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Buchchannagari Sudarshna
Mobile: +91- 9032811286.

To be in an organization, where my knowledge and skills are best utilized and
provide scope for development in the career.
3+ years of system administrator experience in multiplatform Linux and UNIX
environments, with hands-on expertise in networking, Remote Servers management.
Linux: Redhat Linux-6,7, Redhat Cluster Suite, VMware Vsphere, HP-ILO, LVM,RAID

Personal Traits:
 Zeal to learn new things, Innovative.
 Good communication skills.
 Creative, flexible and efficient work habits.
 Enjoy teamwork but able to work independently.
 Time management, planning and organization skills act with sense of urgency.
Educational Profile:
 BSc (Computers) From S K University, Anantapur, A P.
 Intermediate from Srivani Junior college, Anantapur, A P.
 SSC from ZPHS School(Kadapa)

Professi96520onal Experience:
Currently working for IBM INDIA PVT LTD as a System Administrator for CenturyLink
client, managing Linux and UNIX infrastructure.

Project Detail
Client : CenturyLink
Role : System Administrator (Linux L2)
Environment : Red Hat Linux, RH Cluster, UNIX
Duration : May-2015 – Till Date
Location : Bangalore, India

Job Responsibilities:
 Good hands on experience in ITIL process: Incident management process, Problem
management process and change management process.
 Providing good value services to the customer through L2 and L3 level 24x7
supports on shift rotation basis for Linux Servers.
 Good knowledge on Installation & configuration LINUX Servers by CD/DVD
 Good hands on Experience on NFS
 Troubleshooting and fine tuning Servers performances, Such as Issues with Swap Space,
CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization.
 Maintaining the HP-series, VMware servers with Red hat Linux 5, 6 and 7
 Maintaining User accounts, Groups and Server Space allocation.
 Good hands on experience on file permissions, special permissions and ACLs.
 Improve system performance by incrementing system SWAP space via adding SWAP
partition in a live system, and implementing SWAP partition and SWAP file.
 Configure and maintaining LVM on Linux server for flexibility disk storage,
configuring the newly added LUNs from storage to extend/create file systems on
standalone servers and as well as Cluster servers.
 Assuring system security with the utilities IPtables, TCP-Wrappers and SELinux.
 Good knowledge on Booting Process.
 Working closely with APP Teams and clients in bridge calls (SWAT) while working
on break fixing issues.
 Good knowledge on DM-Multipathing.
 Service Group creation in RHEL 5/6 clusters
 Monitoring Servers performance and troubleshooting the daily CPU and Disk related
 Performing the heath check of the Servers on quarterly basis and suggesting the
appropriate changes.
 Dealing with the Vendors for any Hardware or Software issues. And good knowledge
on opening a Service Requests with all Hardware and OS Vendors.
 Configuring Apache, FTP, NFS, AutoFS, and Samba servers.
 Good knowledge on accessing the Server’s consoles while doing any major activities.
Worked for Cooperp Software solutions Pvt Ltd, Remotely supporting for Linux
infrastructure during the period Jan-2011-2012

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my

(B Sudarshana)