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Liquid Turbine
Flow Meter
Series 1200 and
Series 1500 Turbine
Flow Meter
Daniel® Overview
Is For more than 70 years, Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. has

unaccounted brought best-in-class natural gas and liquid flow measurement

products for fiscal custody transfer, systems and services to the oil
hydrocarbon and gas industry. All Daniel products meet or exceed international
hydrocarbon measurement standards. Known around the world, the
draining Daniel name is synonymous with quality products, industry expertise,
your reliable and innovative engineering that delivers cutting-edge
technology. Daniel is well positioned to serve its customers with
bottom locations throughout the world. Daniel, as a division of Emerson

line? Process Management, empowers customers to achieve their

business objectives by providing better service to their customers,
reducing their costs and adding value to their bottom line.

When the stakes are As Daniel continues to innovate and build its product technology and
high, any amount of global organization, you can be confident that Daniel is stronger than
hydrocarbon drains ever. As part of the Emerson Process Management group of
the bottom line. companies and its $15-billion parent company, Emerson Electric
That's why companies Co., (NYSE:EMR), Daniel has financial strength, staying power
like yours count on and proven history.
proven measurement
technology and
industry expertise Change and continuous improvement means success for Daniel
from Daniel to improve customers. One commitment remains constant - to continue to earn
service, reduce costs and keep our customers’ trust.
and add value.

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Daniel® Liquid Turbine Flow Meters

Daniel Liquid Turbine Flow Meters are installed in custody transfer and fiscal
custody transfer measurement applications. Typical installations for Daniel
turbine flow meters include crude oil and refined product pipelines, marketing
terminals, aviation refuelers as well as gathering stations and tank farms.

Flow meter requirements for pipelines and marketing terminals are unique.
Daniel recognizes this and provides products designed specifically for each
of these demanding installations.

Marketing terminal and pipeline operators prefer Daniel turbine flow meters.
This preference is attributed to:

Lower installation and maintenance costs

Measurement redundancy

Decades of petroleum measurement expertise

Customer support around the world

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Daniel® Turbine Flow Meter Advantages

Lower Installation and Maintenance Costs

With Daniel Liquid Turbine Flow Meters, installation costs are reduced due to
the unique design of the electronics housing; the Universal Mounting Box
(UMB). Minimizing electrical conduit or cabling and usually eliminating the
need for an additional electrical junction box achieve these savings. Typical
savings exceed $500 per meter installation.

Lower maintenance costs are enjoyed by end-users that have installed the
Series 1200 and 1500 Turbine Flow Meters. Lower costs are realized

Spare parts inventories are minimized since these two products

share the same pick-off and preamplifier;
downtime is minimized by enabling maintenance of pick-offs
and preamplifiers without disturbing conduit or cabling; and
installation design is simplified with both meters sharing the
same flange-to-flange dimension and electrical connections.

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Daniel® Turbine Flow Meter Advantages

Measurement Redundancy
Downtime can have significant financial implications.
To reduce downtime, Daniel turbine meters offer a
number of redundancy combinations.

The Series 1200 Turbine Flow Meter can be

supplied with either single or dual pick-offs along
with the dual channel preamplifier, which is standard.
In many marketing terminal applications a single
pick-off is utilized. With the dual channel preamplifier
the second channel becomes a spare.

The Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter offers a single

or dual UMB configuration. A dual UMB configuration
offers complete measurement redundancy without
compromising dual pulse signal transmission. This
flexibility allows pipeline operators to maintain the
meter, while continuing to measure without isolating
power to the second UMB.

Daniel UMB with Two Pick-offs

and a Dual Channel Preamplifier

Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter

with a Dual UMB Configuration.

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Measurement Expertise

Measurement Expertise
Daniel has resident measurement and engineering expertise required by
petroleum companies.

Choosing the right meter for the right measurement installation is an

important decision. Companies rely on Daniel to assist in recommending the
appropriate turbine meter each unique field installation.

Confidence in consistent and reliable accuracy and linearity is a fundamental

requirement for fiscal custody flow meters. Daniel flow laboratories ensure
that meters are proven and tested to provide optimal accuracy and linearity.

Global Customer Support

Global Customer Support

Daniel serves customers from more than 600 locations in more than 85
countries. Today, Daniel's commitment to customers includes expanding
industry-specific engineering and consulting services to help customers
maximize the value of Daniel products.

Customers stand at the center of Daniel's organization. Customer

requirements change. This constant change drives Daniel to find even better
ways to serve customers.

Daniel helps customers with:

Selection and engineering of flow measurement solutions

Technical and sales recommendations
Keeping Daniel products operating at peak performance

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How A Turbine Flow Meter Works

A turbine meter is comprised of a cylindrical housing that contains a rotor

mounted on a bearing and shaft assembly. As fluid passes smoothly through
the meter housing, it causes the rotor to spin with a rotational speed that is
proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The rotational speed is measured by
a magnetic pick-up or pick-ups, which are mounted in a boss on the meter
body. Rotor blades or rim buttons pass through the magnetic field of the
pick-up and generate a pulsing voltage in the coil of the pick-up assembly.
Each voltage pulse represents a discrete volume. The total numbers of
pulses collected over a period of time represent the total metered volume.

Both rimmed and un-rimmed rotors have a hub, bearing and a series of
angled blades to which the rim is attached where the option for a rim is
appropriate. The angle of the blades is typically set to minimize the drag of
the rotor, and to minimize the change in meter factor (reported rate of flow
per unit of revolution) across the operating flow range.

The bearings used in the rotor design can be stainless steel ball bearings or
tungsten carbide journal bearings. The choice of bearing is driven by the
type of service the meter will be used in. For low flow, clean product
applications, the stainless steel ball bearing is preferred. In severe
applications such as crude oil and aviation fuel, tungsten carbide journal
bearings are chosen due to the hardness and longevity of the bearing.

The Daniel liquid turbine families of meters have options where either
bearing type or an alternative rotor material can be selected for the
appropriate application.

Diagram of a Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter

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Daniel® Series 1200 Turbine Flow Meter

The Series 1200 Turbine Flow Meter is specifically designed for marketing
terminal and fuel blending service where repeatability is a critical
requirement. The proven design of lightweight internals is ideally suited for
the applications found in terminal and load racks.

The meter provides a UMB with either one or two pick-offs and a
dual-channel preamplifier board. Most load rack measurement points
require a single pulse output. Having a redundant pick-off and preamplifier
circuit ensures continuous operation. This meter's simple design assures
high flow rates and extended flow range and sustained performance.

The Series 1200 Turbine Flow Meter can be installed horizontally or

vertically, allowing for installation in space-constrained applications. The
standard design of the Series 1200 meter includes a flow conditioning plate.
Many customers have found that this plate has greatly reduced or even
eliminated the need for the traditional flow conditioning normally used with
turbine meters.

The Series 1200 Flow Meter is available in ANSI classes 150 and 300 with
either carbon steel or stainless steel bodies. The meters are available in 1,
1.5, 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes.

This meter features a patented, expanding hanger that centers the internal
assembly in the meter body. A lightweight rotor assembly is included with
patented self-cleaning, flow-through bearing design. The standard meter is
available with stainless steel ball bearings. For severe applications,
tungsten carbide journal bearings are available as an option in the 3 and
4-inch sizes.

Key specifications include:

Capacity: 8.6 to 1430 BPH (6 to 1000 GPM)
Linearity: +/-0.25% for sizes 1 - 2 inches
+/- 0.15% for sizes 3 - 4 inches
Repeatability: +/-0.02%
Rangeability: 10:1
Hazardous Area Classification: CE, CSA, and UL approved
Metrology Approvals: Measurement Canada; NTEP;
and OIML; Other approvals

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Daniel® Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter

The Daniel Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter is a rugged, reliable meter
designed for demanding crude oil and refined product pipeline applications.

The predecessor to the Series 1500 meter was the Daniel PT Turbine Flow
Meter. The Series 1500 Turbine Meter retains the proven internal assembly
from the PT meter along with the highly adaptable UMB.

Pipeline applications demand continuous, uninterrupted operation and often

require dual pulse fidelity checking. The Series 1500 meter offers a
standard UMB with a dual pulse output, with the pulse trains being 90o
electrically out of phase. A valuable option includes an additional UMB. The
second UMB permits complete measurement redundancy. The second UMB
can be configured to have dual pick-offs as well as a dual channel
preamplifier, resulting in a back-up system. This back-up system may be
used to continue measurement with pulse fidelity checking.

The internal assembly for the Series 1500 meter is comprised of a

dual-hangar design offering upstream and downstream support and positive
rotor centering. The standard bearing offering is a tungsten carbide journal
that offers exceptional longevity.

Key specifications include:

Rimmed or bladed rotor
Integral flow conditioning plate
Carbon steel or stainless steel (304 & 316 grades) meter bodies
Bi-directional flow measurement
304 or 316 stainless steel rotor assemblies

The meter is available in the following ANSI classes:

150 and 300 ANSI: 1 - 18 inches
600 ANSI 1 - 8 inches
900 ANSI 1 - 4 inches
1500 ANSI 1 - 2.5 inches

Note: Sizes 1 to 2.5-inches are available in stainless steel

material only.

The Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter may be supplied in a

dual UMB configuration. Flexible outputs are offered with
1, 2, 3 or 4 phased pulse outputs. Each UMB housing has
one or two pick-offs and a dual channel preamplifier. In
this configuration the Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter offers
up to four matched pulse outputs to accommodate a wide
variety of metering and meter proving requirements.

Series 1500 Turbine Flow Meter

in Stainless Steel Construction
and Dual UMB Configuration

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Daniel® Engineered Systems

Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. is the industry leader in designing,

constructing and commissioning of complex oil and gas metering systems
to exacting standards.

This global organization offers decades of fiscal petroleum flow

measurement application experience. Customers rely on Daniel's
Engineered Systems Group’s international fabrication facilities, customized
engineering and success in field-testing and support. From the simplest
single-stream skid to complex on-site installations, Daniel delivers both
natural gas and liquid petroleum turn-key applications. The Daniel
Engineered Systems team designs, constructs and commissions the
metering project, blending up-to-the-minute technology with decades of
understanding what customers need and expect.

Components of a Daniel Engineered System installation typically include

meters, valves, provers, flow-control instruments, instrumentation and
read-out equipment, and process management components. Computer
software and hardware are integrated with the measurement system.
Standard calculation methods include AGA 3 (now API-MPMS-14.3), ISO
5167, AGA 5/7/8, AGA 9 and the API Manual for Petroleum Measurement

Daniel DMSS-2000 Supervisory Control System utilizes a sophisticated

Graphical User Interface, database server, and a dedicated PLC for the
metering skid/MOV interface. Redundancy is often used for custody
transfer systems and/or when system integrity is essential.

A dedicated project manager and project team are assigned to each

measurement system project. This team is responsible for overall system
design and project construction from start, to finish. A separate internal
QA/QC group reviews all design details, inside and outside fabrication,
assembly and system testing.

Whether it is a pipeline, offshore production facility, or a loading facility for

ocean-going tankers, Daniel Engineered Systems is a proven,
single-source solution for customers throughout the world.

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Daniel® Measurement Services, Inc.

Daniel Measurement Services, Inc. takes pride in being there with the right
solution for customers with gas and liquid fiscal flow measurement

Around the clock, and around the world, Daniel Measurement Services has
experienced, highly qualified people prepared to assist customers with:

Startup and commissioning

Preventative maintenance
Product repair/upgrades
Project management and integration
Educational services
Remote diagnostics
Warranty Plus!

Daniel Measurement Services also offers a series of educational courses

essential to customer success. Courses can be at the factory or the
customer's location, and are taught by an accredited engineer, technician or
other trainer. Courses include product instruction on proper operation of
Daniel Gas Chromatographs, Ultrasonic Meters, Presets, Brooks® Compact
Prover™ and other instruments for fiscal flow measurement applications.

Daniel Measurement Services' educational courses and the commitment to

being the world's leading provider of value-added measurement services,
affirms that the Daniel support of customers has never been stronger.

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