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Consolidate and automate more business-critical

workloads, backed up by the industry’s only 100% data

availability guarantee.


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series Hybrid-Flash Enterprise

Cloud Solutions
Modernize Your Data Enterprise Scale and Efficiency Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1500
contains an improved, Hi-Star crossbar
Center With an Agile VSP G series enables the seamless auto-
switch architecture. In this architecture, the
mation of the data center with a broad
Hybrid-Flash Infrastructure virtual storage directors are shared across
range of efficiency technologies that
the cache, front-end directors and back-end
As the number and types of workloads that improve return on investment (ROI) by
directors. This approach provides immediate
enterprise data center teams support have delivering maximum value and making
processing power without wait time or inter-
increased, so have the demands on the ongoing costs more predictable. It allows
ruption to maximize I/O throughput. It allows
underlying storage infrastructure. organizations to focus on strategic projects
for a highly granular upgrade path, and for
and to consolidate more of their workloads
The benefits of adopting hybrid-flash the addition of drives and chassis compo-
while using a wide range of media choices.
solutions include extracting the maximum nents as processing needs increase.
value from applications. It needs to be The benefits start with up to two times
agile enough to support cloud initiatives, the performance and 25% lower latency Modern Data Protection
containerized workloads and even utility than our previous enterprise hybrid-flash To protect the lifeblood of your business,
consumption models that reduce up-front models, even as data scales to petabytes. safeguard data and ensure positive cus-
costs. Storage also needs to be supported Using a new memory architecture and I/O tomer experiences, Hitachi enterprise
by analytics and automation tools that algorithms, enterprise VSP G series delivers storage is backed by the industry’s only
simplify operations and free staff to focus up to 4.8 million IOPS at a better $/IOPS 100% data availability guarantee. Built on
on architecting solutions that drive the efficiency. These advancements, along with legendary Hitachi reliability, VSP G series
company forward. Without these things, built-in quality of service (QoS) for controlling offers complete system redundancy by
costs escalate, and operations do not run workload-specific performance limits, leveraging hot-swappable components,
at peak efficiency. high-capacity storage media, and the ability nondisruptive updates and outstanding data
to place data on the optimal performance protection. The VSP G series is the best
With our latest enterprise hybrid-flash arrays, tier, support higher workload consolidation choice for hybrid-flash storage operations
Hitachi can help. Our new line of Hitachi than ever before. that need to stay up and running.
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G series sys-
tems are designed to run up to two times All VSP G series models have a true sym- Systems are also backed by our Hi-Track
faster, consolidate more workloads and metric active-active controller design, remote monitoring and analytics capabilities,
enable a cloud-first strategy for data center which reduces the cost and complexity of
modernization. Systems are backed with path management. Other arrays only let
one controller access data at a given time, IT Economics
the industry’s only 100% data availability
guarantee, superior data protection services but VSP G series accesses data volumes Hitachi Vantara hybrid-flash cloud plat-
and best-in-class cloud analytics that ensure via host ports on any controller to pre- forms lower costs by tailoring payments
data center operations keep running and vent wasted capacity. VMware users can to help improve ROI and align with bud-
customers are happy. activate the round-robin policy for better gets. Our flexible offerings enable you to
network utilization. upgrade and refresh when you need to
improve life-cycle management.
bringing 28 years of recorded experience to TABLE 1. HITACHI VIRTUAL STORAGE PLATFORM G SERIES:
proactively support your infrastructure. By ENTERPRISE SPECIFICATIONS
looking at all performance and support detail VSP G700 VSP G900 VSP G1500
from all our Hi-Track customers we can pre-
Performance Up to 1,400,000 Up to 2,400,000 Up to 4,800,000 IOPS
dict when an issue might arise and proactively
IOPS IOPS 48GB/s bandwidth
take action to mitigate downtime.
24GB/s 41GB/s
Advanced metroclustering with global-active bandwidth bandwidth
device is available to enable robust business- Max. Flash Drives 432 FMD 576 FMD 576 FMD
continuity solutions among multiple data Note: FMD = flash 864 SSD 1,152 SSD 2,304 SSD
centers. Global-active device offers zero modules, SSD = 1,200 LFF HDD 1,440 LFF HDD 1,152 LFF HDD
downtime and data loss protection and solid-state drives,
HDD = hard disk drives
864 SFF HDD 1,152 SFF HDD 2,304 SFF HDD
can be paired with VSP G series asynchro-
nous replication for true, enterprise-level, 3 Max. Raw 6.1PB (FMD) 8.1PB (FMD) 8.1PB (FMD)
data center protection. SVOS RF has been Capacity 6.5PB (SSD) 8.7PB (SSD) 17.4PB (SSD)
enhanced to ensure performance stays high, 11.7PB (HDD) 14.1PB (HDD) 6.7PB (HDD)
even when data protection is running. Disks Supported 14TB FMD 14TB FMD 14TB FMD, 7TB FMD,
AI-Optimized Operations 3.5TB FMD 3.5TB FMD 7.6TB SSD, 3.8TB SSD,
Managing and maintaining a data center infra- 7.6TB SSD 7.6TB SSD 1.9TB SSD, 960TB SSD,
structure is time intensive. To free up time for 3.8TB SSD 3.8TB SSD 600GB 15K HDD
driving innovation, Hitachi offers artificial intel- 1.9TB SSD 1.9TB SSD 600GB 10K HDD
ligence (AI) operations software that monitors 480GB SSD 2.4TB 10K HDD 1.2TB 10K HDD
the infrastructure for you. 2.4TB 10K HDD 1.2TB 10K HDD 1.8TB 10K HDD
1.2TB 10K HDD 600GB 10K HDD 2.4TB 10K HDD
All VSP G series solutions include Hitachi
600GB 10K HDD 10TB 7.2K HDD 4TB 7.2K HDD
Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA), with
10TB 7.2K HDD 6TB 7.2K HDD 6TB 7.2K HDD
AI-powered analytics “out of the box.” Unlike
6TB 7.2K HDD
other solutions that monitor only storage, HIAA
provides real enterprise analytics, constantly Host Interfaces 64x FC: 16Gb/s, 80x FC*: 16Gb/s, 192x FC: 8Gb/s, 16Gb/s
Note: FC = Fibre 32Gb/s 32Gb/s 176x FICON: 8Gb/s, 16Gb/s
analyzing telemetry data across hypervisor, Channel, FCoE = Fibre
server operating system, network and stor- 32x iSCSI: 40x iSCSI*: 192x FCoE: 10Gb/s
Channel over Ethernet,
age to optimize application performance and FICON = IBM® FICON®
10Gb/s 10Gb/s 96x iSCSI: 10GBase-T
prevent extended outages. Optional built-in Max. Cache 512GB 1,024GB 2,048GB
analytics enable budget planning and forecast-
RAID Supported RAID-1+0, RAID-5, RAID-6
ing, delivering the best customer experience
*Max I/O ports achieved by using an expansion tray
available. When security is critical, run HIAA on
premises only, to gain superior insights without Simplify Modernization of Your in Foundation package, plus remote replica-
sending any data off-site. Data Center tion, metroclustering and HAD.
To simplify management and prevent errors VSP G700 and G900 sys- For organizations that have their own man-
that impact performance and uptime, the tems come packaged with a Software agement toolset, we include standards-based
VSP G series can be paired with Hitachi rich set of value-added soft- Packages application program interfaces (REST APIs)
Automation Director (HAD). HAD software ware, and new packaging Datasheet that centralize administrative operations on a
orchestrates management of virtual machines, makes it easier than ever READ preferred management application.
network zoning, storage and data protection to add advanced features.
Think of a fully automated end-to-end cloud
to accelerate deployments. It also integrates The Foundation software
that has workload protection, predictive
with IT service management tools as well package includes SVOS RF,
analytics, live multisite capability and agnos-
as HIAA and Hitachi Data Instance Director local replication and data mobility for nondis-
tic workload automation. When integrated
(HDID) to simplify change management. ruptive data migration. It also includes HIAA
directly with a customer’s ticketing solution,
and HDID software for enterprise protection.
VSP G series systems are an enterprise
The Advanced package includes everything
Hitachi Vantara
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