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Bangkok, Thailand VOL. I NO.1 News For Today, 1973 Five Baht


Posted on 28. 05, 1973 by
Two months after US President Nixon
signs the Paris Peace Accord, the last US troop
withdraws from South Vietnam as North
Vietnam frees the remaining American prisoners
of war. The US involvement in Vietnam war has
come to an end. The main reasons include anti-
war movement, misinformation and cover-ups,
and the never ending war.
Started around 1950s, when French
troops were defeated by Vietnam communist
forces, Vietnam was split into two parts, the
North and the South. The North was controlled
by a communist leader, Ho Chi Minh. The US
was afraid that it could create a domino effect in
Southeast Asia which means when country turns
into a communist country then other countries
will follow. Due to the United States Cold War
foreign policies, US began to offer support to
the anti-communist politician who took control
of the South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem. The war
being less and less popular in America
throughout the time. The launch of the Tet
Offensive by North Vietnam were successful
which sparked the most intense period of anti-


war movement. The war continued until 1973, North and the South Vietnam are still fighting. might stop being involved in other countries'
but now President Nixon declares that Vietnam From the long lasting fight, the US economy is war because Vietnam war has caused a lot of
War is coming to a conclusion as a result of the severely damaged because around $168 billion damage to the US. And the government should
plan that we have instituted. The Paris Peace was poured into the war. Some of the policies learn something about the bad effect of the war.
Accords is signed and US is going to withdraw are changed especially the right to vote at the From Thai Vietnam War veterans opinions, they
all of the troops back to America. “I have asked age of 18. Because during the war, 18-year-old are proud of how their services had successfully
for this radio and television time tonight for the men were drafted and forced to risk their life in blocked the spread of communism to Thailand.
purpose of announcing that we today have the war without right to vote. The new The border of Thailand are protected and
concluded an agreement to end the war and generation attitudes are going to change. In the brought to stability. Even though the Communist
bring peace with honor in Vietnam and in future, more and more American citizens are Party of Thailand revolted against Thai
Southeast Asia.”(Nixon, 1973). Even though, going to be suspicious and skeptical about the government, but Thai government sent regular
US has stepped back from the war, the government and public institution. The US army and personnel police to deal with them.

Thailand Has Found Peace After "Day of Great Sorrow"

Posted on 18. Oct, 1973 by

One of the biggest tragedy in Thailand, transparent with many rumors about corruption.
Day of Great Sorrow, has ended. No more When 13 political activists who handed out
protesters left on the streets after President leaflets demanding a democratic constitution
Thanom and Vice President Praphas fled out of were arrested by the ruling government,
the country. The uprising of the college students, thousands of college students and workers
who do not want a dictator as a ruler, resulted in started to taking on street of Bangkok as a result.
many changes in Thai politics. “We will stand by people’s side to protect our
General Thanom chose to dissolve right and our freedom”, (Student Center of
parliament and imposed one-man rule which led Thailand, 1973). The official march started on
to dissatisfaction of college students and 13 October 1973. The government responded to
workers. Meanwhile, the government were not the protesters by sending troops with tanks to people. Nevertheless, this situation might leads
fire unarmed demonstrators which activated to more rebel and people will believe that using
more and more people to join the flash mob. The violence is the key for change, which is not
situation settled down when Thanom resigned right. People might understand this wrongly and
from his position as a president and fled to use it as an opportunities to make beyond limit
America along with Vice President Praphas. The political demand. For Thai people, this is such a
fight causes up to 77 deaths and 857 casualties. sorrowful situation, yet bringing back liberty
Right now, the situation in Bangkok is settled and right to Thai people. It opens ways for new
again. Even though police officer and traffic politicians and groups of people to be involved
police are not doing their work, boy scouts and in politics. On the other hand, some people
students are taking over their duty on the streets. believe that this leads to a democracy which
FLOODED PROTESTERS This is a successful revolution made by Thai high-class people use for their own benefits.
(Photo: Surachat via Matichon)
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Gas Stations Run Out of Oil!

Posted on 20. Oct, 1973 by Damon S.

The OPEC oil impose an official ban to

stop exporting oil to the United States on
October 19, 1973. The OPEC countries wanted
US to stop supporting Israel troops against
Egypt and Syria.
On October, 1973, Egypt and Syria
launched a surprise attack against Israel on the
Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. However, Israel
fought back with support from the US. On the
Egypt and Syria’s side, in an attempt to pressure
Western countries to force Israel to withdraw the
troop from seized lands, Arab members of
OPEC announced sudden reduction cuts and
then banned the sale of oil to the United States
and the Netherlands. On October 19, 1973, the
twelve members of the Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries officially agreed
to the embargo to stop exporting oil to the
United Stated. Many gas stations have to
temporarily close because they run out of oil.
“The sudden cutoff of oil from the Middle East
had turned the serious energy shortages we
THE OIL CRISIS OF 1973. (Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty)
expected this winter into a major energy crisis.
That crisis is now being felt around the world, as Nixon. The company has to pay the workers in chose to import less oil from OPEC. Many
other industrialized nations have also suffered high price while the economic drop down. workers in the industry were fired because there
from cutbacks in oil from the Middle People spend less because they had no job and is not enough money to pay for their wages due
East.” (Nixon, 1973). lose confident on the government. The effect not to the high price of oil. Some factories were
It created the recession and stagflation of only stay in the US, Thailand also suffers from closed because they cannot afford the price of
economic. The employees were fired because this energy crisis. The price of oil sharply rise the oil.
the wage-price control policies from President that it affects other production. Thai government

New American-Standard
Shopping Mall Opens
Posted on 31. Jan, 1973 by
Siam center, new shopping center for Thai
people, was officially open in the past few
weeks in the middle of the city. It was built after
intercontinental hotel to support each other. Not
many big shopping malls were built in this time.
The two big company which is Bangkok
Continental Hotel and Pan American Would
Airways are the one who created this shopping
mall on the left over space after building the
hotel. They saw this as an opportunities to have
a shopping mall that can give everything
customers demanded. The target customers are
teenagers and tourist who wanted to be with
their friend in a comfortable place.
This huge shopping mall surely will urge
Thai economic. And not only Siam Center is
open but also Central Chidlom. This is a good
sign for businesses as there are higher
opportunities for them to introduce new things

for customers. It also shows that Thailand has a harder to create communist market. According as the new shopping mall is becoming popular
very strong capitalism market. People do have to the GDP in 1972, the GDP is 4.3%. However, very quickly, this is going to be the place where
right to do what they want and capable of under in 1973, the GDP rises as high as 10.2%. all of new and in-trend fashion are created. Thai
the laws. More freedom in the market are “Shopping mall development in regional towns people who open their own small convenience
created and it will be hard to be pulled down typically comes with the promise of increases in stores might not survive because they cannot
because people seems to happy with this way of economic activity and local compete with Siam Center. However, people
life. Meanwhile, communism will be very hard employment” (McGreevy, 1973). The GDP will still prefer the more convenience place for
to rise up because high class people are the one prove what he said is true. Thai teenagers are them to go shopping. This represents Thailand
who control country’s economy. The owner of grown up having their life experiences in siam to tourist very well and the country will be more
the land is the royal family which means the center. Places around siam are highly developed open internationally which will help Thai
bond between people and royal family are along the siam center. The city is going to economy to grow.
strengthen. The shopping mall owner and the become bigger and bigger and the cost of living
royal family are on the same side make it even will rise along with the growing economy. And

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