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Assalamu’alaikum w.b.t. and a very good morning to our guest today, Mr.

Isa bin Yusof, YDP

PIBG, fellow teachers and my beloved students.

Praise to Allah, the Almighty for giving me an opportunity to deliver a speech on this
auspicious day, the launching of our Highly Immersive Programme specially organized by the
English Language Panel of SK Jeram Landak. First of all, I would like to express our heartfelt
gratitude for the presence of our guest this morning at this memorable occasion. It is indeed
a pleasure to have you today.

In today’s global world, the importance of English cannot be denied and ignored since
English is the most common spoken language everywhere. It is considered as an
international language and one of the options to eliminate language barrier.

Nowadays, English has been playing a major role in many sectors like medicine, engineering
and not to forget, education. As students, all of you should realize that English Language
plays a very important role in getting employment. Most of the times students score good
marks in examinations but fail to face interview owing to the lack of expertise in English
Language. This is a sad scenario.

Hence, The English Day that will be held every Tuesday and A Sentence A Day Programme
are to create the awareness of the importance of English among students and also to
promote the environment for fun-learning of the language. On Tuesdays, everyone is
encouraged to use English as a medium of communication in classrooms, teachers’ room,
labs and everywhere at school. Other than that, A Sentence A Day Programme that is
specially designed for Form 3 students will be continued to other classes from Form 1 to
Form 5 soon.
These also help to improve students’ English Language proficiency with back-to-basic
programmes where students learn English in easy and fun ways. Other than that, it also
provide support for all teachers especially English teachers and promote sharing and best
practices and materials.
Teachers and students, I am happy to encourage all of you to learn English and practice to
use the language in your daily basis. There are many reasons that the learning English is a
wise thing to do. There are many more examples of the importance of English, but the above
should be more enough to tell you that if you want to have choices in life, learning English is
one of the best ways to accomplish that.
I hope all students take the opportunity through the programmes run by the school to learn
English because it is fun and enjoyable. I hereby officially launch the English Day and A
Sentence A Day Programmes. Thank you very much.