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Kateri Ammann

Kateri Amman , also spelt as Kaateri, is a form of Maha Devi who was created to destroy sickness and
disease in this dark age of Kaliyuga. Kateri is also known as The Sister of Kali Maa and Ganga Maa by her
devotees. She works alongside Ganga Maa in Caribbean Kali worship to remove diseases and to grant
children to their devotees. She is known to go within the deepest parts of a devotee's body to remove
sicknesses. However, in some countries Kateri is also used in sorcery.

Kateri can be depicted in many forms with many different appearances. But her skin tone is either dark
blue or black, hence sometimes calling her Kaal Kateri Maa or The Black Kateri Maa. She is seen either
holding a sword, bowl, trishul, lotus or even all in her four armed form.

Her worship is popular as she is worshiped inKovils in Mauritius, the United Kingdom, Netherlands,
Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Fiji, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guadeloupe,
Martinique, the United States of America, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, and many other places.
Her offerings include Neem Leaves, Limes, Arahul or red Flowers and sometimes Alcohol and Cigarettes.
She is sometimes also offered the sacrifice of a black goat or fowl, it all depends on the person's family
lineage and their mode of worship.

However, this goddess is a folk Dravidian goddess of Southern India, so she has no reference in the
Scriptures. But she exists and she helps her devotees once they worship her and love and care for her.


People who worship her will offer her Dhar. They will offer a mixture of water and/or milk, Arahul or any
red flower, Neem Leaves, Sindoor, turmeric Powder, White Rice, White Sugar, Cloves, Grounded
Nutmeg and grounded Camphor from a Lota. Other offerings to her includes Kheer, Lapsi and Sohari,
Fruits, Coconuts, Limes, Neem Leaves, Flowers and garlands made with Neem Leaves, Limes and
flowers. Her flag colour is black as that is her complexion. Usually her Poojas are performed near rivers,
seas or under trees. Coconut flowers are used to represent her as they are the most purest flowers as
they are not tampered or interfered with by insects.

Mantra Om Shri Kateri Mata Aaye Namaha

Om Shri Kateri Devyai Namo Namaha

om shrim hrim klim katari shakti

Kateri Maa

The tenth deity that we worship is Kateri Maa.

Kateri Ammaa, also referred to as Small Mother, Katyayani Maa or Mother Parameshwari, is a dark
complexioned Devi who brings nothing but light, fruitfulness and joy to Her devotees once She is prayed
to with love and sincerity.

Kateri Ammaa works alongside Ganga Ammaa; Ganga Ammaa is the granter of certain boons while
Kateri Ammaa is the maintainer and protector of such boons. Women pray to Small Mother when they
are unable to conceive and to protect their unborn child.

Mariamma takes the form of Small Mother to accompany Her children anywhere regardless of the
cleaniness of the environment. This form of Mother is also capable of entering the bodies of Her
children to remove any illness or impurities whether it may be medical or supernatural.