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Moderator: Rodrigo Oliveira Dutra

Teacher: Alexandre Soares

CCAA - Language II
What is an object pronoun?
An object pronoun is a type of personal
pronoun that is normally used as a
grammatical object, either as the direct or
indirect object of a verb, or as the object of

Practice what you’ve just learned: a preposition. Just like subject pronouns,
object pronouns can be singular or plural,
masculine, feminine, or gender neutral.

Part 1 - Fill in the blanks with the appro- “You” and “It”
priate objective pronoun:
The object pronoun of “you” and “it” are,
respectively, “you” and “it” as well. The

A) I really like Katie, but she never notices ______. context will inform you if the pronoun
is either a subject pronoun or an object
B) Jessica is really nice, I like _____ a lot! one. Pay attention to the example below!
C) I see my friends every day. I always have lunch
with ________.
“You Belong With Me”

Part 2 - Fill in the blanks with the appro- “Can’t you see that I’m the one who

priate objective pronoun: understands you?”

The orange “you” is a subject pronoun

A) Is Sarah’s boyfriend nice? I don’t know _____. while the blue one is an object
B) Your boss called. He wants to speak to _____. pronoun. The first “you” is the subject
of the sentence and the second “you”
C) We’re not working today. Do you want to go cy- is the object of the verb “understands”
cling with ____?