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Dalhousie University Graduated October 2017
Bachelor of Computer Science 3.51 GPA

STI Technologies Limited May 2015 – April 2016
Oracle Database Developer (Co-op) Business Intelligence Department
· Physician Record Linkage: Proposed and built a PL/SQL stored procedure based on the Fellegi-Sunter
probabilistic record linkage model to merge and clean physician data by clustering records in trees
representing a single physician, compensating for typos, missing data, and alternative spellings.
· Research: Independently gathered requirements and researched the team’s needs and the existing body of
work, identifying the most effective design approach for the Physician Record Linkage project.
· Automation Tools: Independently identified inefficient work and automated it using Python. Tasks included
modifying large batches of Crystal reports by injecting data from other files and using regex to identify
broken formatting, and creating hundreds of Tableau sites. This reduced the need for colleagues to manually
modify files.
· Program Manager Tool: Built a Tableau report for PMs to predict card programs that urgently required
resupply based on a velocity approximation.
· Web Scraping: Using the Selenium and Requests Python libraries, gathered and modeled provincial
healthcare data from interactive sites. This data enabled the ability to create and sell a new suite of reports.
· Knowledge Transfer: Taught colleague how to maintain web scrapers, allowing scrapers to be used years
after departure.
· Consulting: Consulted with internal and external clients to gather report requirements, develop those
reports and interpret them, leading to actionable insights for our clients.


· Cloud Computing: Built interconnected SSL secured services in Node.js on AWS instances, exposing and
consuming RESTful HTTP APIs, storing data on MongoDB.
· Machine Learning: Implemented and tested several types of learning algorithms in MATLAB, including an
image recognition CNN, Bayes classifiers, SVM, Q-learning and SARSA.
· Operating Systems: Built a multithreaded HTTP server in C, which used three different QoS models: FIFO,
SJF and round robin, then tested and compared these strategies using a variety of data payloads and thread
· Software Engineering: Used SVN in a team of five to build a Vaadin Android application that consumed the
Google Maps API, allowing a user to place local annotations and see other users’ contributions.
Side Projects
· Cataclysm-DDA: Cataclysm is an open-source video game. Contributed C++ code via git to create a new UI
menu and backend structure allowing a player to minimize key presses. Designed the code to be easily
extensible so other developers could create similar features. Feature is in use by thousands of active users.
· Weather Analysis Deliverable: Built a Node.js server, web scrapers and data modeling scripts to parse data
from a public weather service API periodically and display hourly historical aggregations using
· LeetCode Competitions: 91st percentile ranking. Tested on complexity analysis and algorithms skills.