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DEMO CLASS example

Grade: 8th Section: Teacher:

Topic: Superlative adjectives with 2 and three syllables Target Language: Grammar structure and spelling for superlative adjectives 2 and 3
Objective: By the end of this 30 minutes lesson, students will be able to: individually write at least 3 own sentences about their classmates or family using
correctly superlative grammar structures.
Time Framework: Procedures/ Steps Interaction Material
30 Patterns: T. – Ss.;
Min Ss. - St.
Review of T. Greets sts and asks them to make a circle on the floor and using “hot T-Sts
previous class potato” chooses the students that will answer the following questions. Hot potato
5 min Tells them that the last topic was superlative adjectives with 1 syllable.
What did you learn from the last class? Questions
Say 3 examples of sentences using the grammar structure from the previous Sts- Sts
When do we double the last letter of the adjective to add “st”?
Sts. Sit on the floor play hot potato and answer the questions.
Warm up T. asks students to work individually and explain the “warm-up” (bingo) T- Sts. Bingo cards.
5 min Sts. Complete the bingo based on what the teacher says. Sts- Sts.
Sts. The student that finishes first wins. St. Markers
Main Activity T. Explains the grammar structure for 2 and 3 syllables superlative T – Sts Worksheet
15 min adjectives. Pencil/pen
Sts. Ask for any doubt. Sts- T
T. Asks students to work in pairs, gives them a worksheet and based on
the grammar explanation solve the exercises. Models one example.
Sts. Work in pairs and solve the exercises, when they finish they have to Sts – Sts
compare with another pair.
5 min Wrap up T. Asks students to work individually and based on what they have learned, T – Ss Notebook and pens
write at least 3 own sentences about their family or classmates, using the
correct spelling rules for superlatives.

Sts. Write the sentences and share with the class Sts – Sts
Sts – Sts