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Mata pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS
Kelas/Semester : VII/II
Waktu : 07.30 – 09.30
Hari/Tanggal : Rabu, 5 April 2017

The text below is for quetions 1 to 5.


There are a lot of things in our classroom. They

are whiteboard, cupboard, chair – tables, picture,
calendar, and so on.
Whiteboard is a board or place with the color of
white to write on. We usually use a marker to write on it.
We do not use piece of chalk to write.
It is on the wall in front of the classroom. It is
usually under the picture of president and vice president,
and Garuda Pancasila.
The teacher and students use the whiteboard to
do learning teaching process. The students keep the
whiteboard clean after using it.
Cupboard is a place where we keep something
in like work – sheets, books, class documents, and so
on. We put the cupboard in the back of our classroom.
We usually have a key to lock or to unlock its doors.
Meanwhile, calender is a thingto know date,
day, and month in a year. It usually has beautiful
pictures like an artist, film star, landscape, building, and
so on. We put the calender on the wall.

1. How many things do we find in paragraph 1 ?

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5
2. What do we need to write on the blackboard?
a. A marker b. A piece of chalk c. A pen d. A pensile
3. The whiteboard is on the wall ... the classroom.
a. In front of b. In the back c. Beside d. Next to
4. We usually need ... to lock or to unlock its doors.
a. A handle b. A screw c. A key d. A pair of scissors
5. The word in the text having similar meaning to scenery is ...
a. Artist b. Landscape c. Calender d. Building
6. Anne : which thing below has stones, father?
Father : ... gives us a lot of stones.
a. Mountain b. Sea c. Lake d. Valley
7. Andy : Whay do people belong to living things?
Tito : because we need ... to breathe.
a. Sunray b. Water c. Food d. Oxygen
8. Dick : ...
Ida : There are two tigers.
a. What is there in your school bag?
b. How many tigers are there?
c. Are there two tigers in the zoo?
d. Where are the two tigers?
9. Gilbert : What does a cat belong to?
Smith : If i am not mistaken, it belong to ...
a. A wild animal b. A protected animal c. A pet d. A breeding animal
10. Gram : Do you find animals around you? Mention two domestic anes.
Imam : yes, i do. They are ...
a. Lion and mouse c. Deer and crocodile
b. Cat and chicken d. Tiger and elephant
11. Diana : Does Mr. Eddy have two starlings?
Riana : Yes, he does. They are in the ...
a. Pond b. Stable c. Cage d. Nest
12. Nanny : what is there in the bottle?
Tina : there is ... in the bottle.
a. A plate of rice b. A little ink c. A set of radio d. A bunch of bananas

The text below is for questions 13 to 17.

Well, do you know where we live? Yes, we live on a planet. Do you
know what planet where we live on? Very good, it is earth. So we know that
earth is a planet where we live on.

Earth is round like a marble, moon, ball, and sun, and so on. On this
planet, we live among the animals, plants, and other inanimate things. People
or human being, animals and plants are living or animate creatures. They
need oxygen to breathe with, food to live, and water to drink. People can
grow and move. People have a thought to think and to di differentiate
something good or bad. Animals can grow and move, but they don’t have a
thought. And trees or plants can grow, but they cannot move and have no

Meanwhile, mountains, seas, lakes, rivers, moon, planets, sun and

even stars in they sky belong to the inanimate things. They are not alive.
They do not need food, axygen, and water.

13. Where do the human beings live?

a. On the marble b. On the earth c. On the satellite d. On the land
14. Which one is round like a moon?
a. Box b. Tube c. Sun d. Water
15. Where do we find oxygen to breathe?
a. On the planet b. From the plants c. In the water d. In the air
16. Who have a thought to think?
a. Human b. Animals c. Plants d. Space things
17. Why can the plants grow?
a. Because Becouse they have a thought.
b. Because Becouse they are living things
c. Because Becouse they are inanimate things
d. Because they can move

The text below is for questions 18 to 20.

The Horses In Sumbawa Island

As you know Sumbawa is an island, it is very ... 18) with the

You know that horses in my vilage are for working and running.
They don’t live in the stable but in the savanna. So they spend a lot of
time in the ranch where they can run and wander freely.
A lot of people in my village keep horses because there are a lot
large grass fields there. So the owners can ......... 19) them in the grass
fields nearby. They raise the horses for breeding and .......... 20) race.
Well, that’s all for now. Now it’s your turn to tell you about
another animal around us.

18. a. Popular b. Diligent c. Rich d. Smart

19. a. Live b. Herd c. Treat d. Play
20. a. Buying b. Breeding c. Running d. Keeping

Complete the text below with the correct words in the box. Then read the text loudly.

Andy’s Classroom

This is Andy’s classroom. It is very big. There are twenty .................. 1) and forty
students;twenty girls and twenty ........... 2). The teacher’s ........... 3) is in front of the classroom. The
teacher sits on the ............ 4) behind the table. Behind him is the blackboard.
It is the first .................. 5). The students of 7G have an ............... 6) class. The teacher asks
the captain of the class, Andy, to lead the ........... 7) to begin the meeting.
Andy commands: Attention; Stand Up; Get set;Let’s pray. Begin;Finish;Sit down,please.
After the students are ready to study, the ............... 8) teaches them about the names of the
things in the classroom.