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The BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) is a community oriented government

agency that provides assistance to the citizenry not only during fire but also in

times of typhoons, floods, earthquakes, vehicular accidents and various other

calamities. Bureau of Fire Protection primary mission is to ensure public safety

through prevention and suppression of all kinds of destructive fires with the active

support of the community. There are also non-governmental organizations

composing of private individual and private companies that are also equipped

with firefighting facilities and equipment readily of service whenever there are

outbreaks of fire helping the Bureau of Fire Protection firefighters.

Fire is a great servant but a terrible master. Fire has many uses to man but

if left unattended it has always been a serious hazard with devastating result. Fire

accidents don’t just happen there will always be a cause and some general causes

behind every fire outbreak are carelessness, negligence or even ignorance on the

part of the people. Fire destroys life and property earned with persistent effort and

sacrifice. Due to carelessness and negligence it causes loss of life, injuries and

heavy damage and the loss caused by fire cannot be restored.

Fire is one of the calamities that you can’t simply predict. It may happen

any time that is why we have the Bureau Fire Protection. But before they take any

course of action, there are a lot of preparations that must be first addressed and

that is to prepare the equipment needed to fight a fire. Fire equipment like fire

trucks, hose, ladders, water and access to fire hydrants.

The success of fire prevention and suppression will always depend on the

programs being implemented and the availability of firefighting facilities and

equipment in the Bureau of Fire Protection in every locality. In this aspect we can

ask, Is the equipment of Bureau Of Fire Protection prepared in case of

emergency? Based on what happened recently in Galeria Victoria Mall in Balanga

Bataan, this incident shows the lack of preparation of the BFP. This is one of the

events that bring question the level of preparedness of the BFP, their personnel

and equipment or other resources in case of emergency.

Therefore, this study aims to assess the problems that the BFP may

encounter in times of emergency. This study also concerns about the shortage of

fire hydrant to Brgy. Sibacan, Balanga Bataan and how the shortage of fire

hydrant may affect the community. This will show the effectiveness of BPS’s

response methods that would increase the preparedness of fire equipments of

Sibacan, Balanga Bataan.