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Systematic Instruction Plan (SIP)

Student: ___Bria Jones_______________________ Grade Level: _2nd______

Current Symbol use: Verbal, strong concept of print, limited phonics skills,

Specific strand(s): Identify the short vowel sounds correctly
State Standard: __ Standard - CC.1.1.2.D
Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. • Distinguish long and short
vowels when reading regularly spelled one-syllable words. • Decode two-syllable words with long vowels and
words with common prefixes and suffixes. • Read grade-level high-frequency sight words and words with
inconsistent but common spelling-sound correspondences. • Read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.
Alternate Achievement: _Student will respond to variety of visual prompts. The visual prompts will contain a
written letter. The student will orally state the correct sound for the letter. Through the activity, the learner
will practice the correct oral sound while visually connecting the sound to the written letter.
Recommended Priority Skill: _Student should have a strong knowledge of letter recognition, consonant
sounds, and have some knowledge of short vowel sounds.
Objective:_ When presented with a series of letter flash cards, Bria will Identify the short vowel sounds
correctly 4 out 5 times vowels appear.
Unit description (What, from where): ___Decoding Unit ________________________________
Materials: Letter flash cards, which a majority of the cards have vowels on them. _ Adaptations needed (if
any) ________________________________
Alternate materials (if any): _________________________________________________________________
Setting/When: Lesson will be conducted in a resource room in the morning when the student regularly
attends the resource room.____________________________
Who will teach this target behavior: Special Education teacher and observation student.
Specific prompt(s) to be used: __nonspecific verbal, specific verbal, and model. _________________
Fading (check one):
□ None (simultaneous prompting)
XTime Delay: Progressive__X____ or Constant_______
□ Least Intrusive prompts
□ Most to Least Intrusive Prompts
□ Graduated Guidance
□ Stimulus fading and shaping
□ Other (describe) ___________________________________________________________________
Define planned fading schedule:_The student will be visually shown a set of ten letter flash cards. During the
first round the teacher will use a zero second delay after prompting the student (What is the sound the
[certain letter] makes?). The teacher will state the correct sound which correlates to the letter. During the
second and third rounds using the set of letter flash cards, the teacher will use a three second delay after
prompting the student before orally stating the correct sound. For the fourth round, the teacher will use a
five second delay after prompting the student (What is the sound the [certain letter] makes?). For the fifth
and final round, the teacher will use the set of letter flash cards and prompt the student (What is the sound
the [certain letter] makes?), and use an eight second delay before stating the correct answer.
Praise: correct answer-“Great job, (certain letter) does make the sound (certain sound).” Incorrect answer-
redirect-no praise. _______________________________
Fading schedule for praise: In the beginning student, will be praise for all correct responds. After the student,
has correctly identified three letter sounds correctly, then the teacher will switch to praising the student
every other correct respond. When the student is capable of completing four letter sounds in a row the three
will reduce praise to every fourth correct responds. When the student is capable of stating sixth letter sounds
in a row the fifth correct responds. Finally, as the student is answering more than seven or more letter
sounds in a row the teacher only praise the student at the end of the set.
Error correction: If student states the incorrect answer, orally state the correct letter sound while still
displaying the flashcard. ________________________________
Generalization Procedures
Define plans for student to generalized learned target behavior: Student will practice the use of phonic skills
while decoding during grade level reading and interdisciplinary subjects. _______
Promotion of Self-Directed Learning
Define plans: _Students self regulates their attention during the activty to provide the greatest amount of
focus.____________ _________________________

Student Name:

Target Behavior:

Criterion for Mastery:











# correct/total

Previous mean (%) _____________ Date__________________ Trend/Mean_________________

Decision __________________________________________________________________________________

Record the prompt level codes in the boxes:

+ = independent,
P = prompt (verbal, model, physical),
-- = error