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SET - 1 GR 14 CODE:GR14D5154

M.Tech - I Semester Regular Examinations, Apr/May, 2015

Theory of Elasticity and PlasticityGR11D5104
Time: 3 hours GR11D5104 Max Marks: 60
1. Question paper comprises of Part-A and Part-B
2. Part-A (for 20 marks) must be answered at one place in the answer book.
3. Part-B (for 40 marks) consists of seven questions, answer anyFIVE.
(Answer ALL questions All questions carry equal marks)
2 * 10 = 20 Marks
1). a. State the assumptions of Linear Elasticity [2]
b. Define Stress and Strain tensors? [2]
c. What is Biharmonic equation? [2]
d. What are Hooke’s Law relation ships? [2]
e. What is Lame’s ellipsoid? [2]
f. What are Siant-Venant’s equations of compatibility? [2]
g. What is membrane analogy for torsion? [2]
h. What is warping? [2]
i. What is strain hardening? [2]
j. Define yield criteria? [2]

(Answer any FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks )
8 * 5 = 40 Marks
2. The state of stress at a point with respect to x,y,z system is [8]
10 5 -15
5 10 20 kN/sq.m
-15 20 25
Determine the stress relative to x1, y1, z1 coordinate systems obtained by a rotation
through 450 about Z axis.
3. Obtain equilibrium equations and boundary conditions and hence arrive at compatibility [8]
condition in term of stress components for a plane stress condition.
4. A thick cylinder is subjected to internal and external pressures define equations for [8]
radial and circumferential stresses at the boundaries.
5. Derive the Saint-Venants solution to the problem of torsion in straight bars and apply [8]
this solution to a bar with elliptical cross section.
6. Write the assumptions of theory of plasticity and explain the different theories of failure [8]
and write yield criterion for each.
7. Express the solutions for 2-Dimentional problems by the use of polynomials. [8]
8. Determine stresses due to bending of a cantilever by terminal load. [8]

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