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22:01:25 From Nerdy Fred : a

22:02:26 From Deb Matz : Way cool! I love crystals. Have them all over the
22:04:27 From ben grose : i forgot to write it down
22:04:29 From Deb Matz : Love it Dani
22:05:59 From Deb Matz : Pink does not have a frequency. Pink cannot (or not
supposed to be able) be "changed" to ickiness
22:06:43 From stephanie : yeah, Deb... i find that very interesting
22:06:50 From ben grose : randy will be here half hour, leaving work now
22:07:19 From Deb Matz : I love pink and green. Tend to wear either with gray.
Once in a blue moon, with black. ;D
22:11:19 From ben grose : i’ll tell you guys a lil later about my tour of
under the pyramids with thoth, hjahaha
22:11:40 From Ann Callaghan : Wheeeee Ben … yes :)
22:11:44 From Deb Matz : Cool Ben. That should be mind-bending
22:12:20 From Becky G : Sounds great Ben!
22:13:30 From ben grose : super mario
22:13:51 From Sony : Ben…please do!
22:16:09 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : Infinity Stones………..Avengers
22:16:12 From Deb Matz : One is supposed to prom salts when making ormus and
22:16:23 From Deb Matz : program
22:19:37 From Deb Matz : According to the Crofts (orgonite fame) site there
are people sent around to crystal shops, purposely programming stones to the
negative side. Also at rock shows
22:22:26 From Star Walker : Laugh, super mario, ben :)
22:23:02 From Star Walker : made me chuckle....super m
22:23:45 From ben grose : moments passing
22:24:30 From ben grose : you aren’t bound
22:28:47 From Sony : Wow, wow!
22:29:33 From Deb Matz : lived in a house on a granite/crystal boulder, larger
than the house. It was a very bad place. Still is I hear
22:30:18 From Star Walker : ..aahh yes , the placebo
22:31:09 From Deb Matz : that symbol I sent in is a good one
22:31:12 From ashley keegan : I've been using a crystal tuning fork with my
clients tuned to f sharp. I've even used it with shungite. amazing!
22:31:32 From Deb Matz : Yes Emily. Eating so cannot get his book ;D
22:31:34 From Nerdy Fred :
22:32:03 From Nerdy Fred : sorry it was opened on the shopping page
22:32:12 From Nerdy Fred : was looking at shapes
22:34:37 From Star Walker : Thanks N. Fred :) aka Brianna <3 , the link
22:34:47 From Deb Matz : hmmm... Celts lived in round houses...
22:34:48 From Nerdy Fred : Love ya Star :)
22:34:58 From Star Walker : :D
22:35:14 From Nerdy Fred : Deb, I like that ! I hate rectangular structures
22:35:43 From Deb Matz : Same here. Wish I could afford to build a round
house. Squares are too like cages, too
22:35:55 From Nerdy Fred : exactly, yes
22:37:01 From Deb Matz : I have stuff in most corners to round/block out the
edges in little place
22:37:22 From Nerdy Fred : Me too Deb !! :))))
22:37:29 From Sony : Howdy, Randy!
22:38:09 From Star Walker : Hi Randy ! :)
22:38:19 From Nerdy Fred : One needs a glossary to follow you guys ! :)
22:39:09 From ben grose : what is your observation and how do u utilise said
observation as a tool
22:39:44 From Nerdy Fred : !!!
22:40:12 From Sony : I like that!
22:40:25 From ben grose : einsteins theory of insanity
22:40:34 From Sony : “…if you’re stuck on the narrative you go down with the
22:41:30 From ben grose : attachmenst
22:42:29 From Star Walker : ...... the watery narrative is sinking the
ship.... too many holes in it
22:42:42 From Nerdy Fred : Once you attach yourself to a narrative and become
rigid about it it's like dropping a huge and heavy anchor that stops you from
flowing forward
22:42:48 From Sony : Can someone provide a link to that video? Please and
22:42:50 From Moksha James : good explanation Emily
22:43:26 From stephanie : that makes me wonder if that's what's happening with
all the tech... there are so many more ppl that are not buying into the narrative
22:44:29 From Moksha James : yes
22:45:06 From Deb Matz : yes Dani!
22:45:25 From ben grose : choose a side
22:45:44 From stephanie : the Qult of Q is pure craziness right now
22:45:45 From ben grose : divide and concur
22:45:50 From Sony : Found it…I think this is it:
22:45:52 From Sony :
22:45:56 From Deb Matz : Things have beome insane, at theleast, with the
narratives. Frantic is the mood
22:46:00 From ben grose : associate associate associate
22:46:11 From Moksha James : oh yes the cult of Q
22:46:58 From Star Walker : Jayne :D !
22:47:04 From stephanie : totally agree Emily !
22:47:04 From Moksha James : yes
22:47:46 From Annette Amoroso : hi all���
22:47:53 From stephanie : lol
22:48:16 From Nerdy Fred : H Annette <3
22:48:20 From Moksha James : hi
22:48:21 From Star Walker : Annette :D
22:48:31 From Star Walker : <3
22:49:34 From Annette Amoroso : bahaha
22:51:04 From Star Walker : Wooow ben
22:51:18 From Star Walker : i relate
22:51:56 From Star Walker : on not much sleep
22:52:14 From Ann Callaghan : plancks
22:52:32 From Chris Breakspear : had that happen in a dream the road
22:52:38 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : yes
22:52:52 From Helena’s iPad : A Planck goes in and out at 10 to the power of
53 per second
22:53:02 From Star Walker : woow Chris
22:54:55 From ben grose : analogue must ride something
22:55:04 From Chris Breakspear : well the road firsr then evrything else it
was like being in a mario brothers game really wied
22:58:18 From Moksha James : chills
22:58:40 From Jayne Judkins : interesting
22:58:57 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Oh wow that is what happened in EUReKA they
finished where they started
22:59:03 From Star Walker : Jayne :D <3
22:59:16 From Jayne Judkins : Star ;)
22:59:40 From Moksha James : Penny I'm watchin Eureka now
23:00:16 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Awesome Moksha
23:00:42 From stephanie : now i want to watch eureka agin LOL
23:01:04 From Penny (JC) Tilton : I enjoyed watching it again :) it is worth
23:01:16 From stephanie : it'a great show
23:01:34 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : what's that guys name again?
23:01:48 From Sony : Wow…again!
23:01:56 From Emily Moyer : Andrew De Santis
23:02:02 From Sony : Andrew Di Santis
23:02:06 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : thanks
23:02:11 From Sony : Oops…sorry, Emily…
23:02:11 From d : desantis
23:02:31 From Deb Matz : I need the last season disk of Eureka. Liked that
one. I need the rest of Warehouse 13 too. Loved that one. We still have not got
Sanctuary. That one was pretty good
23:03:00 From Penny (JC) Tilton : I loved warehouse 13
23:03:01 From stephanie : oh, i haven't watched Sanctuary, what's it about?
23:03:04 From Moksha James : watching through Amaon
23:03:32 From Sony : Oops, ty, D...
23:03:33 From Deb Matz : Entites that are hidden- creatures and various
23:03:54 From stephanie : i'm definitely going to look that one up Deb :))
23:03:55 From Deb Matz : Saving them from the "normals" from killing.
23:03:58 From ben grose : be responsible
23:04:55 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : the muggles
23:04:57 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : lol
23:04:58 From Star Walker : Cash can become c-ashes ....
23:05:15 From Deb Matz : laughing,,, yes Tzaddi
23:05:34 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : deb :)
23:05:45 From Star Walker : haaaa Tzaddi
23:06:07 From Deb Matz : Most were from various legends and myths. Some bloody
scary. It was cool Filmed all on green scene.
23:06:59 From Sony : That is incredible!
23:08:20 From Sony : Precisely, Ben…well said!
23:08:51 From Sony : Ah, right, Emily…reversing the vampirism…tee, hee
23:08:59 From Chris Breakspear : birth cirtificate on blockchain ?
23:09:06 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : MERS
23:09:15 From d : exact;y jeff
23:10:06 From Chris Breakspear : ah ok never mind
23:12:09 From Sony : True, Ben…wow…right
23:13:25 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Yes Ben right on
23:13:28 From Sony : Was thinking about that, right…harvesting...
23:13:47 From Penny (JC) Tilton : now they want to digitize everything through
23:13:47 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : Digital currency group, Block One
portfolios of companies
23:14:06 From Penny (JC) Tilton : only the centerlized ones
23:14:30 From Deb Matz : I do not understand any of it, though I tried. I stay
out of it
23:15:06 From stephanie : Deb, this stuff makes my brain spin. i try my best
but i'm pretty sure i'm not getting it
23:15:39 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : stephanie I'm the same as you
23:15:43 From Sony : True, Jeff…makes sense
23:15:51 From Deb Matz : what are they data mining? Our essences? That I do
not understand either
23:16:12 From ben grose : our attention deb
23:16:22 From Moksha James : My brain is strained too
23:16:23 From Emily Moyer : yes ben
23:16:39 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Deb it is digital data they are mining
23:16:47 From Penny (JC) Tilton : ALL data
23:16:49 From stephanie : Deb, i think they data mine everything that makes
you , you. and your energy from just paying attention to it. idk lol
23:16:51 From Sony : And notice “the time loop meme” is a fad among sci-fi
23:17:01 From Deb Matz : that actually makes sense Ben. I ignore it as much as
possible. laughing...
23:17:08 From Moksha James : how does one mine?
23:17:08 From Sony : Ooh, good point, Emily!
23:17:45 From Sony : Yes, D!
23:17:52 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Well you have the information and then you
have miners that keep it going
23:18:11 From Sony : Again…like “vampirism”
23:18:15 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Basicly they want ALL our computers to
process blockchains
23:18:29 From Penny (JC) Tilton : so we will all have zombie machines
23:18:35 From Deb Matz : Bloody vampires... They always seem to be a form that
pops up
23:18:43 From Earl Thibert to d(Privately) : the block chane is the os
23:18:47 From Ann Callaghan : Like the original organising principal ?
23:18:48 From Moksha James : ty JC
23:19:31 From Sony : Ah, right, D…gotcha now…ty!
23:19:32 From Penny (JC) Tilton :
23:19:47 From Sony : I like that, Ann…ty…well said!
23:19:50 From Penny (JC) Tilton :
23:19:51 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : lets be specific, the bitcoin
protocol, not the copies or mirrors of it
23:19:57 From Deb Matz : I think I figured out what their singularity will be-
when some idiot merges with the machine. Borg without the messy accessories.
23:20:31 From Sony : Deb…yes…that is what they are saying…
23:21:37 From Deb Matz : They cannot get the singularity, life, without an
essence (soul to some), organic consciousness
23:22:19 From Sony : Deb…and think of that movie “Surrogates” with Bruce
Willis…will make you think even more…lol
23:22:49 From Deb Matz : Have not seen that one. I will have to check it out.
TY Sony
23:23:00 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Oh that is good Ben
23:23:24 From Sony : Deb…I think that they CAN place a “soul” into AI…what
they cannot do is an “essence/spirit”…imo
23:23:56 From Deb Matz : That makes sense Sony. The whole package may be the
23:24:02 From Chris Breakspear : digital methadone is what it is
23:24:04 From Sony : I think “soul” is the analog structure to this
23:24:33 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Hold on you can create in digigtal
23:24:38 From Deb Matz : agree Sony
23:24:42 From Penny (JC) Tilton : *digital
23:24:51 From ashley keegan : then is the "organic" block chain the mycillium
or crystals. the energy just is...constantly flowing
23:24:53 From Jayne Judkins : reality is looking more synthetic just like the
fake foods
23:24:59 From d : yes I agree sony
23:25:17 From Ann Callaghan : Yes .. Ashley … hmmmm…..
23:25:35 From Moksha James : so is the "simulation theory" to get us primed
for this digital fusion?
23:26:08 From Sony : If you think about it…we are a type of AI in this
construct…which is what I have always thought…we are as avatars in a game...
23:26:12 From Star Walker : ..and the pyr-a-mids are so indicative of the
pyramid hierarchy structure.......
23:26:27 From Penny (JC) Tilton : I agree Sony
23:26:31 From stephanie : i've come to think of the "soul" as the "program" of
what makes you you. i think it might be what can be downloaded into a vessel. if
that makes any sense
23:26:56 From Sony : Total sense, Stephanie…yes…all programs...
23:27:21 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : great metaphore randy
23:27:23 From stephanie : thanks Sony, i wasn't sure if that came out sensible
23:27:46 From Nat : Maybe the tech is failing because it ran on stolen essence
(unconciousness) as conciousness expands it reclaims itself from where it is
trapped and no longer serves as the battery (power) to the programs / tech that
used to run on it.
23:28:22 From Star Walker : Yeah stephanie , makes sense
23:28:33 From stephanie : that makes sense Nat. i've had similar thoughts. but
you expained it well
23:29:09 From Sony : Lol
23:29:10 From Penny (JC) Tilton : yes lol
23:29:21 From Sony : Thank you, Emily!
23:29:23 From Deb Matz : That is very interesting Nat. Cool theory
23:29:24 From stephanie : and they always make such a big deal about your
"soul". makes me suspicious
23:29:29 From Jayne Judkins : bye Emily!
23:29:33 From Moksha James : bye
23:29:33 From Star Walker : ....yes Nat , good point :)
23:29:35 From stephanie : bye emily
23:29:39 From Sony : Yes, Stephanie…precisely!
23:30:00 From Star Walker : Cheers Emily :)
23:31:02 From stephanie : Dani, how the actual fuck does that make any sense
in the BS world they taught us we live in?? LOL
23:31:07 From Jayne Judkins : YES!
23:31:23 From Deb Matz : I live in the forest. Yes! Sappy crap ponderosas are
finally useful!
23:31:41 From Moksha James : hug that tree!
23:31:45 From Sony : Lovely, Ben
23:32:24 From Chris Breakspear : good excuse to deforest whats left of our
oxygen supply .. bastards
23:32:36 From Ann Callaghan : Put sigils on windows also
23:33:00 From Jayne Judkins : that's interesting, my area was just baught out
by the City that's I am closest to, and they were on my street last week cutting
down all the trees along the main road
23:33:19 From Nat : Ben your expressions are fkin awesome
23:33:21 From Jayne Judkins : probably getting readt for the 5G? Just a
23:33:29 From Star Walker : Woow Jayne
23:33:34 From Deb Matz : I have to wash my windows before I get my sigils up
Ann laughing
23:33:45 From Ann Callaghan : Lol Deb
23:33:48 From Hufnagels : someone said metal roof messes up the smart meters
23:33:50 From Chris Breakspear : saw a 5g tower couple weeks ago spontaniously
combust lol
23:33:51 From Deb Matz : That sucks Jayne!
23:33:54 From phillip : corrigation makesdigital analogue lol
23:34:11 From Deb Matz : We have a metal roof, though I think it is steel
23:34:44 From Hufnagels : i do too but not a s mart meter
23:34:48 From Star Walker : tree 'n' forest rapers
23:34:57 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : where can i find these sigals?
23:34:59 From Deb Matz : Cool idea Dani!
23:35:01 From Nerdy Fred : Make stencils, and use spray paint.
23:35:17 From Nerdy Fred : Apray paint those symbols everythwere !!!
23:35:24 From Deb Matz : We have a dumb meter. Have sigils, will get a
plasterite bomb soon
23:35:28 From stephanie : dammit!!! we lost internet!! what i miss LOLOLOL
23:35:29 From Jayne Judkins : hahaha Ben
23:35:29 From phillip : 5 G = 5 GIGGLE with sigils
23:35:29 From Sony : No, Ben…you are right!!!!
23:35:49 From Ann Callaghan : Tzaddi Elizabeth Nerdy Fred posted the link
earlier in the chat .. saye the chat and you’ll have it
23:35:58 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : okay thanks Anne
23:36:02 From Jayne Judkins : Yes Ben! LOL
23:36:18 From Jayne Judkins : I used to make Organite
23:36:28 From Jayne Judkins : I used to make organite
23:36:50 From Jayne Judkins : tower busters lol
23:37:23 From Deb Matz : My husband and I are going to do a chembuster
orgonite. That will cover the Idaho panhandle, almost to the border and just above
Sandpoint. The panhandle area is 30 miles across.
23:38:12 From Jayne Judkins : Nice Deb! Good luck!
23:38:21 From stephanie : very cool Deb
23:38:44 From d : I"m seriously dizzy now, lol.
23:38:45 From Jayne Judkins : I would also place the organite outside around
my patio
23:38:51 From Deb Matz : We hope it helps our area.
23:39:02 From Ann Callaghan : wow Dani …
23:39:04 From Star Walker : Chuckle D
23:39:12 From Moksha James : exactly
23:39:18 From Deb Matz : Ben? Going to put ormus on my many veggie gardens.
Will give a report if you like this fall. ;D
23:40:42 From Star Walker : Digital fast food
23:40:55 From Sony : Star…tee, hee
23:41:04 From ben grose : awesome deb, make sure u dilute
23:41:11 From Star Walker : :D Sony
23:41:27 From Jayne Judkins : it's interesting because the gmo food is fake
and their matching reality with it
23:41:29 From stephanie : and how many people just fucking left becaus they
couldn't figure it out in the time they had? i swear they are trying to just do bad
business practices everywhere
23:41:50 From Jayne Judkins : the gmo food changes us and our dno
23:41:58 From Jayne Judkins : dna
23:42:26 From Sony : Reset?
23:42:52 From GAIL : yup fuck the diet
23:42:55 From Jayne Judkins : maybe that's why they are killing the
23:43:03 From stephanie : Jayne, have you ever watched the videos of them
making fake lettuce and cabbage? it's so gross!! and it looks so real :/
23:43:22 From Jayne Judkins : they are the saviors really
23:43:31 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : BECOME THE GAME
23:43:41 From phillip : exist is all well and good BUTit depends upon
where we exit to? Has any one asked the question of what its like on the other
side of the fence?
23:43:45 From Jayne Judkins : yes Steph
23:43:47 From Deb Matz : I have not seen that Stephanie! On yuck tube?
23:44:16 From stephanie : yeah, Deb... just look up fake lettuce. it comes
right up GROSS
23:44:33 From GAIL : all lettuce
23:44:39 From Deb Matz : I will be sure to have an empty tummy when watching
23:44:47 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : Scarcity mentality
23:44:47 From stephanie : hahahha good idea
23:44:48 From phillip : this construct as it reaches critical masshas the
greatest potential to changeor morph intosomething better...
23:44:56 From Star Walker : EXIT , or the...... yep, could easily
be.......becoming more of our true... nature.... ..
23:44:58 From Jayne Judkins : this is what we REALLY need to wake up to. It's
at the root of everything we're discussing
23:45:27 From Jayne Judkins : yes Ben
23:45:27 From Star Walker : .....this is still exhausting ............
23:45:38 From Nerdy Fred : Scarcity ia created
23:45:41 From Chris Breakspear : texas could feed the whole planet
23:45:44 From Nerdy Fred : it's totally fake
23:45:55 From Nerdy Fred : Right Chrid
23:46:02 From Nerdy Fred : Chris
23:46:06 From Jayne Judkins : everything has a seed
23:46:06 From Nerdy Fred : :))) sorry
23:46:30 From Sony : Yes, Ben...
23:46:32 From phillip : they radiate food at borders as it moves to make
sure the food spoils in a certain time.. they have so much abundence of produce
they have to keep it moving so everyone excepts the scarcity meme
23:47:09 From Jayne Judkins : YES!!! RANDY!!!
23:47:20 From Star Walker : ......Damn Straight , Randy !
23:47:21 From Sony : Interesting insight, Randy, ty
23:47:30 From phillip : Yes Randy exactly a transition strategy
23:47:30 From Becky G : Absolutely Yes Randy!
23:47:34 From Helena’s iPad : Awesome, Randy!
23:47:44 From Deb Matz : Agree Randy. Well put
23:49:08 From Jayne Judkins : he's right Dani
23:49:14 From stephanie : i think maybe "their" world is coming to an end
23:49:31 From Star Walker : Haaa, a damn video game....role playing
23:49:32 From Sony : Could be, Stephanie…
23:49:49 From Jayne Judkins : that's soooo awesome Dani! lol
23:50:14 From Penny (JC) Tilton : No its not
23:50:18 From Sony : Awwww, sweetheart!
23:50:23 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Nothing is real
23:50:35 From Nat : we are
23:50:43 From Jeff Gates Strange Loop : they are reading the invalid
instrument guages
23:50:45 From Jayne Judkins : again, their dna is changing?
23:51:08 From phillip : they are having nothing you see is actually real
forced on them, even this new movie Anon to bereleased this year punches this
narrative home
23:51:10 From Sony : Right, Ben
23:51:43 From Sony : True, Ann!
23:51:54 From phillip : They are seeing Authentic" experiences
23:51:56 From Sony : Me!
23:51:58 From Jayne Judkins : yes Ann
23:52:02 From Moksha James : yes
23:52:07 From Star Walker : Yep Ann , the bullshit meter , detector
23:52:29 From stephanie : Deb, you're on discord, right? the avatar of the
little one with fingers in the nose? i'll drop that fake lettuce video in there for
you LOL
23:53:04 From GAIL : the lost generation
23:53:09 From phillip : they are kicking back in Universities
23:53:30 From Sony : Phillip…hi, me thinks, yes!
23:53:32 From Deb Matz : Thank you Stephanie. Yep, little booger with fingers
avatar is my grandson when he was 1
23:53:44 From stephanie : LMAO i LOVE that pic
23:53:52 From Sony : Love that avatar, Deb!!!
23:53:55 From stephanie : makes me laugh every time i see it
23:53:57 From Jayne Judkins : maybe some are desperate to step out of the fake
matrix shit and touch something that's real
23:54:20 From Sony : Jayne…good one!
23:55:16 From Star Walker : Yes Jayne !
23:55:59 From phillip : I know Prof of literature who was saying to me her
students asked her for anauthentic experience of creative prose soshe gave them
paper and pencil andsaid write it down NO editing No computer etc the rubbish
bins filled BUT she said they engauged to such an extent they have asked to do
all essays this semester in original format ie paper and pencil
23:56:06 From Jayne Judkins : YUP D! My 22 y/o is going theu this
23:56:08 From Deb Matz : thank you. Have it for later. Before dinner
23:56:28 From Ann Callaghan : Wow Philip ….
23:56:31 From Sony : Wow, Phillip…makes sense! Good!
23:57:10 From Sony : Yes, Randy!
23:57:31 From Jayne Judkins : he's being encouraged to go to college, (student
fucking loans) yet he is not interested .... so he feels guilty
23:57:46 From Deb Matz : My daughter and son-in-law is like that and the
oldest grandson, age 15 almost 16, is already training to be a welder. He is using
his skills for artwork too
23:57:56 From Star Walker : Technology, tech-ill-logic
23:58:04 From Sony : Sounds like a plan, Deb!
23:58:17 From phillip : they are kicking back, also the film students are
wanting to film scenes on actual film so they CAN'Tmake100's ofversionsto editwith,
they want to get it right first time.. only actual film in cameras forces them to
get it right first time..
23:58:40 From Sony : Star…technology…tech not logical…tee, hee
23:58:51 From phillip : sorry my space bar is sticking
23:59:00 From Star Walker : chuckle Sony
23:59:25 From GAIL : we went past it noone to take over
23:59:43 From Sony : So sad!
00:00:02 From Sony : Good point, Phillip!
00:00:03 From Deb Matz : my daughter detests computers, uses them to find
recipes and such, make invoices for her husband and communication. She prefers real
people, paper and pencil for everything else
00:00:09 From phillip : all trade skill is being compartmentalised and
seperated so actual skill is lost
00:00:23 From Deb Matz : oldest grandson plays games, but ignores the rest of
tech stuff
00:01:01 From Sony : Deb…tech should be a tool…not a replacement
00:01:17 From Deb Matz : agree Sony.
00:01:21 From Annette Amoroso : love me a tradesman
00:01:24 From Deb Matz : Way cool about the kids Dani
00:01:30 From phillip : Butchery is another skill set being fractionalised by
processing factories where workersare only taught how to process 1 cut of meat..
cheaper wages
00:01:46 From Penny (JC) Tilton : Everything is parasitic any more
00:01:51 From Sony : Just as ego was meant to be a tool, so to speak, and it
replaced the “proverbial soul”…imo
00:01:55 From Star Walker : DEEP breath
00:02:02 From Annette Amoroso : ❤
00:02:11 From phillip : everyone take an AUTHENTIC breath lol
00:02:32 From Deb Matz : Would like to ask Ann if there is other ways to
reprogramm crystals?
00:02:45 From Sony : Thank you D, Randy, Ben, and Ann…such a treat…greatly
00:02:50 From Ann Callaghan : Yes Deb there are :)
00:03:06 From phillip : mr popularity at 5am lol
00:03:10 From Ann Callaghan : We could chat about that at some stage
00:03:15 From Deb Matz : Sun? I have some that cannot get wet, like selenite
00:03:17 From Penny (JC) Tilton : THank you everyone
00:03:29 From Sony : And thank you everyone!
00:03:44 From Star Walker : Gracias <3
00:03:45 From stephanie : great talk tonight!! thanks everyone :))))
00:03:47 From Deb Matz : Cool Ann. That would be wonderful. Been into crystals
for a very long time, but noticed too many are "off"
00:03:48 From Nat : Top show thanks all.
00:03:56 From phillip : magic markers at the ready
00:04:00 From Deb Matz : Great chat
00:04:05 From GAIL : i have a sigil next to my
00:04:15 From Nerdy Fred : Told ya STENCILS and spraypaint !!!
00:04:39 From Nerdy Fred : simple as fuck !
00:04:46 From stephanie : LOL fred
00:04:51 From Nerdy Fred :
00:05:00 From Nerdy Fred : yes boss
00:05:20 From Star Walker : And Not Fred Flintstone :)
00:05:27 From Nerdy Fred : :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
00:05:30 From Star Walker : not that Fred
00:05:31 From Deb Matz : I put the all-around sigil in the unfuckers lounge
last week
00:06:05 From Sony : Inshala!
00:06:07 From Nerdy Fred : Bismillah :))))
00:06:09 From Helena’s iPad : Thank you, that was great!
00:06:40 From Moksha James : awesome show
00:06:56 From Nerdy Fred : Great great GREAT
00:08:53 From phillip : entangled magnetic field structuring
00:09:03 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : npc?
00:09:03 From stephanie : NPC
00:09:06 From Star Walker : I'm not even Good at vehicle mechanics.. never
owned one
00:09:20 From stephanie : i swear we have them
00:09:20 From Nerdy Fred : hahaha Star
00:09:29 From Star Walker : not enough money..............
00:09:46 From Sony : Yes, D!
00:09:48 From Star Walker : :) Fred
00:09:55 From phillip : and the tick is stonedlol
00:10:29 From Nerdy Fred : and they're never really upgraded... just keep
repeating the same shit
00:10:40 From Moksha James : yep
00:10:44 From Sony : Yawn, yawn, yawn!
00:11:12 From Nat : it cant
00:11:17 From Star Walker : Yam,yam, yam
00:11:25 From Star Walker : !
00:11:37 From phillip : if you want to know if its a game next time you are
dreaming find out if there are atoms in your dream
00:12:03 From Moksha James : if "they" need "loosh", what will they eat when
we are gone?
00:12:12 From Chris Breakspear : its a case of if i cant win i'll sink the
00:12:13 From Nerdy Fred : phillip, how do you look for atoms in your dreams?
00:12:15 From phillip : if there are that means this is the dream and the
dream is the waking
00:12:24 From Hufnagels : point of the end of the world meme is control
00:12:28 From phillip : Lucid dreaming Nerdy
00:13:08 From Star Walker : ....makes of course, paralysis can happen before
astral travel, .....
00:13:09 From Nerdy Fred : ok. I'm often aware of being in a dream. Can do
that. The atom searchinclear to meg part is not
00:13:12 From Chris Breakspear : & if it made sense youd also be a psychopath
00:13:30 From phillip : being able3 to have a lucid dream is for me a glitchin
reality that we can use... by the way I am crap at it.. lol
00:13:44 From Nerdy Fred : :))))))))
00:14:14 From Star Walker : Lucid dreaming :)
00:14:17 From Star Walker : yep
00:14:17 From Sony : The programs and programming, I think are finite…we are
00:14:24 From Deb Matz : Cool Ben, but you impact with your ideas and
theories. A good thing to me
00:14:47 From phillip : your name is also a road way through this re-ality
00:15:15 From stephanie : Dani, your baby is getting HUGE lol
00:15:47 From Sony : All histroy is a program too!
00:16:03 From phillip : his_story Sony
00:16:28 From Star Walker : The Mayan Factor mentions this, we exist in an
energetic ocean
00:16:38 From Nat : End of the matrix.
00:16:42 From Star Walker : electromagnetic
00:17:03 From Chris Breakspear : mine either fuck this shit
00:17:26 From phillip : After the week I have had I think I may end up in a
clusterfuck nebula LOL
00:17:37 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:17:37 From stephanie : exactly Chris
00:17:40 From stephanie : LOL
00:17:44 From Nerdy Fred : buahahahahahaha Phillip
00:18:25 From Chris Breakspear : this is the clusterfuck reality ^ it seems
00:18:38 From phillip : lol yep no arguments from me
00:18:55 From Deb Matz : I think I will still be creating something. My
essences seems to be that way
00:19:49 From Chris Breakspear : baby steps... maybe i'll graduate to a small
gathering of fucks reality next time round
00:20:16 From phillip : I want to build a round box and make it my reality
00:20:20 From Nerdy Fred : Chris :))))
00:20:41 From Nerdy Fred : I want to blow shit up some days
00:20:52 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:21:03 From phillip : be a virus Ben infect everything you can make contact
00:21:04 From stephanie : LOL i want to blow shit up most days :)))))
00:21:07 From Star Walker : The Decepicons haaaaa
00:21:18 From Star Walker : Decepticons
00:21:40 From Jayne Judkins : that's great Ben! lol
00:21:45 From Nerdy Fred : D called me stephanie, ah welll
00:22:00 From phillip : organic chemistry has no limitations... believe me in
a carbon based reality it is limitless
00:22:03 From Nerdy Fred : ah, you too Steph :))))))
00:22:04 From stephanie : LOL it's not a total insult Fred
00:22:19 From Nerdy Fred : hihihih, I know. You rock
00:22:20 From stephanie : :))))) oh yes, me too
00:22:22 From phillip : ROFL.... wtf
00:22:33 From Hufnagels : i love it anne i hve it too
00:23:04 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : lol I call it goldfish brain
00:23:11 From stephanie : omg is Ann spying on my house LMFAO we have the
worst wiring
00:23:16 From phillip : they are just labelling anyone who just says
00:23:24 From Chris Breakspear : lamp posts turn off when i walk under
them .. is that what your talking about ? lol
00:23:39 From phillip : give them an "authentic" experience
00:23:51 From Jayne Judkins : THAT's BEAUTIFUL Ann
00:24:13 From phillip : exactly
00:24:16 From Jayne Judkins : as it should be!
00:24:17 From Sony : Precisely, Ann and Phillip
00:24:38 From Sony : Make a connection!
00:24:40 From stephanie : those experiences are getting harder and harder to
come by now
00:24:40 From Nerdy Fred : Ha Chris, me too... and b;owing up lighbulbs n'
shit a lot :)))))
00:24:47 From Hufnagels : What is it again pathological avoidance
00:24:48 From phillip : exactly Ben complete experience not 2D experience
00:25:11 From Star Walker : Blowin' your mind shit :)
00:25:30 From phillip : sense of achievement is the bonus.. elation reward
00:25:33 From Jayne Judkins : lol Star! Buckle up!
00:25:45 From Hufnagels : pathological demand avoidance
00:25:50 From Star Walker : Chuckle Jayne !
00:26:09 From stephanie : i've had to learn to really control myself ever
since touchscreens came about. me and tech don't get along so well
00:26:12 From phillip : hold a brick in your left hand...
00:26:25 From Jayne Judkins : like mother like daughter?
00:26:29 From Jayne Judkins : lol
00:26:35 From stephanie : LOL
00:27:09 From phillip : don't walk.... run everywhere let momentum save you
00:27:12 From Chris Breakspear : must be catching my neighbour fell off a
cliff last week lol
00:27:26 From stephanie : rub some bacon on it ;P
00:27:48 From Sony : Ha, ha, Stephanie
00:27:50 From Nerdy Fred : for fake god's sake Chrsi ??? Fell off a
cliff ?? :)))))
00:28:07 From stephanie : :D couldn't resist
00:28:19 From Nerdy Fred : Wish my troglodyte neighbor would too
00:28:33 From Nerdy Fred : Stephanie :))))))))))))))))))))))))
00:28:34 From stephanie : LMAO
00:28:40 From Chris Breakspear : yeah wish it was the 1 above me .. asshole
00:28:42 From phillip : rub a little bit of my C60 balm on the ankle Dani
00:29:20 From Jayne Judkins : DMSO on it
00:29:35 From Jayne Judkins : lol Phillip
00:29:49 From Star Walker : Hi phillip :0
00:29:49 From stephanie : this week HAS been a clusterfuck !!!!
00:29:56 From Star Walker : :)
00:30:30 From Chris Breakspear : my life is 1 big clusterfuck literally from
burth lol
00:30:37 From Chris Breakspear : birth*
00:31:12 From Jayne Judkins : wow Ben interesting!
00:31:15 From Nerdy Fred : burth sounds good
00:31:17 From Chris Breakspear : cool
00:31:17 From Laura : me too!
00:31:18 From Deb Matz : Wait... Shouldn't your daughter learn to do the
doctoring herself? I taught my daughter early in life. IT wasn't because I didn't
want to do it, I wanted her to learn
00:31:19 From Sony : Yes, I wanna hear, too, Ben!
00:31:22 From stephanie : bearth?
00:31:31 From Jayne Judkins : great Star!
00:31:33 From Deb Matz : Thank you all!
00:31:36 From stephanie : lol j/k
00:31:41 From Deb Matz : Remember to turn off the recording
00:31:44 From Sony : Great day/night all!
00:31:46 From Hufnagels : thanks
00:31:47 From stephanie : have a great night everyone!!
00:32:48 From stephanie : wow Ben!!
00:32:54 From Jayne Judkins : nitey nite D
00:33:03 From Tzaddi Elizabeth : <3

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