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I’LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU Words and Music b Slowly, in a steady 2 BABYFACE D a a g g Ga A ah 5 Go DA Ga D ae te Bm? iE Close your eyes, make a wish, lax, let's go slow. 89 2 AG Fim? DFE AG & R fs out the can - dle ~ light _ Tor to - night — is just your got mo- where to. go. Tm just gonna con cen - trate on Fem7 DoF Em? Gmajvia night. — We're gon - na cel-e-brate you. — Girl, are you read. be It’s gonna D Bm? AG & Es & the fire Girl, your wish is my wine, — light T’'m gonna take my clothes clothes - on the — floor Find q AG Fim? DmF ig BE B I sub - mit to your too. — T made plans tobe with Gmaj7/A. D e 8B an - y ~ thing, — Girl, you need on - ly ask. Gr ér yon tck ‘me sou keow ‘T soud dos! make love to you tke you > Bm? Em? oa & 5 ee ii want me to hold you. tight, ys all throughthe night, I'll make z ce Ee 1 Codagy want me to will mot let go till you ¢ Gngiva 7 91 ° Fim? BiDa a £ gE tell me to. Ba- by, to - night is your — night we: oa Em? AQsus AG Fam? P| Ee z= i Just make a wish — Biba Em] e ® that you ask. q Gmaitia —————~__ DS. al Coda give you the love of your life, your ‘life, your ‘life. ___________ Ill make pee ae) 2 é Asus. D ie Bp Bm7 want me to, and ll Ho when you Jove to—-you Instrumental ad lib, and Fade > Em? GA Pa hold you tight, ba- by, all through the night. I'll make & I will not let go till you omajva, Repeat ad lib. and Fade