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Exemplary Teacher Observation Reflection Form

(Teacher can be from same or different grade band)

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Jodi Wilder

Exemplary Teacher Initials: JD

School: Big Shanty Intermediate Grade: 5th

Lesson Topic: Designing Cell Membranes

Write a brief summary of your experiences observing this lesson, addressing the
following questions:

In your opinion, what went well? What could be tweaked/improved? (Cite specific
examples. You can note specific things such as differentiation if it occurred, use of
technology, inquiry-based, etc).

 The charts for writing down lab results was user friendly for students of all ability
 The step-by-step instructions made observations easy for the students and
enabled good discussion in their groups
 The use of a power point presentation to visually display directions and pose
questions was a good way to differentiate the lesson
 Group design of the best membrane with provided materials was difficult for the
students who had trouble compromising
 Next time the teacher might want to consider limiting the choice of items
 The individual design part of the lesson could be eliminated because when they
had to come together to do a group design, it was more difficult for the students
to decide on who had the best design

How well were the lesson’s student performance objectives attained?

 The object of the lesson was to design the best cell membrane after given time to
work with these materials. After experimenting with the materials, the students
had a clear idea on which materials would be more successful holding in the
water with a slow release. When listening to the students’ observations and
conclusions, many of them made good connections to how their membrane
reflected what a real cell membrane needs to do in the body. Therefore based on
their discussions, many of the students did attain the performance objectives.

Other reflections about the lesson?

 The teacher has experience with teaching special education students and knows
how to present the lesson for the wide variety of learning styles in the room
which made the lesson a big success!!