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QHSE Requirements Action Plan

1.1 Safety & Health Management System (Policy & Display of HSE policy & principles of the company at site and awareness about the policy to be
Principles, Safety Manuals, Safety Organization) streamlined with in the workforce. For this reason awareness campaign may be executed.
(Safety manuals – (Look for HIRA or JHA
document, Legal compliance system, Emergency
Planning system, Safety dash board, Safety audit

& review system, Operational control, Asset
Management). Company should be having its own set of checklists and upgradation of the same to be done through
international standards.

SWP and HIRADec to be present at site and the same should be signed off by both client and the
company.Monthly revision of the SWP and HIRADec to be done for necessary upgradation.

Emergency response plan (ERP) to be made according to the site requirements and mock drills to be
arranged to find out the active response time for the ERP. All evidences regarding this activity should be


Safety Dash Board system to be made compulsory for all sites which must contain total man power
involved,fatality,LTI,first aid cases,medical cases,UA,UC,Nearmiss,IDLH

Safety Audit to be done internally every month and the report for the same should be submitted to the
management along with required evidences. External audits to be done every 6 months or as instructed

by the client.

All the points found in the audit report to be closed within the target date else the same has to be followed
up by a different target date as deemed suitable by the management . Audit review to be done for

monitoring the changes made by implementation of the reccomendations given in the audit report.

1.2 Documented procedure on selection & Contractor employment policy should be present and this has to be monitored closely with the site
deployment of skilled employees. Job description, working conditions.Annual revision of the safety policy to be done.
Roles & Responsibilities to be available
mentioning safety as one of the mandatory
Questionare for HSE pre-qualification should be present, along with post contract HSE evaluation. The
Contractor engagement HSE protocol to be maintained and strictly followed.

As and when applicable.

mentioning safety as one of the mandatory

A set of required eligibilities for various posts should be documented as per recommendation to and from
management and the same has to implemented throughout.The same is subjected to be revised annually.

Roles and responsibilities for every post should be specific and documented. This should be inculcated to
all the new joinees of the company and to old employees up on promotion or transfer.

As and when applicable.

1.3 Documents showing safety planning process for Safety manual should be having the required formats for the daily, weekly,bi-weekly,monthly,half yearly
safe execution of jobs- JHA document, Audit and annually.
plans, planning for tools & equipments,Job
execution plan, work permit system, Method
statement SWP , HIRADec, JHA,JSA,WPS,Site inspection report,lifting tools and tackles checklist,machinery

checklist,Safety gear inspection checklist,PPE insulation testing checklist,Fire extinguisher report,Hydrant
system report,,etc formats to be present.

Audit planning to be done on an annual basis and the same has to be documented and made available at
site and to the client.

JHA to be done for all tasks and reports to be documented.

Preventive measures to be planned beforehand regarding pottential hazards identified.

Site execution planning has to be synchronised with safety planning for proper implementation of the JHA


1.4 System and processes for training on Training need assessment (TNA) format to be present at site.

Safety standard, Behavioural based, Job specific, Training calender should be present at site and modification of the same to be done based on the current

skill development, emergency preparedness for
employees and supervisors.
scenerio of the site. √
Training has to be conducted on SOP's and documented.

Training feedback to be taken and suitable format to be present at site.

The outputs from the feedbacks found to be inculcated in the training need assessment and
documentation regarding this to be kept. √
SOP's to be made understanble to the workers anddiscussion sessions to be organised at site to verify
the effectiveness of the training. √
1.5 System for two way communication (Top – Bottom Documented system of commucination should be present between management and workforce should
– Top) between contractor leadership and their exist. √
workforce (Proprietor engagement in line walk, MOM should be displayed at proper notice boards and action plan with target date.
Safety meeting etc.). √
1.5 System for two way communication (Top – Bottom
– Top) between contractor leadership and their
workforce (Proprietor engagement in line walk,
Safety meeting etc.).

Daily GMP line walk should be organised, involving magement.

Follow-up of the communication from downline as an important indicator for two way communication
system. √
Organising monthly safety champion ,best practice ,best reporting in safety awards are a vital source of
inspiration for the workforce. √
Evidence of top management involvement in the implementation of Action plan.

1.6 Annual assessment of safety management
system & processes (Self or Third Party Audit) Documented evidence of self audit should be present.

Documented evidence of third party audit to be present

Implementation of the recommendation of the audit both self and third party.

Documented evidence regarding improvement of safety culture through assessment system.

Monitoring of safety management system process by annual revision.

Documentation regarding improvement of safety management system by annual revision.

2.1 Capability of Workforce, (Skilled manpower,

Competent Supervisor, Site Safety Supervisors
Procedure for selection of employment should be present.Revised annually.

etc.) Verify through site visit and Interview.
Employee training should be conducted and documented.

Selection procedure should be in line with the CSM standards, as this procedure should be justified from
cllient point of view.Quaterly monitoring and revision. √

Employees feedback system should be present and feedbacks should be unanimously taken care off and
Sponsorships to be given to the employees for skill development of the workforce.

Awards and annual increment policy should be present and maintained to retain the employees.

2.2 Conducting Tool box and mass meeting regularly. Documented system of tool box talk should be present and records should be available for audits of the
(Verify through Records and Interview) topics covered. √
Documented evidence of improvement of safety culture through tool box talks and mass meetings. √
Documented increase in the number of best practices started or adopted monthly.

Evidence showing the top management is involved in safety drives. This can be achieved by introducing
participation of employees from all the levels of the company. √
2.3 Providing & ensuring usage of standard (IS/EN) PPE matrix should be dertermined in the safety manual of the company which should be completed by
and right PPEs while performing the job. Ensure determining the importance of the given job in hand.
timely replacements. (Verify through site visit and
Quality of PPE should be IS marked and well specified with the task.

Planned procurement , stock update , required upgradations and PPE assessment to be done at regular
Evidence of relative procurement of PPEs and hazard analysis should be found.

PPE issue register should be present at site to identify the rate of PPE degradation from different brands
for the same task and thus to identify the best buy, within the current budget.

Documented evidence regarding involvement of client and employees in the PPE procurement process.

2.4 Providing & ensuring safe usage of standard, Standard procurement procedure for lifting tools and tackles.
certified and right tools &
tackles, equipment’s and calibrated safety
List of standard (IS marked) lifting tools and tackles , eqipments used at site should be made available.
gadgets (e.g. Gas detectors) while performing the
job. (Verify through Records and Site visit)

Test certificate for all lifting tools and tackles should be documented and maintained at site , which is to be
given by third party inspection only.

Calibration list of tools and equipments with marked number (sticker) should be present at site.

Daily inspection report of lifting tools and tackles and vehicles should be maintained at site.Vehicles
maintenance record also to be maintained at site.

Documented procedure for upgradation of checklist for lifting tools and tackles , vehicles should be

2.5 Ensuring a good housekeeping free from any Documented procedure for housekeeping and this should be in accordance with the requirements of 5's
slip / trip / fall hazards at working sites. (Verify concept.
through site visit)
Housekeeping audits should be performed at site and the findings should be shared to all levels.

Campaign on slip , trip and fall should be done at intervals and the records regarding the same to be
Documented evidence regarding improvement of site housekeeping to be present as an active outcome
from audit.

Involvement of all levels (specially lower levels) should be encouraged and documented regarding
implementation of 5's

5's audit to be done at regular interval as planned.

2.6 Self-Safety Initiative / Project by contractor for

Self initiated safety improvement projects should be undertaken.
Safety Improvement
Total number of safety improvement self initiated projects in the coming year to be planned before hand
and the same shall be implemented accordingly.
Documented evidence regarding involvement of top management in the self initiated safety improvement

Documented evidence regarding acceptibility of suggestion for safety improvement from the work force
and the top management.

Target oriented suggestions(number of workers = number of suggestions) should be present from the
work force to quantify the involvement of the workforce in the self safety improvement drives.

3.1 Contractor safety audit by the contractors' Documented planning regarding safety audit should be present.
supervisor and site safety supervisors in the field. Safety audit checklist to be maintained and this should be verified by third party audit agency for better
(Verify records) quantification of the safety culture.
Recorded evidence of audit reports done should be made available at site.

Site severity audits to be also done at regular intervals for the understandibility of the nature and rate of
increase of hazards if any , present at site.

Documented evidence regarding implementations of the recommedations fo the site safety audit.

Documented evidence also to be present regarding improvement of site safety culture as a output of the
safety audits done at site.
3.2 Corrective and preventive action on self- audit System of Corrective and preventive action on self audit report should be present.
report specifically on 4 & 5 severity potential. Monitoring of CAPA related to 4's and 5's sevirity rate outcomes to be done.
(Verify records & site visit)

Review of CAPA to be done from monitoring phase.

3.2 Corrective and preventive action on self- audit
report specifically on 4 & 5 severity potential.
(Verify records & site visit)

Documented planning for resolving of of CAPA related to 3's, 4's , 5's should be present.

No ncr to be present unattended of severity 3's , 4's , 5's.

Documented evidence regarding reducing severity 3's to 0

3.3 Compliance to Generic and Specific Safety

clauses as per contract. (Verify through site visit Safety clauses to be followed as per contract.
and Interview based on some Work order).
Specific safety clauses with reference to hierarchy of hazard control to be followed.

Safety violation with respect to workforce capability should not exist.

Infrastructure resources tools & tackles are provided should be of right quality

Process of doing job has been standardized and followed and learning and integration approach is visible

4.1 Reporting, investigation and learning of all

incident / accident, Health issue. System for Reporting and investigations of incident and accident should be present.

Reporting and investigations should be done systematically and root causes must be identified.

Recommendations should be systematically implemented.

Learning to be shared with the employees in mass meeting.

Evidence regarding learning from other incidents shared and implemented.

4.2 Near miss and Unsafe act / condition reporting, Documented procedure to be present for reporting of Near miss exists and followed and investigation
investigation and corrective action. should be carried out.

Reporting and investigations done systematically and root causes should be identified

Learning to be shared with the employees in mass meeting.

Evidence regarding learning from other incidents shared and implemented.

4.3 Skill retention, amenities, employees liability etc.

(Verify through records and Interview) System of skill retention should be present.

Amenities should be provided to the employees and list of amenities to be defined and documented.

Employees grievence redressal cell should be present and purposely appointed to increase retaintivity.
Feedback system should be present to capture employee suggestion, engagement and retention

4.4 Campaign e.g. (Safety quiz, Safety skid etc.) to Plan for campaign should be present and documented.
develop Safety Culture. (Verify through records
and Interview)
Responsibility regarding the campaigns to be distributed and the same shall be communicated before
hand to the concerned persons
Topic of the campaigns shall be derived from the reports of UA,nearmiss , self safety improvement
initiatives to form a closed loop approach.

4.5 Reward, Recognition and Consequence Defined criteria & documented procedure should be present.
Management System of Contractor. (Verify Transperency should be present in the procedure for determination of good , better , best employees.
through records)
Procedures to be made well known to all the employees.

Prizes should be distributed to the employees who increase the company values and productivity at the
same time.

Documented evidence of the same should be present.

5.1 Zero Lost time /serious injury or
permanent disability
5.2 Zero First aid case

5.3 Non-Injury Incidents (e.g. Property

5.4 Safety violation of fatal potential of
severity 4&5 (reference contractor safety
5.5 Safety noncompliance cost recovery /
Penalty imposed / Job stopped.
5.6 Fatality