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ADDRESS Tanah 80 JL E No. 26 Klender Jaktim,

Indonesia 13470
Mobile Phone: +62-8568560063
Fax : +62-251-8325849

PROFILE  Born in Jakarta, December 8, 1972

 Indonesian Nationality

LANGUANGE SKILLS  English – good

 Bahasa Indonesia – fluent

EDUCATION  Department of Environmental Biology,

Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta,
Indonesia (S-1 Degree/Bachelor with
honors), 2000.

ATTENDED TRAINING AND  Business and Marketing: business skills,

WORKSHOP (NATIONAL AND Fair Trade, cooperative movement,
ABROAD) Marketing and Product Development.
Product Selection Matrix and Value
Chain Analysis
 Various planning models and
 Participatory research model e.g PRA
 Gender training and Workshop –
Globalization and Gender,
Mainstreaming Gender into Program.
 Management and Development Training
– Program Cycle, Impact Assessment,
 Cooperative movement
 Non Timber Forest Product Utilisation
and Marketing
 Regulatory Impact Assessment


 Non timber forest products utilisation
and marketing
 Gender and cooperative
 Building community economic
organisation (cooperative movement)
 Community’s trading house networks
 Computer and internet
 Consultant/Advisor
 Program Coordinator
 Project Manager
 Researcher and evaluator
 Capacity builder/facilitator

Area of expertise:
 Community Development – Poverty
Reduction, Sustainable Livelihood,
community trading
 Program Development, Monitoring and
 Micro and Small Enterprise
 Fair Trade and Ethical Business

Other relevant knowledge

 Gender, Non Timber Forest Products,
mainstreaming ecological aspects on
economic development
 Strong product knowledge; especially
the NTFPs
 Computer and IT development

HOBBIES Reading, Music and computer related



1. Presidium Board of FKKMI (Forum for Student Cooperative

Movement of Indonesia) 1994-1995
FKKMI is intended to promote cooperative movement in Indonesia, it contributes
to develop a conducive situation for both cooperative and small scale business.
Advocacy and inter-member trading are the main activities.

2. General Secretary of F-FTI (Fair Trade Forum of Indonesia) 2001-

F-FTI is an umberella organisation for promoting fair trade in Indonesia. They
were around 28 organisations as active participants. Main activities of FFTI are
advocacy, campaign for fair trade and increasing the member’s business scale.

3. Presidum Board of Bolsa Nusantara 2005-2007

Bolsa nusantara is a national initiative for developing sustainable trade in
Indonesia. It is a multistakeholders institution, from the government, business
sectors, non-profit sectors and the producer communities.


 Consultant for Developing NTFP Eco-Labeling Certification, LEI, Bogor,


 Research Consultant for Biofuel Development of Papua; local right and

tenurial conflict, Tropenbos International – CIFOR, 2010

 Consultant for Determining High Conservation Value Forest at Teluk

Meranti and Tasik Belat Estate of Kampar Peninsula Peat Swamp Forest,
Tropenbos International and PT RAPP-April, Riau, 2010

 Consultant for NTFPs Identification and Development Potency on

Kotawaringin Barat District, Central Kalimantan, PT Akurat Supramindo,
Bogor, 2008

 Consultant for program review for fishermen livelihood development at 3

Municipalities of Sabang, Aceh, WFT-OXFAM, 2007

 Consultant for developing community trading of gum copal at Rongkong,

South Sulawesi, AMAN-Atteneo University, 2007

 Consultant for Strengthening Small Scale Enterprises Association of

Sulawesi, for JNPUKM-TAF, 2006

 Consultant in developing Value Chain Analysis for 11 NTFPs of Kalimantan,

Sumatera and Sulawesi, MFP/DFID-Swisscontact, 2006

 Consultant for developing community’s patchouli oil plantation and trading

at Sembuluh Lake, East Kalimantan, Sawit Watch Indonesia, 2005

 Consultant for developing community trading through NTFP utilisation and

marketing, AMAN-KpSHK-Telapak, 2002 – 2003
 Consultant for Monitoring the program in empowering civil society at 7
areas of Jakarta, for INCIS-USAID, 2003

 Consultant in developing and translating the module of “speaking out Fair

Trade”into indonesian language, IFAT, 2003

 Consultant for developing community based organisations at 7 areas of

Jakarta, for INCIS, 2002 – 2003

 Consultant for mainstreaming gender into cooperative movement at 3

areas of Java, Formasi, 2003

 Research action on Improving people’s participation for rattan production

and trade, DAS Kedang Pahu, East Kalimantan, for AMAN (Indigenous
people alliance), KpSHK, Telapak, 2001

 Environmental Impacts Assessment (AMDAL) Consultant at bulungan

timber production, East Kalimantan, for PT Enviro System Indonesia, 2001

 Researcher for Indonesian Pooling of People’s Political Tendencies on

PEMILU’99, LP3ES, Yogyakarta, 1999


Director of Sejahtera Semesta Rakyat (Setara)/NTFP Indonesia, NGO

for facilitating the NTFP community trading, 2006 – now
Key responsibilities- project development, market channeling, and trading
activities (gum damar, rattan, medicinal plants, coffee, craft, essence oil, caccao

Program Coordinator; Developing mutual value using Value Chain

Analysis for Aren and Nipah (as NTFPs) at Kumai, Central Kalimantan
and Malingping, Banten, 2009
Key responsibilities – project development from planning to evaluation, including
budgeting with partners, desk study, FGD and data management as well as
reporting the result, conducting necessary workshop and training for stakeholder

Program Coordinator; Value Chain and Life Cycle Analysis of

Kalimantan NTFPs (Jungle Rubber and Rattan) at Sui Utik-West
Kalimantan, Barito-Central Kalimantan and Kedang Pahu-East
Kalimantan, 2009
Key responsibilities – project development from planning to evaluation, including
budgeting with partners, and reporting the result, conducting necessary
workshop and training for community economic organization for rattan and
rubber at three sites.

Program Coordinator; Developing community’s business through

processing medicinal plants into symplisia at Tawang Mangu, East
Java; collaboration of Bolsa Nusantara – PT Martina Bertho –
MFP/DFID, 2006 - 2007
Key responsibilities – project development from planning to evaluation, including
budgeting with partners, and reporting the result, conducting necessary
workshop and training for business skills, costing pricing, product development
and market analysis. Market analysis for symplisia of medicinal plant in national
level. Developing machinery for processing medicinal plant into symplisia at
community workshop collaboration with PT Martina Bertho.

Project Manager; Developing Indigenous People self Relliance through

NTFP utilisation and marketing, AMAN-KPSHK-TELAPAK-MFP/DFID,
2004 - 2006
Key responsibilities – program development that includes proposal development,
planning, monitoring, evaluating and budgeting; implementing and reporting. In
the program implementation the project manager also holding and facilitating
necessary training and workshops for example strategic planning, gender, fair
trade, business plan, product development, and product standardization.

The program beneficiaries are indigenous people of Indonesia in Sumatera,

Sulawesi, Java, Kalimantan and Nusa Tenggara. The products are various,
including: coffee, gum damar, sea weed, rattan, forest honey, essence oil,
cinnamomun, caccao, vanillli, crafts, weaving, medicinal plants, etc.

Manager for Database and Volunteer’s Deployment, Quick Count

Project for Indonesian Pooling 2004, LP3ES-NDI-METRO TV, 2004
Key responsibilities: developing research agenda and sponsorship that include
project proposal development, liaison with government institute and department,
as well as donor agency, writing reports, and implementing researches.

Manager of Study, Training and Consultancy for PEKERTI (Member of

IFAT), 2001 - 2003
Key responsibilities – project development from planning to evaluation, including
budgeting with partners, and reporting the result, conducting necessary
workshop and training for examples business skills, costing pricing, product
development, gender, etc.
Executive Of KOPMA UGM (Student Cooperative of Gadjah Mada
University), 1994- 1996
Key responsibilities – managing business and social activities of cooperative
(members around 4,000 people). Including business plan and implementation,
provide training and workshop, liaison with government and business sectors.