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Project Title: ASEAN EARTH-ABUNDANCE Innovation Lab

(An iLab that experiments with different methods to connect underserved start-ups to the
investors, resources and programs of the innovation ecosystem in Southeast Asia)

Primary Location
Country: Philippines
City/Town: Davao City, Mindanao


1. To gather 10 startup teams from each conflict affected area for a 3-day function which
focuses on introducing the concept of impact investing, sustainable agriculture, financial
literacy, history and project pitching with the help of different experts in different fields.
2. To launch the establishment of an iLab in the University of Southeastern Philippines and
help engineering, non-engineering and agrotech students think of start-ups as a global
emerging trend and use it as a tool to provide jobs and businesses in conflict affected
areas. This will bridge the divide between technology and people of the community. The
project aims to put a heart in innovations.
3. To encourage the concept of agriculture technology and business as a path to peace.
This also includes fostering the collaborative relationship in both countries; helping them
link their history with each other and finding common grounds and common problems
while creating different local solutions.
4. To empower participants to be able to pitch, crowdsource and not depend on outside
grants to start or scale up their ideas. The program will hold a live crowdfunding event
and other peer selected investment processes to compliment the workshops.
5. To link participants to possible investors through a 1 day pitching contest and start up
event. A prototype of a Giving Circle will also be introduced to said investors.

Which strategy(s) taught in the program (ie. iLab) will you apply as a prototype?

A2A will be a hybrid of the start up ecosystem workshops, iLab and impact investing
particularly crowdfunding and giving circles.

Describe the specific need or challenge that your team will address with this project.

Mindanao and Cambodia both have something in common: political turmoils that happened
and is still happening that is still affecting the economic stability of both areas. AEAiLab aims
to not just empower these people that lack support and proper environment to grow their start-
ups, but also change the mindset of being caged in regionalism and feeling sorry for
themselves. AEAiLab will introduce new concepts that will not only help them build small
businesses but also inspire the community to reach out, build themselves and take the
matters into their own hands.
AEAiLab also aims to provide mentorship and leadership to budding tech and agro
entrepreneurs or even introduce the idea to them. The world will be leaning to technology
based products and it is about time that the Philippines and Cambodia get on board.

What innovative methods will you use?

The program will be a hybrid of introducing start-up ecosystems, different pitching techniques
and live crowdfunding. The investors will also be a prototype of giving circles in a different

This will be complimented with a site tour towards historical and religious landmarks to
understand more the conflict in the areas and the role conservation takes part in the solution.

This is innovative in a way that the first round will be in Philippines, well-observed by
Cambodia. The prototype will then change to make-up for mistakes made in the first round
and localize it for the Battambang setting.

As the project name goes, we are also looking towards abundance by partnering with one of
the biggest University in the Philippines. They will be housing the iLab after the prototype to
encourage an institutionalized sustainable way of keeping the project going.

Here is the link to my proposed program; it is open for your suggestions, is flexible and
will cater to the RDE's preferences: We are also proposing that our event be from the 12th of
June (Tuesday) to the 14th (Thursday). Rotary Club of Davao holds its' weekly meetings
during Thursdays and we are hoping to still pitch to them. This is also still upon your approval
as I understand that your original plan was 14-15. I have a youth-oriented team of 5 (most are
also students from USeP who is part of ASEAN Youth Leaders Association). My team mate
from Cambodia will also fly in for the event while Myanmar will offer online support. We can do
all the logistics on the tour sites, social media management, contact of speakers, letters and
actual program facilitation. We are hoping that USeP can provide the bus, the venue, some
speakers and the participants. I am looking forward for your feedback. Please do not hesitate
to ask if you have any questions. We are all excited for this and for our future collaborations.
May this be a start of a meaningful partnership. Best regards,

(1) Letter of Request to collaborate with TOR
 USeP shall provide: Bus, Venue, Speakers, participants
 University of Hawaii shall provide: Logistics, Lunch, Social Media Management,
Actual program facilitation and Speakers
 WIPO shall provide: speakership and expert mentoring in Techtransfer of the
(2) The program will start June 13-15, 2018 due to a Holiday in June 12, 2018(Araw ng
Kalayaan). However, pitching will continue with the Rotary Club of Davao.
(3) Possible forge of Agreement between USeP and Rotary Club of Davao