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ANNEX 2: Questioner



We are working as a data collector in this study that assess what is the assessment of Knowledge,
Attitude & practices pregnant mothers to ward utilization of skilled delivery service.

On this study your name not be written & we are going to ask some questions that touch personal
lives & secretes in which on your answer will be kept completely confidential. You don’t have to
answer questions that you don’t went to answer, even you may ended this interview any time you went
too, however. You honest answer this question will help us understand how patient are . practice in
ANC, how the facility e & we conclude that the knowledge, attitude & practice of the mothers
towards institutional utilization & delivery that help to develop good strategies and the existing
problem for the future.

We would greatly appreciate your truthful and volunteer partication in responding to this questioner.

Name of health intuitions----

Date of interview-----------

Name of interviewer--------


Part-1 socio - demographic Character

1. Age in year--------------

2. Marital status 1. Single 2. Married 3. Divorced 4. Widowed

3. Ethnicity 1. Amhara 2. Agewe 3. Tigrae 4. Others

4. Religion 1. Muslim 2. Protestant 3. Orthodox 4. Others

5. Educational status 1. Illiterate 2. Secondary 3. Primary 4. Above

6. Occupation 1. House wife 2. Private employee 3. Government employee 4. Others

7. if you are married what is the educational status of your husband? 1. Illiterate 2. Secondary

3. Primary 4. Above

8. if you are married, What is his occupation? 1. Private 2. Private employe 3. Governmental
employee 4. Others
9. Monthly income. 1. Les than 500 birr 2. 500-1000 birr 3. More than 1000 birr 4.Difficult to
estimate 5. NO in come


10 Do you know how HIV transimition prevented? If yes please list the way by which one can prevent
from being infected with IHV? (Do not read the alternatives . More than one response is possible)
A , Limiting sexual parteners to the minimum, possible only one
B, Changing high risk sexual behaviors
C, voiding un sterile injections
D ,Avoiding unscreened blood transfusion
E, Aborting pregenancies of HIV infected women
F, Avoiding breast feeding by HIV infected mothers
G, I do not know
11 Have you ever heard how mother to child transimtion of HIV can be prevented ?
A , Yes B ,No-
12 Could you tell me any method by which we can prevent the new born from being infect
a. Chemotherapy B, Vaccination C,Traditional Therapy D,I do not know
13 Do you support the idea that every pregnant woman should be screened for HIV?
A, Yes B ,No C ,Not sure D,I do not want to respond to this question -
14 If the response is yes should the partner be tested with the pregenant women or not?
A ,Yes B, No C, Do not know
15 Do you believe that couples should be screened for HIV before getting married?
A, Yes B ,No C, Not sure- D, do not want to respond to this question
16 Do you think that a pregnant women who is HIV positive should abort her pregnancy?
A, Yes B, No C, Not sure D,I do not want to respond
17 How do you judge about the message delivered by PMTCT staff regarding HIV/AIDS
A, Very clear B ,Clear C, Sometimes clear, sometimes vague D,Vague E,I do not know
18 What is your feeling towards the message conveyed about HIV/AIDS by PMTCT staff?
A ,Appropriate B ,Inappropriate C,I do not to want to respond to this question D,Other
19 Is your husband willing to accompany you to ANC
A, Yes B, No
20 Once you are HIV negative is it necessary to have HIV testing in each pregnancy?
A ,Yes B, No
21 Suppose your test was positive for HIV, would you take medication to prevent transmition of HIV to
your yet un born fetus?
A ,Yes B, No C,I can not be sure
22 If the response is no, why not?
A,I do not believe that ARV prophylaxis is effective B, Fear of being identified as PLWHA by
people C, Fear of drug side effect D, Other (specify)
23 What would be the best option for feeding an infant born to HIV positive mother?

A, Stop breast feeding and provide formula food (if affordable) B, Continue breast feeding if the
mother is poor C, Mix both breast as well as supplementary feeding D, Provide the new born with
whatever is available in the house E, Not sure F, Other (specify)

24 Suppose you are HIV + do you come to have follow up counseling.

A, Yes B, No C, Not sure D, I do not want to respond

25 Where do you like to deliver in the current pregnancy?

A, At home attended by TBA B, In this health facility C, In another health facility

D, I have not decided yet F, Other (specify)

Thank you for your Participation!!!