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BRIANNA ATTLESEY 3663 Burnt Pine Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224 | 904-673-0148 |

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Health

Jacksonville, FL

University of North Florida

December 2018

Major: Health Science, Track: Community Health, Minor: Health Education

ACADEMIC COURSEWORK Health Law and Ethics Anatomy and Physiology Microbiology


Research in Community Health Mental and Emotional Health Education Introduction to Leadership

Won a First-Place award for a Suicide Prevention program presentation

Accepted into the Disasters, Public Health, and International Cooperation study abroad program

Privately tutored a blind, handicapped student at Florida State College of Jacksonville

WORK EXPERIENCE Ballroom Professional and Manager Kaluby’s Dance Club

Jacksonville, FL October 2014 to present

Evaluate, develop, and implement individualized programs for client’s personal and competitive goals

Manage and supervise staffing and event planning for studio

Provide individual assistance while traveling with students as a representative of the studio, both locally and nationally

Supervise scheduling for 7 staff members and 35+ clients of an independently run company

Organize and manage various social events and competitions

Maintain contact with clients in order to cultivate a strong and loyal client base

Consistently develop long term, high profile clients

Tutor students in both private and group lessons

Consistently achieve highest closing ratio for new clients

Work with students to develop personalized programs designed to help reach their goals

Coach students in a private setting and help achieve their desired outcomes

Sales Associate

Jacksonville, FL


July 2012 to October 2014

Assisted customers and provided reliable and consistent information about available and upcoming products

Supervised shipment orders, as well as inspection, sorting and organization of incoming merchandise

Aided in daily cash transactions between the employer and the bank

Coordinated with the manager as a team leader during multiple overnight floor sets

Provided complete product knowledge to customers as well as product recommendations based on their individual needs