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Institute of Business Administration

University of Dhaka
MBA Admission Test
60 Batch, Full time & Part Time (SESSION 2017-2018)

Roll No.: 3499

Full Name: Abdullah Al Farooque
Father's' Name: Md. Torab Ali Akunjee
Mother's Name: Shanaaz Yasmin

Written Test Date : May 25, 2018

[Read Carefully]

1. Report at the examination centre at 09:30 a.m. on the day of the written test.
Examination will start at 10:00 a.m.
2. Bring your Admit Card to the test centre and show it to the invigilator when asked.
3. Use only black ball point pen to darken all required circles on the Answer Sheet. Use
of pencil is not allowed.
4. Use a black ball point pen to write your Name, Admit Number, Test Booklet Number
and also to put your signature.
5. Use of any electronic device (mobile phone, digital watch etc.) is strictly prohibited
in the examination.
6. Use of calculator is not allowed.
7. Your dress-up and grooming of hair should be such that your ears are completely
visible at all times.
8. Examination office reserves the right to check the identification of female
candidates wearing niqaab.
9. Adoption of unfair means will disqaulify you for admission.
The following will be deemed as unfair means:
a. turning over the pages of the Test Booklet unless instructed
b. looking over the pages of other examinee's Test Booklet
c. taking help from others or helping other examinees
d. talking to fellow examinees, and
e. any other unruly behavior, or violation of examination discipline.