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1 JUST FALL IN LOVE AGAIN: Words and Music LARRY HERBSTRITT, STEPHEN H. 7 GLORIA SKLEROV and HARRY LLOYD Salle Rt ¢ a/c Fmajz 0m7/6 1 must be or am 1 really ly = in’ here with it must be the way “Told you and the night just seems to you take me your arms for you to take me to a stir, Fmaiz oes F/G & & & thoughI’'m wide_a-wake I know my heay- en” is—that mo- ment when I Copyright © 1977 by Cotton Pickin’ Sones/Hobby Hone MusiciPeso Music Zz 8 ae € «s @ @ Fall In Love A-gain— Just one touch and then it hap- pens Em? Ant Faiz Omy-5 E7-9 = Amy —(OT/FE ce F/G Just Fall InLoveA~gain,and when 1 do Tean’t help y-seif [fall in love with ¢ vc F re a | = help my - self fall i love with ye osc Fmaj7 wm ¢