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200 HEAT OF THE MOMENT Words and Music by JOHN WETTON and GEOFFREY DOWNES Moderately bright a ee SSS © 1962 Wa MUSIC COR, ALMOND LEGG MIS COMP. NOSEBAG MUS IN. ‘Ai figns on beta of ALMOND LEGG MUS CORD. Adistered by WB MUSIC ‘tgs Bo ef NOREAG SC NC Acie Wore by AE ns NC agi 201 would fall ft Ab Bbm ab Di/F cb fae Be fa Ae that would wipe the smile right from my =, fa « fee" a Do you re-mem-ber when we used_to dance And now you find your- self in elght-y - two. And when yourlooks have gone and you're_a - lone, & trae 202 2 aed oe 8 ‘and in-cl-dents a - rose from cir-cum~- stance? One thing led to an- ‘Those dis-co hot -spots hold no charmfor you. ‘You can con-cern your- how man-y nights youd sit be~side-the phone What were the things you cb Ab Db Ab Bbm Fa fe 4 fe" oth - er. We— were young. And we would scream to ~ self with big - ger things. ‘You catch the pearl and want - ed for your ‘Teen-age am - bi - tions cb DYF gh It was the heat— ‘Cause it's the heat — Tt was the heat tell- ing me what my heart. = of the mo - ment, heat of—— the mo - of | the_mo - ment, tell-ing you what your heart __ To Coda ] 203 Ebm ae ‘The heat the mo - ment showed’ In your eyes. _ ‘The heat the mo The heat the mo = AbT/ED ‘Ab/Bb Gbmajt(addcy/B> eR" 204 ‘Ab/sb Ghmajt(addc)/B> ae. = Fr TPT oH Ghmajt(addcy/B> Absust Abad a ae ‘ ae D/F AbT/Eb Repeat and fade Heat of ii @ & of the mo - ment,