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All| Have To Give Words & Music by Full Force s.10 mi ae ae =e Bim a Yeah, — LT don't know Gray Ab Bim “Ee SR eS (Verse 2 see block lyric) don't have Ghmay? ab ge ac a what he docs to make you cry, but ('ll be there to make you. smile, pe aE fo get to you Pd walk a thou-sand miles. And 1 don't care— if he buys— you nice things. Do his =r emi @ — = =a A ee Eg a = & & @ —— gil Pd make it y0 we'd__nev-er bea - all + o a Bm hme = “a 2 SS give. With-out you Fn? B Bheaip & ES “i att ar, De a —& eae T wish 1 could give the word. tw you but love is all T 2. When you talk Bim AW Di Gra? AUC De o * ‘And hey gir, don’t want you to All the mon- ey in the world- could nev-er add up to— all the love 1 have— Giajt ab Bim Bhai! Geinay oe = SS SSS Ss eo =a 7. Ev-erything T have i$ for you, Go a Brn Bm? Gh = eS a) you I don't can live,— AWC DE ee ee tag “ 4. ft h ot oe = = at oat I wish 1 could. give you Butlove fs all 1 aot © but my love is all have Butlove is all [have tw give, ooh — yeah tv. Verse 2: ‘When you talk, does it seem like he's wot Even listening to a Word you say ‘That's okay babe, just tell me your problems T'll ery my best to kiss them all away Does ie leave when you need him the most? Does his friends get all your time? Baby please... I'm on my knees Praying forthe day that you'll be mine. But my love is all ere