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First Periodical Examination
Name: _______________________________________________ Date: __________
Grade & Section: _______________________________________ Score: __________

TEST I. Multiple Choice

Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. Avoid ERASURES.

1. Which of the following terms best defines science?

a. An organized way of using evidence to learn about the natural world.
b. A body of skills related to life and death
c. Study of non-living things only
d. Study of living things only
2. After forming a hypothesis, you should
a. Conduct a test or experiment
b. Ask a question
c. Analyze the data/results
d. Draw conclusions
3. When should you wear safety goggles?
a. At all times in the lab
b. When heating items or working with chemical
c. Only if the teacher tells you too
d. Only if there’s been a chemical spill that might affect your eyes.
4. During a laboratory experiment, your lab group runs out of a mystery element you are testing. Your teacher is
helping another lab group, but you notice that the supply room door is open. What should you do?
a. Sneak into the supply room and get some more of the chemical. Do not tell the teacher because you were
not doing anything wrong and there was not a reason to worry them.
b. Walk into the supply room and get some more of the chemical. Then tell the teacher what you have done
when he is finished helping the other group.
c. Raise your hand, and wait for the teacher to help you.
d. None of the above
5. Which state is a science safety rule?
a. You may run in the science lab
b. If you have a small cut, it is okay not to tell the teacher
c. Read only the directions you think you need.
d. Always wash your hands after an experiment.
6. A factor in an experiment that can change is __.
a. An observation
b. A variable
c. A control
d. A hypothesis
7. A dependent variable is:
a. The result you are measuring
b. The variable that changes
c. The amount of something you add to a mixture
d. The group you do not change.
8. A plan of inquiry that uses science process skills to gather, organize, analyze and communicate information.
a. Inquiry process
b. Investigative plan
c. Scientific method
d. Information query
9. An experiment that test only one factor at a time by using comparison of a control group and experimental
group is
a. An independent variable
b. A controlled experiment
c. A theory
d. A dependent variable
10. What are you doing if you are checking to see if the data supports the hypothesis or not?
a. Analyze data
b. Modify the experiment
c. Predict the outcome
d. Design the experiment
11. Scientists use field guides & ________ to identify organisms.
a. Encyclopedia
b. Science book
c. Dictionaries
d. Dichotonous keys
12. A property of matter that can only be identified when one substance reacts with another substance.
a. Physical Properties
b. Intensive Properties
c. Extensive Properties
d. Chemical Properties
13. A yellowish rubbery lumps form when vinegar and milk are combined, what characteristic of chemical properties
thus this show?
a. Ability to change in color
b. Ability to change in odor
c. Ability to form precipitate
d. Ability to form gases
14. Is a temperature at which solid begins to melt.
a. Freezing Point
b. Melting Point
c. Boiling Point
d. Pure Substance
15. It is a type of mixture that can easily be distinguish the presence of the substance in the mixture.
a. Heterogeneous Mixture
b. Homogeneous Mixture
c. Solute
d. Solvent

16. A physical combination of two or more Step 1: with a teacher’s help, bring the water in
component substances one of the beakers to the boiling point.
a. Solution Step 2: pour equal amounts of water into two
b. Elements identical beakers.
c. Compound Step 3: record how many half-teaspoons of salt
d. Mixture are completely dissolved in each beaker.
17. Science is _____________. Step 4: Gradually, put salt into the water of
a. Exploring each beaker, a half-teaspoon at a time.
b. People a. 4 2 1 3 c. 2 4 1 3
c. Fun b. 2 1 4 3 d. 1 2 4 3
d. All of the above 20. Colby wants to learn more about the feeding
18. What is the most common type of accident that habits of ants.
happens in science classes? What steps should Colby take in order to best
a. Fire study patterns of ants?
b. Chemical Spillage a. Form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment,
c. Glass Breakage record data, make a conclusion
d. Slip and Falls b. Conduct an experiment, form a hypothesis,
19. Jackson and Mia want to do an experiment to make a conclusion, record data
determine how the temperature of water c. Form a hypothesis, record data, conduct an
affects how much salt can be dissolved in it. experiment, make a conclusion
d. Record data, form a hypothesis, make a
In what order should they perform the conclusion, conduct an experiment
following steps?

TEST II. Matching Type

Direction: Match Column A and Column B. Write only the letter of the correct answer on the space provided before the
Column A ___4. These are biological scientists who study the
___1. The science concerning the study of energy and development of living organisms.
how it affects matter. ___5. They work with people with disability, teaching
___2. A philosopher who laid the foundation of them how to overcome their handicaps.
modern scientific thought and assembled ___6. Used for transferring small amounts of solid
materials for an organized encyclopedia. from one container to another.
___3. A Filipino scientist who focused on extracting ___7. It involves the study of living things.
toxins from deadly cone snails to make useful ___8. A valuable tool for industry, communication and
substance. medicine.
___9. It is used to hold crucibles when they are being d. Aristotle
___10. It seeks to understand the natural world and its e. Science
different processes.
___11. Used to crush solids into powders for f. Dr. Lourdes C. Cruz
___12. A gathering of new information or the discovery g. Pure Science
of a new fact.
___13. An observation followed by an experimentation h. Embryologist
leading to further observation and followed
i. Crucible and Cover
again by further experimentation.
___14. An application of scientific knowledge for
j. Physical Therapist
practical purposes.
___15. Used to stir solutions to dissolve substances. k. Natural Science
Column B
l. Spatula
a. Stirring Rod
m. Clay Triangle
b. Physics
n. Laser
c. Technology
o. Scientific Method
Test III. Identify the common laboratory apparatus.

1. _____________

5.______________________ 11. _______________________

2. ______________

3. __________________ 6. _______________________ 12. _______________________

4. __________________
9. __________________________ 13. _______________________

7. _______________________

10. __________________________________


8. ______________________
14. ___________________________________

A. Determine the Variables.

1. I am trying to clean my bathroom because it has mold on the bottom. I was told to use oxy clean to get it up. I
use oxy clean on half of the bathroom and water on the other half.

Controlled Variable: _________________________

Independent Variable:________________________

2. A student changes the number of hours he studies for a test to see how it affects his test score.

Independent Variable: _______________________

Dependent Variable: ________________________

3. Eating breakfast in the morning increases test scores in math.

Independent Variable: ______________________

Dependent Variable: _______________________

4. The more grams of salt a person eats the higher their blood pressure.

Independent Variable: _______________________

Dependent Variable: ________________________

5. The masses of the rats were measured after they were fed different types of cheese.

Independent Variable: ______________________

Dependent Variable: _______________________

6. A student studies three types of bread. He measures the time it takes to grow mold.

Independent Variable: _____________________

Dependent Variable: _______________________
7. If carrots are eaten daily then there will be an improvement in vision.

Independent Variable: _____________________

Dependent Variable: _______________________

8. SpongeBob noticed that his favorite pants were not as clean as they used to be. Sandy told him to try using a
new brand of laundry detergent called Clean-O. SpongeBob washed one pair of pants in plain water and another
pair in water with the Clean-O detergent. After washing both pairs a total three times, the pants washed in the
Clean-O did not appear to be any cleaner than the pants washed in plain water.

Statement of the Problem: _________________________________________

Independent Variable: ______________________
Dependent Variable: ________________________
Conclusion: _______________________________

B. ESSAY ( For G7 A & B ONLY)

Write it on a 1 yellow pad.

1. There are 5 main steps of scientific method. List the steps in order and explain each step.
2. List down and explain the values of a good scientist.
3. How does technology influence our lives?
4. Define Science