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5/21/2018 Gmail - Growing campaign opposing your trip to Israel

Philadelphia Don't Orchestrate Apartheid Campaign

Growing campaign opposing your trip to Israel 
POA Office of the President <> Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 10:39 AM
To: Philadelphia Don't Orchestrate Apartheid Campaign <>
Cc: "" <>, "" <>

Thank you for your detailed and comprehensive letter. 

As you mention, the Orchestra is one of Philadelphia's leading cultural institutions—a role we take seriously. When we
travel abroad, we strive to use our power of cultural diplomacy to express Philadelphia's commitment to brotherly and
sisterly love with local audiences. Our desire to share these values and promote peace and tolerance through music is
what led our organization to independently decide to embark on a cultural tour of Europe and Israel this summer.

Along with our partners at the Jewish Federation, The Philadelphia Orchestra believes musicians and artists can and
should be participating in efforts to bring a peaceful resolution to conflicts in the region. We intend to spend as much time
as possible interacting with Arab communities to deepen our understanding of life in the region, and how we can continue
to engage in conflict resolution through music.

As you know, there are no easy answers, but the Orchestra strongly believes this trip will be an important learning
opportunity as we will meet many diverse people, see the country firsthand, and hopefully inspire many thousands of
people with our three concerts.

Ryan Fleur and Matthew Loden
Interim Co­Presidents
The Philadelphia Orchestra

One South Broad Street | 14th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
215­893­1961 |

5/21/2018 Gmail - Growing campaign opposing your trip to Israel

From: Philadelphia Don't Orchestrate Apartheid Campaign [mailto:phillydontorchestratea]
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 1:44 PM
To: Fleur, Ryan <>; Loden, Matthew <>;
Cc: Philadelphia Orchestra <>; Behr, Leslie
<>; Rothman, Jeremy <>; Freeman, Makiko
<>; Schimmer, Katharine <>; Albaugh, Michael
<>; Gonzalez, Naomi <>; Rossbach, Danielle
<>; Voigt, Bradford <>; Bassion, Mitch
<>; Leidner, Victoria <>; Allamby, Claire
<>; Armstrong, Rachele <>; Casper, Nora
<>; Coffman, Derek <>; Calderone, Jordan
<>; Gartner, Andrea <>; Bruce, Kelly
<>; Parent, Doris <>; Miller, Linda <>;; Deming, Maura <>; Sinkus, Joseph
<>; Macko, McKenna <>; Maninfior, Elizabeth
<>; Hopkins, Linda <>; Byrne, Dorothy
<>; Kastner, Timothy <>; Mestichelli, Mario
<>; Haley, Meg <>; Kasow, Ruth <>;
Pearce, Kevin <>; Curtis, Kathleen <>; Johnson, Edward
<>; Britting, Darrin <>; Berke, Ashley <>;
Zwi, Michelle <>; Hill, Kelvin <>; Cohen, Geoffrey
<>; Rife, Marilyn <>; Kurzban, Amy <>;
Delgado-Partridge, Kayla <>; Allen, Danielle <>; Quigley,
Danielle <>; Carey, Courtney <>; Cohen, Joseph
<>; Hay, Janice <>; Tomlinson, Karen <>;
Cardell, Megan <>; Neal, Michael <>; Zorrilla-Gray, Jamie
<>;; Raab, Joshua <>
Subject: Re: Growing campaign opposing your trip to Israel

To Ryan Fleur, Matthew Loden, and Yannick Nézet-Séguin,

Please find attached a letter from a growing campaign opposing your trip to Israel. Kindly confirm receipt.
5/21/2018 Gmail - Growing campaign opposing your trip to Israel

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