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(a) For applicants from AICTE approved institutions

The course is open to faculty members of engineering on
colleges and polytechnics approved by AICTE. No
Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms. _________________________ course fee is charged for participants sponsored by
___________________________________________ AICTE approved institutions. However, a caution Genetic Algorithms
is an employee of our institute and his/her deposit of Rs.1000/- has to be sent by the for
application is hereby sponsored. The applicant will be provisionally selected participants, which will be
permitted to attend the workshop on “Genetic returned when participant joins for the course. Engineering Optimization
Algorithms for Engineering Optimization” at IIT Participants from other Government and private
Guwahati to be held from 29th – 31st December 2014, if organizations are also eligible, provided they meet 29th – 31st December 2014
their TA and DA and pay a course fee of Rs. 2500/-
and Rs. 5000/- respectively. All payments must be
Coordinator: Dr. Deepak Sharma
made in the form of a DD drawn on any Nationalized
Bank and in the favor of QIP, IIT Guwahati, payable
Signature of sponsoring authority at Guwahati.


Limited number of participants from the AICTE
Official Seal: recognized institutions will be eligible for III AC to
and fro railway fare* (via shortest route from the
(b) For applicants from other Government and place of work). Only the candidates attending the full
Private organizations course will be eligible for T.A. and D.A. *Tatkal
DD No.: reservation charges will not be reimbursed.

Bank: Boarding and lodging facilities will be provided for
Amount: the selected candidates from AICTE approved
institutions in the institute guesthouse or hostel
(based on availability). However, lodging facility can
be arranged for others (subject to availability) on
Signature of the applicant: payment basis.

The duly completed application should be mailed IMPORTANT DATES

The last date for receipt of duly filled applications is
Dr. Deepak Sharma
Department of Mechanical Engineering 30th November 2014. Intimation of selection of
Organized by:
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati candidature will be provided through e-mail by 15th
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Guwahati – 781039, Assam, India December 2014. Interested candidates may send an
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Tel.: 0361-2582661 advance copy of the completed application by
Fax: 0361-2582699
fax/email to avoid procedural/postal delay. For
Email: Assam, India
announcement and updates, visit Website:
Faculty members of IlT Guwahati and guest faculty
Genetic algorithms (popularly known as GAs) have “Genetic Algorithms for Engineering
members from other premier
now gained immense popularity in real-world Institution/Organization will deliver lecture.
engineering search and optimization problems all
over the world. GAs are computerized search and COURSE MATERIAL 29th – 31st December 2014
optimization methods that work very similar to the Each registered participant will be provided with a Application form
principles of natural evolution. Some of the GA set of comprehensive lecture notes.
applications include mechanical component design,
structure design, process design, planning, job shop VENUE 2. Designation & pay scale:
scheduling, VLSI design, control systems, electrical
The workshop will be arranged in the Conference 3. Organization:
power systems, pattern recognition, operations
Hall, IIT Guwahati.
research, and machine learning. The objective of this 4. Date of birth:
workshop is to introduce a number of popular
5. Address for communication:
optimization methods used in design, emphasize the
importance of optimization in engineering activities,
introduce the working principles of GAs, and present
GA applications/case studies from a wide variety of Pin Code: Phone:
engineering problems. Adequate hands-on exposure
on computer simulations and relevant software
(computer-based) will be provided so that upon E-mail:
completion of the course the participants can use GAs 6. Academic qualification (please tick)
in their teaching, research and other day-to-day
(a) B. Tech. (b) M. Tech. (c)Ph.D.
COURSE CONTENT 7. Specialization:

• Introduction to Optimal Design

• Need of Optimization in Design ABOUT IIT GUWAHATI 8. Experience (in years):
• Introduction to Numerical Optimization The campus of IIT Guwahati is spread over 285 (a) Teaching (b) Industrial (c) Research
Methods hectares of land on the north bank of River
• Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm 9. Amount of TA requirement as per entitlement
Brahmaputra at around 20 km from the Guwahati
Optimization, Differential Evolution, Simulated city. With the majestic Brahmaputra on one side, and mentioned in the brochure (only for AICTE
Annealing etc. with hills and vast open spaces on others, the campus approved colleges) Rs:
• Advanced GA Techniques (multi-objective provides an ideal setting for advanced learning and
optimization, scheduling, global optimization) research. Guwahati city is gateway to beautiful
• Engineering Case Studies using GAs 10. Gender: (a) Male (b) Female
North-Eastern region of the country and linked with
• Tutorials/Laboratory Exercises all major cities by rail, road and air. The scenic Please register me for the workshop “Genetic
Relevant papers and software will be provided to panorama of the valley, the remarkable architecture, Algorithms for Engineering Optimization” to be held
each participant for a better understanding and future at IIT Guwahati during 29-31st December 2014.
the local points of art and culture have made the city
reference to most of the above topics. Adequate time to one of the most popular destinations in the
will be spent to discuss solution procedure of specific country. The temperature in the city during the Place:
problems of interests to the participants. period of workshop varies from 10-20°C. Date: Signature of the applicant