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AVEVA Bocad Offshore

Powerful structural steelwork design and

detailing software for the offshore industry
Accurate, detailed design is essential for the efficient and error-free Business Benefits
construction of any offshore installation. AVEVA Bocad Offshore™
extends the productivity of AVEVA Bocad Steel™ with special features Better design quality
for the specific needs of this challenging industry sector. Together, z Use predefined, parametric
these enable consistently rapid, accurate design, detailing, fabrication models of offshore-specific,
and construction of all types of offshore installation, for on-time, on- standards-compliant structural
budget delivery of a high-quality asset.
z Collaborate and clash check with
architectural, mechanical, plant
A proven product, with an unrivalled track record on the most advanced and marine design systems,
structural design projects, AVEVA Bocad Offshore increases the value that including AVEVA E3D, AVEVA
AVEVA Bocad Steel can deliver, either as a stand-alone solution or when PDMS and AVEVA Outfitting
integrated with AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™), AVEVA PDMS™ or AVEVA z Work with third-party structural
Outfitting™. This makes it ideal for all sizes of fabrication yards, right up to the analysis solutions
largest engineering contractors or shipbuilders.
Better project control
z Use powerful parts nesting
functions for accurate material
estimating, procurement
z Achieve consistent data flows
through ERM, ERP, MRP and MIS
z Maintain association between the
3D model and 2D deliverables

Better fabrication and construction

z Automatically generate accurate
deliverables direct from the
project model
z Directly transfer digital
production data for error-free

More capability
z Add offshore industry standard
functions to AVEVA Bocad Steel
z No limitations on project type,
size or complexity

Easy to adopt
z Rapid implementation and
minimal user training
z Easy project set-up

Specifically designed for all forms of offshore steel construction/fabrication
With increasingly tight project schedules and profit margins, Owner z Recognising that welds are safety-critical features, AVEVA
Operators, EPCs, shipbuilders and fabricators need to achieve Bocad uniquely treats welds as individual tagged items. This
consistently efficient, rapid delivery of high-quality projects. facilitates regulatory compliance, and supports clients’ own
Structural steelwork can often account for a disproportionate inspection regimes. It also enables accurate calculation and
level of construction problems, rework costs and delays. AVEVA provisioning of weld consumables during fabrication and
Bocad Offshore solves this imbalance by enabling more efficient construction.
steelwork design and detailing, effective collaboration with other
design disciplines, and the creation of accurate fabrication and Production optimised
construction deliverables. z Used with AVEVA Bocad Steel, AVEVA Bocad Offshore
provides best-in-class support for the most efficient
AVEVA Bocad Offshore extends AVEVA Bocad Steel with a suite fabrication and construction processes. Real-time association
of dedicated functions and library objects meeting the particular between the 3D model and the 2D deliverables eliminates
needs of the offshore industry. sources of error and rework by generating the deliverables
direct from the project model.
z Uniquely, AVEVA Bocad requires no manual clean-up work

Key Features
on the majority of production drawings, and very little even
on the most complex designs. Production drawings are
fully detailed and shop-ready, ensuring accurate production
Readily integrated processes.
z AVEVA Bocad Offshore integrates with all multi-discipline plant z Digital manufacturing data can be transferred to welding
and marine 3D design systems, including AVEVA’s. Design robots and all major types of CNC process machinery for more
collaboration and clash checking with architectural, mechanical, production automation. It can also be sent to AVEVA Bocad
plant and marine design systems enable early elimination of NC™ in the workshop to modify production data and change
construction problems. or add missing elements and further optimise the fabrication
z When used with AVEVA E3D, AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting, processes.
the unique Compare & Update facility enables robust
management and visibility of changes across disciplines. AVEVA Bocad Offshore is the most accurate and complete
steelwork solution in its class. It includes a suite of library items
Project optimised and standards for offshore projects, enabling valuable savings in
z AVEVA Bocad technology is a dedicated solution for the project- time and effort on a wide variety of structural designs such as:
oriented structural steelwork industries. For example, steelwork
can be classified to suit the project breakdown structure. z Platforms of all types z Derricks
z The versatility of the product enables users to execute a z Jackets z Semi-submersibles
wide range of sizes and types of project with equal efficiency.
z Mud mats z Jack-up rigs
Interoperability, not only with design and analysis systems, but
also with ERM, ERP, MRP and MIS business systems, enables z Topsides z Helidecks
consistent data flows through all project processes. For example, z Decks z Flare booms
this enables early planning and robust control of materials z FPSOs z Bridges
z Turrets z Handrails and tertiary
z Sophisticated built-in plate and bar nesting functions not only
minimise cutting time and material wastage but, combined with
MTO/BOM reporting, enable more accurate steel estimation and

Intricate node design

Pipe/cone unfolding

Above: ‘Off the shelf’ templates/macros specifically designed for the

offshore industry

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