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Kyle Legacion • (707) 410 - 9002

Height: 5’6” • Weight: 125 • Hair: Black • Eyes: Dark Brown • Voice: Tenor

Immigrant Journey Project Music Director Mu Performing Arts Randy Reyes
tot: THE UNTOLD…* Chorus / Tot (u/s) Mu Performing Arts Randy Reyes
The Big Lowdown 2016 Core Performer Bedlam Theatre, Dangerous Tyler Olson
Productions, Live Action Set
The Events** Chorus Guthrie Theater Ramin Gray
The Princess’ Nightingale (workshop) Prince Jia Mu Performing Arts Daisuke Kawachi
*world premiere
**one night performance

The Beaux’ Stratagem (upcoming) Tom Aimwell UMN/Guthrie Program Randy Reyes
Titus Andronicus Marcus Andronicus Shakespeare’s Globe Education Simon Scardifield
Cymbeline Iachimo UMN/Guthrie Program Doug Scholz-Carlson
Polaroid Stories G UMN/Guthrie Program Jamil Jude
The Eumenides Musician / Chorus UMN/Guthrie Program Markell Kiefer
Hairspray Corny Collins HSPVA Charles Swan
The Sound of Music Max Detweiler HSPVA Charles Swan
[title of show] Jeff HSPVA Susan Koozin
Avenue Q* Boy Bear HSPVA Stephanie Wittels-Wachs
Summer and Smoke Papa Gonzalez HSPVA Cynthia Ogden
Sister Mary Ignatius… Aloysius Benheim Rabbit Foot Productions Brandon Engelskirchen
*Tommy Tune Award for Best Featured Performer, 2014

Driven to Discover Extra University of Minnesota

Theater People Featured MetaSynthesis Films Matthew G. Anderson

Together, We’ll Change the World Lead University of Minnesota
Annie Supporting iTheatrics Steven Kennedy
Anything Goes Supporting iTheatrics Steven Kennedy
Honk! Supporting iTheatrics Steven Kennedy
A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Supporting iTheatrics Steven Kennedy

Acting: Bruce Roach (Stanislavsky, Meisner), Steve Cardamone
Voice and Speech: Lucina Holshue (Roy Hart), Jill Walmsley-Zager (Dialects)
Movement: Marcela Lorca (Lorca movement), Randy Reyes (Viewpoints), Sean
Emery & Jim Domenick (Circus skills), Annie Enneking (Stage
Dance: Tina Anderson (Ballet), Karla Grotting (Jazz), Brian Sostek (Waltz,
Swing, Salsa, Foxtrot), Herbert “Jus Herb” Johnson III (Krump),
Marciano Silva Dos Santos (African dance), Kristin Van Loon &
Arwen Wilder, “HIJACK” (Contact improvisation)
Singing: Samantha Laumann, Diana Grasselli
Shakespeare’s Globe Education: Simon Scardifield (Shakespeare), Yvonne Morley (Voice), Gabrielle
Moleta (Movement), Mary Howland (Dialects), Nikola Hunt
(Restoration comedy), Joseph Atkins (Singing), Nick Hutchinson
Master Classes: Barbara Houseman (Voice), Bob Rosen (Clowning), Ariel Gutierrez
(Lecoq), Patrick Tucker (Shakespeare), Leslie Reidel (Shakespeare),
J.D. Steele (Singing)

Ruth Denney Scholarship, 2015
Houston Young Playwrights Exchange finalist, 2014

Dialects: RP, Cockney, Southern American
Music: Piano, guitar, ukulele, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet (proficient in all),
marching band, composition and transcription experience
Dance: Broadway jazz, krump, tap, contact improvisation, choreography
Stage combat: Unarmed, broadsword
Circus skills: Tumbling, juggling, static trapeze, Spanish web, hat and cane tricks (basic/proficient in all)
Other: IPA, puppetry (single and double rod), published playwright, valid TX driver’s license

University of Minnesota / Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program, Class of 2019
Shakespeare’s Globe Education, Fall 2017
The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Musical Theatre major, Class of 2015