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From the Twentieth Century-Fox Motion Picture “THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE” THE MORNING AFTER Slow, with double-time feeling Lettre Le by JOEL HIRSCHHORN Et =: + & ca Ay = = SS =———s 4 There's got to bea morn-ing _—af - ter Oh, can’t you see— the morn-ing af ~ ter? a &. Bu. &° & if we can hold onthrough the night. We have a chance—to find the It's wait-ing right out-sidethe storm, ‘Why don't we cross the bridge to - let's keeponlook-ing for the and find a placethat's safe and # SS a+ a & Base) we shouldbe giv - ing, It's not too late, — wh ao a on-lywithlove_can we climb. It's not too late, eer Fe a al not while we're liv-ing. Let's put our hands out in h & os 8" 6 6 Bann There'sgottobe—amorn-ing af - ter; —__ we're mov-ing clos-er to the ey I knowwe'llbethere by to - mor-row,— & 8 & & #& and we'lles-cape_ the dark-ness; we won't besearch-ing __an - y Ey Repeat and fade SS f ‘There'sgotto be— amorn-ing af - ter. —=: + i! = ae SS =