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45 FOOLISH ‘Words and Music by IRVING LORENZO and A. DOUGLAS Moderate groove Whispered: Mur-der The. See my days are cold_ with - out you ut Tm hurt - in” while Pm with epg 2002 gn Mane corporation Dl Pbihing ad Deron Songs “ati ow ahing Arse ty Eran Mu Cereraton igs for ton Song sted Say Masta Wes Nl 23728 ¥ é toe —= = = — Andthough my heart can't take no more, I keep__ on running back to your my days are cold with- out you Pm hurt - in’ while. I'm with WS ‘And though my heart can’t tke no mors—— run - ning back so bad, | = Ba - by, 1 don't know why (Treat me so bad.) you wanna do__ me wrong. (Do me wrong.) a You said you loved me, no one a-bove me and Twas all___ you hal See when I'm home, "I'm all a- Jone and you are al - ways gone. ‘And though my heart__ is beatin’ for can't stop ery ‘And boy you know I real-ly love cant de + ay. SS — > don't. know how. I al = low— you to treat me this way and stil T stay can't. see how. you could bring me t so man - y tears af - ter all these years Fai Sho See my days are cold. with-out hurt ~ in’ while. I'm with Fina? Eko SSS ———— And though my bear ce ore ce eee Fray See my days are cold with- out you Tm hurt - in’ while. I'm with * a ae ‘And though my heart can’t take no more, 1 keep on run-ning back 49 will make. you sad what love. the things — we ac cep be the things that So all of my la - ~ dies tel me, come_ on, sing with i al-ways tell me that you neod when T get the strength t0 leave ———T* 7 And I'm weak ‘cause Ibe - lieve you And I'm mad be- cause I love ‘and think that may be you could lean to that me. Then it all re ~ mains the same you ain't nev - er gon - na change. DS. al Coda Nev - er gon = na change. See my days are cold with - out G Fai? pack my — bags, there's some - thin’ al = ways olds. me. backs