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Induction Furnace VS Electric Arc Furnace

Posted by: ShyamSteel Posted date: November 3, 2016

Sl Characteristic Arc Furnace Induction Furnace

1 Operating

The arc forms between the

charged material and the
electrode by short-circuit
between the electrodes and
raw materials which causes Induction Furnace heating is accomplished
high-temperature electric arc through induction i.e. heating an electrically
to melt raw materials conducting object (usually a metal) by Electro
magnetic Induction where eddy current is
generated within the metal and resistance leads
to Joule Heating of the metal. An Induction
Furnace uses induction to heat metal to its
melting point.

2 Refining (A). Slag is removed (A). Slag is removed manually. (B). Control of
Capability automatically. (B). Precision chemistry of the molten metal is not good i.e.
control of chemistry of the lack of refining capacity. (C). Removal of S & P
molten metal. (C). S & P is limited.
removal capacity is very

3 Operating High operating temperature Operating temperature is lower than Arc

Temperature Furnace

4 Dissolved Gas Low content of dissolved Content of dissolved gas in molten metal is
gases in molten metal. more than Arc Furnace.

5 Reduction in Large reduction in specific Large reduction in specific energy (energy per
Specific energy (energy per unit unit weight) to produce the steel is not possible
Energy weight) required to produce in Induction Furnace.
the steel

6 Starting or Arc Furnace can rapidly start Induction Furnace cannot start or stop rapidly.
stopping the and stop, allowing the steel
Furnace mill to vary production
according to demand.

7 Life of Life of Refractory lining is Life of Refractory lining is comparatively lower

Refractory more than Induction Furnace. than Arc Furnace.

8 Variety of Possibility of producing Variety of steels cannot be produced.

Steels variety of steels.