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Trip Generation

TripGen 2014 is a simple, easy-to-use tool that calculates trip generation based on ITE Trip Generation
Manuals, editions 8 and 9. The analyst selects the desired independent variable and then calculate
driveway volumes by using the rates or equations found in the Trip Generation Manual. Pass-by trips and
internal capture trips for mixed-use developments (NCHRP 684) are taken into account. The software
allows users to enter custom trip rates, pass-by rates, and internal rates based on local/regional studies.
Several reports are available for users to quickly review calculations.

Several Available Trip Rates:
Enhanced input and output screens
Project information description and note input fields Average weekday 2-way trips (daily)
Save and open data files AM/PM peak hour of adjacent
Project Tree that includes Alternatives and Phases street traffic
Includes land use data from ITE’s Trip Generation Manual, 8th and 9th AM/PM peak hour of generator
Saturday average 2-way trips (daily)
Easily compare number of trips based on average rates vs. equations
Saturday peak hour
Several report options
Pass-By and Internal Capture Rates (NCHRP 684 and ITE) Sunday average 2-way trips (daily)
Create custom rates based on local data and save for future use Christmas ADT and Peak Hour
Total trips calculated by Alternative can be exported to a CSV file Rates


A - Menu
B - Project Information
C - Project Tree
D - Summary Results
C E - Screen Display
F - Current Display

F Left: TripGen’s main summary screen.

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