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Grade Level Minutes January 12, 2018

Topic: Science Parent Involvement Night

Facilitator: Kotori

Note Taker: Noe

Time Keeper: Janice

Science Night

• Kotori (Parent Involvement Committee 3rd grade representative) – I think we should have a
STEM night or a Science night for the students and the parents to do experiments that we can’t
do during school hours. For example, I was thinking of using spheros and iPads to show different
coding apps or do science experiments aligned with our standards so the students can
participate as well as the parents so that they all can learn and be informed about 3rd grade
science. We can also tie it into the readings they can been doing in ELA to make the connection
between what they have been reading in class and the experiments since we don’t get to do
hands-on experiments. I think this will be the only way for our kids to learn and engage in
hands-on activities. I think it’s vital for students to not only read about but also do experiments.
With that being said, I suggest each of us doing different experiments so the families can go
around and participate in all 4 by the end of the night.
o Ideas
▪ Do a STEM station
▪ Do a station for each science strand
• Life Science (Janice)
• Physics (Kotori)
• Space Science (Nicole)
• Scientific methods (Janet)


 Each teacher in charge of one strand will come up with a lesson plan and or ideas for their
station and submit it to Kotori by February 1, 2018.
 Share the experiment with the grade level on the same day.
 Make a tri-fold for your station with information about the strand and your activity. When
completed, bring to Kotori’s room, P16, by March 1, 2018.
 Have your materials for the station ready by March 8, 2018 and bring them to Kotori’s room.
Kotori will check to see if all of the experiments work as planned.
 Flyers will be put in your mailbox by Kotori by March 1, 2018. Please send them home with your
students that afternoon. Here are some things to talk to your students about:
o Logistics of the event
o Why it is important to attend the event: Students can engage in experiments that we
can’t do at school. Students will be exposed to all strands of science in one night.
Parents can also join to learn about what we are reading and learning about in school.
o Talk about the non-fictions texts that we have been reading in ELA to make connections
between the texts and what they will experience at the event.
o They will earn ME in all strands for the quarter if they participate in all stations.
o There will be science videos playing and fun worksheets they can take home.