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Teacher Training

Guide 2018


Photo: YogaVenue
We all love yoga, that’s why we’re here! But training, to picking the right course for you; what to expect on the
what if you start to like it a little bit more course and how you can prepare for it; even tips on how to make a
than everyone else? What if you’re watching living once you’re newly-qualified.
your yoga instructor at the front of the Most former trainees would agree that yoga teaching training is
class every week and thinking: I want a defining moment in their lives. It marks a journey, a transition to
your life! a more meaningful career, or even just a deepening of your own
You want to teach yoga to other people practice. Life changing is a phrase that repeatedly crops up.
like they do; you want to practice and to So be prepared and choose your course wisely as you
read up on spirituality all day; and to wear commence that wonderful adventure. It’s an exciting time and we
super cool hippie clothes and hang out with hope that we can help you to find the right path for you. Whatever
chilled friends all day long, just like they appear to do… your motivations for teacher training (even if it’s just emulating that
Well, you’re in luck: welcome to OM’s annual guide to all things charismatic teacher down the local gym!), it’s going to be one of
yoga teacher training. We can’t promise that you’ll have the same the most memorable times of your life. So, enjoy the ride, and soak
life as your very talented yoga instructor (nor those leggings they up the information inside this guide from some of the yoga world’s
wear, which you can’t locate anywhere on the internet!), but we brightest and wisest minds.
may be able to help you carve out your own new path, beaming
your yoga light to the rest of the world from an eco-friendly mat.
Inside this special OM report we’ve collected the views and
thoughts of the country’s top yoga instructors to help you along
the way. From making that decision to book onto a teacher

Teacher Training
Guide 2018

Teacher Training Guide 2018

June 2018
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34 Amazing Journey: 54 Finding Your Inner Voice:

A Yoga Adventure That Will Last A Lifetime Develop Your Own Teaching Style

36 Student Survival Guide: 56 Teaching With Confidence:

5 Tips To Get You Through The Course Finding Confidence Through Teaching

38 Managing Your Mental Health: 58 So, What’s Next:

Dealing With Your Own Baggage After Your Initial Yoga Teacher Training Ends

40 Short V Long Courses: 60 The Journey Beyond Teacher Training:

Intensives Versus Longer Study Times The Significance Of CPD

42 Tales Of A Yoga Teacher: 62 Flying High:

The Ebb & Flow Of A Typical Training Why Become An Aerial Yoga Teacher

44 Making Yoga A Part Of Your Life: 64 Your Authentic Voice:

Integrating What You Learn Finding Your Own Inner Authentic Teacher

46 5 Things To Help You Through Your 68 Keep On Learning:

Course: Essential Tips Continuous Professional Development

48 Core Skills: The Core Skills Of A Teacher 72 Building A Successful School:

Training Course The Sun Power Yoga Story

50 The Teacher Training Success Formula: 74 The Right Conditions For Hot Yoga:
Becoming A Teacher The Perfect Hot Yoga Studio

76 Insurance For Yoga Professionals:

Key Advice For New Teachers

78 The Business Of Teaching Yoga:

Tips For Making A Living

80 You Are Enough:

Overcome Those Self-Doubts And Embrace It

om yoga ttg2018

Yoga Teacher Training

om yoga ttg2018

How to differentiate
teacher trainings
With so many teacher trainings offering the same syllabus, how do you choose
which is the right training for you? By Michele Pernetta

teacher training is a big The experience of the tutors. For Yoga skills. Talk to people who have done the
investment of time and Alliance certification the senior teachers course. Go to an open day, meet the tutors,
money, so what should you need to have over 10 years experience and see if you connect.
look for to differentiate the teach 70% of the course. Make sure that
courses? is going to happen. Tales of courses where Course format:
It’s easy to say the right things as a the senior tutor popped in for a couple of Intensives versus correspondence courses.
course director, to put the right ad-words, workshops are rife. An intensive is just that – intense. It will
and inspirational sayings on your website. Some courses lean towards philosophy, create a crucible that will spark growth, and
But a discerning person needs to read anatomy, meditation and/or spiritual with growth often comes challenge. It is an
between the lines and not be afraid to ask a aspects of yoga. Others towards the incredible time, and your mind and body
lot of questions. practicalities of teaching different body change dramatically. You gain a network of
types in busy classes. Ensure you know friends and support. However, you want to
What to look for: beforehand. be sure you are in experienced hands, with
Have a think about what kind of teacher Just because a teacher might teach people who have the maturity to support
you would like to be or what you are inspirational classes doesn’t mean they are the process.
interested in and see if any course leans experienced in supporting others through A correspondence type course over a year
towards those interests. a teacher training. Those are very different or two can be convenient if you work or have

om yoga ttg2018

kids, and is less intense. As the camaraderie Ask if courses have ever been cancelled or
of an intensive isn’t there, ensure there is postponed and check the refund policy.
enough personal support given for questions,
discussion and corrections. Where:
It can be daunting to go from a teacher There are trainings in your home town
training to teaching a room full of people. where you can go home at night and have
Ask if there is support or further training some down time and residential where
after the course ends. you can be away from all home and family
responsibilities. Think about what might suit
What to be careful of: your needs.
There are many courses that offer strong And then there’s India! Many people wish
syllabuses but have less conventional to combine learning yoga with learning it in
ideologies. Occasionally the studio owners/ the place of its birth. It can be even harder to
course tutors have their own ideologies and separate the poor course from the great one
while those ideologies might be perfectly when it is a culture so different from our own.
wise or reasonable, they very often have Just because a teacher training is in India
absolutely nothing to do with becoming doesn’t necessarily make it more authentic or
a yoga teacher. They can be a way for relevant to being a teacher in the West.
immature teachers to exert their own I visited a famous yoga training centre
ideologies or agenda on students. They in India and was astonished to see that
could be about diet, discipline, spiritual the students were being trained entirely by
leanings or religion for example. Ensure you Westerners in their 20’s, which again might
are aware of them and if they are right for not be a problem, unless you were expecting
you. For example, becoming vegan might be to be taught by Indian yoga masters.
something you aspire to, but is a teacher Teaching Westerners yoga is as big business
training the right time for you to take this on in India as it is in the West.
and does it really have any bearing on your Trainings can be as quirky and original
learning how to teach yoga? or as bread-and-butter as the tutors
Sometimes studios or training themselves, so it’s important to gain clear
leaders misrepresent who they are, or information. If the information is couched in
their qualifications. They may promote self appointed titles, hyperbole and flowery
qualifications that really have no relevance language, don’t feel timid to question the
to teaching people how to teach yoga. organisers, if they are worth their salt they
Check. Ask others in the industry. will be happy to answer your questions.
Some course leaders (especially of And once on a course – know that whatever
smaller outfits) wait until they have enough course you have chosen, you will benefit from
bookings before they go ahead with the it, and the experience will enrich your life.
training, often cancelling at short notice.
One woman had the same course cancelled Michele Pernetta is the founder of Fierce
on her twice after she took the time off work. Grace (
om yoga ttg2018

Be prepared
Is there anything you can do before the course to better prepare yourself?

t’s exciting and daunting: your first those 10 minutes of peace will help companies (such as Yoga-Mad: they offer a
yoga teacher training! Preparation with stress, anxiety and focus. special teacher’s account meaning you can
is key: you’ll want to ask as many Read the recommended course books get 35% off equipment so you can purchase
questions and find out as much as ahead of time. Especially if you’re going mats, blocks/bricks and any accessories
possible ahead of time. Things like for an intensive course; the evening hours you might need to get started for your first
how much time will you be learning? How will slip away! Read as much as you can class, or eventually start to sell equipment
much homework is there? What exams there beforehand, then you can go back for on to your students for extra revenue). It
might be, as well as what local amenities are references rather than trying to read the may sound like early days but if you wish to
nearby for breaks? books at the same time as focusing on keep the ball rolling after you complete your
Visit the studio you’re going to be other homework. training, having a plan to stick to will help.
studying at a few times before your course Learn Sanskrit names for poses. This is Be prepared to transform too and don’t
starts if possible, especially if it’s a studio probably something you have already been forget to set your intention. There will
away from where you live. You’ll get familiar exploring in your own time but learning the be highs and lows but it’s all part of the
with the facilities, meet the course teachers Sanskrit names of the main yoga poses which journey and your intention will help you stay
and possibly get to know other students who are key to your chosen yoga style will be very grounded as to why you’re on your yoga
may be undertaking the course with you. It’ll helpful, especially if they don’t usually use teacher training path. You’ll learn a lot about
help with first day nerves as you’ll have a them at your regular studio classes. who you are and your practice along the way
few recognisable faces plus you’ll know how Make a business plan. This is so you can – and don’t forget to prepare to enjoy it all!
to get there and local places to eat. dive straight into teaching as soon as you’ve
Create a daily meditation practice finished your course. Think about when, By Katie Cornish, a keen yogini and
alongside your home yoga practice. where and how you’re going to set-up after creator of Evolute Yoga in Evesham. She
You might think: “How can I possibly you finish, and it’ll also help you to focus on completed her 200hr certification in 2017 at
squeeze a 10 minute meditation practice what you might need. Think about setting YogaVenue, Oxford. Follow her on Instagram
into my schedule?” But you’ll soon find up business accounts with yoga equipment @evoluteyogini

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Intensive in Oxford

Learn from experienced,

internationally recognised
yoga teachers


Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 June
Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 July
Monday 23 July - Saturday 4 August


Hot Power Flow 27 - 30 September
Hot HIIT Flow 29 November - 2 December

Visit our website for more information

01865 245754 •

om yoga ttg2018

Which course is right for you?

Finding the right teacher training course for you. Key things to consider,
by Bryony Duckitt

hen I chose to specialise Understanding your intention will Research training
in children’s yoga 12 determine what kind of training is courses thoroughly
years ago, there were right for you Yoga trainings can vary hugely in terms of
only three courses to Ask yourself these questions before looking curriculum content, theory versus practical,
choose from. One was for the training that best suits your needs. philosophies, attention to anatomy, practical
in the UK and the others abroad, so the business advice and so forth – making it
decision was fairly easy for me. Today in the n Are you looking for a career change or important to research as best as you can.
UK alone there are probably 20 children’s would you just like to add a class to your Evaluate the course syllabus/training outline
yoga teacher training courses being offered, usual work week, for a bit of change in your for the balance of subjects taught. Most
about half of which have surfaced in the everyday schedule? trainings are required to cover a minimum
past two years. There are so many options n Are you hoping to bring some yoga number of hours dedicated to things like
for trainings, how do you even begin to into your work space (i.e. yoga and mindful poses, anatomy, breath work, history of
decide which is right for you? techniques in your classroom or to offer yoga and Vedanta, so choose a programme
It can be a minefield out there and to work colleagues a class at the end of that speaks your language and excites you.
deciding to embark on a teacher training is their day)? What speaks to you most about the yoga
a big decision. Many factors contribute to n Have you been on maternity leave or teacher training you are researching?
finding the perfect match. Every decision are a full-time mum wanting to get back into
is personal, with different priorities and work but not in the same capacity as before? n Ensure your training is accredited, as this
considerations for each of us, however there n Are you looking to teach adults or will certainly reflect the quality of the training
are some fundamental questions that could specialise in children, teenagers, family yoga, you are getting. There are various governing
steer you in the right direction. babies or prenatal etc? bodies for yoga, which have set the standard
Here are a few key factors to consider n Are you merely looking for ways to for what a properly constructed teacher
when setting out on this exciting new venture: deepen your own practice? training should contain.

om yoga ttg2018

n Talk to people who have been through n Does their website, personal journey,
the programme and the teachers themselves teaching intentions, articles and
if you can. Was the response to your email programmes inspire you?
a generic one or was it answered directly by n How long have they been teaching and
the teacher? Is there a personal touch or are running these trainings?
you only able to chat once you meet? If this n And most importantly – will your teacher
is important to you – seek it out. continue to support you after your training
n What is your trainer’s philosophy and is complete? Does your training school have
mission for their school? What are they a sangha/group of teachers who connect
trying to share, what kind of skills would they with each other? Are there WhatsApp groups,
want their teachers to develop and leave the private Facebook groups, newsletters or
course with? website forums? It can feel quite isolating
n Does your training give you an being a yoga teacher, especially when you
opportunity to put practice to the theory start out, so community is paramount –
you are learning? Do you get to observe and whether it’s face-to-face or online, make
teach an actual class – to actual adults, sure this is something that is offered.
children, teens etc?
n Will your course qualify you for The practicalities:
insurance, as we need this to practice in dates, location and investment
public venues? Never overlook the practical bits that will
n What size is the training – is it intimate play a huge role in your decision.
or vast (12 students who get personal
attention or 35 students whose names n Choose a price that suits your budget
never get learnt)? – many teacher trainings have payment
n Does your training provider require that options and early bird discounts, so it’s
you have been practicing yoga for a while? worth asking about this.
Whilst there is no need to be an expert when n Find a date that works for you. If you are
you arrive on a teacher training, if you are a school teacher, is your training offered
looking to teach yoga it is imperative that during school holidays? If you are in a full-
you have a solid regular practice when you time job you might need to find a training
arrive – we must practice what we teach! that is offered on weekends.
n Do you want to be a part of a franchise n Would you prefer to do a full, intensive
or would you like to start your own career? training and integrate all the information
What are you signing yourself up for? post-training or would you prefer to have it
running over a longer period of time taking
And finally, online trainings can be a good time to integrate and practice all you are
addition to what you have already learnt but learning along the way?
being in the presence of a qualified teacher n When choosing a location think
is very important as you start your journey realistically about what you can commit to,
of teaching yoga. It is so important to given your current responsibilities – family,
observe teachings and be observed work etc. It’s important not to overstretch
whilst you are teaching. Be supported by yourself so think about how you could
an actual human being rather than a screen manage less travel time at the end of each
if at all possible. training day.

Connect with the teacher As you can see there is quite a bit to
A connection with the teacher is consider. Don’t be afraid to get online or on
fundamental in determining how much you the phone with the person you want to train
will gain from the course. Training as a yoga with. Feel supported as you move through
teacher can be physically, emotionally and your application process. This is a big step
mentally challenging so it is good to be sure to take, an investment in many areas of your
that your teacher is able to support you life … find the right course for you and enjoy
through this process with sensitivity. each step of this journey!

n Have you researched who your trainer Bryony Duckitt is the founder of YogaBeez
has been studying with and are you familiar Children’s Yoga. Merging her passions of
with them? Would you like to know more yoga and Montessori, she runs teacher
about their teachings? trainings around the globe (
n Do you share a similar philosophy
of teaching?
om yoga ttg2018

What makes a great teacher?

What are the ingredients you need to be a successful yoga teacher?

t YogaVenue, we begin with a class, a yoga teacher should have a deep knowledge to encourage and empower
real and unwavering love of understanding and appreciation of yoga their students to find their own way. A great
yoga. We aim to share this philosophy. teacher creates a positive and supportive
love of yoga in our classes In addition, a great yoga teacher has body atmosphere within a class to inspire students
and in our teacher training awareness through their own practice, and to deepen and enjoy their own practice.
courses. We encourage our teachers to can identify a posture done correctly. Having We also believe that a yoga teacher should
inspire their students and truly enjoy what a solid understanding of anatomy and an cultivate their voice to be audible, clear and
they are teaching. We endeavour to always understanding of the practical application of calm. Good vocal quality allows a teacher to
teach yoga with joy and compassion. yoga enables a teacher to provide instruction translate their yoga knowledge into instruction,
We also believe that a comprehensive to each individual student safely, as well to the great benefit of their students.
knowledge of yoga is essential for a as identify alignment issues and provide Above all, a truly great yoga teacher is
yoga teacher. This knowledge includes appropriate corrections in a mixed ability class. also a student, continuously learning and
a thorough understanding of anatomy, Furthermore, a successful yoga teacher exploring their own practice, and expanding
postures, sequencing, transitions, breathing, also needs to understand how to teach. A their knowledge and appreciation of yoga.
philosophy and teaching skills. Regardless teacher should be able to guide students
of the type of class they are teaching, through a class without forcing or pushing; By Alessandro Gozzi, Yoga Venue
whether it is a vinyasa class or a hot HIIT instead, a teacher should draw on their (

Anusara Teacher Trainings
Anusara Teacher
Teacher Trainings
with Bridget Teacher Trainings
with Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga
Woods Kramer School of Yoga
Anusara Teacher Trainings
with Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga
with Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga
200 hour Precision & Grace
Anusara Teacher Trainings
200 hour
with Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga
London &
& Grace
200 hour London &&Grace
& Bali
Precision Grace
with Bridget
200 hour
Bridget London
Woods &Bali
Woods &
Kramer Bali
School of
Graceof Yoga
300 hour Refine & Empower - Advanced Teacher Training
300 hour Refine & Empower London- Advanced
& Bali Teacher Training
300 London
hourRefine &
& Empower
Refine200 Empower
hour --Advanced
London AdvancedTeacher
Precision & Grace
Teacher Training
300 hour Refine hour Precision
& Empower London & Grace
- Advanced
London Teacher Training
& Bali
Bridget’s teacher training changed my life. She inspired me to
be the best teacher I can be, skilfully passing on her vast
300 hour
hour Refine
Refine &
& Empower
Empower -- Advanced
Advanced Teacher
Teacher Training
Bridget’s teacher training changed my life. She inspired me to
Training be the
knowledge in a spiritually uplifting way, with
best teacher
teacher training I can
changed be, skilfully passing
my She
life. inspiredon me her vast
compassion teacher training
and humour. changed
Her trainings are Shemore thanto
inspired meato
be theknowledge
- rathertraining Iin
an opportunity
and humour.
teacher in Iain
changed my
be, skilfully passing
be, skilfully passing
to open
life. Shetoinspired
Her trainings are
be, skilfully passing way,
your true
on vast
me nature.
her with
to vast
than just a
compassion - rather aninopportunity
and humour.
and humour. to open
Her trainings are
Her trainings are
a spiritually uplifting way, towith
moreyour than
more true justnature.
than ajust a
course -
course rather an opportunity
and humour.
- rather an opportunity Anne-Louise
to open
Her trainings are to your
more true
than nature.
just a
Thank you Bridget!! I’m sure youto hearopen to your
it often buttrue nature.
course - rather an opportunity Anne-Louiseto open to your true nature.
past 10 months and could Anne-Louise
not have thought of a better
Thank you Bridget!! I’m sure you hear it often but I LOVED the
Thank you10Bridget!! teacher
I’m sure to hear
you be taught
it often by!
but I LOVED the
Thank you months
Bridget!! and
I’m could
sure nothear
you have it thought
often butofI LOVED
a better the
past you
Thank teacher
10 months
I’m could
sure you Shanel
not have
hear it my life.
often but She
I ainspired
LOVED the me to
past teacher
10 months teacher
and could to be
not taught
have by!She inspired
my thought
life. of a me to
be the
past best teacher
10 months and could
teacher Ito
be be, skilfully passing
Shanel thought
by! of a on
better her vast
be the bestjourney
Incredible teacher
teacher Ito
can to be, skilfully passing
be taught by!way, as on her vast
knowledge teacher inI have
a grown
be taught so much
by! awith
knowledge in aShanel spiritually
Lauren uplifting way, with
Incredible and humour.
journey I haveHer trainings are
grown so muchmore than just a
as a teacher
Incredible and humour.
journey Her trainings are amore than just a
course - rather anIopportunity
have grown
so open
to much to as your teacher
true nature.
course -
Incredible rather
journeyan I
Incredible journey I have opportunity
have grown
Lauren to
so open
much astoayour
grown so much as a teacher true
teacher nature.
Thank you Bridget!! I’m sure you hear it often but I LOVED the
Thank you Bridget!! I’m sure you hear it often but I LOVED the
past 10 months and could not have thought of a better
past 10 months and could not have thought of a better
teacher to be taught by!
teacher to be taught by!
Incredible journey I have grown so much as a teacher
Incredible journey I have grown so much as a teacher
Fully accredited by Lauren
Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Alliance Fully
Fully Professionals
accredited byand Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
Yoga Alliance
Alliance International,
International, Yoga
International, YogaAlliance
Yoga Alliance
Alliance Professionals
Fully accredited by and
School ofHatha
School Hatha Yoga.
of Hatha Yoga.
Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. | Fully ||
Fully accredited
by |
Alliance International, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

Are you
ready for it? A Year of Self Discovery
These training courses are for everyone, whether
How to know when you are ready to embark you wish to teach Yoga or simply go deeper
on your Yoga journey.
on a teacher training course

50 Hour Advance Module Trainings:
eginning a yoga teacher training depth, such as meditation, pranayama, and Scotland 2018
course requires dedication and have also developed an interest in learning
enthusiasm; it also takes time, about yoga philosophy and how the mind
100 Hour Foundation:
Over 5 weekends
effort and money. So how do and body work too. Some students express
Glasgow | London
you know when you are ready improvement in their own health and
to embark on a teacher training? Many wellbeing and start to see the possibility of 200 Hour Teacher Training:
courses suggest a number of years regular helping others do the same.
Over 1 year
Glasgow | Edinburgh | Stirling | Hamilton |
practice with an experienced teacher as a
London | Liverpool |
prerequisite, but is that a good indicator of PERSONAL PRACTICE. Students who Germany, Bonn | Finland, Helsinki
your readiness to learn to teach? want to incorporate what they learn with
The answer to this question is as varied a teacher in class and practice at home,
300 Hour Hour Advanced Teacher Programme:
as the different types of hatha yoga that
Glasgow | Germany, Bonn
experimenting with poses and other
are now on offer. I wish I could give you a practices. This indicates to me that yoga Additional Trainings:
one-size-fits-all message. I have met many practice has become more than something Advanced Seasonal Training |
students who are looking at teacher training a student does in class with a teacher; it has Wise Ones (Seniors) | Seasonal Yin |
and it is difficult to pick out the specific become an important part of their life.
Aerial | Pregnancy | Club Morgan (Children)
indicators of a student’s ‘readiness’ to begin ONLINE at the Seasonal Hub:
a teacher training as everyone is unique. YOGA OFF THE MAT. I so enjoy when Seasonal Courses
Also, everyone has their own reasons for students tell me about the positive influence Face Reading Course
wanting to do a course. From my experience, their yoga practice is having in their daily FREE Magazine
here are some of the things that give me life. For example, taking a break at their desk
a good feeling that a student has reached to stretch away stress or breathing first to
that moment to consider embarking on a pause and consider before responding in Web:
yoga teacher training course: a confrontation.
or call us on:
Observing a true release in a student’s own When I run extended yoga classes, retreats 07980 244244
practice. When I see students developing a or short courses I often hear students Testimonial
real curiosity for their practice, taking time commenting about the joy of spending time I have loved this course and would do it all again
to express a posture through their body and talking about yoga with people who want in a heartbeat. The teachers are so knowledgeable
self adjusting rather than trying to make it to listen and talk about yoga too. This is and brilliant at bringing out the best in you. The
posture workshops, lectures, food!, all exceptional.
that perfect pose right away. When I observe what yoga teachers love about their work, It’s been a privilege to be part of the group.
that the student’s breath is becoming softer sharing their passion and helping others find Valerie Johnston (Glasgow Group)
and their ability to relax becomes clear, joy in yoga.
Affiliate studios?
I feel they could be ready to go further. If you are interested in joining the Seasonal Yoga family,
Questions like ‘Where should I feel this..’ This is by no means a definitive list. we are always happy to discuss setting up courses in new
or ‘Is this meant to..’ are no longer part of Personally, I believe a clear desire to share studios, please contact us for more details or a chat.
their vocabulary - they are practicing at the this life affirming practice with others is a
speed of their body and breath rather than brilliant starting point to embark on this
their mind. special journey of learning to teach. Yet
sometimes it’s hard to express why you want
A WISH TO DELVE DEEPER. This is to do a teacher training, it’s just a feeling,
probably one of the main reasons students a knowing. I say follow your heart and
that I talk to are considering training. They intuition and good luck.
have discovered that there is more to yoga
than asana practice and have developed Louise Cashin, Course Director Yoga
a desire to explore other practices in more Yoga Teacher Training (
om yoga ttg2018

You can balance

on one leg…
So why does teacher training give you the wobbles? By Steve Heath

tarting yoga teaching training is step into the unknown. But it’s one that’s know your tibialis from your teres minor –
rather like starting yoga itself: you definitely worth taking. Remember that all that’s what you’re going on the course for, to
can be full of apprehension. Think the teachers you love and respect were learn that stuff. It’s the same with philosophy:
back to that first time you set foot once in exactly the same position. So why no one starts a course already a past
in a studio. You probably convinced should you be any different? As confident as master in the Sutras of Patanjali. That’ll all
yourself that you’d be the unbendiest they seem now, they’d certainly have had a be explained to you over time. Just relax.
person in the room; even the thought of bellyfull of butterflies. A good way to allay any apprehension is
Downward Dog made you cower down in That being said, you do need to feel ready to have a look round at the different courses
fear, tail between your legs. Looking back to take the step. The best qualification is which are available. No two courses are ever
you can’t imagine how you felt like that. this: a love for yoga. You’ve got the bug and the same, just as no two Downward Dogs
What you felt, though, was entirely natural. you’re smitten. It doesn’t matter if anatomy’s are ever the same. By casting your net a
So it is with teacher training: it’s a a whole new world to you, and that you don’t little wider, you’re more likely to find the

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course which instinctively feels right for you.

It may be one that’s longer but nearer to
home, or one that’s shorter but tucked away
somewhere exotic. It may be one which is
more geared to a physical practice, or one
with a more spiritual bedrock. You’ll have a
gut feeling which one’s right for you, right
now. Trust that feeling: it won’t let you down.
Remember too that there’s no such thing
as perfect. Like online dating, some yoga
faculties may promise you the earth and the
course of your dreams. Reality, of course,
is rather different. Whatever course you
choose, there are bound to be areas which
aren’t perfect,
But so what? As long as the course gives
you a strong and comprehensive foundation,
it’ll foster a hunger for learning which will
continue long after it’s finished. A course
can do many great things, but it won’t turn
you into BKS Iyengar overnight.

The best
qualification is this: a
love for yoga. You’ve
got the bug and
you’re smitten
The success – or otherwise – of your
chosen course also depends on you. More
precisely, whether now is the right time for
you to embark on it. You don’t want to get to
the end of it, then sulk like Mr or Ms Miffed
from Tunbridge Wells because it didn’t meet
your expectations. The truth is: if you’re
already overloaded with commitments, no
course is ever going to cut the mustard. So
be honest with yourself. Do you have enough
space in your life, and in your head, to take
a course? You don’t need to be footloose
and fancy free, with all the time in the world.
You just need enough space to make the
most of the opportunity.
Finally, if you’re in two minds about
whether to take a course or not, it probably
means you’re ready. Once the seed’s
planted, it’ll grow. And you’ll grow with it.
You may never be the best teacher who
ever lived, but as long as you’re a confident,
contented and safe one, you’re there. The
very best of luck.

Steve Heath is a senior yoga teacher

and trainer at Feel Hot Yoga & Wellbeing

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your big

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“Many drift into yoga as a kind of workout. Whilst this
keeps us strong, it can neglect anatomical understanding,
the mind connection, and the rich philosophy. Yoga can
Your ‘why?’ is the one most important transform every aspect of our life.”
elements in embarking on any project, SIMON LOW, FOUNDER OF THE YOGA ACADEMY
including your yoga teacher training.
By Gopala Amir Yaffa

ou may have all of the classic motives of deepening your
practice or launching a new career with something you
are passionate about. But I would like to tell you that you
can dream bigger than that, as big as the world.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”
- John Lennon

I started my yoga journey when I was very young and joined a yoga
ashram when I was 16 years old. Shortly after I became a Hindu
monk there in 1994, a beautiful hearted lady from the USA came to
stay with us for a few days. During our conversations, she shared
with me that she is on her way to Jordan and that she is the private
yoga teacher of King Hussein and the royal family.
This was very inspiring for me because I was an active pacifist
in my early teenage years, and I was really feeling at the time
the depth of inner peace that yoga brings. Connecting the dots,
I immediately saw the potential that yoga could have in bringing
peace to the world.
And guess what? Not more than a few months after my meeting
with the American yoga teacher, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
and King Hussein of Jordan formally made peace, ending 46 years
of war.
A coincidence?
I truly believe that each and every one of us is here to make this
world a better place. We are here to make a difference, starting from
within, then influencing circles of family, friends and community…
and who knows, we might even bring in a new era of peace, of
justice or of compassion.
It doesn’t need to be a revolution and happen all right now. An
evolution, nice and slow and steady, will suffice. But if you keep your
dreams small, I’m not sure if it will happen at all.
So, what change do you want to see in the world?
Let your yoga teacher training be a step on your way to that Become a yin & yang yoga teacher as a graduate of
global transformation.
The Yoga Academy’s internationally recognised course.
By Gopala Amir Yaffa, founder of Rainbow Yoga Yoga Alliance 200-hour one-month intensives and
extended BWY-Accredited diploma courses.
The Yoga Academy offers ongoing training to teachers
through workshops and residential intensives, including
a Yoga Alliance (US) 500-hour upgrade course.
The renowned Yoga Academy faculty includes Simon Low,
Gary Carter, Gill Lloyd and Julie Gudmestad


Register your interest now at: |
theyogaacademy YogaAcademyUK yogaacademyuk
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How to choose a
yoga teacher training
Questions to ask yourself before diving in.
By Sally Parkes BSc, SYT

here are so many wonderful yet? Or is there more work to do first? Be clientele for example, then maybe a strong
yoga teacher trainings out honest with yourself as only you will know vinyasa training is not appropriate. Have a
in the world now that it can the answer to this. You may find keeping a look at your likely demographic and then
be challenging to find the journal can be helpful to reflect and to consider your options.
right one for you. Here are a figure it out.
few questions you may like to ask before Is the yoga school established and are
embarking on your journey. What style of yoga resonates with you? the teachers senior?
Most of us have a style of yoga that we love Check how long the training has been going. I
Are you ready? or that has been life changing, and that know from experience that it can take a good
Initially it is advisable to check whether or has brought about so many benefits to us five years for a training to become solid
not you are ready to take on the challenge personally. So it is natural to seek out a enough to support the students in a way
of a training course, as teaching yoga is training in the style you love. However, have that they deserve. Check out the tutors too.
an honour and not something to be taken a think about the people you will be teaching Hopefully they are either registered senior or
lightly. Have you put the ground work in on afterwards as well. If you will be teaching in experienced yoga teachers as this way you
yourself to share this discipline with others a small village with a lot of seniors as your know they have taught for a long time. Also

om yoga ttg2018

check who the training is registered with what’s needed to get students signed up,
(for example, Yoga Alliance, British Wheel of so getting first hand knowledge from past
Yoga or Yoga Alliance Professionals). students can be really helpful, and there are
several Facebook groups that this can be
Course content discussed in. The course leader may even
Aside from the style of yoga asana, what be willing to put you in touch with some of
is the emphasis of the course? Will there their graduates.
be a huge amount of anatomy or is the
focus on the more subtle, energetic side of Does it fit in with your life?
yoga. What is it that interests and excites Does the format of the training (i.e.
you the most? weekends, one month away etc.) fit in with
your current life situation, or are you being
Are there exams or is it all unrealistic? Remember you will also have
coursework-based? home study to do as well as the contact
Personally, I don’t feel that one approach is teacher training hours, so think about when
better than the other, as it’s subjective, but
if you know exams cause so much stress
you will be able to do this as well. That
way, you can absorb the information more YOGA
that it leads to anxiety, then look for a effectively as it won’t become stressful to
coursework-based training. Or if you know study, and then the yoga can works its

you struggle with self-discipline, look for one magic, and hopefully help you enjoy this
with an exam or two. Then you know you potentially life changing experience.
have to get a study plan together and revise.

Sally Parkes is the author of the bestseller
What do past students of the course ‘The Students Manual of Yoga Anatomy’ and

say about it? runs yoga teacher trainings and workshops
Of course, a website and sales team can say throughout the year (

yoga teacher
Teach yoga for life
Teaching yoga 1:1
Lesson planning
Self-care for teachers
The language of teaching

9-16 June / 22-29 September

Boutique studio
Wandsworth, SW London
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Be an
How does the graduate become the guru? By Nina Sebastiane

veryone has a favourite teacher. You know the one, often help visual learners (research has found that most of our new skills
it’s the first teacher you experience or maybe the first processing is visual so pictures are always a good way to absorb the
that you really connected with. They put you at ease and information and take into the class with you). But as we progress as
usually have an effortless way with words - giving you just experienced teachers, we often forget these basics. One of our most
what you need in class, when you need it. They can work senior teachers at Feel Wellbeing still prepares a class plan with
you hard, but you love them all the more for it, and as for savasana stick figures (something she would do as a student but has never
- pure bliss. It is these special people that often give students the given up). It helps her to visualise the sequence better which means
motivation and self belief to take the teaching plunge. But what is it leaves more time for her to see beyond the poses and concentrate
the secret sauce that enables these gifted gurus to transport you on the nurturing side of teaching.
from yoga studio to yoga nirvana? Which leads us nicely onto TLC. Making your students feel warm
and welcome the moment they walk through the door is another
Growing pains basic that can be overlooked. Arrive well before the start of your
As a yoga teacher trainer since 2012 and student since 1998 I have class; I aim for 40 minutes earlier. Get the room set up with any
loved watching the chrysalis-like transformation of the nervous, mood lighting and nice smelling scents - not overpowering, but just
word-stumbling trainee become a confident, effortless teacher. enough to encourage a feeling of a clean, fresh practice space. I
Getting lefts mixed up with rights is par for the course as is the brain steer away from the very musky joss sticks and prefer essential oil
freeze moment when you can’t even remember your own name. It of eucalyptus or lavender in a water base which I spray or burn prior
happens to everyone. But how does the graduate become the guru? to start of class. Not only does it smell wonderful but it aides the
In my experience, first and foremost is preparation, preparation, opening of the airways and the lavender creates an instant feeling
preparation. Trainees can be in a rush to build their signature of wellbeing.
sequence and get it out there, but you need to get the foundations
right. Take time to really consider your audience: who are you Personal attention
teaching? A class that happens at 9am on a Sunday will have a No matter the kind of day I have had up to that moment, I do a
completely different feel and audience to the Monday 6:30pm ‘after short practice or a breath exercise if time-strapped to reset my own
work’ crowd. Not only the nature of who you are teaching but also thought patterns. As students arrive I greet everyone with a big
what is going on around them. As as a trainer I encourage all new smile. The feeling of someone being delighted to see you is tangible
teachers to take time to do the prep properly and write down their and can improve the atmosphere of a class from the outset. Often
class aide memoire – preferably step-by-step and with stickmen to this is the time students who may be experiencing particular issues

om yoga ttg2018

come and see you and share a few moments about their day or
what is happening in their bodies and lives. I encourage students
to arrive early so they may (in their own time) transition from their
busy working day to time on the mat. I always ask, ‘how are you
feeling today’? It’s at this stage you hear about the little things: ‘I’ve
had a terrible week at work’, ‘I’m holding a lot of tension in my neck
and shoulders’. With that information to hand and a few mentally
noted tweaks to the sequence later in class: “Hi everyone, welcome
to class. Today, we’ll begin with a little neck and shoulder release to
let go of the day...” Everyone enjoys the release and the ones who
have already shared this little detail will feel that bit of extra special
attention and love.

Keep learning
Never stop evolving your teaching style and refreshing your
knowledge. It is easy to fallback into a safe and well trodden routine
of saying the same things over and again. If you find yourself
reverting to autopilot then perhaps it’s time to do something
differently. Make some time for yourself to try out a new teacher –
it doesn’t need to be a yoga teacher, I’ve been to pilates and even
Zumba sessions and have come away with motivating elements
that could be incorporated into a yoga class. Deconstructing your
session and surprising your yogis with something a little different
will be well received, although I would be wary of trying this if you’re
covering someone else’s regular slot. In those instances, most
definitely stick to the brief.
Lastly and perhaps most importantly, stay humble. When the
big bad ego raises its ugly head it can get…well, ugly. If you find
yourself in a room where bendy people are trying to have a ‘bendy/
headstand/balance off’ remember why you started your yoga journey
in the first place. Most likely it was because you found peace and joy
there. If you keep sight of that, yogis will flock to your classes. There’s
nothing finer at the end of a class than seeing a glowing face beaming
with gratitude for a wonderful class... Now that is nirvana.

Nina Sebastiane is owner and founder teacher at Feel Hot Yoga &
Wellbeing St Albans & Watford (
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Formulate your plans

Is there anything you can do before the course to better prepare yourself?

t’s an exciting time: you’ve decided to likely you’re already invested in yoga. You course, you’ll be practicing yoga for a few
do the yoga teacher training course. should try to get to as many yoga classes hours a day. Doing yoga beforehand will help
With any kind of education, you want as possible to condition yourself. This is you immeasurably.
to be a little prepared before you because during a yoga teacher training It isn’t necessary to have a yoga practice.
begin. You want to take in all the You may actually find that you’re in a better
information you can to fully understand the position than those who do have a practice
layers of information you need to be a yoga You should try already but are doing it wrong. During yoga
teacher. Here are some of the things you teacher training, you’ll be learning how to
can do to best prepare yourself. to get to as many do poses with perfect alignment. It doesn’t
matter how far you can stretch but how well
Prepare the body yoga classes as you keep the body aligned during any given
You will want to be doing some form of pose. This is important for you to understand
exercise daily to build up your strength, possible to so you can then pass this wisdom on to your
stamina, and endurance. If you’re doing students. Flexibility and strength will come
the yoga teacher training course, it’s condition yourself naturally throughout the training.

om yoga ttg2018

Read up free to focus on your yoga practice and the you research where you’re going. You don’t
Get to know the philosophy of yoga. There is a training. You may have a project to finish or want to feel a sense of disappointment once
lot to learn so read up on the Yoga Sutras of social commitments. Let people know that you arrive. If you have questions, make sure
Patanjali and familiarise yourself. Getting the you’ll be unavailable to commit to social to ask the yoga school. Check out what
general idea of the philosophy behind yoga engagements or work projects. You don’t the weather will be like so you can pack
will help you to feel less overwhelmed when want to feel any stress while you delve into accordingly.
you begin. There are a lot of different aspects the practice of yoga deeply and learn about Your yoga teacher training will be a
to yoga and when you’re in the midst of the all the aspects. wonderful experience if you remain open
course, you may not have the time to reflect to the process. There will be like-minded
on the philosophy. Yet it is of fundamental Know where you’re going people you’ll meet and doing all that yoga
importance to the overall course. Many people will choose to do an intensive will bring you immense peace. You may be
yoga teacher training course abroad. It’s a getting educated but you’re also healing and
Prepare to focus wonderful way to see the world and if you’re centering yourself along the way.
Yoga teacher training is usually pretty going somewhere like India or Goa, you’re
intense in terms of the time and energy in the midst of where yoga came from. If By Meera Watts of Siddhi Yoga
you’ll be dedicating to it. Make sure you are you’ve decided to go this route, make sure (

love yoga, teach yoga

An accredited 500 hour teacher training
offering a broad foundation training
in hot and non-hot yoga.
For those serious about teaching yoga.

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The power of why

The power of knowing your ‘why’ when selecting a teaching training programme.
By Dylan Ayaloo

nowing your reason – or your ‘why’ – you are doing a
yoga teacher training is of paramount importance. It
is your inner compass; it is waiting to guide you to
that which is in alignment with who you are, what you
want in life, your values and your bigger purpose
amongst other things.
When you know why you want to do a teacher training, it will
be easier to find a training that matches your needs and serves
your outcomes.
Some people train to become a yoga teacher, some to deepen
their practice, others to change careers and some to learn more
about themselves or go deeper into their personal transformational
journey – or a combination of these.
How will you find what you want with clarity and ease when you
don’t know why you want it?
Always start with the ‘why’ first – then the ‘what’ and ‘how’ will fall
into place with ease.

Dylan Ayaloo is the founder of the Dylan Ayaloo Training Academy


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ng in Aerial Yoga is growing in

ust popularity and isn’t just

e yoga another yoga fad! The yoga
he hammock might be the

ou will most creative prop you will
but it ever use in you class but it
prop. is that simple, it is a prop.
ga Whatever style of yoga
e, the you teach or practice, the
be a Aerial hammock can be a
great tool to use.
ut LEARN TO Aerial Steps is all about LEARN T
n Aerial • Adapt Aerial Yoga practices to meet training you to use an Aerial • Adapt
y, participants needs during a yoga Yoga hammock safely, partici
session session
nt to creatively and relevant to
• Use an Aerial hammock to take • Use an
yoga postures into the air enhance your yoga. yoga p
• Plan, prepare, instruct and adapt • Plan, p

Aerial Yoga sessions
• Design a balanced Aerial Yoga class
• Relate the health and safety at
Aerial Steps Teacher
Training carry endorsement
• Design
• Relate
work act to the health and fitness
environment, while using a aerial
TEACHER from Active IQ.
work a

rs that
Blended learning
TRAINING This course is only for
certified yoga teachers that
pa Face-to-face: 3 days are looking to develop a Face-to-
areer Home study new and rewarding career Home stu
ga. ASSESSMENT in teaching Aerial Yoga. ASSESSM
• Knowledge and understanding • Knowle
written questions NEXT TRAINING DATE written
• Worksheets EDINBURGH 31/08 – 02/09 • Works
• Practical assessment • Practic
• Practice journal • Practic
e • Case study To book or for more • Case s

CERTIFICATION information visit CERTIFIC Aerial Yoga Instructor Aerial Yo
or call 07971 605 433 COURSE
£675 £675

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James B D’Silva outlines the Garuda
way, a yoga teacher training where
intelligent movement is soulful

aruda stems from its love of Garuda was created by a dancer the healthy option of the body finding Its
movement. We understand recovering from injuries to ease the body own architecture.
the scope, functionality and back into its fittest form; it is now a part of Hence, we consider the teacher the
the difference movement can the healing arts. ultimate guide in this voyage of discovery,
make in everyone’s life on a But it would be wrong to define Garuda, thus all trainings are vocations that
holistic level. We take movement, dissect as we are different things to different people. call on deep introspection, learning
it and make it available in its simplest of Teachers are taught to recognise and and perseverance.
forms or most complex patterns. appreciate the uniqueness and individuality This is not easy, yet it is the most exciting
We coax the intelligent body in finding of clients as they learn to master the of voyages that a student can make in self
its true confidence, strength, endurance sciences. Education is continuous and growth and discovery.
and flexibility. ongoing; complacency is frowned upon and We are an ever growing family of like
Garuda is a movement meditation. thinking out of the box is encouraged. minded people that believe that through
We draw from the ancient martial arts, Garuda is soulful: we create a body movement we make the world a better
yoga asana and pranayama practice, truly connected to its senses and the place. To move is to live, to move is to love.
pilates and the different dance techniques environment around it. No class is ever
in understanding the space within and repeated, nor do we believe in the perfect James B D’Silva is the founder of Garuda
around us. shape, as it is truly relative. We promote (

200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Cotswolds - Cornwall - Scotland - Greece

200hr Weekend Course Cotswolds

300hr Modular Course Cotswolds

"Thank you for giving me the confidence

to follow a dream."
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Yoga Teacher Training

Make this the year
you train to teach
with the BWY

Go to
for more information

Join the BWY today

BWY for your
lifelong yoga
Full details of courses including course content, locations, tutors
and contact details are available at

BWY registration is a prerequisite to acceptance on all courses. journey

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Amazing journey
Yoga teacher training is an amazing journey that lasts a lifetime.
By Amanda Edlin

o, you’ve researched your training course, studied the
curriculum, location and cost. You’ve discussed it with
friends and family. You’ve spoken with the lead trainer and
now feel ready to embark on your yoga teacher training
course. Well done for taking this step into a new and bright
future. Let’s take a walk through what you’ve really signed up to.
As a course director, working with students during their teacher
training is a huge privilege. It’s wonderful to greet a new group of
students who are excited, anxious, uncertain and anticipating the
course to come. Each student is a little bud just waiting to bloom
into a beautiful flower.
You may expect to be challenged physically on a course and most
students prepare for this element by upping their personal asana
practice and building stamina. What you might not expect is the
process of accepting your physical limitations and understanding
the best way to work with your body, rather than pushing against

om yoga ttg2018

it. Allowing you to apply kindness and compassion to yourself, in

addition to your future students. And the varied practices of asana,
pranayama and meditation may lead to a physical or emotional
release that might take you by surprise.
To say yoga teacher training is a journey is a bit of a cliché, but
it’s actually true. And the emotional part of the journey can be the
hardest part of the course: building confidence, removing limiting
beliefs (because you are good enough!), finding your voice, releasing
things that no longer serve you and letting them go. The support
provided by your group and your trainer is essential as you navigate
your way through. Be open to the experience and trust the process.
The yoga community, both during the training and afterwards, is a
hugely supportive family ready to help and guide you.
Choose your training experience wisely, so that you have all the
support and encouragement you need.
Yoga teacher training can be a hugely transforming experience,
taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. It
explores unexpected avenues and brings about lasting change.
Completing your teacher training is just the beginning of an amazing
journey that lasts a lifetime.

Amanda Edlin, founder & course director at Waking Minds Yoga,

200hr, 300hr & CPD courses (
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Student Survival guide

5 tips to help you through the course. By Ann-Marie Mainprize
1. Comparison is the thief of joy
This is your own amazing adventure into self exploration and these obstacles stop you in your tracks or you can dig deep and
connecting to your true self. You are a unique individual and you are embrace your integrity and determination and hurdle right over the
not training to be a mirror image of anyone else. Avoid comparing obstacles and learn from the lessons sent to test you.
yourself to your peers and other teachers, especially on social
media. Comparison starts a downward spiral within your monkey 4. Connect with your fellow students
mind and raises your anxiety to make you feel inferior. Your peers Encourage yourself to connect with your group. Swap numbers,
may start teaching before you do or may be more advanced in arrange to practice or study together, ask questions and provide
asana practice: know that this does not demonstrate that they are support to your peers. Connecting allows us to feel supported and
an effective teacher. Being an effective teacher comes from within when we feel supported, we are more open to express how we feel.
your heart and your true self and your intentions. At some point everyone will shift emotions and open up fears and
past, unresolved issues that may be buried deep down. With the
2. Feel the fear and ride the nerves support of your peers and fellow trainees behind you it allows you to
It is 100% normal to feel anxious and nervous leading up to process and release, develop and grow and connect deeper to your
commencing your teacher training course and on the first day the inner spirit.
nerves within the group are through the roof. Know that your peers
are feeling exactly the same fears and worries as you are. These 5. Keep a journal
fears and anxieties will continue to raise their ugly head whenever Journaling your thoughts, emotions and feelings enables you to
you are pushed out of your comfort zone – teaching your first micro develop your inner voice and intuition. Expressing yourself in any
teach will feel so scary. If you allowed your anxiety to control you, way strengthens your ability to communicate and teach. Journaling
you probably wouldn’t have clicked submit when you completed also acts as a cathartic release and will enable you to process
your teacher training application. Fear and anxiety will stop you from your thoughts and feelings realistically without analysing yourself.
achieving anything within your heart’s desire if you allow it to. On What you write down might not make sense at the time but as you
the other side of fear and nerves is complete joy and exhilaration, progress and develop you will understand the words with clarity and
so embrace the bravery and strength within you, believe in yourself deep sentiment.
and ride those nerves.
Always connect to your roots, trust your instincts and listen to
3. Embrace the obstacles your heart.
You can guarantee as you embark on your teacher training that
many obstacles will cross your path to test your resilience and inner Ann-Marie Mainprize is a senior Yoga Alliance Professionals teacher
strength. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you choose to let trainer in East Yorkshire (

om yoga ttg2018

Managing your mental health

Dealing with your own mental and emotional issues on a yoga teacher training course

eacher training can be an
intense experience for some
students, both on a physical
level and an emotional level. It
can bring up emotional pain and
unresolved issues.
A good teacher training facilitator will
place as much focus on the emotional
and psychological safety aspects of their
students as they would on asana practice to
avoid physical injury.
Indeed, teacher trainings are an
opportunity for a student to go deeper on
all levels - mind, body and spirit.
A good facilitator will create the conditions
for a student to safely meet and greet the
emotions that arise, so that they do not feel
overwhelmed, but rather empowered by them.
Sitting with their feelings in a safe, nurturing,
group environment can be a life transforming
experience, and one of personal growth for a
yoga teacher training student.
Learning to look at our own ‘emotional
baggage’ and let go of things that no longer
serve us is part of our spiritual growth.
And it is this that will enable us to connect
with our students in a truly honest and
compassionate way.
As yoga teachers we may pass on a
message of letting go. However, for that
to truly resonate, we will need to work on
letting go ourselves. That does not mean
that this is all going to happen on our
teacher training. We may open a door and
get a glimpse of emotions and feelings that
are there. We can work through them as we
figure out stuff on and off our yoga mat.
If you are feeling overwhelmed on your
course, ask for some one-to-one time
with your course facilitator. Sometimes
you just need to share and get support.
Not everybody wants to do this in a group
setting, so this too should be respected.
Having taught many students on teacher
trainings, I have witnessed both laughter
and tears, both of which are part of life’s
rich tapestry and a part of a yoga teacher’s
training journey.

By Cherie Lathey of Yoga Mama


om yoga ttg2018

triyoga teacher training

diploma + advanced
training, supervision + mentoring
apply now at
two intakes per year
accredited by the BWY +YA Professionals

at triyoga london
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Short v Long
How best to study to become
a teacher: short intensive
courses, versus longer study
options. By Marit Akintewe

om yoga ttg2018

s a yoga teacher who has a sort of re-integration period when you
studied a lot abroad, I am come home:
often asked about yoga n Internal conflict at the vast differences in
intensives and whether you ethos of the two places
should study teacher training n lack of community and support upon
in one chunk on a beach in Goa, or at home your return
over a longer period of time. They both have n lack of time to integrate the teachings
their benefits of which I am sure you are slowly so that they go deep into your being
aware of many. n gradual melting away of the impact of
the training, and if you do not go away again
Benefits of short intensives
n shorter training time
all the learnings may disappear completely
n lack of compatibility of the teachings Yoga Teacher
n intensity of practice with real life (as a yoga teacher who has
n immersion, the time away can offer a not integrated the teachings with the
very welcome space from the demands Western lifestyle you are not able to really
of daily life and in that space, a depth of understand the demands of the life of a
understanding and practice can prevail working parent, and so inappropriate advice  Foundation Course
n sometimes cheaper on practices and depth may be given)
n sunshine & heat (!) n and the most important one: you  200 hour TT
separate yoga from life
However, there are limitations to shorter
 500 hour TT
trainings too. I hope you will find the benefits So, although I highly recommend going away
of my own experience helpful to add to and doing intensive periods of practice,
 Bridging Course
the mix.
The yoga school I attended ran its
these should be integrated into the life you
lead. They should support your growth in all
 CPD days
programmes in intensive month-long courses. the areas of your life, your work, your family
I did the training in chunks: my first month in
Rishikesh was the first yoga I ever practiced
life, your studies, your place in society, as
well as your personal evolution.
Teach the
and I got hooked by the teachings there. That I would consider that the benefits of
month changed my life forever. longer periods of training at home are:
A few years later, when I worked as an n They can fit around your day-to-day life
accountant, I had the luck to be offered (e.g. one weekend per month means no time
three months of leave before entering into off work and not leaving your family and you love
the next phase of my journey with my firm. loved ones for extensive periods)
I jumped at the chance and headed back n You will usually be learning from
to my original teacher. He had moved the teachers who are living and breathing their
school to Thailand, so I studied on the yoga in the environment in which you live
gorgeous beaches there. That was it for my and so the advice is more relevant
career as an accountant! I changed path n As you start to live the yoga teachings,
almost as soon as I returned home. I then you are supported through the changes
went back and forward to the school in (which can be challenging) by your
Thailand each year until I had completed colleagues and teachers
the hatha and kundalini programmes (26 n You will become a member of a sanga
months). (spiritual community) which is close to your
What was interesting about going in and home and can become your yoga network
out of the school like that was being able for the rest of your life
to take the teachings and then try to apply n The pauses in study give time for
them for a few months before heading integration and digestion of the information,
back for more intensive training. That was so more is retained and embodied Offering professional
great. Some of the other students there just n You will have a school you can continue training since 1972
stayed in the ‘yoga bubble’ surrounded by studying with beyond your training close by
beaches and other young practitioners also n You can spread the cost over a longer
eating brown rice and discussing the latest period of time
colonic advice. It was very easy to assume Ultimately the right choice will depend on
you were making progress there, having your needs and preferences and what your
amazing meditations with hours of practice intention is for your training. Whatever you
each day and never losing your temper. choose, good luck on your yoga path.
You see, when you remove yourself to
practice yoga intensively, a lot of change By Marit Akintewe of Seasonal Yoga
can happen very quickly, and so it can bring (
om yoga ttg2018

Tales of
a yoga

Jean Danford charts the ebb and flow of a typical yoga teacher training course

aving guided many students and yoga aspirants on course should come with a life warning, and especially on a two-year
their journey to become yoga teachers, I now know length training. Life happens. Expect to want to change your life, job,
the pattern that any training course will follow – a partner, where you live, your friends, we laugh during the course.
sine wave of experiences, excitement, confusion, What students mostly expect is to be polishing their asana
clumsiness to grace, hitting the highs and diving into practice, becoming adept, going deeper. What they find is that
the depths. My patient and group-aware partner will look on with a yoga is offering much, much more. Learning the history of yoga, its
weary eye. ‘Formin’, stormin’, normin’ and peformin’, he will say, and background and philosophy, will change their lives. From the familiar
that is true to some extent. breathing, asana, moments of stillness, experienced in the average
A new group will start full of excitement and eagerness, and then weekly class, yoga asks that we dedicate ourselves to practice, to
rapidly reach saturation as they wrestle with anatomical names choose a path that feels right.
(Latin) and traditional names for postures (Sanskrit). Suddenly Midway through the course it happens: as students begin to live
they are learning new languages, studying biology, philosophy and a yoga life, apply Patanjali’s rules for living, things look different,
theology, along with skills of communication, lesson planning, and and are valued differently. There is an opportunity for change.
even psychology. That is the richness of yoga. The supportive nature of the group environment is often in sharp
We unpick the class, separating its components and study each contrast to life experience. Ups and downs are now measured
part – what is happening to the body, the mind, the energy – and in context of Patanjali’s wisdom, or the Bhagavad Gita, and our
then we piece it all back together. Is it in the right order, how does it outlooks on life change.
flow, do we know its health benefits, and contraindications? How can And then the magic happens, in the second half of the sine wave,
we inspire others, show by example, not simply in our asana practice students begin to clear out what is in the way for now, and they
but in our dealings with others, and our way of being? begin to move forward, confidence builds, Sanskrit has a familiar
A group of people coming together with a common aim form a ring, practice is established, and balance is achieved. The experience
bond; the group has its own energy and becomes its own entity. is always transformative.
As the sangha forms, it begins to breathe and live according to the
vibration of the participants and the tutors. As the bond is formed, Jean Danford is the principal of the Real Yoga training school,
trust builds, and we begin our journey together. offering training for teachers and accredited yoga therapy trainings
The training group, whatever the length of training, will go through and is the author of Yoga Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and
the same sine wave-like pattern. I often say that any yoga training Multiple Sclerosis (

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings
at Suryalila Retreat Centre

200hr and 300hr Well Established & Comprehensive YTT Intensives in Spain /
July 21 – Aug 11, 2018 Spain (200hr YTT)
Oct 13 – Nov 3, 2018 Spain (200hr YTT)
1 Dec – 15, 2018 Spain (Advanced YTT Module)

0034 856 023 631 -

om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

Making yoga a part

of your life RealYoga
Integrating your course learnings into your way of life. Accredited Yoga
By Charlotta Martinus Therapy Training

f your yoga is supporting your growth whole person – but that doesn’t mean you Certified Yoga
as a person, making you more content
and more tolerant of others, creating
are perfect!
Many of the texts and suggestions of
Teacher Training
unity and cohesion, then it is working. Raja Yoga, for example in Patanjali’s Sutras
If this is not the case, then take a look and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, are directed Real Yoga has been
at how much and what you are applying to towards renunciates. Most of us lead lives of
your life. householders, where we need to earn money
established for over 10
in order to take care of our family. It is tricky years and offers a
Some people like to focus on a Yama or a
Niyama per week. You might like to:
for us to lead a life that is directed towards
Samadhi. We need to be realistic and maybe
comprehensive professional
n Pop a sticky note on the fridge with a use the Bhagavad Gita as our practical guide training in both teaching
word on it to our dharma, rather than the other texts, yoga and yoga therapy.
n Reflect on the word during your practice that are more esoteric and stoic in their
and during your day outlook. I have often found Arjuna’s battle
n Notice how you could apply the word to be a helpful analogy to my own struggles
more during your day and those of my teacher training students.
The Real Yoga Approach:
n Write down as many associated words I watch our new yogis mid-way through our • Traditional
as you can think of (translations are often course make brave and difficult decisions,
approximations and tied to a time and a moving themselves and their families • Therapeutic
particular perspective) towards brighter and more sustainable
futures, helped by the practical and majestic
• Awareness based
You might like to write a spiritual diary every aspects of yoga, such as the philosophy, • Safe
day noticing your reactions to those around meditation and pranayama.
you. If you are irritable, inflexible, or angry So, breathe, take the yoga off the mat, • Comprehensive
you might like to adjust your practice. Notice but don’t expect everyone around you to
which activities, people, foods or events change. Your outlook will change, you will
impact your equilibrium - it might be time become softer, more tender, more peaceful, In training we give you:
to make some tough choices about them, which in turn will turn this planet of ours into
choosing that which keeps you in sattwa. a more peaceful place.
• Experienced Tutors
(balance, harmony, insight). • Small training groups for
The hardest aspect of taking a teacher Charlotta Martinus. Director - Universal optimum learning
training course is that those around you have yoga teacher training starting jan 2019
not. I remember trying to meditate when I came • Individual support for
back from my course, I ended up having to get personal growth.
up before everyone else at 5am, which meant
I had to go to bed before everyone else. Even • Holistic yoga skills
then, my two-year-old would clamber up into
my lap mid-way! Many people feel the need
to up sticks and change their life completely,
BCYT Accredited Training
Photographer Katia Taylor

leaving partner and family behind. This is

not the purpose of yoga. Yoga is meant to
unite, make you more tolerant, understanding
andflexible in the face of others andtheir
Register with
foibles. Don’t be mistaken in thinking you have CNHC as a
somehow become a perfected being. You are Yoga Therapist
embracing a higher awareness and curious on
how to become a better, more complete and

om yoga ttg2018

5 things to help you

through your course
Amy Clay shares essential tips to getting the most
from your teacher training experience

1 Prepare wisely
The pre-training reading list is a guide and will allow you to rock out of contact unless it is an emergency – this will help them give
up with some background knowledge and arrive in the ‘yogi zone’. you space during your course to truly delve into the experience. We
Pre-course homework and reading is meant to be enjoyable so encourage our teacher trainees to take a digital detox from their
instead of cramming it in and learning the sutras off by heart just emails, texting and social media during the yoga teacher training.
take small ‘time outs’ in your week…15 minutes with a cup of tea to Think ahead for your meals and gather up simple healthy foods to
curl up with your books here and there will be super beneficial. Top have at your fingertips. In the run-up to your training get into a daily
tip: Download the audio book of Bhagavad Gita! Two or three weeks practice of asanas and meditation. The idea is to arrive rested and
before the training begins, remind your family, clients and work ready to absorb the experience, so don’t overdo it reaching for the
colleagues about your training. You could let them know you will be advanced yogi poses – just keep it simple and consistent.

om yoga ttg2018

2 Supporting each other

On the Amy’s Ashram teacher training we have an online space
called Gurukula, which translates to Teacher’s Home. Gurukula is
the most supportive space and all the trainees support each other
months before the training starts, all the way through the training.
People have gone on to form wonderful friendships based on truth,
trust and love. Equally during the training it is important for you to
carve out time for yourself away from the group: a 5-10 minute stroll
or jog or a rest in savasana at lunch time will do the trick.

3 Trust
Let go and enjoy the journey, take each day as it comes. Trust in the
process and the path your teacher is guiding you upon. On our yoga
teacher training we know that our trainees are committed and they Putting everything you are learning into action will ensure your
in turn feel our commitment to them. It is an incredible adventure skills are planted and you will really start to grow as a teacher.
and we want everyone to succeed. Believe in yourself.

4 Get on with it 5 Patience

Any time someone is asked to be the demo of a certain pose Yoga teacher trainings are huge experiences for your body, brain
get yourself up there on the mat. If you can’t do it or don’t even and heart. There will be transformation and with that comes highs
understand what the teacher is asking you to do you are going to and lows. Allow yourself the space to work through whatever comes
learn so much – just go for it! Don’t hold back, and always be honest up. Always be gentle with yourself.
– a good teacher trainer will guide you. Dive into teaching as soon
as possible both on the training with your fellow trainees and at Amy Clay, Amy’s Ashram Yoga Studio, Teacher Training, Retreats &
home with your friends and family. You will quickly build confidence. Wellbeing (

We encourage our teacher trainees

to take a digital detox from their emails,
texting and social media during
the yoga teacher training

om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

Core skills
The core skills of a teacher training course.
By Sheila Coombes

et’s start with an acronym: ‘ leading to meditation (dhyana). Outcomes
TA’ or Task Analysis which = clarity and consciousness. tells me is There are so many core skills contained
training jargon for ‘the process within this model of self-development
of identifying the specific steps it would take writing a book to do each
to correctly perform a task’. Then there’s justice, and goodness we have enough
ADDIE: Analysis, Design, Development, on the shelves already. Yoga is a holistic
Implementation, Evaluation. And KSA: training and in my opinion should be

Universal Yoga
Knowledge, Skills, exhaustive delivered as such. As tutors we might
list of acronyms and buzzwords to inform focus on one aspect of asana work:
trainers in how to....well....train people. counterpose, for example, or sequencing,
Imparting core skills has become an
educational science.
so that students gain confidence in class
planning and delivery. However, asana
Teacher Training
I managed to while away a good half is not the goal of yoga but one step in a
Learn with experienced yoga
hour on this site (as one does) drinking journey.
my breakfast coffee and waiting for the A story to illustrate (reportedly from teacher trainers from the
inspiration to start writing. And then it Krisnamacharya) is about a student Sivananda tradition. Deepen and
came – wasn’t there someone called seeking acknowledgment from his transform your understanding
Patanjali centuries ago who developed teacher with his perfect headstand. of yoga in a peaceful residential
a training package for would-be yogis, “Look what I can do,” the student said, setting with a small group
synthesising the many elements of ancient grinning enthusiastically. His teacher
(maximum 15 students).
knowledge into one understandable and was unimpressed and told him to keep
accessible form known as the Sutras? practicing. The same thing happened
Isn’t the ‘Eight Limbs’ effectively a Task several months later even though the January 2019 - November 2019
Analysis? Having identified the task in student was a little more subdued. Many £3600 until 30th June, then £3900
chapter one as ‘the ability to direct the more months passed and one day the includes accommodation and
mind without distraction’ Patanjali goes on teacher came upon this student, poised
delicious home cooked veg meals
to describe (in chapter two) the core skills silently in headstand, eyes closed and so
needed to achieve this, namely the ‘Eight inwardly focused he didn’t notice anyone
Limbs’ which in today’s training speak watching him. The teacher said nothing. 01761 470658
could be seen as a flowchart. Or a set Mental focus should therefore be the
of modules. core skill of a yoga teacher training course
We start with yama or social attitudes: and, ultimately, students need to develop
interaction with the environment and this themselves through personal practice Teachers
everything within it. Followed by niyama: - this is the purpose of a foundation year.
behaviour on a personal level. Asana is As trainers we give them the tools but
the third step teaching understanding it’s up to each student to use them. My
of, and correct use of the physical body. recommendation: when in doubt, get on
Pranayama is training in energy balancing your mat.
and mental focus through breath
Charlotta Martinus SYT
awareness which leads to pratyahara and Sheila Coombes is a senior tutor and
control of the senses. Practicing these five theory assessor for Friends of Yoga (Int)
steps enables concentration (dharana) (

Rebekah Abhaya SYT

om yoga ttg2018

The teacher training

success formula
How to become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be

nrolling on a yoga teacher minutes a day. This will bring much greater waiting to benefit from your classes.
training course could be one of benefits than a longer session every once in Believe in yourself and be the change you
the most important moments in a while. Regularity is the key. want to see.
your life. It could also be a big
investment of time and money. 3 Get teaching experience 5 Keep in touch
So how do you successfully navigate On most courses there will be an interim with your tutors and fellow students. Many
the course so you graduate as the best assessment after which you’ll be able to teacher training courses have facebook
teacher possible? Here’s some advice from practice teaching groups of friends. I can’t groups to help students connect in between
graduates of the Dru Yoga course which over emphasise the importance of starting modules. I’ve found over the years that the
might help: to teach even tiny groups as it will help you groups that keep in touch the most, produce
absorb and apply everything you’ve learned. the best teachers. Isolation is a killer, so
1 Take your time Friends, family, even the cat will do as a keep communicating with your peers and
You’re on the journey of a lifetime – so don’t student when you start out! You could teachers to keep upbeat and motivated.
rush. Consolidate what you are taught and even record yourself speaking out
don’t try to race ahead…you’ll get there with instructions onto your phone, it’s all great 6 Don’t be too hard on yourself
a better understanding. Each module or for your confidence. Perfection isn’t necessary when you’re a
weekend will build upon the last, so let the yoga teacher. You don’t have to be the
experience take you step-by-step into 4 Remember perfect shape or have huge amounts of
your greatness. When things may be challenging on your experience or have the best voice. You just
training course, remind yourself why you’re need a loving heart, and passion for yoga
2 Practice training as a yoga teacher. If you have a big yourself and a desire to transform the lives
It may seem obvious, but when you’re really enough reason to be there, then you’ll gain of people around you.
busy, it can be hard to fit enough yoga or strength and motivation to keep going. Think
meditation practice into your busy schedule. about how you will make the world a better Jane Saraswati Clapham is a Dru Yoga,
I always tell students on our yoga and place by improving your own health and meditation and mantra teacher trainer
meditation training courses that it’s best wellbeing. Visualise the potential students, and is based in Snowdonia, North Wales
to do a little often – even if it is just 5-10 the pregnant mums, the teenagers who are (

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Certificates of attendance for Yoga Alliance are provided

• Sat 23/6 to Sat 30/6 - Explore Personalised Yoga

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Yoga Teacher Training

om yoga ttg2018
om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

Finding your inner voice

Developing your own personal teaching style. By Vidya Heisel

et’s face it, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’, so we these small movements or tips into cues. Your own practice can go
are unlikely to be completely unique and different in our a long way towards informing your teaching style.
teaching style - and nor do we need to be. What we do Metaphors can be useful, but only when they make sense to
need to be is authentically ourselves and not trying to you and you feel comfortable using them. For example, a couple
live up to an idea or an ideal. Sometimes yoga teachers of metaphors I like to use: ‘allowing your head to hang heavy, like
adopt sing-songy and hypnotic voices, which do not allow their a ripe fruit’ or ‘turning all of your attention inwards, just like a
personalities to shine through. tortoise drawing back into its shell’.
My recommendation for newer teachers is to develop a good Having a sense of humour whilst teaching goes a long way to
teaching style based on what you personally like about your getting the students to relax and enjoy the class. This doesn’t
favourite teachers. Really pay attention to what it is you like about involve telling jokes or being too laid back but just occasionally
them and try to imitate that. In the end, everything we teach will saying something that puts a smile on your students’ faces. This
likely be a winning combination of all of our best teachers. Pick up again needs to come really naturally and will happen when you are
clear and precise cuing from other good instructors. relaxed and at ease whilst teaching.
Another way of finding your own words is simply to instruct Smiling occasionally also can light up the class, so don’t be
yourself out loud, whilst doing self-practice. Always try to say afraid to make eye contact with a student and to smile.
simply and directly what you are doing physically and then try Use your normal voice but speak a little slower and a little
to refine your language even more. Sometimes this takes a little louder. Above all, relax and be yourself, and express your own
contemplation. enthusiasm for the practice!
Pay a lot of attention when doing a home practice yourself.
Notice what small adjustments in your own body make a difference, Vidya Heisel is the founder of Frog Lotus Yoga International
especially when you are getting into a more challenging pose. Turn teacher training (

om yoga ttg2018

Teaching with confidence

Confidence in teaching is found in practice itself. By Anna Ashby

n signing up for and embarking upon a yoga teacher in practice. This type of self-enquiry as a practice forms the
training, the depth and breadth of this kind of venture may foundation for skilful, confident teaching, a necessary attribute on
not be obvious; teacher trainings may only scratch the the yogic path; atma-vicara – enquiry into the (nature of the) Self -
surface provoking the realisation of how little is actually fuels the creative force that naturally flows through the teacher. A
known and what is actually involved. When you graduate, training programme should be based on this type of rigorous study
that feeling of being overwhelmed and unworthy can put off and enquiry, which forms the scaffolding for a lifetime of teaching.
even the most aspiring of newly trained teachers. Self-doubt For those who hear the call to teach yoga, it involves choosing
can manifest as a crippling force that stops the wish to teach a path that challenges false concepts and separating tendencies,
in its tracks. Add to it images from social media and distorted initiating a life-long process of integration. Self-enquiry holds
perceptions around the look and role of the yoga teacher, and the up a mirror where we see, truly see, what is there. At first this
altruistic impulse to share the essence of this profound and life- can be challenging. It asks us to see where we hold back and to
changing practice is suppressed. For others, it may well be a lack let go of the rigid beliefs that limit perception. When we start to
of rigour in training or access to direct knowledge that presents a teach, we expose ourselves and this can be uncomfortable. Yet
very real obstacle in teaching with confidence. this type of discomfort can be deeply liberating if we can stick
How do you develop the confidence to teach, especially as a with self-enquiry, get to the root of the discomfort and trust
newly qualified yoga teacher? It’s a simple question that entails the fire of yoga to purify the lens of perception. Teaching yoga
a multi-faceted answer. Reflecting back over the past 20 years itself becomes a means to experience its transformation as you
of teaching, I can see a number of key aspects that contribute to support others in their own unique journey back to wholeness.
successful, confident teaching. If I had to boil it down to just three As the modern free thinker Nora Bateson says, “…a good
things, it would be this: 1) stay engaged in a process of enquiry, teacher, and a real expert, knows that they are in a process of
exploration and learning; 2) value your practice, experience and learning themselves. They are not leaders. They are not making
offering; 3) hold a clear and purposeful intention for your teaching seeds grow… They are fertiliser, tending to the soil.” So whether
ultimately wrapped in a deep and abiding sense of service. or not you end up ‘teaching’ why not live in a way that tends the
All three require the ability to study, contemplate and apply soil and creates fertile ground upon which new ideas and ways of
learning within the context of practice, and ultimately within the being can grow and flourish?
day-to-day moments of life itself. To be able to articulate a clear
intention steeped in the essence of the yoga tradition demands Anna Ashby is an experienced senior teacher at triyoga in
self-study, exegesis of the tradition’s scriptures, and steadiness London (

…a good teacher, and a real expert,

knows that they are in a process of learning
themselves. They are not leaders. They are
not making seeds grow… They are fertiliser,
tending to the soil

om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

So, what’s next?

What’s happens next after a 200-hour yoga teacher training? By Sally Parkes

ompleting a 200-hour yoga teacher training programme think about doing a pregnancy yoga training sometime. If you are
is a huge achievement, and many new qualified attracting people with limited mobility and/or health conditions,
teachers after their training hit the ground running. maybe look at yoga therapy so you can really tailor sessions for
They just want to get out there and teach to get some them so they get the most out of their practice.
experience under their belt. This is a great idea as Alternatively, you may find that your class members ask you for
applying what you have learnt as soon as possible is a fantastic a specific class that you had not considered before. If you have a
way to learn your trade, and to solidify all the information you have lot of parents in your classes for example, you may be asked to run
taken on. Plus, you will learn even more from the people you are a children’s yoga class. This can be a great session to run as the
teaching – and the more people you teach, the more likely you are timings are often at times which are otherwise empty for most yoga
to receive guidance with regards to finding out what area of yoga teachers, so it can be a great boost to your income.
teaching you want to specialise in. If, after a year of so, you really feel that you just want to learn
So, for the first year or so of your yoga teaching career, I would more about yoga in general, however, then joining a 300 hour or
advise avoiding rushing into another course, so you can allow even 500 hour course may be the option for you. Be realistic though,
the teachings from your 200hr training to sink in. And then if you as studying around running a yoga business can be challenging as
think you may like to specialise in a particular area one day, then can the financial side when you need to take time off for the contact
be observant. Observe what area of yoga you receive the best hours, and even more so if you have to arrange childcare too. And if
feedback on and observe what kind of people are coming to you feel it will not quite fit in with your life at present, then research
your classes. all the awesome yoga workshops and short immersions that are out
If your classes are very mixed ability for example, you are clearly there right now, as this will give you more guidance towards your
great at sequencing and teaching a multi-level class, so maybe next step and a wonderful taste of your possible future.
look at courses that focus on the various ways to sequence. If you
are getting more and more pre- and post-natal women coming to Sally Parkes runs 200hr, advanced yoga and pregnancy
your general yoga class, then it’s clear that you can adapt classes yoga teacher trainings and workshops throughout the year
well for this demographic and have an affinity with them, so have a (


Are you looking to increase your yoga knowledge through training
and CPDs. Become part of the growing Yoga Mama sangha - learning
to teach and support pregnant women throughout their pregnancy.

• Senior yoga teachers Asana, pranayama, sequencing

• Women’s health physiotherapist classes, propping and assisting,
• Midwife anatomy for pre and post natal
• 65 hour course accredited by Yoga yoga, common ailments associated
Alliance professionals. with pregnancy. For full course
• Courses in 2018 in London & Sheffield outline visit our website.

We also offer CPDs in fertilty and postnatal women
The journey beyond teacher training

The significance of continuous professional development.

By Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell

fter a teacher training that The lists of areas covered are exciting, nervous systems and neuroplasticity of our
has taken us to new heights and the key is the level at which the students. A win, win situation for all.
in our practice, opening the continuing education is provided. It is not We not only find new ways to examine
doors to new opportunities to enough to go to a workshop aimed at a attitudes that promote wellbeing, we also
share this knowledge with our general level. Once we become a qualified optimise our musculoskeletal health by
students, what next? teacher we require dedicated professional enhanced physical practice.
We have studied hard, practiced teaching continuing education. As we look to work with our students
and now the ‘learner plates’ are off! on a kinaesthetic or feeling level (as felt
Qualifying as a yoga teacher we begin Svadhyaya/Self Development through nerve endings) we cannot be
to work with our students and we feel Chapter 2 verse 32 The Yoga Sutras surprised if they, in turn, feel touched and
the responsibility involved as we share of Patanjali invigorated by our increased proficiency. A
the benefits of regular practice. This is proficiency that is earned by adhering to
where our personal expansion begins: Looking at the ancient texts the priority continual education.
our evolution to continually improve our to establish correct attitudes and to
offerings to our students really starts here develop our potential works well with our Vitarkabadhane pratipaksabhavanam/
(right here, right now). development of our teaching life. The way Self-reflection
We are at a high vantage point after to ensure we are the teachers our students Chapter 2 verse 33 The Yoga Sutras
teacher training feeling primed and want to study with is by the rectification of of Patanjali
confident to teach. In each class we errors and actions within our teaching that
teach we find we are managing countless cause problems. Continuing education encourages us to
unexpected situations, and our willingness To avoid becoming stagnant, stale or evaluate our communication and our
to learn is our ally. mechanical in our teaching we are constantly presentation. Discarding unnecessary
Continuing education, in-service required to study and honour the necessity to teaching and keeping it real. Evaluation
training or continuous professional review and evaluate our progress. is of great importance for growth and
development (CPD) is taught at a level development.
to inspire us as teachers to continually Neuroplasticity
improve our skill set: Keeping us up-to- and learning Networking and reunions
date with scientific research and the latest The good news is that recent research has Another benefit in attending continuing
teaching methodologies. shown the brain’s ability to reconfigure education is the networking element and
Nourishing our ability to enhance our nerve pathways. We now know that the new connections we make. The lifelong
teaching. Deepening our knowledge by the brain continuously changes the friends we make at our teacher trainings
working closely with the most experienced interconnections forming its pathways. By may also want to join us in our new quest
teachers and experts in their fields. our adherence to the concept of ‘life-long and thirst for knowledge.
Depending on the standards set by our learning’ we not only deepen and refresh
accreditation bodies, we are required to log our knowledge and understanding about Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell, founder
and upload our certificates of attendance our profession of teaching. In effect we and director of Yogashala Ibiza
of our continuing education as presented are increasing our neuroplasticity, helping ( and Yoga
by our continuing education provider. our nervous system and ultimately the Alliance Continuing Education Provider

SPY-Om-Yoga-quarter-page-advert-Science Stretching.pdf 1 15/04/201

NEW CPD Workshop

Yoga Teacher The Science
of Stretching
Training Ibiza 14.07.18 London

Follow your dreams in the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

sublime nature of Ibiza with Sally Parkes BSc
Author of ‘The Students Manual of Yoga Anatomy’
Photo: White Ibiza  tudy in the sun by a
secluded beach
Amongst the pine forests • Yoga Asana
200 hours • Anatomy & Physiology
Maximum 18 students • Subtle Anatomy
Certified by Yoga Alliance
• Yoga Philosophy
• The Basics of Ayurveda
Next Course Begins
September 2018 • Teaching Methods & Ethics
Also Course Begins
• The Business of Yoga
October 2018 • Home Study & Self-Practice

With Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell Training held in UK & Spain

Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 Prices from £2570
Whatsapp +34689619141 | +44 (0)7983 508018

om yoga ttg2018

Flying high A
erial yoga is growing in popularity and has a
worldwide community of teachers and students. The
yoga hammock might just be the most creative prop
you will ever use in your class. Whatever style of yoga
you teach or practice, the aerial hammock can be a
great tool to use.
BKS Iyengar introduced props into the modern practice of yoga
Why become an aerial yoga teacher? to allow all practitioners access to the benefits of the postures
By Gillian Watts regardless of physical condition, age, or length of study. For
everyone from the most flexible and strong practitioner to the
least, a strategically placed yoga prop can elevate the physical and
spiritual trajectory of the yoga practice.
Using the aerial yoga hammock as the prop can help
practitioners at all levels gain the sensitivity of a pose while
receiving the benefits over time without overextending themselves.
They allow students to practice asanas and pranayama with
greater effectiveness, ease, and stability.
Not only will the hammock help you find more space, freedom
and stability in your poses, they’re also great teaching tools with
endless uses if you get creative!
Many asanas bring us face-to-face with our fears. The prospect
of inversions or backbends may be terrifying to a student. In this
case, the hammock is an amazing friend in your practice to face,
alleviate, and overcome the fear. For example, learning to do
advanced asanas such as headstand, arm balances, handstands
and many more. The aerial hammock can support the student to
overcome the fear of falling.
One of the simplest advantages of the aerial hammock is offering
a comfortable seat to your students. For so many students sitting
comfortably on the floor is not an option. Inside an aerial hammock
a comfortable and steady seat awaits! As defined in the Yoga Sutras
of Patañjali, it defines asana as follows: “Sthiram sukham aasanam”
which means, “asana is a steady and comfortable seat.” The Sutras
refer to asana in relation to being a posture to be assumed for
meditation, and says little more about it — no instructions, and
certainly no descriptions of particular asanas.
So whatever your yoga teaching focus is please keep an open
mind to the benefits of aerial yoga. The hammock as a prop can
offer so many people adventure, advantages and experiences.
Aerial yoga is growing rapidly in popularity as a prop and as a
discipline in its own right.

Gillian Watt

G tifi
C a Y i la

om o te
ar ed
ud P

pr ga s T
eh & rai
en P ni
s iv M ng
e A
To Move is to Live, is to Love
At Garuda we understand the scope and functionality of movement. We take movement and dissect it
and make it available in its simplest of forms, or most complex patterns. We coax the intelligent body in
finding its true confidence, strength, endurance and flexibility. Garuda is a movement meditation.

We draw from the ancient martial arts, yoga

asana and pranayama practice, Pilates and the
different dance techniques to understand
the space within and around us.

We are an ever growing family of

like minded people that believe
that through movement we
make the world a better place.
We work hard to be better
versions of ourselves and, as
teachers, our physicality is
only matched by our care and
compassion to our clients and
those around us.

To find out more about

The Garuda Academy visit
us at or
om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

Your authentic voice

How to find your own inner, authentic teaching voice

ike most new teachers, I started out attending endless
auditions for a place on cover lists in search of that
elusive permanent teaching slot. New teachers know
the cycle all too well: can’t get in the studios without
experience, can’t get experience without opportunity.
At an audition for a leading gym I was told that I seemed to
undergo a personality change when stepping on the mat. I was
one person when I walked in the room and a different one when
standing in front of it teaching. This was difficult feedback to hear
and it wasn’t something that had been touched on in teaching
training. We had learned the mechanics of teaching, but we hadn’t
necessarily explored a personal teaching style. I realised that
‘my’ teaching was likely to be a close-copy to my (much more
experienced) teacher. I needed to step out of this shadow to find
my own authentic rhythm in order to become the teacher I wanted
to be.

So I started my quest to find my own personal teaching voice.

Here’s some of what I learned on the way:

n Be clear about what you want to share. Particularly as a new

teacher it can be all too easy to bend to the will of your students
and teach what they want rather than what you want. Let go of that
and deliver your teaching from a place of utter authenticity, being
true to yourself.

om yoga ttg2018

n Trust yourself. You have the ability and capacity to deliver the n BYOB (or be your own brand). Spending time writing your
teachings that lie within you. Self-confidence is key and the best profile and bio or blogging allows you to examine what you want to
way to grow this is through experience so teach as much as you project as a teacher. Making it genuine and truthful will make it less
can – friends, family, at work – you don’t need to wait for your likely that we fall into the trappings of just delivering what we think
favourite studio to call you for cover. is going to be popular, rather than what we truly believe in.

n Self-practice is a must. A regular practice outside of class allows Our own practice and relationship with yoga and ourselves
us to discover the teachings and the practice in more depth. Get on comes into play in how we deliver our classes. If we can practice
your mat and explore. It’s one thing explaining and quite another authenticity towards ourselves and continue our own yoga journey
experiencing. Knowing a posture in a physical sense allows you to with the open mind of an explorer, it’s more likely that we will be
verbalise this experience rather than repeating a scripted sequence. able to tap into that voice that lies within and deliver our classes
with passion and authenticity.
n Confidence comes from within. Spending still time in meditation
can help us connect deeper with our true self, find answers to our By Erika Shapiro of Yogiyoga (
questions and discover who we are and what we want to share.

om yoga ttg2018

Keep on learning
CPD: the importance of ongoing yoga learning and training throughout your career.
By Sarah Swindlehurst/Mulliner

s a yoga teacher trainer, training people in teaching and those that do, CPD can encourage you to continue with your
yoga to all ages (pre-natal, baby through to teens) learning. For example, the CNHC (Complementary and Natural
and as a yoga teacher since 2002, I understand Healthcare Council) require registrants to participate in continuing
the value of ‘Continued Professional Development’ professional development (CPD), which is defined as ‘a range of
(CPD) very well. Whether you have completed the full learning activities through which professionals grow and develop
200hr yoga teaching or a smaller specialised yoga training, CPD is throughout their careers to ensure that they retain their capacity
extremely important in assisting you to develop yourself and your to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope
teaching further. It is also important for you personally to further of practice’. The requirement is that a practitioner must attend ‘15
your own understanding for your own yoga practice. hours CPD each year, of which 10 hours must be directly relevant
Various registering yoga and therapy bodies may or may not to the discipline for which they are registered’.
require that you complete a set number of CPD hours a year, CPD is valuable to you as a yoga teacher and as an individual

om yoga ttg2018

too, so that you keep learning the deeper aspects of yoga and
so you can also teach these learnt aspects to your students. CPD
can be done by attending a senior yoga teacher’s workshops, such
as pranayama workshops, mantra or chakra workshops etc, or by
attending specialist trainings, such as pre-& post natal, teens yoga,
or parent and baby yoga trainings. When a student completes
one of our trainings, they can also receive a certificate stating the
number of hours it was for and the areas of yoga covered. This
can be useful in keeping a log of how many hours done each year.
Creating a CPD journal (like a diary) is a superb idea too when it
comes to keeping track of your hours, but also so that you can
make notes on what you have done and learnt.
Another important aspect of CPD is in what is called, ‘reflective
practice’ and this you can journal along with the CPD hours.
Reflective practice is an approach that can help a teacher to
identify and decide on their learning needs (what they want to
know more of), and how they can meet these needs. It is ideal
for the teacher so that they can then reflect upon any learning
acquired during the CPD event and how they will feed this back into
their work and/or personal practice. They can then review what
has been done, and at the same time pinpoint any new learning
areas that have been discovered as a result. The ‘Gibbs Reflective
Cycle’ model can help with this and is a perfect tool to use when
doing CPD.


Description – What happened? What did you do and what
went on?
Feelings – What are you thinking and feeling about it?
Evaluation – What was good and bad about the experience?
Analysis – What sense can you make of the situation?
Conclusion – What else could you have done?
Action Plan – If it arose again what would you do?

Repeat the cycle
This cycle can be used when attending CPD events and trainings
and is fabulous as a method to use when evaluating your classes
after teaching. CPD and reflective practice are invaluable as they
can assist you in giving your classes and practice so much more
validity and content. Your students will also appreciate you taking
further CPD so that you can share with them what you have learnt
so that they too can learn and deepen their own understanding
of yoga.
CPD helps to keep classes and workshops fresh so students
don’t get bored and so that you continue to thrive as a teacher.
It also helps to discourage you from getting too complacent in
your teaching. Even the teachers that have been teaching over
30 years can learn something from attending CPD events and this
learning never stops. So, whether you need to do CPD or not, be
encouraged to seek further knowledge of your subject or interests.
It’s exciting to continuously learn and develop as a teacher and
it can give you so much more of an enrichment of knowledge,
of a subject area that is so vast in tradition and information, for
yourself, your classes, and your students.

Sarah Swindlehurst/Mulliner is a senior teacher trainer at Yogakidz

Worldwide, a not for profit company that runs teacher training
courses, for teaching all ages (

om yoga
SPY-Om-Yoga-quarter-page-advert PYTT.pdf 1
ttg2018 13:27

Birthlight from pre-conception NEW Workshop:

to the third year Yoga for the
Postnatal Woman
16.06.18 London

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

with Sally Parkes BSc
Author of ‘The Students Manual of Yoga Anatomy’

Certified by FEDANT and

Yoga Alliance US & UK
6 day course includes:
Unique continuity ‘This is
of care from conception to
the third year with simple yoga
• Pregnancy Yoga the best
practices both on dry land and in water • Post-Natal Yoga course I have
Birthlight offers classes and training in Perinatal Yoga Diploma • Mother and Baby Yoga ever done’
Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, Part 1 Training Courses - Luisa, Midwife
Mother & Baby Nurture, Baby Yoga, Residential and Weekend
Toddler Yoga, Baby Swimming, Aqua Accredited by Yoga Alliance
Yoga, Well Woman Yoga, Fertility Yoga. Professionals. Courses are Courses in England and
To find a birthlight class near you visit:
accessible to qualified yoga Scotland from £650
Interested in becoming a birthlight London 6 - 9 July 2018
teacher? Birmingham 6 - 9 October 2018

Birthlight contact details:

Email: Tel: 01223 362288 | +44 (0)7983 508018

Whole Self 200 Hour Teacher Training

with Julie Montagu
Strengthen your body
Challenge your mind
Embrace your Whole
Whole Self Self•YO G A •

For aspiring yoga by

instructors and anyone
wanting to deepen their
personal practice
yoga - nutrition - mindfuness - self-care

Please visit for more information

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Building a successful school

Sun Power Yoga teacher training 15 year anniversary

n 2003, Anne-Marie Newland took Bender Birch in the 90’s, she was ready our syllabus; apart from being a modern
a risk and decided to start her own to create a modern school based on contemporary school based on traditional
teacher training school. A graduate ancient teachings. teachings, for me it’s a simple answer:
of more than one school herself she So, Sun Power Yoga the school was born. “Be authentic, allow for all walks of life to
saw that training schools at that Now one of the highest accredited schools join your classes and remind yourself that
time were few and far between and often in the country and recognised across the a yoga teacher is no different to being a
so difficult to join that she was aware of a entire world it is hard to believe how far servant of the community.”
missing element: and that was flexibility. both the school and their ethos has spread. We attract single parents, gay students,
As a single mother of four with the grandparents, people from all faiths,
need to work she wanted to do what she Anne-Marie Newland’s personal the unemployed, and the homeless (by
loved. She had been teaching bodywork statement: giving a scholarship and supporting their
since she was 19 starting with ballet and “It has been a joy creating my school and endeavours to get a place to live and help
then contemporary dance at The Place seeing our graduates flourish and spread them find a teaching job) as well as GP’s,
in London and also with Arlene Philips of their own wings after their initial course physiotherapists and sports specialists. The
Strictly Come Dancing fame. She was ends. We always say it’s the start of their Yoga Alliance USA, the YMCA, REPS, IYF, as
born to teach and had found her purpose course rather than the end! Much like a well as the Job Centre – of which we are
early on. yoga class starts when you leave; using very proud – also endorse us.
Having trained with Iyengar in the 70’s, all the skills of mind and breath control to You may be thinking that this is not what
qualified with Swami Vishnu Devananda of manoeuvre life’s obstacles. you expect from any organisation but it’s
the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School in India I often get asked what is different important to live in the world, of the world,
in the 80’s, then Astanga Yoga with Beryl about our teachings and how we deliver but to see it from a distance too. Lives are

om yoga ttg2018


diverse and so are yoga teachers and their experienced fallout and how undermining
aspirations for themselves and for their it can be both for the team and the group,
graduates and that’s a wonderful thing. when a person becomes highly fraught; but
Don’t be fooled into thinking that we are we can only take each step at a time and
not a business because we are. We support try our best to be kind when needed, firm
our staff and their families by paying wages when appropriate and to accept defeat
and the support structure such as printers, when it’s imperative.
venues, products and of course the Having a professional therapist and
assistants who are apprentices. psychologist has been an asset to our
You can earn money and be sincere. school as it recognises people who may
I have a problem with those who believe need emotional support that often is
we are doormats to wipe their feet and released during an intense yoga training.
to dump their personal issues on. I So it may be dawning on you that
always have a therapist as part of our running a yoga teacher training faculty
team because yoga will detox the body
and the mind, and it can often explode
is a complex job; it is, but it’s also very
rewarding of course when we see our
during a course! We are prepared to be graduates transform their own lives then
there to help, but in the end, we are not those of others.
professionals in that given area. My favourite students are those who
I think many teachers out there will have come with no qualifications because at
school they were considered slow, not Meditation Teacher
clever or lazy. There is no such thing –
only negative teaching. It’s such an Training Course
honour to graduate these people, to watch
them start to believe in themselves and Yogic meditation,
to be the person they truly are…amazing
human beings!
chakras & koshas
They work in prisons, hospitals, doctor’s Ideal for yoga teachers
surgeries, in the maternity unit, in schools,
youth offending institutes and care homes. Snowdonia Nov 2018
We have graduates with their own studios
and classes all over the UK and the world
London Nov 2018
who often work together, support each
other, and always encourage the feeling of
family that includes their SPY Babies, so I
am now a grandmother too!
Sound & Mantra
I always say that if I were a stick of rock I Course
would have the word Mother running all the
way through it! OM! Free your voice.
Contact Anne-Marie Newland at:
Learn mantra & kirtan
Snowdonia Nov 2018
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The right conditions for hot yoga

Providing the perfect hot yoga experience is heavily reliant on maintaining the
required temperature and humidity. John Barker of Humidity Solutions explains

ne of the key elements of hot yoga is to create Given the necessity to raise the RH considerably, a lot of water will
an environment with a combination of heat and need to be evaporated, which means that hot yoga studios require
humidity that encourages sweating and detoxing a good commercial or industrial humidifier – domestic humidifiers
more effectively than would be the case with haven’t the capacity to deliver sufficient moisture to the air.
dry heat.
The typical temperature for a hot yoga studio is around 40°C Solutions
with a relative humidity (RH) of at least 40%. In this respect, the Appropriate humidification solutions range from humidifiers that
humidity is important because perspiration will not evaporate as use heat to generate steam, through to high pressure nozzle
quickly at 40% RH as it would in drier air, so the body is not cooled systems that spray cold water into the air as a fine mist so that it
as quickly by evaporation, thereby encouraging healthy sweating. evaporates instantly. Similarly, there are many heating options, the
Keeping the body warm also enables better stretching, so that most common in hot yoga studios being gas or electric warm air
students attain maximum benefits from their exercises. heaters, or infra-red radiant panels.
The important thing is that the chosen solution suits the size
Humidity and temperature of the studio, the nature of the building and its utilities, variation
There isn’t space here to fully explain the relationship between in occupancy and the space available for the humidification
temperature and humidity but suffice it to say that when from the equipment.
outside air is heated its relative humidity falls. This means that if Very often the simplest and most cost-effective solution will be
fresh air entering a hot yoga studio is heated to the required 40°C, to use an all-in-one unit, specially designed for hot yoga studios,
additional moisture will have to be introduced to achieve an RH that combines heating, humidification and air filtration, with
of 40%. optional heat recovery.

This proved to be the best solution for Coventry Hot Yoga
which (recommended to Humidity Solutions by a number of other
hot yoga proprietors) has installed the Vesuvius heating and
hot yoga
humidification tower with heat recovery. This unit was specially
designed as an efficient and cost-effective solution for hot yoga
studios by Humidity Solutions.
Coventry Hot Yoga owner Inderjit Punian recalled: “Humidity
Solutions were a great help from the initial enquiry through
installation, and the onsite and after care support have been
second to none. With the Vesuvius we are able to offer a first-class
hot yoga experience for all of our clients.”
Whatever the solution, it is usually advisable to work with
specialists in the field who can develop a specification of required
temperature and humidity levels, taking account of all of the many
design issues.

John Barker has published a guide to designing climate control

systems for hot yoga. For further information email: info@

Steam Adiabatic
Humidifiers Dehumidifiers Humidifiers

...create the perfect environment.

• Humidity & temperature control
• FREE consultation
• Flexible studio or domestic solutions
• Range of affordable options
• Peace of mind
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for yoga
Claire Squire of Balens
highlights some key
insurance considerations
for new yoga instructors

here is always much to think acts etc.). Does the policy include products ventures, there are various other special
about when setting up a cover, should you choose to sell items to insurance packages available. It may be
new business, and it can be your clients? Will the policy cover you for that you are looking to set up with a
tempting to get carried away temporary trips abroad, should you choose number of other professionals, yoga or
with whatever, for you, are the to offer a yoga retreat in a warmer climate? otherwise, in which case you may require
most exciting elements. However, time and What other benefits are included within the some form of corporate insurance policy
attention are also needed for the more policy (i.e. legal or other helpline advice)? in place rather than relying solely on
grounded disciplines of business, finance, If your new business is your only source your own individual professional
risk management and insurance. of income, you may also wish to consider indemnity insurances.
The complexities of insurance can often personal sickness or accident cover,
be daunting and thus potentially off-putting. together with some form of Business What if a claim is made
It is advisable to seek professional advice at Expenses protection that would cover your against you?
every stage of your business development, regular business expenses in the event that Should you find yourself in a claims
to ensure you are getting the right cover you are incapacitated. situation, don’t panic. Contact your broker:
for your own particular circumstances. The they should be able to give advice on how
following is a brief guide to some of the Cover for your business best to deal with the situation. Never admit
insurances to consider when setting up as If you are purchasing or renting premises, liability or promise to pay, this prejudices
a yoga professional. you will need to look at cover for contents, your insurer’s position, and may mean that
buildings insurance (owners) or tenants’ your insurance becomes nullified. There are
Cover for you improvements if you are renting and have a list of common claims ‘do’s and don’ts’ on
First and foremost, you will require made any alterations. Cover for items taken the Balens website however if in doubt ask.
Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to away from the premises such as mobile We all make mistakes, it is part of being
protect yourself against clients or others equipment and laptops or loss of profits human, but with good quality support you
who may choose to make a complaint or arising from damage to your premise should can be reassured that you will not be paying
claim against you. This is insurance for you also be considered. Employers Liability the price of that mistake yourself: you can
as the yoga professional. Good quality cover insurance is a legal requirement if you have then reflect, learn and move on.
will include Medical Malpractice and Public anyone working for you, even if this is only in
Liability cover as standard but check what a voluntary capacity. There is further information on Insurance on
else is included (i.e. breach of confidentiality, For larger businesses including corporate the Balens website ( including a
financial loss, criminal and tax defence, loss entities with multi therapist clinics, businesses glossary of terms and more information on
of reputation, cover for Good Samaritan selling health products or other commercial the different types of insurance.

Specialist Insurance Brokers

» £6m Medical Malpractice (£4m » Yoga / Studio / Fitness centre

student) Packages
» £6m Professional Liability (£4m » Commercial Business
» £6m Public & Products Liability » Training Schools
(£4m student) » Home Insurance - including
» Taxation and Legal Package seeing your client from home...
» Cover for temporary work abroad & more!
(Excluding the USA & Canada)
» Teaching Covered as Standard
(Exclusions apply)

Optional Extras Can Include:

» Policies available in Europe
» Can include over 3500 therapies /
Balens are a 4th generation, ethical family business providing exclusive insurance schemes in the UK, Republic of Ireland and
Europe. Business Contents, Income Protection and Clinic packages also available.

Telephone: 01684 580 771

Balens Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

The business
of teaching yoga
Tips for making a living out of yoga teaching. By Julie Montagu
urning a passion into a way to make a living to bring yoga into the corporate world, etc. And utilise your
is undoubtedly one of the best ways to live existing network to grow your business.
a happy and fulfilled life. Choosing yoga as
the path for you in terms of your work is a 3. Be smart about your money
beautiful choice and will enable you to share Getting paid for that first time teaching a yoga class
this happiness with your students. will be very exciting. Do your dance and celebrate – but
Although this will surely be an exciting and rewarding don’t blow it all on a new pair of lululemon leggings! Be
career, you may also find it difficult at first to solely smart with how you save your money as you start your
make a living out of teaching yoga! business. Limit the costs you put into your business by
One of the greatest tips that I can give to you is to be leveraging free resources online. Don’t spend loads of
persistent and patient whilst you are getting started. I money on your business until you start making profit.
used to take my children with me to hand out flyers for Once you start generating income, be sure to set aside
my very first classes. The hours spent doing this would money for savings, taxes, retirement, investment in
often not seem worth it at the time, but eventually my further training courses, etc.
classes began to fill up.
Due to the social media age that we live in, wandering 4. “The talking about the thing isn’t the
the streets with flyers may not be your best choice thing. The doing of the thing is the thing”
anymore, as you now have the potential to communicate - Amy Poehler
with countless people in your area about your yoga Less talking. Less thinking. More doing. You don’t need
classes. So, invest some time getting to grips with online to know all the answers before you start. Just start. Take
marketing – or find somebody to do this for you. baby steps. I promise you, you’ll be surprised by what
It can also be helpful to diversify what you offer. Group comes your way when you take even just the tiniest
yoga classes are great, but there’s also the possibility of step. So starting right now, what’s one thing you can
one-on-one classes with clients, andyou may also findthat do that will take you one step closer to your goal as a
giving talks and teaching at festivals can be a good way to successful yoga teacher?
make extra money too and get the word out that you are
an amazing yoga teacher. You may also eventually consider 5. Silence the inner critic
creating online yoga classes through various social media Half the battle will be within your own mind. It’s that
channels reaching a much wider audience worldwide. voice or that noise that will find a way to try to talk you
out of your goals and dreams. When this happens, tell
Angela Pham, who is a business coach and mentor that inner critic to quiet down and remind yourself why
on my Whole Self 200-hour yoga teacher training you want to be a yoga teacher. What’s your ‘why’? What
has given her top 5 tips: is your drive to hustle each day to succeed as a yoga
teacher? Rely on your ‘why’ to provide you strength and
1. Be you empower you at times when you want to give up.
There is a growing number of yoga teachers each year,
but the one thing that makes you different is you. So be 6. Take care of you
the most authentic version of you. There’s room for all Let’s be real here. No one said that following your
of us in the yoga industry, and the key to succeed is to dreams and creating this life you want will be easy, but I
think of how you can stand out in the crowd. How can guarantee it will be worth it. Believe in yourself. And when
you create value for others? What do you have to offer times are challenging, breathe through it and smile. Take
that only you can share? some time out if you need to and then came back to it
when you’re ready. The small moments of self-care are
2. Think big necessary and important to maintain your focus.
Stop the small thinking; many of us think too small. We
let the fear cripple our growth and success. What are the However your yoga career unfolds, be sure to remember
ways you can earn money in addition to teaching group to pay attention to your own practice too so that you
classes? Be creative and dream big on ways you can create continue to love what you do!
new opportunities to grow your business. Plan a retreat on
a farm in Italy, host a workshop on a topic that you care Julie Montagu is the founder of Whole Self Yoga
deeply about, plan a special one-off yoga event for singles which provides 200-Hour Teacher Training courses
to mingle, organise a lunch and learn in corporate offices (

om yoga ttg2018

om yoga ttg2018

You are enough

Overcome those self-doubts and embrace the teacher training journey,
says Judy Hirsh Sampath

o you have dreams of becoming a yoga teacher confidence”, “What gives me the authority to teach others?”
or a yoga therapist? When you experience the Reading between the lines is, “Even though I am already
immeasurable power and magic of yoga, how it has successful in other areas of my life – whether as a school teacher,
become an ally in getting you through the difficulties manager, leader, parent, speaker, healer, human being – I am not
life throws at you…and you have first hand confident enough about my postures, my knowledge, or myself to
experience of the miracle of the body to repair and heal itself…and be a successful yoga teacher.”
you have deep gratitude for having yoga in your’s natural to Just imagine if you could empower yourself and others to
want to share it with others be enough!
To address the above doubts, training courses are not only to
Is there something getting in the way? gain knowledge and acquire skills but to learn how to apply them.
I hear a lot of excitement and good intentions from people thinking By the end of the training, you should have more than a certificate:
about training to become teachers and therapists, but there is often you should have the confidence to take your own yoga out into the
the self-doubt part, the inner critic that comes forward: “I don’t know world and then use all your skills to educate others to do the same.
enough”, “My postures aren’t perfect enough”, “I don’t have enough A thoughtfully created teacher training course will foster the

om yoga ttg2018

teacher within you, the teacher that you want to become. You get we knew it all, there would be no room for new learning and we
to deepen your experience and understanding of practices you’ve wouldn’t need to put in the commitment.
learnt that have meaning for you, and to explore new terrain in the So, you absolutely do not have to know everything in advance,
safe hands of professional and encouraging educators. nor do you need to be able to balance on your thumbs or order
Some aspects you will take to like a duck to water and others your tea in sanskrit – you just have to turn up and be authentically
are what we like to call ‘growing edges’ – where you feel a bit more and unapologetically yourself!
like a duck on dry land! These are places where you feel things are
not sticking or less clear and we all have them regardless of how Judy Hirsh Sampath is founder of Yoga United Education, which
long we have been practicing and teaching. collaborates with teachers and therapists to offer new and exciting
Oh and one more thing - it’s okay not to know everything. If courses and trainings in all things yoga (

Just imagine if you

could empower
yourself and others
to be enough!



On this one month course you will learn 2 inspiring mixed-style classes and over 70 poses that cross all major yoga systems

• Join the UK’s fastest growing yoga style and

this breakthrough yoga method.

• Unparalleled teaching opportunities in 23

locations in 10 countries.

• The UK’s only post graduation internship

programme to support you after the course.

• Postgraduate development opportunities

with certifications in the other FG Method
classes. Bring a wider understanding and
offering to your students with Yin, Strength,
Advanced and Injury Modification and
Rehabilitation certifications.

You will learn to correct, modify, inspire and • Ground breaking teaching techniques will You will study with one of Europe’s most
encourage all levels and body types while see you teaching with confidence by the end highly regarded teachers Michele Pernetta
you take your practise to the next level. of the course. and her senior teaching team.
• Open your own Fierce Grace® studio with our
franchise opportunities.

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