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DON’T CRY 7 Words and Music by Medium Rock beat JOHN WETTON and GEOFFREY DOWNES Am tal Guitar (actual sound) had be = fore you, nev - er doubt it. Copyright © 1983 W.B. MUSIC CORP., ALMOND LEGG MUSIC CORP. & NOSEBAG MUSIC INC WARNER BROS, MUSIC LTD. 17 Berets Street, London W.1,/ YSLAND MUSIC LTD., 22 Si, Peter's Square, London W.6. TAI! Rights Reserved. _———= a = ‘cae = SS 1 fist sav you You sri, you're al - ways ben mis sue "P= bout Dan staal ergs ats eben be | treat = ed, cheat - ed. So leave it i Til hear you when you're call - ing SS SS eros os = — = —— j __ 23 = Sp ——- a 4 os ah SSSsss= ee eee eee ee De willl al ways) | bores thers] Whee |mert weet belt foee Gu Dont ery, now that Tye found — you. Don't cry: take i a look a-round : Don't ery: it took s0 long to find 24 Do what you want, but litte dar-Ting, please don't