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a N03. “Regnava nel silenzio.,, * Recitative and Cavatina. ‘The entrance of a park. At the back a practicable gateway, towards the front, 4 fountain.Luey Ashton comes out of the Castle, followed by Alice; both are much agitated; they look round, as though seeking’some one, and perceiving the fountain, turn away from it Magstos. _ oooat t zs. h —~ t sa087 Con fe Fe. P. Recit. Luey Ashton. An-cor non ‘Hath he for = Alice. giunset = Jn-eau-ta!_ Ache mi trag-gi! Av-ven-tu-rar-ti, or cheilfra-tel qui got me? Im-prudent! Toask him hith-er! Think of thy brotheywhatif he should dis- ‘Strings. 19087 a Lucy. ven-ne, ¢ fol-lear dir. | Ben pari! Ed-gar - do cov-er thou lov'st his foe? Td warn him! I've call'd him —— Alice. ia qualne fir-con-da or- ri-bi-le pe - ri-glio_ Per-che d'in-tor-noil hith-er ‘that! may tell himwhat dan-gerlurks a - ro Ah,nhere-fore roam thy, Lucy. ci-glic vol-givat - ter - "rita Quel - fa fon-te glances wild and af - fright-ed? Tis pt ma-l, Sen-za (re-mar,non veg-g0. Ah, tu fo sa-iz Un Rawens- tremble, when-ev-er I be - hold it. Know"st thou the legend? Up-on this orese di fore ee é ‘wood, ar-dendo |. spot,'they say so, that 14047 fis- se, e Tin-fe - li - ce cad-denel-lon-da, ed i - vi ri-manca se- madness! The hapless maid-en rests in its waters, itstideclos'd o-ver her for What say’st thou? Til ie Be ee Larghetto. Wind & Benes, Stings.” P. Re-gne-va nel si - len - di - 0 Ta si- Ience all lay slum - ber- ing, f al-ta Is not- te ¢ bru= -nay, col-pia la fon-te un Dark was the night, and oer . cloud - ed; No star was gleaming, the 77 pal - li- do rag-gio_ di_'te—- tra "w= pal - lid moon In veils of_ storm was shroud - ed. —__ qlan—doun som- mes - so = mi - to ra Vau-ren-dir si vhen on the air a Sigh wasborne, And then & sor - ee be 3. by presto o "ed ec-co, cc-co su—quelmargi-né, aw her, on the mar-gin of the tide, Lf affrettcolla parte (Covering her face with her hands) = As Tom - bra mo-strarsi, lom-bra tho-strarsia me, Therestood a shadow,there stogd a shad-ow pale Ah! a tempo At oem f3 —— ‘Strings plzz, i, dl he movd her o>", e con Ia Z- no e - sa ni- me, hear____her, Then, as in warnying she wav'd__ herhand, by by eresc. ed affrett.a poco chia-nlar-thia se pa- re- fet-telun nfo = then - tfim- 1 mot dare draw near And while I watebld her Mie. oy Fis e Ton-da pria si time da di And der the Stream-let's sil - ver___tide Shone__ 1, si, rent, the ris si, li reamlet's si! n-gue TOs-sey iver tide shone with a) lu-ri £ £ a id, si, pria si lim-pi iffnt,thérettonea ‘la -Fi Th e tri> -sion forebod- gi. in-ten- ture is cloud- h Tu - ci-a, Lu-ci-a, de- si- sti dann & - mor co- si tre- Dear- est Lucy, I praythee for- go thy fa- tal jloveere griefv'er- = - - € ae : —— 36 a Lucy. men -do. KE . gills Ice a. glor- ni mie-i, @ whelm thee. Grief dis-solv-eth be neath his glances, Jife i rail. ». Moderato. for-fo, @ cbnfor-to al_ mi-o, al mi-o Fapture, life is rapture when he, when he_ colla parte yuan -do Fa pi - tojn ‘Strings & Harp. vere he but here, — - AS e - stasi lel fi do-cen-tear-do - re, col fa vel-lar del ec ~ stasy, Naughtshould I know of sor - row, Bring me a bap-py —— "FS ren ee KS Cor. all. mi giu-rap-ter-na fe, e-ter- na fe, Oh, iove, to thee I , to_thee I_pray. sey er pry BE colia farte © a tempo lel pe o-cen-tear-do - rey Naught should T know of sor = row, re mi giu-) ler-na fe, ligt " col fa-vel-lar del co — Bring me a hap-py mor - fan-ni miei d)- men- fi- giowja five nejl pian let my fearsbe_ now forgot, Oneourof joy,_oh. grant jar- mi, chea lui dao -can- sto si schiu- da —‘M__eiel per et_words of_jove en - chant___________ me, And trou- ble nowflee a- schiu= da —il_iel per trou- bie nowflee a = Poco pi mosso. Alice. gior - ni da-ma - ro heav'o = all thy wish ~ ni da-ma - ro Kava all thywish - es <0 sap - pre. _-sta-no fer te, ‘thee, but mayst thouneer ‘re - gret, Ant fue ci a Dear - est. Lu-ey, Ley _———— pa tempo Quan-do ra-pi- tein @ - sta-si Were he buthere, oh ec - sta-sy, [oa ota z— . tr ——4 jin docen-tepr-do - re, col fa-vellar del co- Fre, Naugght ould know of sor - row, Bring mea hap-py mor - row, ct jt 4S | >= = — mi gia - rae-fer- ha fe; af - fan - ni ici — “Oh, fove, “to thee T pray, ‘Oh, let omy = fears be__ 14087 19087 ar= mi words chealui da - can- of_ love en = chant. a iti dae One hour of- > to si schinda fl eiel per me, Let trou-ble now flees - = sehiu- da. il ciel per trouble dw flee a - si schiu-da il ciel— now flee a. - schin-da —___ bright howr—___ P =a — schiu-dail ciel, il ciel ai per me, let trou-ble flee for eer a = way; = tui__diae - can = —~ - to ‘hour,_ one_ hour_ of ___ joy, si schiu-da___ one bright hour, P P — st schiueda il lef trou-bie_ > il ciel per me, si, for_eer ‘= way, _oné Gior - ni d'a-ma = ro Heavn all thy wish - es 42 —=—. to par si schiu-dajl clel____ per Joy, grantjoh— grant one_ hour of pian - to, si, s'ap - pre - sta - no per Grant thee, — mayStthou nev - er_ rue this 2 x8ac Feber N04. “Sulla tomba che Finserra., Recitative and Duet_ FinaleI. Alice. Voice. ~gli da -Vanza! La fi-ci_na —_—_so-glia io cauta Ye-glie- Thearhimeoming, | willstay no longer, buto'er thysafety Piano. (re-enters the castle.) Per ta io We -der - li chie- Forgiw mé, "oh Lucy, “if at an hour un-wont-ed I” have askd thee ‘to