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Date :
Grade :5th
No. of students :

Lesson: Out Shopping/ Clothes

Type of lesson: consolidation of knowledge
Skills: speaking, listening, writing, reading
Didactic strategies: conversation, exercises
Materials: blackboard, textbook, CD player, hands out.
Lesson aims: use the vocabulary referring to “Clothes”; develop all skills in connection to the topic develop the interest in learning English in real life situations;

Method: the communicative method

Type of interaction: whole class, individual work, pair-work, role-play
Objectives: by the end of the lesson the Ss will be able to:
- Make description of clothes;
- Use the vocabulary in real life situations;
- Identify real life situation conversation ( going shopping);
- Apply knowledge in communication;

Anticipated problems:
- Ss might not know all the words to describe the people in the pictures and I will write on the
blackboard the unknown words( high heeled shoes);
- In case Ss do not understand the conversation I will be ready to give them more explanations
- The impossibility of doing all the activities
1. WARM UP ( 2min)T-Ss

Aim: - to develop a friendly atmosphere in the classroom

- to induce interest in participating in the lesson

I will greet the class, present myself and I will try to meet all of the Ss.


Aim:-to give Ss the opportunity to correct themselves

-to make Ss become aware of their own mistakes

3. LEAD-IN (5min) T-Ss, P-W

Aims: toelicit from the Ss words related to clothes

I will show Ss some pictures with four different people and ask them to try to describe the clothesgiving
them the opportunity to take part in a conversation. If they have problems with some clothes I will write
the vocabulary on the blackboard( high heeled shoes).

4. WRITING ( 10 min) T-Ss, P-W

Aim: - to practise the writing of the target vocabulary

Activity 1:
I’ll give them instructions for working in pairs and give them a piece of paper for them to write the
clothes they like and usually wear. Only one of them is going to write on the paper.
I will specify the time they have, only two minutes.
I will ask them to repeat the instruction.

Activity 2: (optional)
I will ask them to come to the blackboard and write a word from their list and check the
Then they will also write the clothes on the board.


5. LISTENING(10min) T-Ss, I-W

Aim: -to practise their listening skill

I will ask them a few questions about their favourite shopping.

I will give them instructions about the conversation they are going to listen to and ask them to
answersome questions regarding the dialogue. I will give them instructions on the two exercises.
I will ask them to read the answers and correct themselves.

Shop assistant: Can I help you?
Customer: Yes, have you got this T-shirt in other colours?
Shop assistant: We’ve got it in white, black, red and purple. What size do you want?
Customer: Medium.
Shop assistant: OK, in medium we’ve got black and red.
Customer: And in purple?
Shop assistant: No, just black and red.
Customer: OK, red. Can I try it on?
Shop assistant: Yes, of course. The changing rooms are over there.
Shop assistant: Is it OK?
Customer: Yes, I’ll take it.
Shop assistant: That’s £10.95. Would you like to pay by credit card or with cash?
Customer: Cash please. Here’s twenty.
Shop assistant: OK, thanks, that’s nine pounds, 5 p change and here’s your receipt.
Customer: Thanks. Bye.

6. ROLE PLAY(10 min) P-W

Aim: toact as in real life situation

I will make sure that they know what shop assistant (the person who sells something) and
customer(the person who buys something) mean.
I will ask them to imagine they are in a shop and they would like to buy a t-shirt. In front of the
classroom they are going to act the dialogue. After that I will ask them to have the courage to
imagine their own lines thinking they want to buya dress or a pair of trousers for example.

7. GAME(5-7min) ( optional )

Iwill give each student an envelope in which they will find a body and some clothes.
They will have to stick some clothes on the body.

8. GAME 2. ( 5min) (optional)

I will ask about their favouritecolours and propose a game. One says a colour and another says
a word related to clothes.
Eg. Red-shoes
Gold- ring


Aim: give Ss extra work for consolidating their knowledge.

to evaluate Ss work and give them feedback

Ss have to write six sentences to describe their favourite clothes and then they have to draw them.

I will tell them my impression and make appreciations on their work;


Shopping for clothes

1. Write the correct answer to these questions. Write one word only.
What size T-shirt does the customer want?
Does the shop have a medium size purple T-shirt?
What colour T-shirt does the customer try on?
Does the customer buy the red T-shirt?

2. Put the questions next to the person who asked them.

Shop assistantCustomer

What size do you want?

Yes, have you got this T-shirt in other colours?

Can I try it on?

Can I help you?

Would you like to pay with credit card or cash?

Is it ok?

And in purple?