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1. A 245 g mass is on the end of a 35 cm long string. Determine the tension in the string at the top
if the mass is spinning at 5.67 m/s.

2. A storage tank 10 m deep is filled with water. The top of the tank is open to the air. What is the
absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank?

Atmospheric pressure is 1.013x103 Pa

3. A 3kg mass attached to a spring oscillate on a frictionless table with an amplitude of 8x10-2 m. Its
maximum acceleration is 3.5 m/s2. What is the total energy of the system?
4. A cylindrical pipe with water flowing downward at 0.002m2 having top diameter 0.08 m, bottom
diameter 0.04 m and height 1.5. Find the pressure between the top and bottom of the pipe.
5. Determine the force required to punch a ½ inch hole on a3/8 thick plate of the ultimate shearing
stress of the plate is 40,000 psi.

6. An iron steam pipe is 200 ft long at 20oC. What will be its increase in length when heated to
120oC? The coefficient of linear expansion is 10x10-6/Celsius-degree.
7. A bicycle wheel has an initial angular velocity of 1.50 rad/s. If its angular acceleration is constant
and equal to 0.300 rad/s2, through what angle has the wheel turned between t=0s and t=2.50s?

8. Water enters a house through a pipe with an inside diameter of 2.0 cm at an absolute pressure
of 4.0x105 Pa. A 1.0-cm-diameter pipe leads to the second-floor bathroom 5.0 m above. When
the flow speed at the inlet pipe is 1.5 m/s, find the flow speed in the bathroom.
9. A 50 kg mass is sitting on a frictionless surface. An unknown constant force pushes the mass for
2 seconds until the mass ___ a of 3 m/s. What was the force acting on the mass?
10. Compute the torque developed by an individual motor whose output is 100kW at an angular
speed of 3000 rev/min.
11. A hollow cylindrical copper pipe is 2m long and has an outside diameter of _cm and inside
diameter of 2.5 cm. How much does it weigh?
12. A 260 g mass is on the end of a 32cm long string. Determine the tension in the string at the top
if the mass is spinning at 5.2 m/s.

13. Heat Sodium vapor emits yellow light with a f=5.09x1014 Hz. Find the wavelength in vacumm and
the wave speed and wavelength in diamond for which le=5.84 and Km=1 at this frequency.
14. A 50kg mass is sitting on a frictionless surface. An unknown constant force pushed the mass for
2 seconds until the mass reaches a velocity 4 m/s. What is the initial momentum of the mass?
What was the force acting on the mass?

15. Determine the heat rate of a 9 cm diameter spherical ball whose surface temperature is 110oC.
The emissivity is 0.8 and the temperature of air is 20oC.
17. A manometer is used to measure the pressure in the tank. The fluids wheel has a specific gravity
of 0.85 and the manometer column height is 55cm. Determine the absolute pressure if the local
atmospheric pressure is 96 kPa.

18. How much power in the in the kinetic energy of the atmospheric at 56kph wind velocity?
Consider the section that passes through a 3m diameter circular area and in the velocity. The density
of an is 1.2kg/m3. (Di ko gets -_-)
18. A ball with a mass of 0.5 kg, was thrown against a brick wall. It hits the wall moving horizontally
to the left at 30m/s and rebounds horizontally to the right at 25m/s. Find the impulse of the net
force on the ball during its collision.

19. A 4.6 ft3 of water are compresed(?) to 5000 psi. What is the volume decrease if the temperature
is 60F? Assume the average bulk modulus of elasticity of 311 000.

16. A circular steel wire 1.80 m long must stretch no more than 0.30 cm when a tensile force of 400
N is applied to each end of the wire. What minimum diameter is required for the wire?
17. Ignoring air resistance, an object falling toward the surface of the earth has a velocity that is

18. Union of the quantities are scalar?

19. Water flows through a horizontal segment of pipe that tappers from a cross-sectional area of
50cm2 to 0.50 cm2. The pressure of the longer end of the pipe is 1.2x105 Pa and the speed is 0.04
m/s. What is the pressure at narrow end?
20. What is the total required heating energy in changing(?) the temperature of a given amount of
water when the energy supplied is 1000 kW with heat loss of 25%?

21. A 50g ice with initial temperature -10oC is placed on a 400g of 40oC water. What is the final
temperature of the mixture?