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178 Stranger in Paradise Medium from KISMET Words and Music by Robert Wright and George Forrest ‘Al (Music Based on Themes of A. Borodin) Bhm7 Bb7 AbMa7 Fm7 Take my hand I'm a strang-er in par-a-dise, all lost in a Bbm7 cbr AbMa7 Fm7 won - der - land, a strang-er in par - a dise. 1 stand [Al sine er abMar Pas star - ry eyed that’s a dan- ger in par-a-dise for —mor-tals who Bbm7 cbr AbMa7 IS stand be - side an ang-el__ ike you. 1 saw your B) sar tr Mer Im face and. 1 as = cond. = ed _______ out ofthe pi? ct7 chm7 3S ‘com mon place into the rare! Some-where in c7 FMaz space | hang sus = pend - ed un = til Bbm7 wb7 AbMaz cm7 F7 know there's a chance that you care. Won't you answer the Copyright © 1953 Frank Music Corp. Copyright Renewer ane Assigned o Scheffel Manic Corp, New York, NY “Al Rights Controlled by Scheffel Music Corp. AIDRights Reserved International Copyright Secured 179 Bbm7 thy AbMa Fm7 for - vent prayer_______ of a strang-er in par-a-dise? Don't send me in Bbm7 bz AbMay Fim? real dark des - pair from all that’ «1 hunger tor, but 0 pen your Al ghm7 Eby AbMaz Fm7 ee b-| . f an - get's arms. to the strang-er in par - a-dise and tell him that AbMaz cm? 7 Bbm7 he need be a_strang- er no. more.