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(Vou te contar) Words and Music by ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM a WAVE Dm7 G3 Dm7 GI3 canon & 6 ff Dm? G3 Dm7 G13 Dmajo So close your Bbdim Am7 DB9 2 that’s a love-ly way to = be ware of things —— your heart a Copyrant © 1967.88 Antonie Cars eben Copyigt tener Punts by core hk corp, InvrnavonaCopyeghe secre highs Revered 125 BO BRO Bmi/E ET. Ft Ee Ee ea The fun - da - men - tal Bo AT Dm7 G atm cht ath Dm7 ba 4 “4 ~~ two can dreama dream to - geth - er. Dmaj9 Bbdim Am as don’t try to fight the ris - ing Dn9 Gmnaj7 Gm6 don’t fight_ the and don’t. fight me. FETS, itt two can dream a Gm7 * dream to - geth - Fm7/Bb BBOVAb RoeECe 2 od When________ your eyes met mine,