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Daffodil International University

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Engineering
Mid-term Examination Semester: Fall 2017
Course Code: EEE 231 Level & Term: 2-3
Course Title: Analog Electronics II Section: A, B & PC
Course Teacher: Dr. Quazi Deen Mohammad Khosru (QDMK) Shift: Day
Sutapa Debnath (SD), Sheikh Arif Raihan (SAR)

Time: 90 mins Full Marks: 25

[Answer any five (5) questions from the following]
[The figures in the right hand margin indicate full marks]

1. (a) Write down the properties of an ideal op amp. [2]

(b) For the circuit in Fig. 1(b), sketch (a) 𝑉𝑜 vs. t and (b) 𝑉𝑜 vs. 𝐸𝑖 . Here, 𝑽𝒓𝒆𝒇 = −𝟐 𝑽. [3]

Fig. 1(b)
2. (a) Draw the circuit diagram of a Non-inverting Zero-Crossing detector and properly [2]
describe its operation.
(b) 𝒅𝑬𝟏
Design a circuit which will provide the output 𝑽𝒐 = −𝟐 + 𝟑𝑬𝟐 where 𝐸1 and 𝐸2 are [3]

3. (a) Draw the circuit diagram of an exponential amplifier using only op-amp, diode and [2.5]
resistors. Also derive the equation of its output. Is the output temperature independent?

(b) Draw the circuit diagram of an integrator. Also derive the equation of its output. Show [2.5]
the output of the integrator for a sinusoidal input.

4. (a) Sketch the output of the following circuit in Fig. 4(a) for the given inputs. [2]

Fig. 4(a)
(b) Design a circuit using op amps and resistors whose output follows the equation [3]
𝑽𝒐 = 𝟒𝑬𝟏 + 𝟑𝑬𝟐 − 𝟐𝑬𝟑 where 𝐸1 , 𝐸2 and 𝐸3 are the inputs.
5. (a) Write down the types of active filters and show their frequency response curve. [3]

(b) Design a - 40 dB/decade low pass filter at a cutoff frequency of 10 krad/s. Let 𝐶1 = [2]
0.02 𝜇𝐹.

6. (a) Derive the equation of the cutoff frequency for +20 dB/decade high pass filter. [3]

(b) Calculate R in Fig. 6(b) for a cutoff frequency of 4.78 KHz and C=0.01µF. [2]

Fig. 6(b)