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Management Information Systems Flowchart

Flowchart illustrates the prerequisite structure of the management

information systems program’s required courses.

CSC 230 Computer

Programming I

CSC 330 Computer

Programming II

MAT 111-College CSC 341Computer CSC 333 System CSC 375 Network &
Algebra Organization Analysis & Design Data Communication
Comp. Org. & Arch

MAT 200 Applied MAT 205 Probability MAT 210 Discrete CSC 483 Database CSC 360 Computer
Calculus and Statistics Mathematics Concepts & Design Operating Systems
Applied Calculus Probability & Statistics Discrete Mathematics Operating Systems

ACC 211 Principles of ECO 201-2 Economics BUS 211 Principles of CSC 487 Database CSC 494 Software
Accounting I Elective Management (SQL) Programming Project Development
Prin. of Accounting I Economics Elective Prin. of Management Software Project Dev.

ACC 212 Principles of BUS 311 MAR 301 Principles of CSC 445 Management CSC ___
Accounting II Business Law I Marketing Information Systems Adv. Computer Elec.
Principle of Marketing Approved Elective (2)

BUS ___ CSC 490 CSC 460 Senior Project

Adv.-Business Elective Computer Ethics (Capstone)
Senior Project Senior Project