
and sending Balikbayan boxes packed menu, further enhancing AirAsia AirAsia’s newest in-flight hot meals sold, distributed, offered and/or certified by
with just about anything that might be of guests’ experiences on board. and merchandise are available on all Rolex Watch USA Inc.
Roasted Dalandan Chicken with pi- AirAsia domestic and international
miento sauce is flavoured using Davao’s flights in the Philippines with Z2 flight
famed and internationally recognized code. AirAsia guests are encouraged to Pwede kayong mag
Malagos chocolates. pre-book their meals to save up to 20%
Filipino Master Chef JP Anglo said of as compared to purchasing their meals
TRADE-IN ng inyong mga
his creation, “I am incredibly happy and on board, with a guarantee that their lumang alahas para sa bago nyong bibilhin.
excited to share my first dish especially preferred meals are available during
made for an airline and I love it that their flights. Guests who have booked Sa Daniel's nagbibigay kami ng madaling kredito
AirAsia is literally taking Filipino home their flights without meals, meanwhile,
grown products and talents to greater can easily add them in via the ‘Manage
at siguradong maaaprubahan kayo!
heights.” My Booking’ option after logging in to
Aside from Santan hot meals which
include Asean favorites like Nasi “We value customer experience at all
Lemak, Chicken Rice, Thai Green points of the journey – from the pur-
Curry, AirAsia is also supporting social chase of the ticket to leaving the airport,
entrepreneurs from Manila, Davao and on board, and onto the destination. This
Cebu by selling their handwoven items latest enhancement in our in-flight menu
and natural food products on all AirAsia makes flying with us also a delightful
flights across 180 destinations in the
whole of Asean, Asia, Australia, Middle
dining experience,” Comendador said.
Malagos Chocolate meals started being
100 locations in California! 15 in San Diego!
East, China and US.
AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain
offered on AirAsia flights in April 2018. (800) 819-8000 or visit

use to families and friends back home.

Dental Implant Centers

Bourdain notes how Filipino caregiv- TM
ers actually and in fact do care for their
wards. He tells of the story of Aurora
who was the nanny of one of his direc-
tors, and even writes about his own
daughter’s nanny Vangie. DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
2. “I think New Yorkers and Ameri-
can in general are becoming more
and more open to and interested in
Filipino cuisine.”
Bourdain makes the prediction in an
interview with GMA Network’s Jes-
sica Soho when he revisited Manila in
June 2017 for the World Street Food
Bourdain mentions his choice of
Filipino street food – sisig, lechon – as
the easiest for New Yorkers to love and
present in its authentic form.

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

The TV host predicted that “sisig” will
lead the charge in Filipino cuisine’s ris-
ing international recognition.
Bourdain said it will take time to
introduce the local food to an interna-
tional community but that it will happen. ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
And that the image of Philippine cuisine
getting a “bad press” due to the “Balut” Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
will finally come to pass.
3. “The best pig ever.”
❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
AsiaOne quotes Anthony Bourdain as
saying about the Filipino roasted suck-
❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
ling pig he found in Cebu. ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
In its feature on “14 local foods to
check out in the Philippines” AsiaOne
presents the No Reservations Philip-
pines video clip of Bourdain echoing the
often-claimed declaration that Filipino

UE Graduate 1987 Manila

lechon or whole roasted piggy is the best
in the world.
The chef who travels around the world

in search for various ways of cooking
and unique flavors declared his admira-
tion for the crispy pig skin as “extraor-
dinary, cracked like candy, evenly
Fluent in Tagalog
brown” – a tall order for Bourdain who
considers himself an expert in pig.
The celebrated book author is fondly
remembered for speaking well of the
Two convenient locations
Filipino and the Philippines. His books
and television shows will now be his
legacy. ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
Anthony Bourdain, world traveler,

866.469.7645 •
author, chef, 1956-2018 –You have been
good news for the Philippines. Thank
you and farewell.
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | June 15-21, 2018

5th Annual San Diego Night Market Closes Down Convoy Street For The First Time!
Open-air Asian food and Partnership, the San Diego Night
culture celebration hosted in Market is an open-air, urban
San Diego's Convoy District experience similar to the lively
returns night markets found in large cities
throughout Asia during warm
SAN DIEGO – The San Diego summer months. "We are excited
Night Market, a unique event cel- to bring this Asian-inspired, but
ebrating Asian-influenced street uniquely San Diego event back
food and entertainment, returns to Convoy, where this signature because attendees will be able to openly
on Saturday, June 23rd from 5PM event showcases the best of our explore the street vendors and roam
to Midnight to close down the business and cultural communi- into the many Convoy hot spots that
heart of Convoy Street alongside ties," said Tim Nguyen, Board long-time residents and visitors love,"
countless award-winning restau- added Lauren Garces, Special Events
Chair of the organization. Director. "The best part is it will be free
rants and bars!
Hosted by the Convoy District "This year’s event is extra special ( Continued on page 7 )

Indulge in healthier
options at the San
Diego County Fair
DEL MAR, Calif. (June 6, 2018)
– This year’s Fair is sweet, in so
many ways — and it’s not just
about candy and deep-fried treats.
We promise. From learning about
how nature’s fruits and veggies
grow and ripen to tracking your
steps around the Fairgrounds and
finding good-for-you snacks to
keep you energized, there are a
whole lot of naturally-sweet and
healthier options to enjoy.
This year, the San Diego County
Fair has partnered with the San
Diego County Childhood Obesity
Initiative facilitated by Commu-
nity Health Improvement Partners
as well as Live Well @ Work,
which is implemented by UCSD’s
Center for Community Health.
Both are projects of Live Well
San Diego: Healthy Works and
support Live Well San Diego, the
county’s vision for a region that
is “Building Better Health, Liv-
ing Safely, and Thriving.” This
( Continued on page 11 )

june 1–july 4 |

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